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I’m not the outgoing type, but I’m not shy just quiet and once I know people better, I mix more freely. That’s at a party not over a period of days or weeks, I stand back and get comfortable to mix with them. Anyway, at a party I met 2 lesbians and after getting comfortable with them we talked, and they seemed interested in me. Another party I attended they were there, and we started off as if we hadn’t finished at the party before. Then another meeting at a shopping center, this time we were alone the 3 of us. They asked me if I liked camping, and I said I didn’t mind camping, but didn’t do much of it. The upcoming long weekend they asked would I join them, and I agreed. We went camping together and they said they had everything we would need. On the camping trip I found it wasn’t a hiking or fishing trip it was a drain my balls trip. They wanted children and had been on the lookout for a donor they both liked. Which turned out to be me, in the 6 years since the camping trip. I’ve gotten both pregnant twice each, we all live together in my home and are raising our children together. Married to neither and they spend most of the nights sleeping together. But I get a fuck from one or the other about twice a month. Sometimes more never less. Same sex marry isn’t allowed at the moment and other neighbors know weren’t married but think I’m sleeping with both all the time. They are now 37 and 33 and I’m 35 right in the middle sex is always the same I lay there, and they ride me. I might only fuck at a time but it’s always a threesome. Might seem strange but it works for us.

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