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*** Hello everyone. Xarth wrote a masterpiece that now sits in the top 15 of incest/taboo category named "Legend of Lexi". I loved it so much that, with Xarth's permission, I have written a multi-part series continuing from where the Xarth's story ends. This is the first of many parts. If you like it, and want to read the rest of the series, let me know. If you haven't read his story yet, go now before reading this one! You can find it at this link.
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Lexi made my saturday mornings wonderful. Whether she was there when my eyes opened in the morning, or the few times we squeezed in later in the day, my time alive was made so worthwhile by her attention. But there was always something… missing? I was completely content with our relationship, for sure. But one thing that just felt unfortunate was that we had to keep a low profile around the house. At least we were both upstairs together, and left alone most of the time.
I would watch her discreetly while we all ate together at the table. We always sat across from each other, Mom and Dad to my left and right. I felt myself stir nearly every night for her as she sat there, never less that beautiful. Everything about the way she sat, how every bite she would stab the food with her fork, how she talked, how her face moved when she spoke, sent sensations through me. I loved nothing else more than her. But that feeling became more of pain as each day passed and I still couldn't have her anywhere except upstairs. The spontaneity of it suffered. I suppose I had to be content for now just sending Lexi to class with a load in her some days. She seemed to be happy enough too.
I also never missed a game. Lexi was the closest thing to an athlete our family had to offer. She'd played soccer her whole life, but she was only able to ever see much playing time now that she was a senior. Even so, I never missed a game in the 12 years she'd played. She was a runner. Short, but very slender. Could outrun maybe half the girls on her team. Definitely outran me. I could throw a ball a bit, but sprinting, I wasn't very good at. But that was ok. We had our video games together.
It had been a week since her spring break trip with her soccer friends finished, and her last game ever was tonight. But she wasn't there when I woke up. It bummed me out quite a bit. I absolutely loved her being there when I woke up. But today she woke and left early. All day at work I felt sleighted. Like I'd been swindled out of something.
When I got off work around 3, knowing her last game was in 3 hours, I decided to go home and change into comfortable clothes before heading over. It was April now, and the days were much warmer, so I wanted more comfortable clothes than these work clothes. I was surprised to see Lexi's car parked on the curb near the house. She was supposed to be there now, right? Like for warm ups or something?
I walked up the stairs of the empty house to see her lying on her well-made bed in her green uniform and her green socks, holding her phone over her head typing out a text. Her hair was in a neat ponytail and she had done her eye makeup well like she liked. Her smooth thighs and knees showing from between her shorts and socks, ankles crossed. She hadn't put on her shoes yet.
Her eyes pointed at me and back at her phone. "What's up."
"You're home now? I thought you were supposed to be at your game?"
She sighed. "Yeah.. I'm going. I'm just trying not to sad about it being my last game."
She put her phone down and looked at me as I approached her. I sat down next to her, sliding my fingers between hers in one hand, lifting it to kissing her knuckle. "You'll be great."
She half-smiled, sheepishly, pulling my hand towards her, beckoning for me to lay down with her. I layed next to her, holding her, face to face with her.
"Bummer that I missed you this morning." I said.
"Yeah, sorry. I didn't tell you. The team wanted to have a meeting this morning before school."
I stroked her back as we talked, pulling her leg over my hip when my hand eventually reached her knee. She looked really down about her last game, though. I hated seeing her like that. I kissed her forehead as I held her.
"How long do you have before you need to be there?" I asked her, observing 3:08 on the clock.
"I need to be at the clubhouse at 3:30. I need to leave at 3:20."
"Lets see if I can make you feel a bit better." I said while moving downward on her, positioning my face between her legs. "You didn't get to feel good this morning, after all."
"I doubt we have time." She said, matter of factly, fondling the top of my head, messing up my hair.
Nevertheless, she just layed there, softly expressing her appreciation when I flipped down her waistband and panties, just enough to reach her little bump with my thumb.
"Hmmm" she cooed, approving of my ministrations against her spot. She remained there and enjoyed me for a moment before saying, "Ok, dude. If you're going to do that, pull my panties down a bit or they're going to get wet too.
I answered by hooking both sides of her hips and quickly pulling her shorts and panties down, sitting up to pull them off her entirely. She made some reluctant noises, but otherwise moved as I needed her to, pulling her socked legs up and bending with her knees together. I threw her shorts and panties on the floor together.
"Oh my god" she rolled her eyes and acted slightly annoyed, before I moved back down toward her beautiful folds. I moved her thighs apart with my palms and returned my lips to hers. She held the pillow behind her head with both arms, hissing in pleasure as I lapped at her wonderfulness.
She relaxed her legs over my shoulders and her body was jello under my tongue. I brought her up to speed and kept her there, my tongue growing very tired as I worked. I kept her going until she was entirely agreeable with me. I slowly flipped her over, continuing to lick her. She wouldn't object. Whatever. She was only about feeling my tongue on her spot right then. Whatever else I wanted was irrelevant to her.
After bringing her up quite a bit to a point she was almost ready to cum, I hopped up off the bed and very strongly yanked her all the way back to me, causing her to yip loudly as she slid a few feet back until the fold on her hip was right over the edge of the bed. I stood between her legs as they loosely and almost unwittingly wrapped around my hips.
"What are you doing??" Lexi said after her startle disappeared, hearing my belt come loose. "I don't have time for you to fuck me right now."
"I didn't get to feel good today either." I held my tip right there touching her opening, and continued to rub her clit with my hand.
"Aiiiden, come ooon." She said, holding back an inevitable smile, flexing her body trying to resist pushing back on me. She held herself up with her right arm and turn to push me with her left. Or pretend to. She didn't seem to be putting up much of a fight.
"I'm not playing my last game with your cum leaking out of me, you perv." She was almost giggling now, pulling her pussy away from me with what little room she had. I followed the half-inch that she moved and remained touching her lips with my tip, causing her to slightly part and wrap over my head when she relaxed.
I held my hands resting palmed on her lightly bronzed buttocks, noting to myself how she had no tan lines. Her folds wrapped over my tip. "You're really going to pretend you don't want it? Say it out loud 'I don't want it, Aiden.'"
I waited. Her eyes stayed on mine and her mouth did open to speak, but words never came as we stayed there, barely connected. Her hips were slightly fidgeting now, like trying to avoid a tickle. Her opening took me a tiny bit more as she relaxed to regroup herself, but she just kept breaking down. Finally she turned forward as she gave up and slid down on me.
"Fine, fuuuuucking hell," Her eyes rolled back slightly as I sank down into her, and she lowered herself to lay on her chest. "But hurry up. I have to leave like really soon."
I grunted as my fingers anchored over her hips and I began building up the pace. She spoke urgently. "Seriously, hurry. Cum now." She huffed as she laid on her chin, arms to the side, taking my length again and again. Her words rose in pitch as she hurried them out before it was too late. "Cum. ..MM!!..Please cum soon. …oh!.." She was trying to hold fast and let me finish, but she hadn't finished yet either.
Her back stiffened, and her legs wrapped around my butt tightly, letting me feel the soft cotton of her socks on my skin. She held the sheet near her waist as her torso went rigid, holding her head held high as she could with her shoulders still flat on the mattress. My hands met the call of her clothed shoulders, holding the silk firmly and pulling her back on me as I drove into her repeatedly.
The force from my thrusts was escaping loudly from her mouth. She cried out, shaking under the brunt of my aggression. She squealed as my cock continued to force her open, earnestly and eagerly digging into her, electrifying her body with the friction, paralyzing her back rigid. She moved one hand forward, and back, and forward again to hold the sheet above her head. Anything to deal with what she was feeling.
I continued to pound her with gusto, my tip reaching her depth on every thrust, just like she liked. Just like I liked that she liked. Just what she needed to beeline right for her peak. Just what I loved seeing. She racked her body tight as she hit the first wave, every muscle in her body flexing under its power.
My beautiful sister's cries surely echoed throughout the house as she convulsed helplessly under me. She cummed for a long time on me while I continued to pound her, not stopping for her pleasure this time. I knew I needed to finish soon before she got up and ran off to her game.
She came down after many more seconds and remembered herself as I continued to thrust, forcing out words when she could.
"Wait, howmuch…timedo…Ihave??"
"Who cares." I said coldy, continuing to drive into her. Her breathing was very labored. Involuntary moans continued to escape her lips as she looked at the clock.
I just continued, my mind ignoring her as she whined for me to hurry. I WAS hurrying. I legitimately wanted to fill her right then. Surely she could believe that. But she was going to have to just take me in the meantime. I began to fuck her as hard as I could, ruthlessly.
"Please…UH!…hurry!…UH!…Cum!…Unh!…Do it…UH!" She begged.
My world melted away and a white light covered my eyes as I looked up. My hands had slid back to her hips, and now gripped what they were holding tightly, anchoring me, and I pushed my hips forward, holding myself to her butt in a mating lock as the fire in me rose and rose to a fever pitch.
She gasped sharply as she felt me burst the first rope in over a day deep within her pussy, and I felt her legs hold me tightly to her as the fireworks show continued inside her. I was absolutely exploding her insides full as she took it like she'd done before. She was quieter when it was just me cumming, of course. But no doubt from her behavior she loved it as much as I did. She stayed still what little she could as I blew the first few spurts into her.
"Ok I need to go…" She said as she lurched forward, coming off about half my length, looking back at me with a worried face.
"NO!" My hands reacted instantaneously, slamming our hips together violently and held myself tightly to her, not allowing her to separate from me, seeing her eyes go wide for a moment. She made a sudden noise, somewhere between a scream and a squeal. She looked as me helplessly for a moment and just shivered softly. The incident only added fuel to the fireworks that hadn't stopped yet. I was cumming hard!
"OK" She said breathily as I stayed bottomed out within her. "I'll stay. I know the rule. I'll take it all. But please hurry!" She said, biting her lip at the continued sensation.
She pushed up and leaned her back into me, turning to kiss my cheek, and reached for the floor with her feet, barely able to reach with her toes extended. She stayed there, barely swaying her hips, churning my cock in her, feeling me spray her walls with the last of my cum. I felt myself finally stop and quietly continued to hold her, staring into her eyes, feeling her continue to softly twitch on me. Her eyes stared back at me for another long moment, communicating her pleasure without words. We stayed there coupled for many more moments in time, simply preferring not to move from the amazing experience. She finally remembered and her eyes shot forward to the clock.
"uggggh! Are you done?" she finally said, demanding an answer. "Please??"
She was past due to leave by a minute. She pushed her hand against me for real this time and I stepped back, falling out of her. My hands lazily continued to reach for her, never wanting to let go. A line of cum stayed connected between us, breaking apart with a bit of distance, dripping onto her inner thigh. She cupped her vagina, checking to see the severity of her problem, before looking up at the clock again.
"UUUUGH!!" She said, rolling her eyes, holding back a laugh. "I guess I'll play my last game full of you after all."
She started giggling a tiny bit as she quickly gathered her shorts and held her hand over her vagina while racing toward the bathroom. I could hear her grab toilet paper to wipe her leg and vagina clean, before her shorts and panties slid up and snapped onto her butt. She ran back into her room where I was to put on her shoes and get her phone.
"Are you going to leak??" I asked.
"No idea. No time." She grabbed a tampon on her way out her door.
"I love youuu!" I called to her as I heard her run down the steps.
"I bet you doooo!" she called back, mocking me, before I heard the door slam shut.
I got a text from her shortly before the game started after she'd been running a while. "Guess it all stayed put."
She scored the second and only other goal of her career that night. I fucking love her smile.
After the game, after she'd finished crying with her friends at their sport being over forever, she came home to a nice dinner courtesy of Mom. Her eyeliner has ran a bit, so her eyes were super smokey as she ate across from me. My affection for her throbbing with my heartbeat as I look at her.
"You played great!" Mom said.
"Yeah you did." Dad agreed.
Lexi looked at me for approval.
"Absolutely. You were awesome!" I said to her, seeing her smile in return, her eyes remaining sad. She rubbed my leg with her socked foot under the table softly, continuing to look pitiful.
"I was thinking, we could take a trip" Mom said.
"Yeah, your mom and I are thinking about going to the beach soon." Dad explained. "Would you like that?" He looked at Lexi and me.
Lexi and I took a look at each other for a brief moment. Then quickly broke away looking back at our food.
"I mean, that's nice, I guess. I'm kind of all beached out from my trip a few weeks ago." Lexi replied, continuing to eat.
"Whaaat? You love the beach!" Mom responded.
"Eh, sometimes. Not all the time, though."
"But we've already planned it." Dad said.
"Actually," I interrupted. "I was thinking… why dont the two of you take the trip just the two of you? It's been years since yall had a vacation together alone."
I could feel Lexi's concerned stare boring through me.
Mom and Dad both hesitated for a moment together. "…Honey..?" Mom said to him.
"How long's the trip?" Lexi asked?
"Just the weekend. 2 and a half days. Leave early Friday morning."
Lexi sighed. "I'd still rather not. I don't want to be rude but I really don't want to go."
Dad looked at me. "And I suppose you don't want to go too since you suggested we go alone?"
I nodded humbly.
He looked back at mom, then sighed and smiled at her. "Guess we're going on a trip together then, Love."
She smiled back at dad, excitedly. Lexi's glanced at me, wide eyed, concerned, apprehensive, before moving her head back down to her plate to eat.
"When are you leaving?" I asked.
"Next Friday, the 22nd. Sooo… 10 days from now.
The house to myself with Lexi for an entire weekend. What unbelievably hot news. Lexi continued to stare at her plate and eat, refusing to look anywhere else.
After dinner, I was playing Zelda again in my room. I heard her come up the stairs but she didn't come to my room. I thought nothing of it until I heard her sobbing quietly in her room. Pausing, of course, I hurried out my door and into her room to check on her.
She was laying on her side, still wearing her jersey and socks, facing away from her door, hair let down, quietly sobbing to herself. I reached back to close my door and let myself in her room, closing the door behind me. I layed down behind her and reached under her pillow with one arm and around her waist with another. I found one of her hands under the pillow with mine and entwined my fingers between hers. I held her spooned closely, warmly, as she continued to sob quietly.
"You absolutely shined tonight." I kissed her neck.
"I'm going to miss them so much." She whined, black tears spilling out onto her pillow case.
"You can still see them, Lex."
"I know but I'm still going to miss playing."
"There are adult leagues, my dear. You can have them all join you and play together that way."
She said nothing, but considered my words, and her sobs began to calm down. "I guess you're right."
"But seriously, that goal was awesome!"
"It felt awesome, too. I love when the crowd cheers for me." She seemed a bit more consoled now. "It was so cool!"
We stayed there for another half minute as her breathing slowed down. She held the hand I had wrapped under her as my other rubbed her bent leg.
"Running around with your cum in me felt pretty cool too." She said after some silence.
"You liked that part, huh."
"It's sooo hot when you just hold me and make me take it like that."
I sighed sensually into her ear and rubbed her leg for a moment before chuckling, feeling her push back on me a tiny bit. "Do you think your goal had anything to do with it?"
Lexi laughed. "You wish."
"Heh, kinda yeah."
"That would be neat, haha. But I'm glad it was just the one time though. It definitely leaked a bit when I sprinted. I'm pretty sure I would have started to get really annoyed at you if I had to deal with your mess during every game."
"You gladly walk around school with it in you, though. What's the difference?"
"Walking, sitting, vs running around. Getting to clean at gym class. Wearing a pad sucks when moving around."
"I guess."
"By the way…um…so we'll be left alone here for an entire weekend? I don't know how you accomplished that but nice work."
"Yeah, I'm already thinking ahead to it. You're going to enjoy that weekend."
"You will too!" She said, wiggling her butt against me.
I continued holding and rubbing her for another minute, before hearing her sobs creep back up and return.
"I'm sorry," she said, sadly. "I just need to cry a bit more."
I sat up next to her, pulling her dead weight up with me. I got up to grab an alcohol pad from her armiore and sat back down, facing her. She closed her eyes, them entirely covered in wet mascara. I gently cleaned away the dark substance from her eyes, needing many wipes to do so adequately. Even after much diligence, she still had some eyeliner on.
"I'll get it tomorrow" She told me as she layed back down and continued to leak tears out of her pitiful eyes.

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