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*** Hello everyone. Xarth wrote a masterpiece that now sits in the top 15 of incest/taboo category named "Legend of Lexi". I loved it so much that, with Xarth's permission, I have written a multi-part series continuing from where the Xarth's story ends. This is the third of many parts. If you like it, and want to read the rest of the series, let me know. If you haven't read his story yet, go now before reading this one! You can find it at this link.
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This one is pretty teasy for a while. It heats up near the end, so bear with it!
Lexi was herself the next morning. Right there in front of my eyes as I woke up, playing her favorite game in her favorite position, wearing a different shirt and panties than I had put on her the night before. She had one foot hanging above her butt, the black anklet she always wore the only blemish on her beautiful smooth leg. She must have showered too, as her hair was wet and she smelled wonderful. She was just as enticing as I could ever expect her to be.
"Morning." She said to me, never looking back. I chuckled at her knowing I was awake.
We laid there together quietly for a bit, just enjoying the company. "You gotta throw the bomb the left there." I helped her through a part of the game when she got stuck.
Eventually, as always, my hands found her. Her ankle was near enough to me that I could reach it without moving my body, and so I did. I loved touching her. The more touch she and I had between us, the more I liked it. I couldn't get enough of her and her amazing body. I continued enjoying her while my hand creeped up her legs. I would scooch a bit closer steadily until I was palming her butt. I continued to knead the cheek closer to me, loving how it moved around my hands. My thumb touched her panties right where her pussy was on the other side. Today, though, she swiped me immediately when I finally got to it. "No, sorry. It's almost my time of the month."
"Damn." A bit disappointing. I sighed. "Ok then. Want a massage?"
"Yeah that's nice."
I sat over her legs and tended to her little bum for a while. I just sat there, absent-mindedly kneading her beautiful little buns as I watched her play. I began to really get horny as I continued to tend to her. I moved my shorts down to let my dick out, touching it to her little butthole.
She swatted me again. "No, Aiden."
"What? I thought you liked that too."
"It's not that. I just feel gross. I don't want it right now."
I sighed, annoyed. "Fine, whatever." I pulled my shorts back up and just continued to massage her back. I thought while I worked her. It would be several days before she wanted it again if she already didn't want it now. I realized I was about to go a while without cumming. More disappointment. But reality nonetheless. But I did remember the magnitude we felt last time we went a long time without having sex. But if it was only going to be 5 or 6 days, it might be disappointing after expecting what happened last time.
After a short while I spoke. "I guess, I'll wait until their trip before I take you again."
She looked back at me like she clearly didn't believe me. She stared at me for a moment and said, "You're going to go 10 days?"
"Damn right."
She sighed without opening her mouth. "Why??" She spoke with a plea.
"Last time we waited a while, the reward was incredible." She heard my words, her eyes widening ever slightly to show she agreed.
"I'm still going to be here in the mornings. You really think you can stay off me until next Friday?"
"Whatever dude. I need to go anyway" She sat up out from under me and turn the game off, headed back to her room, completely unconvinced that I could leave her alone that long.
I saw her almost every morning like she said. Nicely laid out on display. At first it was difficult, but knowing it was her time went a long way to helping me want it less. The rest of the days passed painfully slowly. Just knowing she was in the house made my blood warm up at times. The anticipation I had for her was very strong.
"It's going to be finished by tomorrow, you know…" she told me as I played with her butt on a Sunday morning. "I'm going to be so ready for you…" Her voice had a delicious tease about it.
"Not until they leave." I said bluntly, only slightly concerned for my self-control. I figured she'd probably try. In the current moment, I was still convicted to the idea of waiting until next weekend.
She immediately looked annoyed. "We'll see."
I woke up to her pantiless in front of me, her knees spread apart and her feet hanging over head as she played. Instinctively I sat up towards her. Oh did I want to jump her and give it to her good again. But I caught myself in time and just rubbed her leg, hearing her sigh in disappointment after a bit. She would glance at me and my tent, then back at me like "really dude?"
"You will howl the next time I cum." I said to her, standing up to get dressed. She rolled her eyes and continued playing, giving an exaggerated girly sigh as I left.
I saw her again at dinner time that night, and she made sure to rub my leg under the table with her sock the whole time. I stared at her, straight faced, feeling the sexual energy between us. I wanted to just throw the table out of the way and take her there. Eating in front of mom and dad was a difficult task when I was dialed in on the concept of fucking my adorable little sister right there. I sighed subtly as I ate. She winked at me and smiled as she looked back at her food and ate.
I was playing Switch on my bed, about to go to sleep, when I heard her steps reach the top of the stairs. She walked past her door and stood in my doorway. I looked at her, noting her stick straight blonde hair falling beautifully over her breasts in her cami top. She leaned against the door frame, sticking a hip out. Her dark grey yoga pants hugged her little body tightly, revealing her amazing shape to the world and to me.
"I can't wait for the morning." She looked me in the eye and blew me a kiss before immediately walking away.
…Tomorrow was Tuesday. She really thought I was going to cave, apparently. I thought nothing of it and turned the light off.
I woke up to find her already on me, facing away playing her game with me inside her, like we'd been doing before. I slowly became awake, realizing my hands were already on her hips. She had me deep in her, too, really grinding me against her spot. I pulled on her hips a bit, enjoying the feeling. But then I remembered. I gasped and gave a lazy shout. "NO!"
I pushed her off me forcefully. She landed on her side and looked back in disbelief at me as she laid there. She stared at me with a blank face for a moment, slowly morphing her face into a sad scowl at me.
"I told you not until they leave." She huffed when I finished speaking and got up and left, pretty much stomping out of my room.
She didn't come home immediately after school, and still wasn't there when I got home a couple hours later either. Mom told me she was out doing "girl stuff" when I asked where she was. I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but whatever. I'd see her when she got home.
She walked in the door hours later. And oh. my. god. She looked stunning. Like seriously could cause a 4 car pile-up walking down the sidewalk stunning. Her hair was in a ponytail, with a white flower at an angle near the top of her head. She'd done her make-up heavily, with dark eye liner and smokey eyelids. She had gotten a manicure, choosing a light blue this time. She wore tight dark jeans and her soccer jacket over a white low cut top that hugged her boobs, showing off the subtle cleavage between her breasts. I saw her toenails matched her fingernails as she kicked off her flip flops. Her waist looked so ridiculously tiny when she took off her jacket at the door.
"..oh wow…" I said, involuntarily, in front of everyone as I stared at her from the over the couch. I suddenly felt mom's and dad's eyes on me, and I regretted my outburst immediately. I scrambled for a thought. "Uh.. where have YOU been??"
"Jesus! Lexi seriously, you look amazing." Mom piped up when she realized I was talking to Lexi. Dad looked at his daughter, never making any expression, before returning to his laptop in his chair.
"Yeah where HAVE you been?" Mom spoke again.
"Just out. Ya'll know there's this thing called privacy, right?" She retorted as she hung her jacket on the coat rack.
"Don't be like that, Lex. We're just curious because you clearly made a lot of effort in your look, today." Mom replied. "You did a good job. Did you see someone?"
Lexi's eyes darted toward me at hearing that question, then immediately away and back to mom. "Uh, no…"
"Yeah you did." I said back to her, coldly, calling her on her lie. I laid back in my seat with my legs on the ottoman, bluntly looking at her and knowing she was lying.
"Ugh! Aiden…!" She said as she sat down on the other end of the couch. She sighed and slowly admitted. "Fine, I saw a boy."
This could possibly have been the absolute worst thing I'd heard anyone say to me in my entire life.
"Oooh, do tell!" Mom said.
Lexi spoke to mom, but kept shooting glances at me as she did. "No one, just someone from school."
"Your boyfriend?"
"Mom!" She kept looking back at me as she spoke to mom. "I don't have a boyfriend!" Lexi's hands fidgeted together as she spoke.
"Then who?"
"Just someone. His name is Ben."
"Is this the first time you've seen him?" I asked.
She turned to speak to me. "Yes, I just saw him today." She looked me in the eye very seriously. "I promise, just today."
"Do you like him?" Mom asked.
"No, he was so damn boring." Lexi said. Dad burst out a chuckle without looking up, immediately continuing his work. Lexi looked at him and smiled before looking back at us.
I realized by now what was going on. She was pissed at me for telling her no. So she was trying to make me jealous. Or maybe she was just coping. It's possible she didn't even see anyone, and was just playing along to try to make me jealous. Probably not, I thought. She wasn't that slick. But I believed her when she said she didn't like him. I felt a huge relief. The thought of her being with someone else made me want to burn the house down.
"Anyway, I'm tired. I've already eaten. I'm going to shower and go to bed."
"G'night." Mom said to her as she got up and walked toward the stairs. Her little blue toes highlighted off the bright carpet as she walked away. "Love you!" Mom called to her.
"You think she's telling the truth about not liking him?" Mom asked.
"Yep." Dad and I spoke in exact unison. I made eye contact with him for a moment and we chuckled before he went right back to his work.
After the show we were watching was over, I got up and walked upstairs to go to bed, telling them goodnight as I did. I noticed her jeans on the floor just inside her open door as I passed it. Her light wasn't on. I got to my room, realizing Lexi was laying on my bed in her panties and the same top she had on earlier. Her head laid on my pillow and her body moved in the sexiest way as I stared at her from my doorway. She still had her flower and make-up on. God I wanted her so bad.
I closed the door behind me as walked toward my bed, never looking away from her. She warily watched me approach her. I stood over her, continuing to match her stare. Her hands rubbed up and down her boobs, and one foot slid up her other leg, bending her knee to the ceiling. She looked at me as innocently as she could. I sat next to her, putting my hand on her ankle.
"I'm sorry I went out with someone else." She said to me, watching for my reaction. "I've just been so frustrated with you the last few days."
"Did you fuck him?"
"God no. I could tell he definitely wanted to but I just couldn't. I only want you." She looked at my eyes and I easily believed her. She quickly told us when she was asked. I'm sure she felt really bad about it and came right home. "I'm not going to see him again, I promise. I don't even want to. I don't–"
I interrupted her with a kiss on her beautiful lips. She quickly reached around my head, kissing me back, hungrily. I didn't want there to be any bad feelings between us. I pulled away just a bit and looked in her eyes. "I love you."
She looked back at me, immense relief in her eyes. She smiled slowly for a short moment, before pulling me back to continue kissing me. I readjusted for comfort as I continued to lay with her, laying just next to her on my side. My arm slid under the pillow and her head, and the other went right to her back to hold her near me. Her upper leg moved and she slid her foot between my knees just under my gym shorts, sliding it down the back of my lower leg, hooking behind my ankle. We made out on my pillow for a few moments.
She slowed and separated her lips from mine, holding her head slightly down while looking up at me through her eyebrows, humbly. "Can we..? Please?"
I definitely wanted to, that was for sure. Entwined in her body, I felt powerless to say no. I closed my eyes, wrestling with my demons as I willed my way to a no. I felt her planting kisses on my cheekbone as I tried. "Please?" She whispered. "You'll like it…"
I felt my her back slide across my palms as my hands snuck downward towards her butt, reaching their destination long before I could stop them. Lexi continued to slowly kiss the rest of my face. "You can have me any way you want…" her whispers bounced off my face softly, setting fire to it.
"Want me to suck on you?" I kept my eyes closed, refusing to speak. She kissed my face some more. "Maybe you want my ass?" She moved her hands down and onto my hands as they held her butt tightly. I have no idea how she learned to be so sexy.
"Or is it my pussy that you need?" Her hands moved to my butt and she held me as her crotch slid over mine. I felt my hands gripping her bottom extremely tightly now, and my carnal instincts primed and ignited at her.
I just blurted it out before I lost control. I hated myself. She looked so disappointed.
"I'm sorry, babe. But I said not until their trip. And I meant it." I rolled away from her, standing up to walk to the bathroom. I hesitated, nearly turning around and just giving myself to her. "I AM sorry."
She was gone when I came back in my room later. And I blue balled hard and was miserable all night.
The next 2 days she just had sort of given up trying. I may have hurt her feelings a bit with all the rejection. She wasn't even there when I woke up. I'd kept planting kisses on her in the meantime, and I complimented the manicure and pedicure she'd gotten, and raved about the essay she'd written for her English class. I texted her asking if she'd like to have lunch together, but got no reply. She still had my attention. I was just delaying our gratification. She knew what was coming. She just needed to have a bit more patience. I would make it up to her in time. Though I very much did not like that she wasn't showing interest. I suppose I deserved it if I was doing it to her. Her apathetic attitude toward me did not feel good at all.
Finally it was the Thursday before they were supposed to leave. Again she was missing from my bed when I woke up. Later in the day when I got home from work, Mom was showing Lexi exactly where she and Dad would be staying and the information we needed to have. Lexi didn't look up at me when mom said hello. I went upstairs and laid down on my bed, begging neither my hands to move toward my dick nor Lexi to walk through my door. I was a powder keg at this point. I fell asleep for an hour as I, I guess, meditated.
Later that evening, Lexi and I even helped them pack for an hour, fully basking in the tension between us before our oblivious parents. We purposely avoided each other around the house, as we could feel the tug each of us had on the other getting stronger, and from the tiny cotton shorts she was wearing, I could feel my willpower tested every minute. The night dragged on and on and felt so frustrating for me, and surely for her too. She appeared subtly flustered just by being even kind of near me. She was pretty quiet for herself too, as mom remarked at one point.
I helped Mom bring her's and Dad's luggage to the front door. As I laid down the suitcase near the door and turned around, my eyes caught Lexi's from across the room. I discreetly winked at her as she stared at me.
Lexi had had enough. She told mom she was "just so tired" and had a big day at school tomorrow. So she was going to shower and go to bed early. She said her goodbyes to them, purposely never looking at me, and then hurried upstairs.
Dad told me they were leaving before sunrise, so they said goodbye to me as I went to bed. I stayed up with mom helping her finish packing before finally tapping out and headed upstairs. Lexi's light was off behind her closed door. I stood right outside of it, facing directly towards it. For a moment I debated the pros and cons of kicking her door down and jumping on her.
I spent 4 minutes washing quickly in the shower before giving up getting out. I laid down a short time later, barely able to sleep from the anticipation. I remember seeing 2:30am on the clock at one point.
I awoke late around 10am. …to an empty bed. She was not there when I opened my eyes. I put on some gym shorts and left my room, checking her room to see if she was there. She wasn't upstairs at all. I walked down the stairs, scanning the room for her as I descended. My eyes spotlighted the beauty laying naked on the couch, holding the controller. She lay on her side, staring at the tv, wearing a pair a pink no-show hello kitty socks, neatly crossed at the ankles, still wearing her black anklet that she always had on.
She had brought the switch downstairs to the big TV and had set up her game. The character moved around on screen as Lexi watched to her side. Her blue eyes glanced at me for an instant before she turned back to her game and greeted me. "Morning."
I lifted her feet to sit down under them without speaking, leaving a hand on her ankle as I watched her play. My head leaned back against the soft suede and the tv sat nicely in front of my eyes over the stone fireplace. I gently ran my hands along her shins and knees as she played. I still felt quite groggy from sleeping in.
"I made you a waffle." She softly rubbed my thigh with her foot. "But you slept so long it got cold so I ate it."
I chuckled. "You could've woke me up"
"That's ok. I wanted to let you sleep. I knew you probably needed it."
I chuckled quietly. My hand slid over her hip and up her side before returning down to her leg. Her skin was so smooth. So warm. I held up one of her feet and kissed her ankle. I continued to kiss down her leg slowly, intending only to do just that. She yanked her leg from me, her knee going back near her face. I could see her wonderful folds between her legs.
"No." She said. "You haven't even eaten."
Wait…what? I lunged at her, but she caught me in the chest with the bottom of her feet. She looked at me seriously. "Nope. Not happening."
…That was strange. I squinted at her suspiciously. She was now telling ME no after acting the way she did all week. Honestly I expected to have woken up to her already on me. Ok then. I guess it wouldn't hurt to eat a bit before I had her.
I kissed her toes as I sat forward and placed her foot gently back down on the couch before walking into the kitchen.

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