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I was so fuckin excited. Since I was thirteen, my cousin, Abby, and I have experimented with a few lesbian taboos. Nothing serious. Some kissing and a bit of light petting. Some boob grabs, crotch rubs when we were feeling brave, but nothing to write home about.
That was about to change. The next family reunion was coming up and I was planning on turning up the heat. We both had a year of college under our belts and circumstances kept us from the reunion last year. I was wet for days anticipating a day of fun and fucking with Abby. We spent a lot of time talking about it on the phone and both of us decided we were going all the way.
Is it weird that neither of us is a lesbian? We both date men exclusively. We love the cock and never indulge in the female form other than with each other. Once a year is all.
I can't remember when I first got excited looking at Abby. She's a bit shorter than me with dark auburn hair, a lithe figure, perfect, perky breasts, and that ass just keeps getting hotter as it grows into womanhood. Her olive skin gives her an exotic beauty. I've been described in much the same way.
Neither of us has any problems finding boys to date and they all want to get in our panties. Abby is a bit more conservative on that front. I love fucking and I do it as often as it pleases me. She's pickier about who she fucks.
We talk on the phone a lot and have had major masturbation sessions as we talk about our sexual conquests. I may have more sexual partners, but when she fucks a guy, she goes all in. We love telling each other and enjoying the mutual benefits.
**** **** **** ****
Our family flew in early in the morning on Thursday. I had the run of the huge condo the family had rented. I found the bedroom with the most privacy and claimed it for Abby and myself. There was no way in hell we could go anywhere beyond kissing and light petting while the family was around.
There would be five families sharing one pavillion-style condo with twenty bedrooms. Each bedroom had a breakfast nook with a table and two chairs and two beds. Couples could push the beds together to make one. Once we were in our rooms for the night, Abby and I could quietly play, but anyone could barge in at any time, and we have brothers who love to annoy the shit out of us.
Nobody thought it odd when the girl cousins pushed their beds together. Girls can do that. The boys would be looked at as gay … more in their own stupid minds … if they did it. When I chose the room, I immediately moved the beds and prepared for Abby and her family to arrive.
**** **** **** ****
Each reunion was carefully planned and executed on schedule. Thursday was arrival day with no plans during the day. Each family was expected to arrive before five o'clock in the afternoon. A family BBQ hosted by the resort would begin at seven. From seven until nine, we dined and mingled, renewing old relationships and meeting new cousins, aunts, and uncles.
When the clock strikes nine, it's everyone for themselves with the parents deciding when everyone should be back at the condo. Quiet time was eleven until seven the next morning.
On Friday, we would start the morning having breakfast at eight, then family games, swimming, beach activities, and mingling from nine until one, followed by a light lunch. More family games and socializing from two until six. Friday night was a formal family dinner. Everyone dressed in their finest clothes and the resort catered a six-course meal.
Saturday would playtime for Abby and me. After breakfast, the family will divide by gender. The men head to a golf course while the women take in a spa with all the amenities. Abby and I would be feeling ill and request to stay behind. Everyone would be gone and won't be back until five in the afternoon. Abby and I would have most of the day to ourselves to explore one another, enjoy our sexual freedom, and have as many orgasms together as we could muster.
I had some fun ideas of things I wanted to do to Abby. I made sure the fridge was well stocked for my needs. As I busied myself making plans, I had a perpetual smile on my face. It didn't go unnoticed.
"Carrie, what's going on with you?" my mom asked with an inquisitive look on her face. She was naturally suspicious. Being the typical nineteen-year-old with an attitude, smiling a lot wasn't normal at all.
"I'll get over it, mom. I'm just excited to see Abby," I replied. "I haven't seen her for two years ya know. Don't worry. I'll be back to my negative, unhappy self soon."
Mom seemed to buy it and move on. I caught her staring at me several more times during the day with that same suspicious gaze.
When Abby's family arrived, I tried to act nonchalant when I went out to greet her, her siblings, and my aunt and uncle. It wasn't until we all went through the hugs and kisses that I finally had Abby alone in our room with the door closed.
Finally, I was able to lay my lips on hers and welcome her properly. Our lips parted as we shared what would be the best day of our lives in a few days.
"LEZZIES, LEZZIES," suddenly came from the door.
"Jason, get the fuck out!" I yelled at my brother.
"You too, Bart," Abby yelled at her brother.
"You wish we'd leave," Bart laughed a little too loud.
"BART!" came the sharp voice of Aunt Rita. "LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE!"
Jason, not hearing his name, looked at us smugly.
"JASON!" came mom's voice. "GET OUT OF THE GIRLS ROOM!"
We gave them the smug smile, flipped them off, and pushed them out the door.
"Fuckin assholes," Abby sniped. "GOD!"
"Damn, girl, Bart's lookin mighty fine," I mused. "I haven't seen him for three years. Holy shit. What a lady killer."
"He wishes," Abby replied. "He's still a dork."
Jason, my brother, is about eighteen months older than me. He picked up all the height I wish I had. While I was maybe five feet four inches on my tippy toes, Jason stood a little over six feet. Describing Jason is describing Bart. He's about two years older than Abby. And, yes, he's a dork.
I couldn't openly admit that I had a sister crush on Jason, and I'd fuck him – and/or Bart – in a heartbeat … if they weren't, ya know, related. That sucks. Jason and Bart are both about the same size, and like Abby and me, they have olive skin and are very good looking.
"I think I could have a cousin crush on him," I smiled and batted my eyebrows.
"Eww. That's gross."
"What, you don't have a cousin crush on Jason?" I asked.
"God! No! What the fuck, Carrie?"
"Yeah, yeah. You'd fuck him if he were naked in front of you, you fuckin slut."
"Jesus, you're one to call someone a slut," she laughed. "Have you met a cock you haven't sucked?"
I looked up, smirked, placed my finger on my cheek as if I was calculating the odds, and replied, "Hmmm, I would say … no."
We both laughed.
**** **** **** ****
Finding alone time with Abby wasn't as easy as I hoped it would be. Jason and Bart wouldn't leave us alone. The reason was obvious. My dad and Uncle Rich are twins. They've always been close and done everything together. When Uncle Rich got engaged, dad got engaged. They both married within a month of each other and, yep, Jason and Bart were born around the same time, then Abby and me.
Our siblings are about four years younger and there are no other cousins within about four years of us. The four of us at nineteen and twenty years old, and our younger cousins four years younger, we don't bond well. It was us four, and the boys couldn't leave us alone.
We knew we had to play it cool or our plan would be foiled. That meant staying up late with our families, playing games, telling stories, teasing, and laughing. We had a great time but, damn, I wanted to taste Abby on my lips, feel her on my skin, shake with earth-shattering orgasms. Saturday couldn't come fast enough.
**** **** **** ****
Finally, Saturday morning was upon us. Getting out of the day's plans was easy enough for me. I'm allergic to shellfish. I simply had to fake the symptoms and tell mom I must have had some shellfish on my plate last night. She had no reason to believe I'd lie to her. I simply told her I needed to rest and feel better so I could enjoy the rest of the reunion.
Abby's job was a bit harder. She had to convince Aunt Rita that I would be better off if she stayed at the condo with me. Aunt Rita didn't like it and gave us both the same suspicious looks that my mom gave me on Thursday. Ultimately, she gave in. Mostly because Abby acted like the whiny teenage bitch until Aunt Rita wanted to be nowhere near her. Damn good plan.
We stood at the window in our room and watched as the shuttle busses loaded every family member, men on the right, women on the left, and drove away. As they drove out of sight, I grabbed Abby's shorts and yanked them to her ankles.
"FINALLY! YOU'RE MINE!" I cheered loudly. "And no panties? I like your style."
She grabbed me and pulled me in for a good game of tonsil hockey. God, she tasted delish!
"Okay, hang on," I said and pulled away. "I have stuff and things to go get out of the kitchen. GOD! You're gonna love this."
"Sounds kinky."
As I walked to the door, I said, "Don't go anywhere. And pull your stupid shorts up. I want to strip you naked when I get back."
She saluted me. "Yes Ma'am!"
I had prepared in advance. I ran to the kitchen and into the walk-in refrigerator. Tucked away in the corner was my box. I grabbed it and hustled back to the room. I found Abby lying on the bed, hand in her shorts, waiting for me.
"What's in that?" she asked pointing at the box.
"Never you mind," I answered and joined her on the bed.
Our bodies quickly became a tangled mess of arms and legs as we kissed, groped, and nibbled each other. We were like rabid dogs in heat. We both wanted to move slow but, damn, we were both so hot to trot. Clothing came off in a blur and we were soon naked as jaybirds … and fuckin nervous as hell. Neither of us had ever done anything more than kiss another girl, and that other girl, for me, was Abby.
We were naked but neither of us dared to do anything more than make out, play with each other's bits, and poke a finger in for a moment or two. Still, we were horny, and the anticipation was killing us.
"So, what do we do now?" Abby asked me between kisses.
"I have some good ideas," I answered, "but now that we're here, it seems pretty awkward."
"Yeah," she giggled nervously. "So, what's in the box?"
"Oh yeah. The box. DUH! I tell you what," I said as I moved to get off the bed. I held out my hand. "Come over here and we'll shift this motherfucker into high gear."
She stood and I walked her to the small table. It's about four feet long and three feet wide. Perfect. I sat her on the edge of the table and helped her lie back and get comfortable.
"You," I said as I pushed her flat on her back, "wait right here, sexy."
I fetched the box and sat it on one of the chairs. I reached in and grabbed a can of Reddi-Wip. I popped the lid off, poked the end in my mouth, and blasted more than I could handle. It puffed my cheeks out and sprayed all over me … and left Abby with a speckled white body. We both burst into laughter.
With a mouthful of fluffy cream, I leaned in to kiss Abby and smeared it all over her face.
"Mmmm," we purred in unison.
I then sprayed a dollop of cream on each of her nipples, one on her clit, then drew circles around her breasts. Abby reached down and scraped the cream off one nipple and popped it in her mouth.
"Hey, don't do that," I laughed. "Now I have to paint that nipple all over again." I sprayed another dollop on her bare nipple as I licked the dollop from the other. We both giggled, then I reapplied cream to the other bare nipple.
"What else you got in that magic box, cuz?" she asked me. I pulled out a container of fresh strawberries. "Mmmm, my fave," she said and licked her lips.
I opened the container and placed strawberry halves on each creamed nipple, and her creamy clit. I realized I forgot her belly button. I sprayed some cream and topped it with a strawberry.
I then sprayed more small dollops in circles around her nipples, belly button, and in the creases of her legs and hips. I reached in the box and removed the container of pineapple chunks and quickly topped the bare cream dollops.
"Oh, fuck, Care Bear," Abby sighed, "You're gonna feast. I can't wait."
I squirted a small mound of cream on her nose and leaned down to lick it off before I kissed her.
"So are you, Abs," I whispered.
**** **** **** ****
Suddenly, a loud noise startled us and we both screamed and jumped up to see what the fuck just happened.
"WHAT THE FUCK?" I screamed as Jason bounded into the room with Bart on his heels. "GET THE FUCK OUT, YOU ASSHOLES!"
As soon as she said it, we all stopped and looked at her. The anger on her face was obvious … until she realized she had just threatened to tattle on her brother for catching her and me lezzing on each other … and called him a perv in the process. Her expression turned to embarrassment as we all started laughing at her.
"Looks like we got here just in time for something to eat," Jason laughed, walking past me to get to Abby. He plucked a strawberry from one of her nipples and popped it in his mouth. "You hungry, Bartman?"
"I am," he replied but didn't move.
Abby, staring blankly at all of us, was quiet as a church mouse.
"Jason," I turned to him and pleaded, "Please get out." With my attention on my brother, I didn't notice Bart closing the distance until I felt his hand rubbing my ass. "Gross," I said. I slapped his hand away and backed away. "Don't touch me."
"Gross?" he replied. "You're about to eat my sister but me rubbing your ass is gross somehow?"
I didn't know what to say. "Just … don't," I said and cringed.
He advanced on me again. My attention was now fully on Bart when I heard Abby moan. I turned and saw Abby lying on her back again, and Jason between her legs eating MY strawberry shortcake.
"JASON!" I shouted. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" He ignored me.
I was jolted away from Abby and Jason when I felt Bart's arm slip around my waist as he pulled me close. I turned and was nose-to-nose with him. His other hand found one of my tits. His rough, construction-calloused hand raked across my nipple and sent orgasmic spasms through my body. I was about to protest when his mouth covered mine and his tongue pushed between my lips.
"Fuuuuuuck," I mumbled as his rough hand moved quickly and found my wet cunt. His fingers found my clit first, and then my slit. I felt a finger penetrate me as his tongue probed deep into my mouth.
I turned to see Jason's face buried in Abby's crotch, covered in cream … whipped or otherwise, I wasn't sure.
"Jesus Christ, Abs," I moaned, "Good thing you don't have a cousin crush on him, or you wouldn't have fought him off so bravely."
Abby's head was thrown back as my brother sucked and lapped at her delicious, sweet nethers. "Fuck you, Carrie," she moaned.
With Abby and I moaning and the sound of Jason and Bart feasting on us, the room was filled with the sounds of amazing sex. I turned my attention back to Bart. He was finger fucking me and sucking on a nipple. God, it felt good. I succumbed and threw my arms around my handsome cousin's neck.
"Fuck it," I mumbled. "I can work with this."
"I'm gonna fuck you, cuz, but you have to make me a promise first," Bart said with ragged breath.
"Oh, are you?" I said in mock defiance. "And what promise is that?"
As he pushed a second finger into my horny slit, he answered, "Don't let Abby rat me out to my mom. She'll be pissed."
"Good luck with that," I laughed, "unless you fuck me good. Do that and I'll make that promise." I pushed his face down to my breasts.
I looked over at the table again. Jason had already removed his shirt and was sliding his shorts off as he sucked the cream off one of Abby's tits. "HOLY SHIT!" I blurted when I saw his fully erect cock. I've seen his flaccid cock on many occasions and figured it had potential, but this went well beyond my expectations.
Bart looked up when he heard me, saw that I was looking at the table, glanced in that direction, then looked back at me. "Pretty fuckin impressive, eh?" he said before sucking my nipple back into his mouth.
I simply nodded then realized that Bart knew how big my brother was but didn't seem the least bit intimidated.
"Let's see what you're packin, dear cousin," I said and reached to pull his shirt off.
I heard Jason behind me. "You won't be disappointed, sis."
"Have you two been fucking each other," Abby moaned. "God, that's so fuckin hot to think of your cocks buried in each other's assholes."
Abby and I burst out laughing. Jason and Bart both protested vehemently which made Abby and me laugh harder.
Bart stepped back and I could see the impressive bulge in his shorts. "Ready to see what I have for you, Carrie?" he asked.
I licked my lips and nodded.
When his cock sprang free, I was truly impressed. I looked over my shoulder and took a second look at my brother's tool, then back at Bart's.
"God damn, Bart," I said in awe. "I think yours is bigger."
"It's thicker. He's got me by a quarter-inch," he replied with a bit of pride.
"Who gives a flying fuck. God damn, Abs, we fuckin scored."
"HOLY FUCK," Abby moaned again as she did the same double-take I did. "YES, WE DID!"
I turned in time to watch my brother's cock start to disappear in Abby's puss.
"HEY! GET OUT OF THERE!" I yelled and moved to the table. "I get her first, god damn it."
I pushed Jason to the side, grabbed the Reddi-Wip, and sprayed another dollop on her clitty. I then gave myself a spray for her and climbed up to sixty-nine her. Jason stood to the side and kissed Abby's thigh while I dove into her creamy cunt. Bart moved behind me and played with my ass as Abby started eating me.
I heard Bart and Jason high-five each other. "Didn't see this comin this morning, dude," Bart laughed.
I worked around Jason's fingers on Abby's puss as I sucked her clit. As Abby ate me, I suddenly felt Bart's tongue rimming my asshole. I moaned in pleasure as he lightly probed my pooper while Abby sucked my clit and tugged at my nipples.
Jason leaned in to share Abby's delectable cunt with me. Then it happened. As I pulled my head up to give him room, he matched my movement and kissed me. My brother kissed me. How did I react? I moaned and sucked his tongue.
My clit suddenly turned cold as Abby abandoned it. "Are they kissing?" I heard her ask Bart.
My asshole went cold as Bart abandoned it. "They are," he answered.
"That's fuckin hot," I heard her say. I felt Bart's hair tickle my ass cheeks as he leaned down and kissed his sister.
"HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!" I said out loud. "Are we all really doing this?"
"Looks like," Jason said and kissed me again. We then went back to work on Abby's cunt and I felt my goodies getting the much-deserved attention they were starving for.
As I ate Abby's puss, I reached out and stroked Jason's beautiful cock. He moaned his pleasure. Abby's tongue was so light and soft in contrast to Bart's aggressive attack on my asshole. Soon I was close to cumming. I pulled up from Abby's pussy and held the back of Jason's head as he continued eating her.
"Oh, God, I'm cumming," I moaned as waves of pleasure swept through my body. My body went rigid as I became lost in the pleasure.
"I so need to be fucked," I moan when I came down from the orgasmic high.

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