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By Pervy dude. A tale of loving cousins reunited in their sexual adventures. Sharing a husband.

A fantasy base partially on real people.

My wife is an incredibly beautiful and intensely sexually charged redhead. The kind that guys would chew their arm off to have. If we’re not fucking, she’s sucking my cock which seems like all the time, or she’s casually masturbating. But anyhow, she has this cousin who’s a knockout as well. We’d go to these family events and I’d notice that my wife and her cousin would always hang out a lot. They’re very affectionate toward each other. I never really made anything out of it other than family affection, right? Before we married, they would go out for “Sister” evenings. Okay! That’s cool.

One evening, we headed off to a bar and we’re hitting the hard stuff. She downs a long island iced tea. One of those and her inhibitions drop. In our conversations she goes “Let’s play Marry, Fuck, or Kill”. I’m thinking Oooooh Shit! This is not going to go well if she mentions family. Aaaaaaaand she did. She sees me get uncomfortable and says, “It’s okay, it’s natural to want to fuck someone in my family.” Her sisters are hot too.” I replied “Do I have to kill anyone of them? Can’t I at least fuck all of them?” At this point I’m expecting as a minimum a slap in the face. Instead, she laughs “I knew it! You’re a brave lil’ fucker you know that?” So, the game moves on. I was really surprised by some of the answers she gave me about friends of mine who she would suck off in a heartbeat. To me that was a huge turn on. However, I told her that wouldn’t be a good idea since I must work with these clowns, and a few of them wouldn’t hesitate to run their mouths. But I told her I would love to see her do that. We could maybe arrange some meetings at a local swinger’s club that had a glory hole. (That’s another story).
The night ended and we went home.
Sitting on the couch, she’s seriously hammered. Out of the blue she says “My cousin and I have been eating each other out since our teens, but we stopped when we got married though.” This just blew my mind. Me, being inebriated as well, told her she didn’t have to stop just because we got married, I think that would be cool. She stares at me and says with a sarcastic tone “Oh I bet you’d love to see that huh?” Me, “Of course!”… . Her, “Are you serious?”… Me, “Yeah!”…With a devilish smile on her face says, “Let me talk with her and get her view on this.” Surprised. I figured she had regrets admitting that later, she never mentioned anything
more the following day. Nor did I bring it up.

We didn’t see her cousin for about 3 months until a family gathering. I know they text each other all the time, so I wasn’t aware she approached that subject with her. But at the gathering, her cousin would stare at me in a peculiar way. She was different somehow. I approached her to give her the obligatory “Hey! How ya doing?” hello kind of relations hug. The hug was different, and she softly says, “Sounds like fun.” Smiled, and then walked away. At first, I didn’t hear her right, but I’m thinking they talked.

The day goes on, the usual family banter continues. Food, talk, games, etc. At the end, we all hugged each other goodbye. Her cousin comes over. Out of view of everyone, she kisses me directly on the lips then whispers, “I got plans you’d love, and you’re invited.” I’m stunned and getting a raging boner. Now everybody has gone their separate way. On the way home, my wife asked, “Did she talk with you?”. “Well, she told me she has plans and I’m invited”. Laughing she says, “Oh you have no idea”. Now I’m insanely hard thinking about what it could be, we had to pull over and have her suck me off. It seemed unreal.

Weeks go by, I come home from work on Valentines Day, I bring flowers and some candy. Something smells good. It’s Lasagna…I love Lasagna. My wife is in a nice silk open robe in the kitchen. And who would come out of our bedroom in blue lingerie? Her cousin! Me thinks something is afoot here. My wife grabs a chair and places it at the far end of the living room across from the couch. “Go take a shower, leave your clothes off when you get back” she says “Then go sit in this chair, don’t you dare jerk off either!” Oh wow! I strip down, wash up and sit like a good boy in that chair. My cock is just throbbing hard. I have no idea what’s next. Her cousin comes over with these wide rolls of Velcro they use for strapping. She wraps the Velcro around my wrists to the chair, my feet as well. So, there I sit. Restrained. “Well how am I supposed to eat?” I ask. “Oh, this isn’t for you. This is our dinner. We’re having a date; you just get to watch”. I’m just thinking “Dear God this is getting intense”.

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They sit down, enjoying their meal. The conversation starts off between them with the usual topics. Her cousin looks over to me, says “How ya’ doing over there? I bet your cock is throbbing huh? Well, I’m not fucking you, I’m fucking your wife. Do you understand? Are we clear?” I nod. “Good! Glad you agree” she says. They finish their meal; my wife goes to the kitchen cleaning up. Her cousin comes over and sits on the couch across from me. Her lingerie is extremely revealing, one of those shelf bras and open crotch panties. I’ll never forget that. She spreads her knees wide apart, exposing her pussy. She looks over and says “I heard you’re a Class A pervert. Is this true?” I don’t know what to say and blush. “Yep! You are a pervert! Excellent! I like that! We’ve seen your collection of close-up pussy pics. Do you like to look at pussy up close? I do too! Especially your wife’s!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “She opens her legs farther apart and begins spreading her labia. “Your wife loves this pussy. I bet you like how it looks too huh? I’m staring at it like a deer in headlights. It looked delicious.

My wife comes from the Kitchen. She pulls up a chair beside me. Pulls back her robe and begins rubbing herself. “Is that a beautiful pussy or what? it? I love it!… Jesus your cock’s hard!” About then her cousin comes across and deeply kisses my wife. She looks at me and says “I appreciate you letting us get back together again. I missed fucking her. Your wife said it was ok if we can keep doing this. Are you Ok with it?” “Yes” I reply. “Good! It will work out to your advantage.” She kneels between my wife’s legs and begins to eat her out like only a woman would know how. My wife squirms like I’ve never seen her do before. I don’t know how the hell I was able to hold back precumming like I was. My wife came repeatedly. The moans were incredible. They both keep taunting me saying things like “You like this don’t you? You want some, don’t you? You better not come! We’ll go into the bedroom and leave you here, and all you’ll be able to do is listen.” After about another few minutes her cousin says, “Watch this!” she begins fingering my wife intensely. I can see my wife build up and squirt into her cousin’s mouth. Oh god, I’m just dying over this. She swallows it with a huge grin. Holy cow, I think I fell down the sexual rabbit hole.

“Now it’s your turn cousin” I hear my wife say. Watching her cousin losing her mind on the couch while my wife did her as well. You could tell they really missed doing each other. She squirts as well, my wife not missing a drop. Her cousin kneels before me and begins edging my cock. “Your turn” she says. Stroking my cock slowly, rubbing her face against the head. “You been a good boy and behaved yourself, you deserve to cum.” Saying as she’s caressing my balls with her other hand. “I love watching guys cum. Next time we get together your gonna cream pie your wife, and I’m gonna lap it up like a kitten to milk. What do think of the Pervy boy? You like that?” she asks. I came so hard; my load was huge. Her cousin scooped it up the with her fingers pushed it up into her pussy. She knew I had a vasectomy and wasn’t worried. As if I thought it was near the end. They started to 69 on the floor beside me. They just weren’t finished. We ended up spending the night together. It was the best Valentines Day EVER!

They would occasionally spend a few times alone but never ignored me and things got more interesting as time went by. I’ve been using her cousin when my wife is not around. She eventually let me fuck her any time I wanted. “Free Use” is the new term, I guess. I prefer to feed her cum, like jerk off in her mouth. She seems to enjoy that. But that pussy of hers is so delightful in my mouth too.

I asked them how they got that way. They were both diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. Plus the constant exposure to porn. What a mix. But who am I to complain?

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By Pervy dude. #Cuckold #Exhibitionist #Incest #Lesbian