Life Imitates Art Ch. 03

tagGroup SexLife Imitates Art Ch. 03

To my relief, Chris extricated his finger, with visible reluctance. He gave my ass one final slap, letting his hand linger, then helped me off him.
I wobbled over to Matthew, apprehensive at the savage light in his eyes. He raked his hands up my body hungrily, then spun me around, bending me over the table.
The poker game stopped in its tracks, and my breath caught in my throat at the sound of Matthew unbuckling his pants. I barely had time to inhale before Mathew yanked his pants down and, in one quick motion, buried himself to the hilt in my pussy.
There were cries of outrage at Matthew getting to fuck me first, but none so loud as my drawn-out yelp as I was unceremoniously stretched wide. His cock was long, and it smashed against my cervix painfully.
He grunted as he thrust into me, one hand wrapping in my hair and crushing my face to the table. Wincing, I screwed my eyes shut as my cheek ground against the coarse wood with each piston thrust into my pussy. His hand disengaged from my hair, and instead went to my hip, gripping with bruising force my milk pale skin, his hips snapping against my sore ass with complete disregard for my squeaks of pain, and the black looks and murmurs around him.
I tried to feel as outraged as the others, but it was hard to feel anything other than filled as he relentlessly pumped into me, and the dripping, clenching heat of my pussy would betray any anger I could muster.
"If you can't beat him… Join him."
I heard someone say, with a rustle of movement. I turned my face towards the sound, only to be met with a weeping cock head. My eyes travelled up to see Chris, staring down at me hungrily.
With a groan, I half-heartedly tried to turn my head away, but not quickly enough. His cock took advantage of my parted lips, and buried itself in my warm, wet mouth.
It bobbed against my teeth and tongue, coating them both in a film of salty precum. The angle made it almost impossible for his cock to fit in my mouth, but that didn't stop him. His cock scraped against my cheek, stabbing at the side of my mouth as I frantically tried to open my mouth wide enough to keep my teeth from digging into him.
Matthew paid no mind to this, his thrusts taking on a frenzied motion, groans issuing constantly from behind me. I shot my eyes to the side, and saw Lucas, looking possessive and smug, idly stroking his cock through his pants.
Chris tired of the awkward angle, and tugged me around by the ring on my collar, shifting me until I stood bent in half, held up by both men. He tugged my collar once more, as his cock slammed, hard, against the back of my throat, making me heave violently. The convulsion must have travelled through my whole body, because, at that moment, Matthew pressed against me, his hips twitching as he emptied his balls into me. I spat out the cock in my mouth, frantic.
"You can't cum in me! I'm not on birth control! What if I ge-" my diatribe was cut short as Chris crammed his cock back into me, fucking the words out of my mouth.
Matthew slapped my ass with a resounding crack, and chuckled lowly.
"The little fuck slut doesn't want our cum, huh? I thought your girl was supposed to be a gracious host, Lucas." Lucas laughed darkly, and responded,
"She's just talking a big game. She's going to be full to bursting with our cum by the end of the night." My pussy clamped at his words, muscles contracting in waves around Matthew's cock. I felt a vindictive surge of pleasure as he jerked away from the overstimulation, and I tried to ignore the throb in my unsatisfied pussy.
He pulled his cock free from my clutching cunt, and my cheeks reddened as I felt his cum leak from my used pussy, dribbling down my legs and staining my stockings. Chris seemed enamored with the idea of filling me with cum, and bucked into me harder, cutting off my air as I drooled around the base of his cock, still bent in half.
Matthew let go of my hips, and I dropped to my knees, Chris still firmly planted in my mouth.
I pushed at his legs with my little hands, eyes starting to roll from want of air. He held my head in his hands, and thrust his hips back and forth, sawing against my abused throat. Finally, finally, he pulled himself free, and I choked and coughed, makeup running into my eyes as I teared up, tugging in a shuddering lungful of cum-scented air.
Before I could take another breath, he was back down my throat, stretching me obscenely. I would have whimpered, if I could have made any noise around the girth of his cock. I felt a surge of anger, then immediate helplessness. He would fuck me until he came, regardless of my hoarse pleas. The reality of my situation began to catch up with me. I was already feeling exhausted, and the night had only begun.
They would doubtless take turns fucking each one of my holes, stretching and claiming me, bruising my insides and marking my body.
The thought sent an electric thrill through my body, energising me, and when Chris pulled me off his cock, I snarled with need, shoving it back in my mouth, sucking frantically, tongue sliding up the length of it.
He stared at me with undisguised amazement as I pulled his cock from my mouth, rubbing it against my cheeks and chin, drooling and panting on his thick length. I dropped my mouth to his huge, hairy balls, and nuzzled against them, swirling my tongue, matting his pubes with my drool, saliva dripping to the carpet as I lathed his balls, sucking and lapping.
"What- the fuck-?" he choked out. Lucas responded,
"She loves sucking cock. And when she gets really riled up… Well. You see what happens."
I ignored this exchange, my entire world the pendulous cock dangling in my face, throbbing and veiny and gorgeous. I gave his balls one last, lingering lick, then dragged my tongue up the underside of his cock, before burying it in my throat in one smooth motion, bobbing my head, ignoring my gagging, desperate to have as much of him in me as possible. My lips, had they not been wrapped around a cock, would have curled into a self-satisfied smile at the guttural groan from above me.
Chris yanked his cock from my throat, and pumped his hand down it, once, before cum exploded from him, dousing me in his hot, thick seed. I barely managed to close my eyes in time, and held my mouth open, hoping some of his jizz would land on my tongue. After what felt like hours, the deluge stopped, and Chris wiped his cockhead against a clean part of my cheek as I cracked my eyes open, lashes heavy with cum.
I tentatively wiped my eyes with the back of my hand, then used my hand to gather up the gluey semen from my face, shoving it greedily into my mouth. A long, low whistle sounded, and I looked up, blinking. I had forgotten myself. I felt heat creep up my body as four sets of eyes stared at me, and I dropped my head down, flushing. To my chagrin, Matthew, still behind me, reached down and pulled open my pussy lips, calling out,
"You should see this cock hungry cunt. She's so fucking wet it's dripping out of her." He pulled his hand away, clear, sticky strands clinging to his fingers as I clenched around air, flaming with embarrassment and primal need. Upon seeing my desperate look, Lucas smiled. Something in his face made my stomach churn with apprehension.
"I've thought of another game we could play, guys. Why don't you help up our little fuck slave and bring her to the bedroom?"
Chris and Matthew hauled me to my feet, steadying me as I wobbled, my numb legs and high heels getting the better of me. Matthew held me still, and Chris eased my shoes off, sliding his hand reverently down my silk clad, drool-specked thigh.
I felt relief as my aching feet touched down on the soft carpet, but, more than that, I felt small. In high heels, I was almost eye level with most of them. Now, I felt insignificant and powerless. My stockinged feet seemed dainty, tiny. I felt even more naked, and locked my eyes to the ground, not looking at the two muscled men guiding me to my bedroom and the next humiliation.

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