Life Imitates Art Ch. 07

tagGroup SexLife Imitates Art Ch. 07

Matthew was smaller than Jeremy, but his brutality more than made up for the difference, and his aggressive jackhammering sent bruising force up my hips, churning my guts.
I tried to claw my way forward, and he dragged me unceremoniously back, curling his body over me to sink his cock deeper in my abused hole. I wailed pitiably, the sound jerking out of me with each aggressive thrust, the impartial gleam of a camera lens cold comfort as it trailed the contours of my face, capturing my agonised howls.
A hand wrapped in my hair, viciously, tugging my face up, displaying my tear-streaked cheeks to great effect. Neck straining, I tried to look behind me at Matthew, rutting into my asshole with a viciousness and desperation borne of years of waiting. His eyes gleamed as they met mine, as he yanked my hair harder, baring my long, pale throat, and cutting off my grunt of pain.
As lubricated and loosened as my ass was by Jeremy's passage, the friction still began to wear on me, and the deep ache turned into a scratching burn, his pubes irritating my swollen, battered anus with each slamming, grinding thrust into me. To my immense surprise, I felt him begin to pull out.
At the same time, he pinched my clit, hard, and my yowl of pain caught everyone's attention as he stealthily wiped free the leftover lubricant on his cock. He dropped my hair in favour of a vice grip on my hips, preventing me from moving even an inch as he brutally worked his dry cock back into my inflamed anus.
My howls doubled, and Lucas and Chris shared a worried look, seeming concerned that neighbours might overhear and call the police. Their worry barely registered, all my focus on the brutal assault to my asshole.
Matthew pushed me into the bed, face-first, and continued rutting in earnest, his knees locking on either side of me as he ruthlessly worked his cock into my ass, breath hitching with each pulsing shock wave that travelled through me, my whole body unified in its goal to push out the invader. He leaned into me, weight pushing the air out of my lungs and hissed,
"I've always wanted to fuck your tight ass dry. Wish we didn't have such a crowd though. If you were all mine…" He trailed off, his cock thickening and pulsing inside me at the thought.
His fingers tightened around my neck, and he panted out his next words, hips twitching with the strain of holding off his orgasm,
"It wouldn't just be my cock in your ass."
To illustrate, he straightened, and began working his fingertips into my asshole, nails scrabbling against me as I wept and thrashed. His fingers stretched me viciously, as my nerves endings jangled in agony. I tightened even further around him in response, and the snarl he let out sent chills running up my spine.
It sounded feral, and dangerous, and I wondered, through my haze of pain, at the monster in our midst, wearing khakis and a perpetual smirk, even while thoughts of my body contorted in pain under him raced through his head.
His fingers tightened in my hair, that minor pain unnoticed as I drooled and panted and cried, tears drumming onto the comforter as my legs kicked feebly.
His cock stilled in me, pulsating and sending waves of sensation through my battered ass. His fingers loosened in my hair, almost stroking through the tangled, sweat-soaked curls.
"Although, I have to admit, little slut," he breathed, fingers tugging out of my asshole and spiralling down to my cunt, gathering up the liquid that soaked my pussy and thighs,
"I never knew how hot it would be fucking your ass in front of your sweet, loving husband. Maybe I should invite you both over someday. I would have so much fun with you two."
At those last foreboding words, he stiffened, hips twitching against my reddened cheeks. His cum splashed deep into me, and I forgot to be disgusted, visions of Lucas chained up flashing through my head. His wrists chapped and sore as he fought to reach me, while Matthew plundered my pussy and ass with cavalier ease and his trademark smirk.
On principle, I tried to resist the thrust of his fingers, but they were almost gentle on me, and I desperately needed relief.
"Cum for me, little slut. Cum for the bastard that raped your tiny asshole, dry. I can feel how close you are. I want you to cum around my fingers."
I shuddered unwillingly in his grasp. My orgasm was close. I teetered on the precipice, unwilling to give him more when he had already taken so much.
My mouth opened, but the groans of release Matthew wanted from me didn't come.
"Someone fuck my mouth. Anyone." I begged, tongue fumbling and thick.
Lucas didn't hesitate to step up, and his eyes burned into me as he eased his cock into my mouth, allowing his cock to swallow my pitiful sounds as I fucked against Matthew's fingers.
His fingers continued their torturous dance against my slick clit, and my eyes began to roll as his cock began to stiffen inside me again. I freed my mouth, half-crazed, my stomach cramping and coiling with the promise of relief.
"More," I gasped, "someone fill my pussy. Fuck all my holes, fuck me, fuck me, use me."
My words were charged and feverish, voice raw from my rough treatment. Chris, my saviour, elbowed Matthew out of the way, casual in the face of Matthew's glower. He stood between my legs, camera planing over my abused holes before trailing up to my flushed face and overbright eyes.
"You're such a little slut that one cock at a time isn't enough for you?" He drawled, trying to hide the excitement and hunger in his words.
My voice failed me, so instead I nodded, feeling Lucas gather my hair in both hands and guide me back to his cock, gentle thrusts that pushed him deeper and deeper into my willing mouth.
Jeremy moved forward, and had I not had a cock buried in my throat, I would have squeaked at the monstrous cock that swung between his legs, heavy and thick and lethal. His face was gentle, however, and I tried to watch him circle me hungrily, even as Lucas ground his balls against my face, sodden curls scraping against my cheeks and chin.
"Can I… Can I try her…?"
Jeremy trailed off, gesturing to my cunt as he looked at Lucas. The hesitancy and lust in Jeremy's voice sent shock waves through my pussy. He wasn't asking me, wasn't even looking directly at me. I had become a commodity, a collection of holes to fuck. Lucas didn't fail to pick up on this, and his lips quirked in a smile as his cock fell from my lips with a pop.
He gestured to the crumpled, damp bed with an expansive wave, and Jeremy lifted me gently to my feet. I swayed back and forth, blood thundering in my ears as cum ran down my legs, trickling and sticky.
Jeremy extended his hand to me, palm out, and I took it, his hand engulfing mine. I feel like a princess, I thought giddily, a small, hysterical laugh threatening to bubble up.
With effort, I kept my face straight, and stayed upright, even as my legs shook violently under me. Jeremy noticed my struggling, and scooped me up, no strain evident as he hoisted me against his firm body.
"I've always wanted to try fucking someone standing up." He murmured in my ear.
I was barely paying attention, enjoying his firm arms around me, and the smell of his cologne and sweat.
"Think you can move your legs enough to wrap them around me?"
I hastened to comply, but my legs and stockings were slick with my mingled cum and sweat, and I slipped down. Jeremy looked at me for a long moment, calculating, then, unhurriedly, walked over to the wall, still clutching me like a toy.
I huffed out a breath as Jeremy squished me between the wall and his firm chest, one hand wrapped around my waist, the other positioning my legs, pulling them up high, until my feet were resting near his shoulders.
As I dug my toes in, he pumped his cock, aligning it with my dripping hole. The tip of his cock slid into me, and his other hand snapped up, engulfing me in his arms as his hips flexed, stretching me further.
Chris had joined us, camera flicking between me and Jeremy, intent on capturing my expression as my pussy was slowly split in half. The position itself was uncomfortable, as I felt my sticky skin cling to the wall, pulling unpleasantly.
Jeremy, impossibly, stepped closer, and I felt myself bend almost in two, still with his cock just nudging the entrance of my cunt. I struggled to breathe, my corset cutting into my skin, even as my pussy continued to drip on the floor.
My pussy was sore, swollen near shut with the barrage of abuse, and Jeremy seemed to relish the feeling of his cock head popping in and out of my battered cunt. I felt his body brace, and I tensed without thinking. He stabbed up into me, hands grabbing my ass cheeks, pulling me closer, eyes intent on the sprawl of my body pressed against him.
I was silent, beyond words, at the massive length that had embedded itself in me. My fists clenched uselessly as they dangled, and my toes curled up, edging towards his neck as I twitched. My whole body was taut, almost vibrating with shock.
My pussy was tight enough around him that I felt him try to pull out, unsuccessfully. His cock throbbed at the realisation, and a wondering look crossed his face.
"You're clamped down so hard on me that I can't pull out."
His voice dropped to a growl.
"That's so fucking sexy."
His baritone vibrated through me, and, had I not been pinned against a wall, I might have swooned. Instead, trapped as I was, all I could do was feel my arousal running in rivulets down my pussy, seeping in the floor below. Jeremy thrusted slightly, experimentally, and I had to fight back the urge to shriek.
His cock was nestled against my cervix, bumping it every time he twitched or throbbed. The dull ache mingled with the sharp, heavenly burn of having my pussy stretched and filled to its limits, and my groan was guttural as Jeremy slowly started to saw back and forth.
My pussy clung to every inch of him, and I had a moment of terror that he would pull my innards out as his huge cock dragged out of me. He thrust back in, and my head fell back against the wall with a thud as I twisted and writhed. His hands were large enough to engulf my ass, and he squeezed my cheeks rhythmically as he set his pace.
Slow enough to make me impatient as he pulled out, with a brutal thrust to bury himself in me. My breaths came in stuttered little pants, body screaming at the awkward angle, and the invader gaping my cunt.
My orgasm hit suddenly, and hard. I yowled as he throbbed inside me, swinging my arms up to dig my fingernails in his dark skin. His groans joined mine, as my pussy milked the length of his cock, seizing as I came undone.
His eyes were intent on mine as he pumped into me. It was as though he had forgotten about the rest of the room, even with a camera shoved in his face. One hand slipped from my ass to caress my face, and it was at this point that Lucas stepped in, clearing his throat menacingly.
"Jer, you're hogging my little wife all to yourself. She wanted all her holes fucked, remember?"
Jeremy looked over at him, eyes glazed, and reluctantly conceded, dragging his cock out of me. He gently gathered me in his arms and I sagged, clutching me closely, even as his cock throbbed and jumped at the junction of my thighs.
Jeremy gave one more dubious look to the bed, then pulled us down to it, taking care not to jostle me. I sprawled over his chest, nuzzling into the hair I found there, feeling disorientated and worn out.
He trailed his fingers up my sides, and I felt his rigid cock pressing against the side of my leg. I straddled him, pushing off his chest and smoothing my hair self consciously as he stared up at me.
His hands locked firmly around my hips, and I mewled at the contact, arching into it hungrily. He lifted me, attempting to align his cock with my pussy again. I slid down his shaft in stutters and chafing little slides.
We were breathless at the sensation as I took his cock in my worn cunt. My arousal had dried on him, and my pussy was slow to lubricate itself, doubtless due to the hours of exertion.
He somehow felt even bigger, and my stomach protested, the ache of being stretched and filled flaring along my belly. He rutted into me experimentally, and my pussy clenched at him, the friction suffusing me with heat as I panted above him.
Chris stepped past us, rounding our bodies. I felt the heat of his body, standing ominously over my ass. I remembered with chagrin my feckless words. They really were going to fuck every one of my holes simultaneously. I had enough prescience to be grateful that Chris would be the one plundering my ass, before I felt the cold touch of lube against my puckered asshole.
The lube was soothing, easing a pain I had forgotten was still present. I didn't have long to savour the relief. Chris, having lubed up my asshole, was now nudging against my anus, insistently. I remembered all too well the thickness of his cock down my throat.
With Jeremy locked tightly inside my pussy, my ass was almost hermetically sealed, and Chris pushed against me, to no avail.
I held out hope for a brief moment that he would give up, but, with a final, aggressive thrust, he succeeded in pushing past the right ring of my anus, his bulbous head sliding past the raw skin. My mouth fell open in a silent O of pain, and Matthew was there before I could blink, cock in hand, leering down at me maliciously.
My attention was split between the cock insistently thrusting at my face, the battering ram in my cunt, and the throbbing, searing burn as my asshole was relentlessly pushed in. Matthew fisted my hair, dragging my mouth up the length of his cock. I tried to focus on it, but each quarter inch slide that Chris managed had me rearing away, pain obscuring my view.
Matthew seemed to lose what little patience he had, and yanked at my head, pulling some hair free in the process. My tears dripped steadily as I bobbed on his cock, lathing the tip, trying furiously to work up saliva in a mouth gone dry.
It was a distant part of my mind that noted Chris bottoming out in my ass. I felt a second of relief, only to feel Chris and Jeremy pulling out, in synchronicity. I couldn't help but brace, even though I knew it would only make things worse.
They plunged back into me, and I screamed around Matthew's cock. He took the opportunity to brute force his way down my throat, and my eyes bulged as my body was torn in three different directions, nerve endings screaming.
Jeremy and Chris picked up their pace, and began to lose rhythm, pistoning into me at intervals. Each thrust shoved Matthew farther down my throat, and he seemed content to stay there, pressing my head firmly down, grinding his pubes and balls against my face as I struggled to breathe.
The sensations were constant, battering me from every direction. I couldn't get enough air in my lungs, couldn't concentrate, couldn't take this anymore.
The room swirled around me, as my body jerked, floppy and pliable while my holes pulsed and clenched with a searing ache. I jerked away from Matthew's cock, gasping in a breath, air rattling in my abused throat.
"Platinum," I wheezed, chest heaving with exertion.
Lucas must have clued them in on my safe word beforehand, because the room stilled. I whimpered as Chris slowly pulled his cock from my asshole. The wide head of his dick wrenched free with an audible pop. He gamely tried to hide his disappointment, even as his cock bobbed, looking engorged and painful.
Jeremy followed suit, gently lifting me off him. My pussy fluttered as his cock worked free from me, stiff and pulsing. Matthew seemed less inclined to obey, and thrust back into my mouth, scraping down my throat.
"She said to stop." Lucas said, his voice low, and more threatening than I had ever heard it.
Matthew backed away, gritting his teeth. The colours were bright on his pale cock, the tip almost purple with arousal. I blearily pushed myself into a sitting position, arms feeling too weak to support my weight.
Lucas filled a glass with water, then helped me drink it, before coaxing me to my rubbery legs. Taking small steps, we moved towards the bathroom, and he let me go after ensuring I wouldn't fall.
I nodded at the unasked question in his eyes, and he left me alone in the bathroom, hesitating only slightly.
I was relieved to have a moment to myself, to breathe and recover. I avoided looking in the mirror, choosing to splash and scrub my face with warm water. The water was soothing, and revitalised me.
I stayed in there for longer than I planned, leaning against the counter, breathing deeply as I catalogued my various aches and pains.
I made a face as I ran my hand down my side, my once beautiful outfit filthy with cum and sweat. My stockings were laddered, drooping. The garter belt must have been torn off at some point. The ribbons were coming off my corset, and there were gaping spaces where buttons had flown off.
I unfastened it with shaky fingers, relishing the cool air washing over my chest. I pulled off the stockings as well, bracing myself against the counter as I balanced on one foot.
Finally, I straightened, attempting to shake some of the exhaustion from my limbs. I opened the door, and Lucas was there, smiling in a way that looked far too innocent to be good.
"I have a special surprise for you." Lucas announced.
He ushered me into the living room, as I blinked owlishly in the bright lights. The chairs had been pulled from the table, and formed a loose circle, Chris, Matthew, and Jeremy already seated.
"You're going to be reading a story to us. I thought, since you liked it enough to write it out, you would like it enough to read it. It seems like a good way to end the evening."
He chucked me under my chin, then turned to the others.
"Gentlemen, my darling wife is about to read to you. She was the reason all this happened tonight. She… well. I'll let her tell you." Lucas announced to the room.
There was a vindictive tinge to his words, and he pivoted to smile mockingly at me. My face sagged in horror and dawning comprehension. I darted my eyes around.
The four men were encircling me, and everywhere I looked, there were eyes avid on my body. My forehead crumpled with horrified anxiety, and I shot a pleading look at Lucas. He pressed a sheaf of papers into my hand, eyes dancing with sinister amusement at my obvious discomfort.
"Whenever you're ready, love." Lucas grinned. "And remember to speak up. This is your debut, after all."
My cheeks were flaming, and my hands trembled, fluttering the pages Lucas had shoved into my hands. I recognised the words immediately. The erotica I had written, about these three in particular. After experiencing them firsthand, their characters seemed two-dimensional and shallow.
It said a lot about me that I was more worried about the quality of my writing than the ravenous eyes on me. I cleared my throat, stalling, and spun slowly, taking in the room. Lucas coughed, impatiently, interrupting my detailed survey of the walls and carpet.
"Start with the part about all of them fucking you at the same time. That's my favourite." Lucas jeered, sprawled comfortably in his chair.
I opened my lips to speak, and a mortified squeak fell out. He blinked up at me, eyebrow quirking, and I squared my shoulders, screwing up my courage. Surely talking about it couldn't be as extreme as living it.
"They… they grabbed at my clothes." My voice was quiet. Lucas caught my eye, and mouthed, "Speak up." I restarted, stronger, eyes fixed on the paper, trying to lose myself in the words.
"They grabbed at my clothes, ripping my shirt, tugging on my tight little skirt, pulling it down and throwing it in the corner. I thrashed and writhed, but Jeremy and Matthew gripped my arms, pinning me to the bed."

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