Life Imitates Art Ch. 08

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He helped me to my feet, and I wobbled unsteadily, blood flowing back into my legs. Jeremy looked uncomfortable, pants tight, drumming his fingers as he looked away.
"I should probably get going…" Jeremy said into the quiet of the room.
I pouted, but a glance at the clock had me reeling. It was nearly midnight. I tried to map out where the hours went, but my brain was foggy, overwrought with the events of the evening.
"I didn't realise how late it was." Lucas said. "I'm not technically kicking you guys out, but feel free to leave as soon as you like."
Lucas walked up to Jeremy and gripped his hand. It looked friendly, but for the whitening of his knuckles.
"Thanks for coming, man. I'll see you around."
Jeremy nodded, looking pensive as Lucas disappeared around the corner. I heard him rustling in the kitchen, and Matthew and Chris ambled off to join him. The room seemed very empty without four men crowding it.
I wobbled slightly, and Jeremy shot forward to catch me, wrapping me in a hug. I closed my eyes and rested my head against his broad chest. I was exhausted.
Jeremy seemed reluctant to let go of me, squeezing me gently. Despite my fatigue, the feeling of his massive body encircling mine had me panting a breath. His hands trailed to the small of my back, and he nudged his forehead against mine.
The moment was becoming a bit too intimate. I shot a glance down the hallway, hoping for salvation in the form of my husband.
"Thank you for… Everything, I guess?" Jeremy said, eyes not meeting mine.
I laughed lightly, hoping to defuse the situation.
"I should be thanking you. As we just established ten minutes ago, I've written mountains of porn about fucking all of you."
Jeremy stepped back, seeming somewhat dejected. I winced at the thought that he may have read too much into the situation.
"Jeremy…" I started, then trailed off.
He was looking rather awkward, shoulders hunched in like it would make his massive frame smaller. I took a deep breath and continued.
"This thing that we all did together was incredible. But it was just a night. I love Lucas, with all of me, and that won't ever change. You are an incredibly handsome, kind, and intelligent man. Not to mention," my mouth went dry, "how fucking incredible you are in bed."
My pussy throbbed involuntarily at the thought. I shook my head to refocus.
"You will find someone that loves you as unreservedly as you deserve. And when you do, you'll know how to fuck her ass perfectly."
My tone was conspiratorial. Jeremy grinned, looking bashful at the heaped praise. I flung my arms around him again, and he returned the hug, his arms kept respectfully around my shoulders.
"He's a really lucky guy."
"I'm a really lucky girl."
Jeremy let his arms drop, and he stepped back, placing his hand on the doorknob.
"Thanks again, for… You know. Letting me fuck your ass. And… The rest of you."
We both laughed nervously, and I felt my cheeks fill with colour.
"I was really glad it was you." I admitted, toying with my fingers.
His eyes roved over my face, studying my expression. He didn't seem to know how to respond, and I was grateful. He shuffled his feet, and opened the door, giving me an awkward wave as he left. I closed the door behind him with a click, and leaned against it, body sagging with fatigue.
I turned as footsteps approached. Chris meandered down the hall, eyes fixed on my naked form. His eyes made me acutely aware of my lack of clothes. I realised with consternation that I had stood in an open doorway, completely starkers. I shook my head at myself.
"I need some water," I muttered.
I headed towards the bedroom, legs still slightly wobbly. Chris wrapped his arm around my waist, guiding me and holding me up. I leaned against him gratefully. He swung the door open, then gentured in a grandiose fashion, ushering me through.
I couldn't help but grin at his showboating, and his eyes lingered on my smile. I sashayed through the door, rolling my hips far more than was necessary, or perhaps wise, given my trembling.
Chris's hand smacked against my ass, with a resounding crack. I moaned, long and low, and instinctively rutted back, seeking out the sensation.
"She acts like a scaredy cat, but once she cums a few times, she loves having her ass flogged."
Lucas said from down the hall, walking up to join us, still chewing something. I wasn't paying attention, looking over my shoulder at Chris impatiently, expectantly. He brought his hand to my ass, and gently rubbed over the red mark he left.
Before I could register the relief, he brought his hand down again, in the same spot. He had been holding back before.
His hands were slightly calloused, and I was acutely aware of their rub against my sensitised skin, even as I lurched and yelped from the burning sting of the smack. I straightened, and turned around, uneasy at the looks they were giving one another.
"Hey Lucas… You up for some more filming?"
Lucas grinned, pretending to think it over.
"I suppose we could get a few more shots," he drawled, feigning reluctance.
Apprehensively, I let myself get pulled through the doorway, nerves alight with anticipation. The anticipation always made it hurt so much fucking more.
Chris guided me to the centre of the room, and bent me over the bed. A nudge between my feet had my legs splaying, as my face pushed into the covers. Chris trailed his hands down my sides, tweaking my position, adjusting me like a toy.
The businesslike treatment, mixed with the heat of his rough hands, had me shivering, excitement beginning to edge out the dread.
Chris idly rubbed my ass while Lucas grabbed the toys from atop the dresser, hmming contemplatively behind me. I rolled against the rub of Chris's hand, trying to coax him towards my pussy, looking at him encouragingly from over my shoulder. He gave me a light smack, eyes crinkled in amusement.
I heard a toilet flush, and a few moments later, Matthew stepped through the door. His eyes gleamed at the scene in front of him. Wicked-looking toys littered the bed, with my legs spread obscenely, giving him a perfect view of my abused holes. He leaned against the wall, feigning nonchalance, even as he adjusted his cock inside his well-fitted khakis.
"Want me to take over for you, Chris?" He offered up, sounding casual, when the heat in his eyes was anything but.
"Hmmm…" Chris said, stroking my ass thoughtfully. "No. I think I'm good right here. But feel free to stick around and watch the show."
Matthew scowled, but didn't leave, folding his arms like a petulant child.
"Now, where were we…" Chris murmured. Lucas brought his phone up, and I felt suddenly shy, despite everything. I smiled at the camera nervously.
"Feeling shy, baby?" Lucas teased. "Don't worry, Chris has the perfect distraction."
It must have been some sort of cue, because I barely had time to process the sentence before a blistering pain ripped along my right ass cheek. I let out a sound that was halfway between a moan and a scream, thrashing my legs to try and ease the pain.
Before I could fully regain my equilibrium, another whistling blow cracked down on me. I dropped to my knees, in the hopes that would protect me from further blows. I tensed. Waited. My breath was coming in short pants and, Jesus, my ass felt like it had been lit on fire.
I tentatively looked up from where I had buried my face in the blankets. As I peered diffidently at the camera and Lucas, Chris splayed his hand against my cheeks, tracing the marks that the flogger left.
"Did you enjoy that?" He asked, a smile in his voice.
"No!" I pouted, sounding every inch the spoilt, petulant brat.
"Now that's a shame." Lucas said, frowning mockingly at me. "Because you're getting your ass beaten whether you like it or not. So you might as well enjoy it."
Chris clasped my hips, raising me up from my kneeling position, readjusting me as I shivered.
His hand lowered, tracing the outline of my pussy. I nudged against him, trying to coax more than feather light touches from him.
He must have picked up some tricks from Jeremy, because he ignored my attempts, the tips of his fingers just grazing my clit, which pulsed and ached with need. The slow burn of arousal coiled around the residual throbbing sensitivity of my ass, and I wiggled at the combination.
Chris probed his fingers into me, gently screwing in first one, then two. My cunt was sore and swollen, but he was surprisingly gentle, coaxing a reaction from my body.
I moaned and backed into him, seeking more, and he strummed my clit, still slowly pumping his hand in me. I heard my pussy start to juice up, squelching loudly against his fingers. I rocked my hips, groaning, as he pulled his fingers from me with a pop.
He ran his hand along my weeping slit, coating it liberally with my slickness. I heard the crack, but my brain was slow to register the dawning pain. Chris had lubed up his hand with my cum, and slapped my ass. The wet crack of skin against skin had me digging my teeth into my bottom lip. It was so fucking painful. It was so fucking hot.
I rutted back into him, hips rolling, a silent request for more. Lucas panned away from my face, filming Chris as he rustled behind me, choosing a toy. Apprehension and arousal coiled in my gut, and I whined uneasily as the silence stretched on. I felt something drape across my already sore ass. The straps felt deceptively soft.
I recognised the toy by its four tails. Icy dread curled in me, even as I felt my pussy drip. Chris swatted at my ass gently, getting a feel for the tool, then stood, looming behind me.
He waggled the toy in greeting as I looked over my shoulder at him, and lashed out with the flog. I yelped and flinched away. Chris straightened my hips.
"The more you flinch away, the harder I'm going to hit. Unless you think that's as hard as I can go?"
I shook my head hurriedly, fear clenching my stomach, and my arousal running down my leg.
"Lucas, how many should I do?"
He hummed, and looked at my teary eyes, the way my fists clenched the sheets, and my ass, desperately thrusted towards Chris.
"I think ten should do for now. With the usual rules of course." Chris lightly whipped at my ass.
"She counts each hit, and every time she messes up, she gets two more."
He smirked at me, the camera catching the look of betrayal I shot him.
"I like those rules," Chris said, bringing the flog down on me with no preamble. I felt a searing pain, as it cracked against both ass cheeks, and I choked back my scream, instead grunting out a,
Quickly, too quickly, it struck again, against my ass and thigh, coming dangerously close to my overtaxed holes. I teared up, locking my legs so I wouldn't move away.
My voice wavered.
"Three. Fo-four."
I was openly crying now, looking into the camera pleadingly as my body violently shook. A quick probe of fingers around my pussy gave away my excitement, and it was with less restraint that Chris brought the flog down again. It went off course, and lashed against the backs of my legs.
I shrieked in shock and agony, dropping to my haunches in an attempt to curl up. Chris tsked disapprovingly.
"Breaking both rules at once?"
He brought his hand down hard against my ass cheek, and I almost welcomed the solid thickness of it over the cutting, biting pain of the flog.
I changed my mind on the next stroke, his hand hitting me like a train, catching me on the side of my ass.
"Six!" I yelped.
He paused, rubbing against my clit. I rocked towards him, ass feeling tight and raw. The crack of the flog replaced his fingers, and I screamed in frustration and pain, sounding pathetic even to my own ears.
He plunged his fingers into me again, worming them around in my clamping cunt. So close, so close, and the flog again. Every time I was almost there. I hated him in that moment. The pain was secondary to the burning in my pussy. I needed to cum.
"Eight." I growled.
I was glaring at the camera, at Matthew leering from the corner, at everything. Lucas chuckled at the fearsome display, and, embarrassingly, I snarled at him. He opened his mouth to respond, but Chris was faster, and the straps bit into my throbbing ass, the pain cutting to the bone.
"Nineee." I sobbed, arms shaking with the exertion of keeping upright.
Chris traced his hand down my abused backside, and the heat from his skin was an exquisite agony. He rubbed around my clit, and I juddered at the sensation, panting and staring vacantly into the camera as I fought towards my orgasm.
He pressed his fingers hard against my clit, and the pressure made me squirm and yowl, the direct contact too intense. He pulled back, and I traded one pain for another.
I forced out, trembling. Another, and this time, one of the tails cracked against my pussy. I came convulsively, body shaking as my blood roared with sensation, my mind scrambling to understand the mingling of euphoria with incomprehensible pain.
I was still cumming when Chris spanked me, trading the flogger for his palm for the last few hits. I remembered myself barely in time, and choked out an "eleven" and "twelve", voice cracking and faint.
"Good job." Lucas said, looking down at me.
I shook and cried, tears tracking down my face, and cum tracking down my thighs. My body was a jumbled mess of sensations, and I collapsed into the bed, muscles finally giving out.
I chanced a look at Matthew, eyes blurry with half-shed tears. He looked less than human. His body screamed with tension, cords of muscle and vein popping out in his forearms. He was glaring at me, at the livid purple pink red patchwork of my ass, and the glaze of my cum on my pussy lips.
He hadn't made a move to unzip his khakis, even though his cock was pressed so firmly against them that it must have been painful.
"Feeling left out, Matthew?" My voice was breathy, taunting.
"You wish you were the one to mark up my ass like this? You must hate just standing there. Watching someone else mark me up. Watching me cum from getting beaten, like a submissive little slut."
My voice had gained strength as I continued, a vindictive pleasure staining my words.
"Fuck, I won't even be able to sit down after this… and I'm going to be thinking of Chris every time my ass smarts."
Chris smiled at that, when I turned to look at him, and playfully dragged his fingers down my spine. I turned my gaze back to Matthew, limpidly.
His fists were clenching and unclenching, and his jaw was set. He took a step towards me, eyes promising retribution, but a sharp noise from Lucas stopped him short.
"I don't think my wife," he emphasized the word, "needs any more marks. Especially when you're looking at her like that."
Matthew shrugged with a forced indifference, and slouched against the wall again. I could only guess at the thoughts going through his head, but the expression on his face made me grateful for the protection Lucas and Chris offered.
My legs trembled, which was hardly surprising, given the day I'd had. Lucas still loomed over me, standing slightly between Matthew and I, under the guise of inspecting my ass.
"Oh, love, you're going to be so sore tomorrow." He whispered, gently cupping one cheek.
I whimpered and flinched, and he withdrew.
"I'm sore now." I said petulantly.
Lucas looked down at me, studying the exhaustion in my face. I had been brutally used and fucked for almost six hours, now. I was sure it showed.
"This seems like as good a time as any to wrap things up." Lucas said.
Chris ran a finger down my leg as I smiled wearily at him, then stepped away. Matthew looked on mutinously. His eyes were still fixed on my lacerated ass. His pants were still straining at the front. I hoped it hurt.
Lucas gingerly helped me up, and guided me to the bathroom. He gently cleaned my wounds, while I shivered, dazed. He straightened from his inspection, and I latched to him, legs shaking. He kissed my forehead, making a face at the taste of sweat and makeup, and I breathed a laugh.
His arms encircled me, and we stood there for a moment. He broke the contact reluctantly, and reached into the cabinet.
Whenever we used the floggers, Lucas would rub a cooling lotion into my skin, and tonight was no exception. With gentle touches, Lucas daubed on the lotion, smiling as I hissed at the contact.
As I relaxed into the motions, he gently spread the lotion around, careful to avoid the areas of broken skin. He filled a glass by the counter with water and took ibuprofen from the cabinet. I gulped the water and the pain medication greedily, and he refilled the glass twice more, eying me cautiously while I swayed.
"Come on, love. Let's go say goodbye to our guests."
He kissed my forehead again, despite the taste, and escorted me out. Chris and Matthew were waiting in the living room, looking exceedingly uncomfortable. Chris smiled as he looked up at us. Matthew did not.
Lucas and I stood near the door, him holding me upright, while we said our goodbyes to Chris and Matthew. I felt awkward. I wasn't familiar with the proper etiquette of parting ways after a gangbang. Chris hugged me, squeezing me to him affectionately.
"I'll send you those videos once I do some editing on them. Consider it my thank you gift."
I smiled, and, on impulse, kissed him. To his credit, he reacted quickly, hands darting up to my face and tangling in my hair. After breathless seconds, I pulled away, and savoured the dazed look on his face.
"That's… yea." He said, incoherently.
"You're a good guy, Chris. I'm really glad you were a part of this."
My sincerity seemed to make him shy, and, with a last, wistful look at me, he turned to leave, giving Lucas an awkward wave as he went.
That left us and Matthew. He had regained his veneer of civility, but there was still a menacing look in his eyes that had my aching cunt clenching with both fear and arousal. He stepped forward, arms out, seemingly for a hug.
Apprehensively, I stepped into the circle of his arms. The hug was surprisingly gentle, but the whispered words in my ear were not.
"I am not going to forget tonight, little slut. I'm going to do this again to you, soon. And now, every time you see me, you'll know that I'm thinking about the things I'm going to do to break you. You'll always be looking over your shoulder. Looking for me."
His voice dropped lower. I felt shivers run down my body, from the puff of breaths against my ear, and the implicit threat and promise in his words.
"One day, I will get you alone. I'll be the one to beat your ass and leave you shattered. I'll be the one making you scream. And, you know, I've always liked the idea of branding."
I squirmed involuntarily, and his grip tightened a fraction. His tongue lathed my ear, but not affectionately. Possessively.
He bit down on my earlobe, hard, then pulled away.
He nodded to Lucas, both of them looking strained and uneasy, and left. He swaggered off, completely normal by all outward appearances, which was the scariest thing about him.
I repressed a shudder, and went back to Lucas's arms. We stood by the door in silence for a while, both lost in our thoughts.
"I love you," I mumbled into the curve of his arm.
He squeezed me tighter, burying his face in my knotted, tangled hair. He reeled back, making a face.
"There's so much cum in your hair."
He sounded so offended and surprised that I couldn't help but burst out laughing, and, after a moment, he joined me.
"I think it's time for me to take a shower." I said. "Will you help?"

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