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Life of Mick — CH 2
It was pitch black when I was startled awake. The noise was subtle and probably wouldn't have woken most people. I listened as I glanced at the digital clock projected on the bedroom ceiling across the room. It was 2:24 AM. I was awake and alert. I heard very soft whispering and quiet giggling slowly climbing the stairs. It must be Monique and Misty coming home from Monique's eighteenth birthday party. Neither of them is old enough to legally drink but I've caught both of them coming home from house parties drunk before. I couldn't tell if they were drunk now. The deep carpet on the stairs and hallway gave away their footsteps. Carpet fibers crunched under their feet as they passed my bedroom door and continued down the hall toward their rooms.
My dick hardened involuntarily as I thought about the possibilities that they would come to my bed like earlier tonight. Things were different now. I had never even contemplated having sex with my stepdaughters before they seduced me in a drug-induced haze, but once they started, my dormant libido overpowered me, and I am lying here with an erection, engulfed in the mental image of their naked bodies writhing on my cock and tongue. I flicked my tongue through my mouth. The taste of Monique's pussy, that I took to bed with me, had soured. I gripped my hard cock and stroked it several times.
I thought that the girls were going to their rooms to strip naked before coming to get in my bed. Both Misty and Monique had inferred as much before they left. The mental battle over whether what happened earlier was right or wrong had been over. But, now, it was creeping back into my subconscious.
The renewed battle had no effect on my raging hard erection though, so I pushed away any contrary thoughts and realized that I was hoping they would come through my bedroom door and slide into my bed on either side of me.
They didn't come and I concluded that our earlier tryst was a one-off thing. My orgasm was rising from manual stimulation and I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom and jerked off into the toilet. It felt great to get-off but I had had other expectations. I returned to my bed thinking that I had to put my erotic thoughts away. I fell back into a deep sleep and woke to daylight with an erotic dream quickly disintegrating in my mind. I couldn't remember any details but Monique and Misty were involved and I had a raging morning woody, which I hadn't had in years.
I rolled onto my back and let my erection pitch the tent under the bedcovers. I lifted my head to look down. "Hello, buddy. It's been a while. It's good to see you." I flexed my cock and chuckled as the tent pole moved. I pulled back the covers and my cock dropped to my stomach before bobbing back up and bounced from there. It was so hard.
My erection wagged from side to side and up and down like a divining rod as I walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stepped to the toilet. I couldn't pee through this hard-on, so I stepped into the shower and lathered up my hair and body. When I could, I peed where I stood. I lathered up my softening cock and rinsed off. I toweled myself dry and pulled on my long terry-cloth robe.
I went downstairs to get the coffee pot going. Then I went back upstairs to check on the girls. I eased open Monique's bedroom door. She was sleeping soundly on her right side facing the door. Her mouth was open and she was drooling on her pillow. Her covers were down to her slender waist. Her right arm covered her exposed breast. I slowly closed her door and moved down the hall to Misty's room. Her door was open a couple of inches and I looked through the gap.
Her covers were on the floor at the foot of the bed, exposing a tangle of two naked bodies. Misty and her best friend Sarah were on their sides facing each other except Sarah's body was facing in the opposite direction with her face resting on Misty's lower thigh. Misty's face was resting on Sarah's lower thigh. My view was from the foot of the bed so neither of them was facing me. I thought they were asleep at first but then I saw Misty's tongue push out of her mouth to Sarah's sex. There was no response from Sarah. Misty did it again and this time there was a soft moaning response from Sarah.
Sarah's tongue pushed to Misty's pussy and Misty moaned and pushed her hips at Sarah's face. I hadn't witnessed girl-on-girl lesbian sex since the orgy at Hunter and Alexis' island home all those years ago. My groin was tingling in reaction.
Sarah pushed her hips toward Misty and said, "Uuuummm… You are so good at this. You make me so hot."
Misty giggled and pulled her tongue from Sarah's wet pussy. "I give what I get. I love that you get so wet so fast."
The tongue lashings stopped suddenly. Sarah kissed Misty's sex and said, "I thought we were going to introduce your sister to this when we got home last night? I was looking forward to it. Not that you aren't enough for me."
Misty giggled and flicked her tongue into Sarah's sex, eliciting another moan. "I know, but she just got introduced to cock last night for the first time. She wanted our dad to take her cherry. I don't think he was all-in on the idea, but we umm… convinced him." She giggled. "I thought she should have a smaller cock for her first time, but she insisted. It went great. Dad was so gentle with her and she actually had an orgasm. She won't have any problems with any other guy's cock after taking Dad's monster."
Misty shuddered as Sarah lightly dragged her long fire-engine red fingernails along Misty's breasts and down her side to her narrow waist and then up the slope of her hips. Sarah said, "Did you take a trip on your dad's cock too?"
Misty giggled and nodded before saying, "I did. It was awesome. It was so big. I've never seen a bigger one except maybe on the internet. Some of those cocks are so big that I doubt they are real. Probably just mega-dildos that can shoot gallons of some white stuff that looks like cum."
Sarah laughed as she traced her fingers back up to Misty's breasts. "Did you cum?"
Without hesitation, Mistry replied, "Fuck. Did I ever. Multiple times. I'd never done that on a cock before. I was like a rag-doll after." She made a sound like 'Mmmmm' as she was apparently reminiscing.
Sarah said, "I like cock just fine but they have no passion. Not like a tongue from someone who knows how to use it. Tongues are so much more personal. I admit that cocks are good for scratching an itch that a tongue can't reach. Most of the guys I've been with just want to get in, get off and get out." She giggled and flicked her tongue on Misty's clitoris.
Misty groaned as her body trembled from Sarah's touch. "The passion is in the man wielding the cock, just like the passion is in the person wielding the tongue." Sarah grinned and nodded her agreement.
I was embarrassed by my voyeurism but I couldn't take my eyes from the gap. The tingling in my groin had manifested into a full-blown erection that I couldn't resist tending to, which was easy in my long robe.
Sarah dipped her tongue back in Misty's pussy, causing Misty to groan and push her hips forward. Sarah pulled back and said, "Do you think there's a chance I could try your dad's fatty. Maybe you could drug him again."
Misty laughed. "No, on the drugs. Maybe, on your chances. We can play it by ear." Sarah nodded and they both went back to their side-by-side sixty-nine.
This was the first time I had seen Sarah naked and I took a moment to check her out. She is shorter than Misty by a lot. Sarah stands at five-foot even at best, compared to Misty's at five-foot-nine. Sarah is a little chunky around the middle, but not excessively. Her breasts are smaller than Misty's and they sag a little. She has a pretty face that I'd describe as cute rather than beautiful. As I stand here in the hallway, spying on them while I slowly jerk myself off, I conclude that Sarah has a pretty hot little body. Misty sure does.
Sarah pushed herself up and maneuvered into an over-under sixty-nine with her on top. Misty's head was at the foot of the bed and her hands came up to Sarah's hips to guide her. Their height difference was a slight problem. They were both moaning loudly, so it wasn't too much of a problem.
I was so enthralled by what I was watching through the open gap that I didn't notice Monique's bedroom door open and she stepped out in the hallway. Thankfully, I was angled away from her so she couldn't see me jacking on my cock. I stepped back from the gap and stuffed my cock back under my robe and tried to nonchalantly hold it against my stomach. Monique loudly whispered, "What are you do …?" I raised my index finger to my lips to shush her and she didn't finish her question. She was wearing a long cotton tee-shirt that barely came down to the top of her thighs. She quietly tip-toed the ten feet to my side and softly whispered, "What's going on?" as she maneuvered herself so she could look where she had seen me looking. She pressed her face right up to the door and didn't move for thirty seconds. I don't know if she even realized that she had pushed her right hand under the hem of her tee-shirt and started fingering herself.
Monique pulled her face back from the gap and moved up beside me and stretched her long body up to softly whisper in my ear, "That's so hot. I've wondered what lesbian sex would be like. Can they get each other off like that?" I nodded and motioned for her to watch. Monique knelt at the gap to get a different angle and I stepped in behind her to watch over her head. My erection was pushing hard against my restraining hand. I pulled my robe tighter around me and synched the cord tight across the top of my cock expecting that this would constrain it. I watched Misty and Sarah's writhing bodies. They were making so much noise that they couldn't hear our heavy breathing. I looked down to see that Monique was still working her fingers between her thighs and her other hand was fondling her hard nipples through her tee-shirt.
Sarah's moaning suddenly changed as her body began to spasm. Monique tipped her head back and looked up at me with a huge grin on her face. At that moment, my cock broke free of the constraining robe tie-rope and sprang forward at Monique's face. I tried to get it back but Monique got to it first. She pivoted her kneeling body ninety degrees and kissed my glans. Her eyes turned back to the gap to continue watching the action on Misty's bed. She ran her right hand up and down the shaft. I groaned louder than I wanted to and my attention went back to Misty and Sarah praying that they hadn't heard me.
Thankfully, Misty was now in the throes of her orgasm and was moaning much louder than me. Monique lashed her tongue around the ridge and flicked her tongue on the 'spot'. My knees buckled for a moment and they buckled again as Monique struggled her lips over the knob and an inch or two down my shaft as she furiously jerked me off.
I wasn't far from my climax before she started and it didn't take long before every muscle in my body seized and cum blasted into her mouth. She tried to swallow but the quantity of cum overwhelmed her and she was forced to pull her lips off. The next shot splattered across her face from chin to forehead into her light blonde hair hanging forward to fall over her breasts. She smiled up at me as she pulled the neckline of her tee-shirt up to wrap around my cock and all of the remaining cum-shots landed on her breasts inside her tee-shirt. She continued to jerk me off with my cock encased in the soft cotton material.
When I was done, she stretched her tee-shirt out in front of her face and looked down inside. She had a delighted grin on her face when she looked back up at me. She rubbed the tee-shirt around on her chest and looked down at the wet spot. I smiled before turning my attention back to Misty's room. They had turned to face each other in a sensuous kiss. Their breasts were pressed together and Sarah was writhing her body to maximize the intimate contact.
I motioned for Monique to stand up and I led her back to her room. She couldn't keep her hand off my cock. It was as hard as before she started her blow job. I heard a loud beep from downstairs. It was the coffee maker indicating that the brewed coffee was done. I fended Monique's hands away and stepped back to the hallway. As quietly as possible, I eased past Misty's room heading downstairs. I was conscious of the noise made by the carpet fibers that had given away their attempts to sneak in the middle of the night. As I eased past her room, I heard Misty say, "Dad must be up. That was the coffee machine. He loves his coffee. Let's shower and get some breakfast."
I made it downstairs with my erection swaying from side to side in front of my robe as I went. I poured myself a large cup of coffee and added a little half n' half and a spoonful of sugar. 'Blonde n' Sweet' as the military guys and cops that I had spent a lot of time with over the years called it. Breakfast had been mentioned so I threw a large cast-iron skillet on the stove and turned the gas burner on. I pulled the Styrofoam container of eggs from the refrigerator as I took a sip off my Yeti cup. Too hot.
I heard the shower in Misty's bathroom upstairs shut off so I cracked a half-dozen eggs into a bowl and whipped them into a froth. I poured the eggs into the sizzling skillet and threw bread into the four-slice toaster to have breakfast ready when Misty and Sarah came downstairs. Monique was the first to appear. I was surprised to see that she was still wearing her wet cum-stained long tee-shirt. She came into the kitchen and sat up at the bar. She grinned at me and said, "Good morning, Daddy." At least she had washed the cum off her face. She pulled the front of her tee-shirt up to her nose and took a deep breath and then let it out in a long sigh. "Ummm … I love the smell of cum in the morning." I laughed because she didn't have the experience to be making a comment like that. She had apparently heard it somewhere and was just being cute with me. I ignored her little joke and buttered the toast and laid out four plates.
Misty and Sarah bounded down the stairs and appeared behind Monique at the bar. They were both wearing long tee-shirts, similar to what Monique was wearing. Sarah must have pulled on one of Misty's tee-shirts. It came almost down to her knees. They pushed themselves up onto bar stools with Sarah sitting to Monique's left and Misty on the other side of Sarah at the end of the bar.
My erection had disappeared as I prepared breakfast, so there was no immediate issue with the possibility of it making an appearance in front of company. I pulled the sash tighter to make sure. I pushed three plates of scrambled eggs and toast across the bar. Sarah smiled at me and said, "Thanks, Mister Mick." That's what all my stepdaughter's friends called me. Monique and Misty had always called me Mick until after their mother died and then they started calling me Dad or even Daddy when they were being affectionate or more often when they wanted something from me.
I stood on the other side of the bar and ate from my plate. Since Miranda's death, meals had become very informal. We often ate sitting or standing at the bar. I cooked some and both of my girls were pretty good cooks, but they were typical teenagers, and they didn't pitch in as much as I'd like.
Sarah shoveled a fork-full of egg into her mouth and then stopped chewing as she raised her head and sniffed the air. She turned and leaned toward Monique as she was taking a bite of toast. Sarah sniffed the air again and said, "Jesus, Monique. What is that smell?" She sniffed again and then looked down at her tee-shirt and the wet stain on her chest. She said to Monique, "Is that what I think it is?"
Monique smiled at her and said, "I don't know. What do you think it is?"
Sarah leaned over closer to Monique and glanced across the bar at me before she whispered, "Cum. Man-cum?" Monique stared at Sarah for a moment and then looked at me before she just nodded. I could feel the heat in my face from embarrassment.
Monique leaned toward Sarah and sniffed the air as Sarah had done. She said, "What's that odor on your breath?" Sarah looked a bit confused and then her face flushed.
She played it cool like Monique had and said, "I don't know. What do you think it is?"
Monique looked at me briefly with a grin and said, "Pussy." Sarah burst out laughing as she nodded. Misty had been listening to this whole exchange and her face flushed from her embarrassment. Monique quickly leaned to Sarah and put her lips to hers and pushed her tongue inside. Sarah's eyes went wide for a moment and then she returned Monique's kiss.
When they separated, Monique smacked her tongue around her lips and grinned before saying, "Yummy." She looked past Sarah at her sister and continued, "Tasty."
Misty groaned and said, "Jesus, Monique." Monique burst out laughing and Sarah joined her. I watched them and then looked back to Misty. She had her head in her hands and her elbows on either side of her plate. She was thoroughly embarrassed. Then Misty lifted her head out of her hands and looked at me with a new look on her face. She glanced over at Monique's stained tee-shirt and back at me. She said, "How come Monique reeks of cum? Okay, Sarah and I were having sex but you two were too and apparently at the same time." She reached in front of Sarah and raked her fingers across the front of Monique's tee-shirt. She pulled her fingers to her nose and then her tongue pushed to her fingers. She said, "This is fresh."
I was trying hard not to confirm her accusation but Monique started laughing and said, "I was trying to swallow his load but it was too much for me and it was coming too fast. I didn't want him to cum on the carpet in front of your bedroom door, so I shoved his cock inside my tee-shirt. I just looked down at the counter and groaned.
Misty's mouth hung open as she looked at Sarah, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Misty slapped her hand down on mine on the counter and yelled, "Seriously, you both were watching us. Jesus Dad." Monique shrugged her shoulders as she looked at me.
Sarah broke up the building tension and leaned into Monique again and took a deep sniff and then said, "Can we switch tee-shirts?" The tensions ended in an instant as everyone burst out laughing. Monique just stared at Sarah for a few moments and then a sultry smile formed on her face before she grabbed the sides of her tee-shirt and yanked it over her head and set in on the counter in front of Sarah.
Sarah just stared at Monique's big, round boobs with erect nipples. They were much the same as Misty's so she was more than familiar with them. Misty was staring at Sarah's reaction. She and I were both waiting to see what happened next. Monique's face was getting flushed and it wasn't from embarrassment. She cupped both of her big boobs in her hands and lifted them as she bent her head down to kiss her nipples.
Sarah pushed herself off her stool and yanked her long tee-shirt over her head and dropped it on the bar. She grabbed the cum stained tee-shirt and pressed it to her face and inhaled deeply. She made no move to pull it over her head and Monique ignored Sarah's tee-shirt. They were both naked.
My cock had already pushed its way out the front of my robe and I leaned into the counter to contain it between the dishwasher and my stomach. It was hard and rapidly throbbed against my stomach. The same blood that was coursing through my cock pulsed through my ears like waves crashing on a beach.
Sarah made the next move as she stepped up on the rail of Monique's stool and swung her left leg across Monique's lap and pressed her erect nipples to Monique's tits and kissed her sensuously and hard. Monique's eyes went wide at first and then she got into it and kissed Sarah back just as passionately.

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