Life of Mick Ch. 03

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Life of Mick — CH 3
My mind was consumed by thoughts of the extraordinary sexual encounter with Alexis and Hunter, followed by our scheduled meeting and then Security Chief Samantha walking in on me just as I was just about to cum while masturbating. That started out as a most embarrassing experience for both of us and ended with an amazing sexual experience. I had completely lost track of my drive home, but there I was pulling into the driveway with no memory of how I got there. After the multiple orgasms I'd had, I was surprised that I had another erection. I sat there in the car trying to think of other things but the only things that came to mind were the past sixteen hours and the amazing sex with Misty, Monique, Sarah, Alexis, and Samantha, which only made me harder. I reached down and adjusted the position of my cock in my pants so that I could get out of the car.
I grabbed my briefcase and held it in front of my hips as I came in the front door. Misty and Sarah were in the family room playing video games on the eighty-five-inch big-screen TV. Without even looking away from her game, she yelled, "Hi Dad. Is it alright if Sarah stays over tonight? She let her parents know, so they wouldn't worry."
I chuckled to myself as I thought about what hi-jinx they might have in mind. "Sure, Honey. That's fine." I set the briefcase down and chuckled again as my hard-on jumped hard in my loose-fit dockers. I hurried up the stairs, heading for my bedroom.
Monique had just come from her bedroom and was coming down the hall as I reached for the doorknob. She was holding something out to me, so I stopped and waited for her to get to me. It was a photo. She had a big grin on her face as she handed it to me. Before I could look at it, she said, "For your photo album." I held the photo up and I was surprised to see that it was a photo of her, me, and Misty. We were all naked. She was on her back with her legs spread wide with her right leg draped over my top thigh as I was on my side with my wet cock in Misty's mouth. Monique was watching Misty. I was sucking on Monique's closest tit. The camera was positioned to look right into Monique's pussy. The photo must have come from a video clip. Apparently, my girls had their own 'Go-Pro' camera or they had one of my son's cameras.
I looked from the photo to Monique. She had a big grin on her face until she saw the disapproving look on my face. She said, "Oh, come on Daddy. What's fair is fair. James left his 'Go-Pro' behind. Do you want the video for your collection?" I looked back at the photo and then at her and shook my head. Monique giggled and said, "It's pretty hot. Are you sure?"
I shook my head again and said, "If this gets out on the internet, your life as you know it will be over."
Monique giggled again and said, "Don't worry Daddy. This is our little secret. No one else will ever see it." I looked at her to see if I could tell if she was being sarcastic or not. She got the look and said, "Really. I promise." I gave her my best 'I'm suspicious' look and she pushed her face up to mine and kissed me on the cheek and then headed down the stairs.
I was in my bedroom before I realized that my erection was gone. If Monique had noticed it, she didn't let on. I undressed and jumped in the shower. As I washed my dick, it began to harden again. I chuckled to myself wondering what the fuck was going on with me.
I dressed in a sweatshirt and comfortable pair of athletic shorts. I spent the rest of the day in the basement preparing for the presentation in Washington. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.
The girls made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and Monique came down to the basement to let me know it was ready. She got interested in what I was doing. She had often been a help to me by just thinking out-of-the-box. We lost track and fifteen minutes later, Misty came down to get the both of us. Misty had no interest in computer software, so there was no danger of her getting engrossed in my work like Monique had.
Sarah flirted hard with me across the dinner table. I don't consider that flirting is in my skill set but I think I gave as good as I got. Misty was goading Sarah and Monique basically ignored all of it. After dinner, Misty and Sarah went back to their video games, and Monique and I cleaned up the kitchen. Every chance she got she would brush her hand or her wrist across my crotch or drag a breast across my arm. Even I knew the contact wasn't accidental. She'd innocently smile at me and then go on to the next dish or pot. I didn't call her on it.
When Monique and I returned to the family room, I confiscated the TV so we could watch a movie. I let Monique choose. I should have guessed what DVD she'd put in the player. It was 'Bolero' starring Bo Derick. Misty and Sarah both laughed when the title showed on the big screen. I groaned and pulled a pillow into my lap.
The movie is kind of boring and would never be considered one of cinematography's greatest moments. There were a few erotic scenes and I reacted as I had expected. The pillow in my lap did its job of hiding my erection from the girls. In the middle of the most erotic scene, Misty tried to pull the pillow from me, but I held on.
After the movie, I quickly said, "Good night ladies," and headed up the stairs. I heard them giggling and it wasn't hard to figure out what they were giggling about. I stripped naked and slid between the sheets. I had always slept in the nude. I had a remnant of an erection as I found a comfortable position. I tried to think of nothing so I could drift into sleep. The visions of Bo Derick, in her prime, gradually faded to black as my semi-erect cock laid down in its home position on my left hip.
I was pulled out of my sleep by the soft 'snick' of my bedroom doorknob turning. I was still lying on my back. I lifted my head to look at the door. The only illumination was from an LED nightlight in the bathroom. I could hear the door opening very slowly across the carpet fibers. I wasn't surprised, in fact, as soon as I heard that Sarah was staying another night, I expected something. The only question now was which one of the girls was sneaking into my room and was it just one or more of them. I put my head back on the pillow and pretended to be asleep. The carpet fibers gave away the slow progress across the room from the door to the left side of my bed. It was dark as I watched with half-closed eyes. All I could see was a form standing by my bed. It was a short person, so I knew it was Sarah. I couldn't tell if she was clothed or naked.
She whispered very softly, "Mr. Mick? Are you awake?" I didn't respond and I didn't move. I felt the covers lifting and my cock lifted off my hip to tent the raised sheet. That roar of blood coursing through my ears was back. The sheets raised further and my cock descended to my stomach before raising several inches and began bobbing with hardness.
The covers folded back across my body exposing my hard-on to the cool air. A prickling sensation washed through me. A weight pressed down on the edge of my bed as Sarah sat down. Her hand touched my left thigh and began its search for my cock. She lightly dragged her fingers up and they found my balls first. She fondled them gently before her fingers traced up the underside of my pulsing cock. She didn't know until then that I had an erection. I guess she figured that because my cock was hard, that I must be awake. She whispered again, "Are you awake?" I didn't respond. She continued with her fingers to my glans and then lightly gripped the knob as she ran her thumb along the ridgeline and over the 'spot'. My cock surged up in reaction and Sarah instantly pulled her hand back.
I could hear her ragged breathing as I tried to control mine. With no further movement from me, she reached down and curled her fingers around my cock, and pulled it back. Her fingers came nowhere near closing around my shaft. Then I felt her weight on the bed leaning toward me and the next thing I knew, her lips kissed my knob. My cock surged again in her hand but she disregarded the possibility that I was awake and very slowly worked my velvety crown into her mouth. The last thing I wanted to do was make any noise but the groan that came from my lungs was beyond my control.
She must have known that at some point I'd wake up. She didn't back off. She pushed her lips further down my shaft and I groaned again. I could almost feel her eyes looking up at me waiting for me to come awake. Her hand slowly stroked my cock from my balls to her lips and I felt a rhythmic vibration through the bed. Sarah was masturbating. Seconds later I could hear squishing noises in rhythm with the vibration. I felt her tongue lashing around the ridge of my cock and when she concentrated her tongue on the 'spot', I groaned and pushed my hips at her face.
Sarah giggled around my cock. She knew I was awake. I reached down and cradled a bare breast in my hand. She was naked. She groaned with the contact of my hand and started a 'knob job' as she began stroking my cock. The sensation of her lips rolling on and off my knob was incredible and I groaned again. She giggled in response. She was pleased with my reaction. We were both breathing hard. Me through my mouth and her through her nose. Neither of us heard the new sounds of carpet fibers crunching underfoot.
Suddenly, the bedcovers that Sarah had pulled back to expose my cock were yanked completely off me. The ceiling light came on blinding me. I pinched my eyes shut against the glare and felt a new weight on the bed from the right side. Before I could open my eyes, I felt Sarah's lips push rapidly down my cock, taking half of my shaft into her mouth. She gagged and with her hand gripping my cock, she tried to push her lips off. She gagged again and emitted a stifled moan.
When I could open my eyes, I lifted my head to see Misty behind Sarah pushing her head down my shaft. Sarah emitted a muffled screech as she tried to push back against the pressure on the back of her head. She gagged again and saliva burst past my shaft. Her eyes displayed sheer terror and saliva burst from her nose. Then Misty let her go and Sarah shot back off my cock like a rocket. She gagged and spit as she gasped for air.
Monique was sitting to my right watching. She was naked and her nipples were as hard as nails. She had her hand in her crotch digging away in her sex. She had a big grin on her face as she looked at Sarah and said, "Serves you right for trying to do a solo." Misty giggled and crawled onto the bed between my legs. She was also naked. She settled down on her knees and sat back on her heels and started tweaking her right nipple.
Sarah quickly got her breath back and said, "Jesus Misty. You could have killed me." Both Misty and Monique giggled and then all of their attention was on my sloppy wet cock with strings of frothy saliva connecting my knob to my stomach. Monique pulled the sheet to my cock and wiped it dry before leaning in and kissing the knob bobbing up and down above my stomach.
With no words spoken to coordinate their attack, all three of them were kissing my cock and my balls. Misty was looking right into my eyes as her lips struggled over the bulbous knob. Sarah was cheek to cheek with her sucking on my left testicle. Monique put her right cheek to her sister's left and suckled on my right testicle. All three of them were staring up at me with sultry smiles in their eyes.
Misty pulled off and Monique took her place and then pushed down my shaft until she gagged and yanked herself off gasping for air. Sarah took her turn but she stayed on the knob, apparently fearful of a repeat performance from Misty. The three of them went back and forth, sharing my cock between them. My orgasm was swirling in my groin. I wouldn't have objected if any of them climbed up to fuck me but I was in heaven without it.
My body went rigid as I prepared to blow my load. Sarah was bouncing her lips around my knob and didn't seem to notice. She was in her own little world as she started her own self-induced orgasm and didn't register what was about to happen. I let out a loud groan from the depths of my lungs and lifted my torso as my first salvo surprised Sarah. She started to pull off and then decided not to. She was quickly overwhelmed. When she pulled back in the middle of the first shot, cum blasted across her upper lip, into her nose, across her left eye, clinging to her eyelashes, and then up her forehead and into her hair.
Misty laughed and pulled my cock to her lips. She didn't try to push onto the head. She caught some of that first shot across her face and giggled as stuck out her tongue to receive most of the second shot before she gagged and pulled back. She aimed the rest of shot two at Monique's face and laughed when Monique pulled back before clamping her lips to the tip and drank the cum down in two rapid swallows.
With cheeks distended like a chipmunk, she pulled my cock back and aimed my cock at Misty's tits and then got laughing as Misty tried to block the next stream and blew the cum in her mouth all over Misty's chest. Sarah got laughing until Monique turned the cum hose on her. Cum was flying everywhere and all three girls were laughing as they tried to avoid getting it in the face. I marveled at how many shots and the power behind them. Finally, the last shot drooled out of the 'eye' and rolled down my still hard cock toward my balls. Sarah pushed her face down and licked that last shot off my shaft and then she grabbed the base of my cock hard and pulled her hand up my shaft, forcing any remaining cum upward. She dipped her tongue into the 'eye' to extract the last bit of cum. Without pulling her tongue back into her mouth, she leaned in toward Misty offering her tongue to her. Misty took it and sucked the gift into her mouth. Monique laughed at their antics and then came up to her knees and pushed her tits at Misty.
Misty eagerly licked cum from her sister's tits and chest and then suckled on her nipples eliciting a groan. Misty turned to Sarah, who offered her tits and she groaned too when Misty suckled on each of her nipples. Despite the scene in front of me, my cock began to soften and they watched every movement and giggled as it became completely flaccid and laid down on my left hip. Monique reached down and poked my soft cock and when it didn't jump, she poked it again. She seemed fascinated by the differences between hard and soft. Misty and Sarah teased her a little but I doubted that either of them had much experience with cocks.
Monique got off the bed and went to my bathroom and came back with a wet face cloth and a towel. She cleaned herself and then me and then attempted to clean the sheets before handing them over to Misty and then Sarah. I was curious to see what was going to happen next and I have to admit that having three naked teenagers sitting beside me was already bringing my cock back to life.
Misty and Sarah got off the bed and Monique pulled the covers back over me signaling the end of the show. Monique slid in under the covers to my right and cuddled herself up to me. For a moment, I thought both Sarah and Misty would do the same on the other side of me, but a look passed between them and they retreated to the door. Misty shut off the overhead light and, in the pitch-blackness, said, "Good night Dad. Good night Monique," and they were gone.
It took a while before my night-vision returned so I could see the time projected on the ceiling. It was three-sixteen. I groaned and turned on my side facing Monique. I couldn't see her as she pushed her face toward mine searching for my lips. She kissed me on the eye and giggled before adjusting to my lips. I kissed her back. She turned over to face away from me and pushed her ass back to my hips. She giggled as she ground her ass on my cock. I preferred that it not react but it did. She raised her top leg and reached between her thighs and pulled my cock through the gap and dropped her leg. She dragged her fingernails along the underside of my cock and pushed back hard against me.
I reached across her top arm and cradled her top breast. Her nipple was hard and it wasn't difficult to tell what was on her mind. I didn't move and made no move to get things moving. I left it entirely up to her to go as far as she wanted. She seemed content to just run her fingers up and down my shaft until she stopped and then her breathing indicated that she had fallen asleep. I pushed forward and kissed her softly on the back of the neck. She didn't stir and as my cock began to soften again, I fell asleep too.
Sun was streaming in the bedroom window when I gradually came awake. I was on my back and I realized right away that I had a morning woody. That was two days in a row. Before opening my eyes, I reached toward where Monique had been before I fell asleep. She wasn't there. I felt the covers pull down my body and over the tent pole. Then I felt a weight on the mattress at my left hip and then the weight shifted to my right hip. I opened my eyes to see Monique squatting down onto my cock. She was looking down between her boobs as she maneuvered herself onto my knob. I reached down and guided my cock to her sex. She looked back up at me and had the biggest grin on her face.
As she let herself drop down, I pushed my hips up. She let out a long sensual groan as my cock pushed into her tight pussy. I eased back with my hips as she approached her depth. She touched bottom anyway in a grimaced as she pulled back up an inch or so. She grinned at me again as I smiled at how quickly she was learning the ropes.
She pushed herself up my shaft and bobbed on the knob a few times before letting herself slide back down again. She quickly lost muscle control in her thighs so she maneuvered her feet back and dropped down onto her knees as she leaned forward with her hands on my chest. Her big tits dragged along my ribs as she rocked herself forward and back. Her eyes were closed and her lower lip was pulled between her teeth. Then she released her lip as her mouth fell open in a long moan before she began chanting, "Oh my gawwdd. Oh, my gawwdd. Oh, my gawwd."
I put my hands under her breasts so that they dragged across my palms. She moaned louder and longer as she twisted her body to change the angle of attack of her pussy on my cock and to change the pressure of my palms on her tits. I felt her vagina clenching on my cock as her eyes burst open and she began driving herself hard on my cock. She muttered, "I'm cumming." I knew already and I just smiled at her and nodded. She kept rocking back and forth on my cock until her clenching stopped. Then she stopped and looked down at me and said, "Can we do doggy?" I smiled at her and nodded. She grinned and walked her hands back down to her body so she was sitting up straight. I helped lift her off my cock and she took a hands and knees position to my right.
I rolled up onto my knees and maneuvered around behind her. She dropped her face to the bed so she could see my cock coming into position. She reached down between her legs and cupped my balls when I was close enough. She did not attempt to guide me. She knew that I knew more about than she did. I didn't even use my hand to guide myself to her sex. I inched forward and my cock slid into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned hard as I pushed in. I found her depth and proceeded to drive my hips forward and back. She let out a loud shriek and started pushing back as I drove forward. "Oh, Jesus. I like this." I chuckled.
When I pulled back, she would pull my balls forward before I started forward again. She was anxious for that drive forward more than the pullback. I picked up the pace and she really liked that. My fingers were curled into her hip-bones. I could feel my orgasm building but it was still way off. I didn't try to push it back. I could tell that she was building to a second climax and I wanted to time mine with hers.

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