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Life of Mick — CH 4
When the Uber car dropped me off from the airport after returning from Washington, it was midafternoon. Neither Monique nor Misty's car was in the driveway. Just mine. I carried my bag to my bedroom and unpacked it before taking a shower.
Downstairs on the bar was a notepad and a pen. I thought my girls were leaving me a note so I swiveled it around to read it. It was a list of girl's and guy's names. Some were scratched off and others either had exclamation points or question marks beside the name. Just as I thought. Misty and Monique hadn't stopped planning for the Saturday pool party. The starting list was long. I hadn't even thought about them inviting guys and I noted that there weren't as many guy's names on the list as girls. Other than Sarah, I didn't recognize a single name still on the list. If the question marks became exclamation points, there would be a dozen or so partiers; eight of them girls. My cock hardened in my athletic shorts. If this party was still what Sarah and Misty had discussed in the privacy of Misty's shower, I was going to be busy. I hoped that my cock wouldn't embarrass me. I swiveled the pad back to its starting location and went out to the pool deck. I sprawled out on a lounge chair and the warm sun lulled me off to sleep in minutes.
I woke to the sensation of fingernails dragging across my balls. I shielded my eyes from the bright sun and squinted up at Misty who was bent over at the waist with her hand pushed up under my shorts fondling my balls. She giggled when I looked up at her. She pulled her hand back and said, "It must be really great to be king. Do you take an afternoon nap every day?"
I laughed and said, "It must seem that way, but no. There was too much champagne on the flight home and I was still a little buzzed when the Uber guy dropped me off." I checked my watch and noted that I had been asleep for nearly two hours. I asked about her day and she said that it was great. She liked the work. I was pleased.
When I woke to the sensation of Misty's fingernails raking across my balls, my cock had stirred and pushed up off my hip to my stomach. It was still pulsing up and down under the thin nylon material of my shorts and Misty hadn't missed a pulse. She sat down in a chair beside me and watched my cock moving. She was trying hard to be as nonchalant as possible. Her face was beginning to flush with sexual excitement and I was certain that she would make a move any moment.
The glass door from the house slid open and Monique stepped out on the deck. She immediately asked how my trip had gone and I told her it was a home run. She was all grins as if she was thinking about how this might improve her lifestyle. Misty never thought that way. In a way, she was the same as me when I was her age except with opposite perspectives. I had had nothing and didn't know it and Misty had had everything and didn't know it.
Monique approached me and bent down and kissed me. If she noticed my semi-erection, she didn't let on.
At dinner that night, I informed Misty and Monique that the Friday night dinner with Hunter and Alexis had been postponed. They were disappointed but Misty immediately seized on the fact that the Pool party could be back on. I chuckled to myself knowing that she had never abandoned the idea. I took the opportunity to tell her that I knew what the pool party was all about and that I wasn't comfortable with the idea of what Sarah had talked her into.
Misty turned red with embarrassment at me knowing the purpose of the party. Misty said, "That was all Sarah. She's infatuated with your huge cock. It was her chance to shine in front of her work friends if you are inclined to call them that. Her friends are always bragging at work about the guy they were with the night before and how big they were. They have pictures on their phones. When she saw your junk and had sex with you, she's been afraid to say anything to her friends for fear that they would laugh at her for making up such a preposterous story. She doesn't have any photos to prove it. Her solution was to invite them to the pool party to see for themselves.
The story was plausible but I pushed a little further and said, "What about all these other names on your list that you left on the bar? Some of those are guys. Is this party supposed to turn into an orgy?" Misty's face flushed red as she played with her food on her plate. Misty glanced at her sister as if looking for some help and then she just nodded and glanced at me to see how I would take it.
Monique blurted out, "I was on board with this Dad. It wasn't just Sarah and Misty. I thought it would make this party something that everyone would remember and talk about forever. I chuckled as I thought, 'I'm certain that it will.'
Misty got up her nerve and said, "We've told everyone that there will be adult supervision. The parents of Monique's friends all wanted assurance of that. Even some of my friends, who still live at home, needed that assurance. We haven't said who the supervision would be though."
I laughed and said, "That's some kind of adult supervision if I'm supposed to be involved in the orgy too."
Misty immediately said, "I know, but we thought you could wear a mask to hide your identity. We even bought one that we decided would do the trick." Monique ran up to her room and hurried back down with a black cloth mask that covered the eyes down over the top of my nose. It was basically a Zorro mask. She giggled as she laid it on the bar, along with a fake, thin mustache like Zorro wore in the movies and on the ancient TV series. We all laughed. Both of my ex-wives had always gone gaga over Zorro. Somewhere, in storage, I had the full costume that Miranda had insisted that I wear to a Halloween costume party one year. My mind harkened back to that memory. Miranda had fucked my brains out in the host's master-bathroom that night.
I pulled the mask to my face and Misty's eyes went wide. "Oh my God, Dad. That is so sexy." Her eyes went into a search mode trying to read me to see if I was on for the party or not. I wanted the anonymity and I thought the mask could work out fine. I nodded at Misty and she lit up like a lamp. Monique was all grins too. Misty blurted out, "You can be our Uncle Ron. We all got laughing. We adjourned to the family room and talked about their plans until it was time for bed. There were two topics that I demanded strict assurances on: one, all attendees were at least eighteen, and two, all of the girls were on birth control. What wasn't discussed and I didn't know, was that Misty had acquired a prescription of Cialis which she planned to give me in my coffee that morning.
The girls went off to bed tittering and giggling and high-fiving each other. I chuckled to myself as I adjusted the position of my hardon under the pillow in my lap. I crawled between my sheets and shut off the bedside lamp and stared up at the creepy shadows from the moonlight on the walls. My mind turned to potential problems developing and any pitfalls that we hadn't thought about. This could go wrong in so many ways, but now I was as excited about the party as the girls were. I imagined the array of bikinis on teenage bodies. I drifted off to sleep visualizing Samantha in my bed the night before. I was beginning to think of us as a couple but I had no idea what she would think of my new sexual situation with my stepdaughters. I was sure that she would have a problem with it. I put those thoughts away and pondered ways to broach the subject innocently to see how she would react. I would have loved to invite her on Saturday if I thought for a moment that she'd be as aroused as I was. It was easy to imagine her dominating the teenage boys. I just didn't know for sure either way. I would have to ease into that kind of conversation with her.
The sun was up when I woke. I had overslept but I felt fantastic. The house was silent. I went down the hall to Misty's room and her bed was made and she was gone. The same with Monique. I checked the clock on Monique's bureau and realized that I had overslept by almost two hours. Misty was already at work and Monique had left for school. At first, I was freaking out that I had done this. It wasn't like me to be late for work. Then I relaxed and again realized how good I felt. I had no big plans for the day that I needed to tend to. I called Sam on her cellphone and she answered quickly. She must have put my name or some identifier on that number because she immediately said, "Are you okay? I was waiting for you. I was hoping we could arrange something to get together. I haven't stopped thinking about Washington."
I calmed her down and then said, "Is there some reason that you could just take the day off and come here?"
There was silence on her phone for several moments and then she said, "Ummm… Sure, I could think of something. Right now?"
I chuckled and said, "No. How about an hour ago?"
She laughed and said, "Wow. You sound as horny as I feel. I'll be there as soon as I can. Do I need to bring anything?"
I replied, "Nothing but your gorgeous face and body." I hung up and smiled to myself. My cock was already at full dimensions and throbbing well above horizontal. I put the coffee on and went upstairs to do my usual morning routine. I thought about what bathing suit to pull on and then opted for nothing. I put a note on the front door that read, 'Around back.' I was lying back in a lounge chair, in the nude, with my feet up sipping my second cup of coffee when I saw Sam come around the corner of the house. She looked delicious and my cock thought so too. She was already unbuttoning her semi-transparent silk top with puffy sleeves. She took long strides, even with her high heels in the grass. She burst into a grin when she saw that I was naked. I teased her a little by holding my coffee cup to hide my erection.
Sam walked onto the pool deck as she pulled the tails of her unbuttoned blouse out of her tight skirt. It was a mid-thigh length and her legs were long and inviting. She stood in front of me looking down at my cock bouncing up and down behind my cup. I set the coffee cup down on a table and flexed my cock hard. She grinned as she reached behind her back to unzip her skirt. She was in a thong as her skirt dropped to the deck. She stepped out of it and bent over at the waist and picked it up. She tossed it to the same chair she had deposited her blouse. She looked fantastic standing there in her bra and thong and heels.
She gave me a coy little smile and said, "I know you said that I didn't need to bring anything but myself but I did. I hope you don't mind." She unhooked her bra and let it fall into her hands. Her nipples were as hard as I'd ever seen them. There was wetness staining her thong and she reached her left hand inside and started diddling herself as her head turned back toward where she had come from. She nodded at something. I wasn't paying too much attention to anything except her tits. I wanted to replace her fingers in her thong with my tongue. I put my feet on the ground and rolled off the chair to my knees and was moving toward Sam when I noticed movement behind her.
It was Kay, my self-appointed secretary. She was grinning from ear to ear as she stumbled her way across the grass in her stilettos. She steadied once she reached the pool deck. Sam looked down at me and said, "I hope this is okay. I saw her in the hall as I was leaving. She had said in your bathroom that she just wanted a little action once in a while. I asked her if she could get away for a while. I wasn't specific as to why but she was all in."
Kay walked up beside Sam and looked down at me on my knees about to attack Sam's pussy. She giggled and said to Sam, "I like your definition of 'getting away for a while'. I stood up and leaned over and kissed Kay on the cheek. She turned so that it was a full passionate kiss on the lips and she didn't release me for several seconds. I thought my cock would explode; it was so hard.
Sam pulled her thong down, revealing that she had shaved her pussy since last night. Kay was hurrying to get her clothes off while we kissed. Sam came over behind Kay and reached around her front to finish unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it back off her shoulders and then removed Kay's bra. My hands went to Kay's big plump tits while Sam finished disrobing her.
Kay's hands went to my cock that was poking her in the stomach. Sam's hand cradled Kay's tits from behind and Kay moaned into my mouth before ending our embrace and turning to lock her lips with Sam's. This was new information about Sam that hadn't been discussed in Washington. I liked it. Sam's right hand dropped from Kay's big tits and went directly to her sex. Kay rolled her hips forward to encourage her.
I wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly began stroking it from balls to bulbous knob as I watched the erotic display before me. Kay's hand went to Sam's sopping wet pussy and they were both moaning and groaning. I doubted that this was the first sexual encounter between Kay and Sam.
They broke their embrace and Sam watched me jerking myself off over Kay's shoulder. Sam is considerably taller than Kay. Sam said, "We can't let him have all the fun with that monster cock in his hand. What do you want first, cock or balls?'
Kay turned to look and said, "I want that cock. That is if it's okay with you?" Sam giggled and nodded and Sam pulled my hand off my cock and pushed me back on my lounge chair. Sam grabbed a cushion from a chair and dropped it under her knees as she went to my left side. Kay did the same as she dropped to her knees on my right.
Kay wrapped her fingers as far around the circumference as she could and started stroking my cock as she struggled to get her lips over the knob. She didn't go any further but I didn't mind. Her technique of rolling her lips around and on and off again as she tongued my 'spot' and ridgeline was amazing. Sam leaned in and kissed my knob as Kay offered it to her. Then she licked her way down the length of my shaft and scooped up my left testicle with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth. She batted it around inside her mouth with her tongue. I eased back in my chair and pushed my hips up higher. They both giggled. They knew full well what they were doing to me. My cock was as hard as a granite post.
I pushed my hips up higher hoping that Kay would interpret that she should take more cock in her mouth and start her blow job. She got the message immediately and giggled as she pushed her lips halfway down my shaft. She raised her beautiful eyes to look up at me and just that raised the temperature. She started bobbing her head up and down at a normal rhythm and she smiled around my cock as I groaned hard.
Sam released my balls and began sucking on the outside of my shaft that wasn't in Kay's mouth giving her enough room for her blow job. Kay pulled her lips up my shaft and rolled them off my knob and stretched her lips with her fingers and flexed her jaw. Sam took the opportunity and pushed her lips down my shaft taking most of it. She inch wormed her way down the remaining couple inches. My knob was in her throat and she was doing something new to stimulate it. My head went back against the chair as we locked eyes.
Kay saw what was going on and she said, "Wow, Sam. You've got skills girl. Can you show me how to do that? My husband's cock is a skinny little thing and I can easily deep throat him. I doubt that I'd ever be able to throat that thing." Sam giggled around my cock and immediately started gagging which forced her off my cock.
Long silvery strings of saliva drooped from my knob to Sam's lips. She coughed to clear her throat and Kay leaned forward and broke the silvery threads as she pushed her lips back on. She tried to duplicate what she had watched Sam do, but she coughed and blew saliva out the sides of her lips and then from her nose. She pulled off.
This time, Sam stood up and threw her left leg across my hips, and lifted herself to straddle me. Kay watched with a huge grin on her face as she cleared her lungs with coughs and gags. Sam was sitting on my balls as my cock bounced up to slap on her bald pussy. She was soaking wet. She tried to find a purchase with her legs so she could lift herself high enough to push my rock-hard cock under her and into her sex. She was growing frustrated by the moment as she struggled to get my cock in her. I tried to help by rolling my hips back but in the end, I just reached my hands under her butt-cheeks and lifted her. She screeched at first but then saw her opportunity and maneuvered my cock to her sex and groaned hard as I let her drop onto it. Her mouth fell open immediately as she used her legs as leverage to ease down the length of my shaft. She whimpered, "Oh my gawd. Mick. I love your cock." Kay leaned in and locked her lips on Sam's right nipple as she fondled the contours of her meaty breasts.
Once Sam began her fucking motion, I joined her in counter-action to her rhythm. She groaned hard and moments later I felt her pussy clenching hard on my cock. Her eyes were open but she wasn't there. She was gasping for air with her mouth hanging open. I flexed my cock hard and she groaned her approval as the light came back into her eyes. She grinned down at me as she flexed her vaginal muscles in reply. Sam held on to Kay's head, moving her from nipple to nipple as she gyrated on my cock. The look on her face told me that she was in her own slice of heaven. I was pleased to be able to send her there.
Sam's hips never stopped as she fucked her way through three more orgasms before Kay's self-driven orgasm brought her back. My orgasm was circling but I could hold it off if necessary. Kay's body trembled through her orgasm. Sam waited until Kay was recovered and then leaned forward with her hands on my shoulder and kissed me passionately as she pulled her pulsating pussy off my cock. She groaned into my mouth as the fat knob slid past her inner petals.
Kay didn't waste a second and she gripped my cock to stop it from slapping up and down on Sam's ass. Kay struggled her lips over the gooey knob and pushed halfway down my shaft with tongue swirling. Then she pulled off and lifted herself high enough above Sam's body so she could see me over Sam's shoulder. She mouthed the words, 'fuck her ass'. I shook my head. I was willing but Sam had yet to indicate that butt-fucking was of interest to her. Maybe she was but was afraid that I would be grossed out by it. Many people were. Kay mouthed the words again and again I shook my head. Then Kay took matters into her own hands and pushed my cock into the crack of Sam's ass and dragged the knob down over Sam's anus. I didn't fight it. I was interested in what Sam would do next.
To my surprise, Sam moaned as Kay dragged my knob across her rosebud. The Kay bent forward and dragged her tongue around the rim of Sam's anus and then across my throbbing crown. Sam groaned when she realized that Kay was tonguing her ass. She didn't attempt to pull away. If anything, she pushed back at Kay.
Kay giggled and pushed her tongue into Sam's ass and Sam came up off my chest with a sultry look in her eyes. She stared down into my eyes as if searching for a 'go-no-go' signal from me. I smiled at her and lifted my hips pushing my cock forward letting Kay guide me to Sam's ass. Sam gave me a huge grin and then pushed her rosebud to my knob and then we pushed together until I was inside. We both groaned hard and stayed where we were for several moments. Sam didn't want to lose this chance and she pushed first. I followed and in moments I was fucking her ass. She shrieked as I pushed the last of my cock deep in her bowels. She muttered, "Oh fuck Mick. Thank you. I've wanted to do this since the first time in your office." Then she went to work and began feverishly fucking me. Her ass was tight and hot and the pressure she applied to my cock was driving me crazy. She leaned forward dropping her tits to my chest and said, "Cum with me. Fill me up with your jizz."

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