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I’m not a great ladies’ man and go to the city and hire hookers, as where I live is too small to have hookers and everybody would know. I went once a month and stayed Friday thru to Monday morning. I’m Simon 32 single solid build and plain looking and financially well off. I met a waitress Suzie 28 in the city at a diner I used to get meals and tried like every other diner had in asking her out and had the same success I failed. Anyway, she told me she was leaving the city and didn’t where she was going. Anyway, I returned home as was usual and just over a week later I met the waitress Suzie in my hometown, she had come to live and care for her aunt Patricia 61 who was ill. Patricia was an old friend of my parents and I had known her all my life. Now I had something in common with Suzie and being longtime acquaintance of Patricia I had reason to visit her and could also see Suzie also. My next regular trip to the city was approaching, but I decided to pass that time. I wasn’t a regular visitor Patricia as I had now become, and I brought eggs and vegetables. Anything to give me reason to see Suzie again, Patricia knew why I was visiting and would smile at me. But didn’t tell Suzie of my increased visits and would let it unfold as she told me. Patricia liked me and thought I would be good for Suzie the only child of her late brother. Suzie had a rough time growing up and Patricia told don’t do anything to hurt her. I promised I wouldn’t and so Patricia done everything to get us together, like convincing Suzie to learn to ride a horse. I of course had horses and was where Patricia came with Suzie to learn to ride a horse. Patricia has Asthma and it can get pretty bad at times, so Suzie being fed up with the city came to live and care for Patricia. Having a much-loved aunt in your corner helps, Suzie accepted my offer of going out to dinner with her aunt as well. But Patricia decided last minute to stay home, but insisted Suzie go with me. Overtime we became a couple and started having sex, Suzie was the one for me and so I proposed and with Patricia encouraging her she accepted. We married and Suzie and Patricia moved on to my farm and now have a son and Suzie is again pregnant. Patricia Asthma isn’t playing up as much on the farm and I think the smoke from the local mill was to blame for much of her troubles in the town as lived beside the mill. Suzie loves farm life and is a great horse rider now as well. Also, Patricia says she is more relaxed now than when she first arrived in town.

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