Life with Family Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooLife with Family Ch. 01

Where do I even start when talking about something like this? I suppose the logical place would be to start at the beginning of our relationship, but honestly? Our relationship developed so gradually over so many years that it's tough to pinpoint exactly when the "start" would be.
When it came to discovering our bodies and sexuality, Danny (my brother) and I took every step of that journey together. So when the time came that we wanted to have sex, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for us to have sex with each other.
It was pretty soon after we had started our senior year of high-school (I suppose I should go ahead and mention that we are fraternal twins. I'm older than him by about fifteen minutes. A fact I never get tired of reminding him of) that we started actually, legitimately, fooling around and exploring each-other's bodies, instead of just our own. Lol and after that our hormones REALLY opened the flood gates, and we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves. And try as we might, we weren't nearly as covert about our escapades as we thought, and our mom caught on to our shenanigans pretty quickly. She made several attempts at keeping us apart, to the point where she even considered sending me to live with her parents out of state, but I just told her that she could send me anywhere she liked because I would be hitchhiking back by the next day. Eventually she finally came to the conclusion that we weren't going to stop no matter what she did, so rather than risk driving us away, she relented, and simply told us to try and keep it behind closed doors, and then promptly took me to the doctor and got me started on birth control because she didn't "want a grandchild with an arm growing out of their forehead".
But I guess for the sake of simplicity, I will just tell you about when we had sex for the first time and lost our respective virginity. It was on our eighteenth birthday, and that morning, I approached Mom and told her I had plans to make it an EXTRA special day. She fulfilled her parental obligations by yet again voicing her disapproval at our continued relationship, going as far as making several retching noises as I explained what I wanted to do, before laughing and saying, "Fine. It's been ages since I've been out without you little cretins in tow, so tonight I'll treat myself to a night on the town, and you two can have the house to yourselves for a few hours."
And if she had left it at that, things would have been perfect. But of course, she had to go on to say, "Who knows, maybe I'll meet a nice gentleman while I'm out, and you won't be the only one to get lucky tonight, and then you can have the house to yourselves for the entire night!"
First of all, I can't begin to describe how awkward it is to have these conversations with the woman who gave birth to me, but being the kind of person she is, she just had to add one final parting shot, and said "Oh, and can you all make sure to clean up after yourselves this time? I REALLY don't need to come home and accidentally sit in your wet spot again." (an incident I definitely don't feel like getting into right now). I must have turned a very amusing shade of red, because she cackled maniacally before wishing me happy birthday and leaving to go to work for the day.
I grabbed a glass of orange juice, made myself some toast, and sat down to have breakfast, and was muttering to myself about wishing I was old enough to move out when Danny came stumbling into the kitchen, still thoroughly disheveled from sleep.
I don't know why, but seeing him standing there in his sleep pants with no shirt on, hair a complete mess and eyes half-closed from residual sleepiness, always made me think wicked thoughts. He just looked so innocent and adorable in that state that I couldn't help but have my mind fill up with sinful ideas.
"What was Mom laughing about?" he asked, rubbing groggily at his eyes.
"She was making fun of me." I grumbled into my glass.
His face screwed up with confusion, and he asked, "About what?"
I turned to face him fully and said, "It doesn't matter," then grinned at him and continued, "Happy birthday, lover!"
He grinned back and said, "Same to you! What was Mom making fun of you about?"
Great. Just great. The dog had smelled bacon, and now he wasn't going to let it drop until I told him.
"She brought up the 'wet spot' incident." I muttered.
His face screwed up in confusion again for a moment before the realization dawned on him and he began laughing.
"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed between laughs, "How could I forget about the Great Soiled Couch Disaster?"
"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" I yelled at him, "Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was for me?!"
"You?" he chuckled, "If you think it was bad for you, you should've seen Mom afterwards. She was so horrified that I thought she was gonna have a stroke and die right there!" "Christ, I don't think she left the shower for like, three days after that, trying to scrub herself clean!"
Typical. That was one of the top three WORST days of my life, and he thought it was absolute comedy GOLD.
"SHUT UP!" I screamed at him, and when he saw that I was on the verge of tears, he sobered quickly.
"Shit, Sami, my bad. I was only goofing around." he said. Then he walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms, and I couldn't stay mad after that.
"I know," I whispered, still sniffling, "and I know I'm being too sensitive about it. But it was just so EMBARRASSING."
"I can imagine," he replied, "but if it helps, in the moment it was, like, the sexiest thing ever."
I scoffed and slapped his chest, "God, you are such a guy!"
"Would you rather I act like a girl?" he laughed, "I could grow out my hair, and we could talk about cute boys!"
I snorted out the orange juice I had been in the process of swallowing, and turned back to him, saying, "Don't you dare! Besides, you don't want long hair. Trust me. It's always getting blown into your face, and getting tangled. It's just a certifiable nightmare to deal with."
Danny chuckled at that, and asked, "If it's such a pain in the ass, why do you keep YOUR hair long?"
"Because if I cut it short I'd look like a boy." I replied simply.
"Oh yeah, that's a good point." he said.
"You're not supposed to agree with me, asshole!" I said, grabbing a spoon and hurling it at him.
"Hey, easy!" he exclaimed, flinching away from the improvised projectile, "If it's any consolation, you would be the hottest guy I've ever met."
"Oh shut up." I laughed, standing and wrapping my arms around his waist.
"No, seriously," he replied, trying, and failing, to stifle a laugh, "I'd go gay for you in a heartbeat. Hell, I might even suck your dick if you played your cards right."
"Okay, first of all. Gross." I said, grinning up at him. We may be twins but the bastard is still almost a full foot taller than me, "Second. Why do you have to be such a pervert?"
He leaned down and pressed his forehead into mine, and said, "Oh fuck off. You love me."
I sighed contentedly, and nestled further into his embrace, "Yeah. I really do."
He kissed me on the tip of my nose, saying, "Love you too.", then pushed me out to arm's length and said, "Now wait right there. I have something for you." And before I could respond, he turned away and scurried out of the kitchen.
Well he said to wait, so that's what I did. Though, when it had been five minutes and he still hadn't returned, I was beginning to consider launching a search and rescue expedition when he came shuffling slowly back into the kitchen. Well now. This was different. Danny was acting uncharacteristically nervous. Almost scared. And seeing him act that way was starting to put me on edge. Then, after a brief internal debate that was written all over his face, he held out his hand.
In his hand was a box. A small box. A ring-box sized box. In fact, the box was square on bottom with a rounded lid, and the whole thing was covered in a layer of black crushed velvet…much like a ring box.
Oh fuck.
Then Danny, my twin brother and the man I loved more than anything else in this world, shakily got down on one knee, and the room started spinning around me, and I had to lean against the kitchen table to keep from falling over.
Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!
What the actual fuck?! I was not mentally, or EMOTIONALLY prepared for this!
"Listen, Sami," he said quietly, "I know we can't get married, because it's illegal. And I know we can't ever have kids together, but… But I love you. I love you more than anything, and despite the fact that I can't give you any kids, or the big fairy tale wedding you've been dreaming about since we were six, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up in the same bed as you every morning, even when we're old and wrinkled, and smell like arthritis cream."
He opened the lid of the box, and a silver ring glinted up at me. The band had been worked to look like a branch covered in leaves, and right in the center was an owl; nestling a sapphire protectively in its wings. Right over its heart.
And then I could no longer see the ring clearly through a haze of tears, as he continued, "I guess what I'm trying to say is will you…huh… I guess I can't really say 'Will you marry me', can I? 'cause we can't get married…Well shit what am I supposed to say in this situation?"
I grabbed his hand and pulled him upright so that he was standing in front of me, and through my tears, said, "Shut up you dork! I know what you mean, and the answer is YES!" Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and mashed my lips into his as hard as I could. Laughing and crying at the same time while doing so.
As Danny slipped the ring onto my finger, I did a giddy little dance out of sheer excitement, and while admiring the ring said, "Baby, this is gorgeous! Where did you get it?"
He favored me with a sheepish smile, and said, "Uh…I ordered it online. Mom helped me pick it out."
"Wait, MOM knew about this?!" I asked in surprise.
"Jesus! So that's why she was teasing me so much this morning!"
I was definitely going to have to think of a way to get her back for that, but in the mean-time I was still so overflowing with excitement, that I couldn't help but jump into his arms and kiss him again, putting my whole body and soul into it. I felt Danny's tongue dart out and caress my upper lip, causing a pleasant tingling sensation to start growing in my lower abdomen, as I felt his growing erection start pressing into my crotch.
I was tempted. GOD was I ever tempted. I just about said "Fuck it" to my entire, carefully planned surprise and had him bend me over the kitchen table and take me right there. Luckily, though, I managed to hold myself back, and broke the kiss and took a step back. Danny favored me with a quiet groan of distress, thinking our fun was coming to a close, but I figured he deserved SOMETHING for making me the happiest girl on earth.
I gave him a mischievous smirk, and grabbed the hem of his pajama pants, pulling them down and freeing his erect cock as I slowly sank to my knees there on the kitchen floor. I grabbed the base of his shaft, and then smiled up at him as I gently licked the glistening drop of precum from the tip, before slowly sliding my mouth down on his pulsing manhood. When I reached the base and had my nose firmly buried against his pubic bone, I began massaging the bottom ridge of his erection with my tongue while flexing my throat muscles around the head of his penis, and I was rewarded with feeling his body jerk convulsively as he drew in a sharp breath. Then, ever so slowly, I backed off, until just the head of his cock remained in my mouth, and swirled my tongue around the tip. I repeated this process three or four times; down, massage, up, then swirl before going back down. After the fourth time, I withdrew him from my mouth entirely and looked up at him. From the look on his face, I could tell that going from intense stimulation to nothing was distressing, so I smirked up at him again and repeated the cycle before withdrawing him from my mouth again. The look in his eyes told me he was starting to get frustrated and desperate, lol and that's exactly what I was going for.
I repeated this cycle several more times, pulling him from my mouth completely and waiting for the sensations to die down before starting again each time. And watched with glee as the desperation on his face grew more intense with each repetition. Then, when I judged that he was practically rabid with need, I had him watch as I tucked my hands underneath my bottom and sat on them. I showed him that I was giving him complete control. That I was submitting to him entirely, and then I looked up at him and whispered, "Fuck my mouth."
He let out a low, bestial growl, and twined his fingers through my hair before shoving his throbbing manhood all the way into the back of my throat in one slow steady motion; using his grip in my hair to hold my head still. The first few thrusts were slow and hesitant. He was trying to be careful, god bless him. He was trying to make sure he didn't hurt me. But after a few cautious thrusts his need for release overwhelmed his desire to be gentle, and he began fucking my throat in earnest, letting out low, guttural moans with each ragged breath.
By this point I had gotten enough practice at sucking him that under normal circumstances I could take his entire length, and deep-throat him pretty vigorously with no discomfort. But these weren't normal circumstances, and the battering he was giving my tonsils finally succeeded in triggering my gag reflex, coating his erection in thick, viscous saliva. After a few minutes of this I started to feel a desperate urge to push him off so I could let my throat rest, but I managed to hold myself back. My turn would come later. Right now was all about him.
At the pace he was keeping I knew it wouldn't take long, and sure enough, just before I reached the point where I would have no choice but to make him stop, I felt his entire body tense and he buried his cock to the hilt in my warm, wet mouth, and I felt his member pulsating rhythmically as he released jet after jet of hot cum so far down my throat that I didn't even have to swallow.
When he finally stopped shaking he released his grip on my hair while I used my lips and tongue to clean his cock and milk the last few drops of cum from it. And every time I grazed the head, I could feel him shudder in over-stimulation. When I completed my ministrations I smiled up at him lovingly and pulled his pants back up, and with that done he sagged backwards and slumped into my recently vacated chair; his legs now too weak to keep him upright.
As he sat there trying to catch his breath, I straddled his legs and sat down on his lap, cuddling into his chest. Danny loosely wrapped his arms around my waist, and for a few precious minutes we just stayed like that, basking in the comfort of each-other's presence. And as much as I would have loved to spend the rest of the day just like that, reality was beckoning for my attention.
I climbed off my brother's lap and slapped his thigh, saying, "C'mon, you need to shower and get dressed, and then both of us have schoolwork to do."
Danny groaned out a complaint, saying "Don't want to."
"Danny, seriously let's go!" I said in annoyance, "Let's get all the boring necessities out of the way so we can have the rest of the day to do whatever we want."
"Fine," he said, grinning at me, "I'll take a shower if you join me."
"Tempting. But I've got shit to do also, so no dice. Now move it so I can get the kitchen cleaned up!"
"Nope," he replied, still grinning, "I ain't doin' shit unless you come shower with me."
"Oh really?" I asked, folding my arms and cocking an eyebrow at him, "Okay then, if you don't get your ass upstairs and take a shower right now, I'm never sucking your dick again!"
"Whoa, hey!" he said, patting the air frantically, "That seems a bit extreme don't you think?"
Instead of responding, I just stood there with my arms folded, staring at him, and finally he heaved a sigh and stood up, muttering under his breath about "fucking Nazi women" as he trudged out of the kitchen. I waited as I heard him clump up the stairs, and only after I had distinctly hear the sound of the shower faucet running did I turn away to start tidying up the kitchen.
Granted, there really wasn't a whole lot to clean up. I just wiped down the counters, washed and put away my dishes from breakfast, and then grabbed a rag and wiped up some saliva that I had accidentally dribbled onto the floor while blowing my twin brother. After that I was done, so I headed upstairs to my room and, after changing my shirt for the same reason that had caused me to clean the kitchen floor, sat down at my computer to hurry up and start on my schoolwork for the day.
Admittedly, there wasn't much that I needed to get done, because I was already pretty far ahead in most of my classes, but I had an essay due that day that I hadn't even started working on yet, and my art teacher INSISTED on video-chatting with me to discuss and critique the painting I had just finished the day before. So, all in all it took far longer than I had hoped, and it was almost four in the afternoon before I was able to shut my laptop and stretch my back and arms; heaving a sigh of relief. Then I meandered the short distance down the hallway to Danny's room to see how far along he was with his assignments for the day.
I gently tapped on his door and called out, "Danny? How's it coming? You almost done?"
There was a few seconds of silence before Danny's frustrated voice called back, "FUCK no! Stupid fucking algebra! Why the fuck do they gotta put the alphabet in math?!"
I covered my mouth to stifle a giggle and replied, "Do you need any help?"
"No, I've got it. I just think it's fucking stupid."
"Okay! If you're sure, then while you do that I'm gonna run to the store real quick and grab some stuff!"
"Yeah I'm sure! But hurry up at the store, 'cause Mom'll be home soon!"
"Okay, I'll try to get back as quick as I can! Love you!"
"Yeah, yeah, love you too!"
I laughed again at his scholastic frustrations, but didn't bother to hide it this time. Then I trotted back down the stairs, threw on a jacket and headed out into the brisk autumn air.
Now, when I said I would run to the store, I really did mean I would RUN. The nearest supermarket was just a hair under two miles away from our house, and since neither Danny nor I had a driver's license yet, If we needed to get something while Mom was at work, we had no choice but to hoof it. It didn't bother me though. Jogging to the grocery store and back was about the only exercise I got, so I relished every opportunity I got to make the trip. And by this point, the store employees had gotten used to seeing me burst through the door, red-faced, sweating, and gasping for breath. The first time I had run there, they freaked out and took me into a back office to ask if I was running away from someone.
I thought I had made pretty good time on this trip, but nevertheless, by the time I got back home with all the things I would need to complete my surprise for Danny, Mom's car was already parked in the driveway, and when I went inside, both she and Danny were in the kitchen. Danny was sitting at the table, and Mom was swirling about the kitchen preparing dinner.
As I came in, they both turned to look at me, and Mom waved an arm flamboyantly in my direction and said, "Why if it isn't SAMANTHA! How kind of you to drop by! Tell me, will you be staying long enough to join us for dinner?"
I rolled my eyes, and in the same over the top voice replied, "Why yes, MOTHER! I do believe I will! Though, if it's not a TERRIBLE burden, may I first put my things away and refresh myself in the shower?"

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