Like Brother and Sister Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooLike Brother and Sister Ch. 04

"I love your house. What do your parents do?" Melanie asked as she carefully dipped her tortilla chip into the guacamole that Nicole had set out. The four girls sat around the table in the downstairs recreation room. It was where Nicole's father often played poker with his friends in the neighborhood.
"Honestly, I have no idea. They've explained it to me a bunch of times. Finance, accounting, who the hell knows. Money stuff."
"I'll say," said Sarah as she looked around the spacious and modern basement.
All four girls remained in their bikinis as they sat eating and drinking. The alcohol was starting to flow as their conversations started getting more and more racy.
"Ok so tell us more about Brad, Melanie." Julie announced.
"What do you want to know?" Melanie took a sip of her Truly.
"Was the sex good?" Nicole asked.
Melanie blushed as she smiled. "It was good… Yup, he was really good."
The girls were not satisfied with Melanie's vagueness. "No, no, no. You're not getting off that easy. Brad's hot. We want to hear more about him."
Melanie giggled. "Ok, ok. Jeez. Ok so there are two things I remember the most. One was that the dude could go all night. I'm not even kidding you. He would be hard immediately after sex. Just like…" Melanie then made a gesture with her hands. She held one arm up straight and made a fist while clutching her elbow with her other hand. Indicating a rock hard erection.
"Wow. Well, what's the other?" Nicole asked, eagerly.
"Like I said before. His dick. Definitely his big dick," Melanie said with a serious face, nodding.
All Ryan heard was "his dick." He froze as he came down the stairs. Undetected by anyone, he stopped and listened to the conversation. Were they talking about him? Did Sarah tell them what just happened? He hoped this wouldn't ruin his chances with Julie.
"What about it?" Nicole asked. Ryan was intrigued to hear his sister weigh in on the topic.
"It was fucking huge! He whipped it out and I was stunned. Speechless, really."
"How big was it again?" Nicole asked impatiently.
Ryan's heart skipped a beat. They had to be talking about him. He suddenly regretted showing himself to them when Nicole left the pool. Now he would seem like a pervert.
Melanie thought about the question before holding her two index fingers up. The girls studied her response before making a guess.
"That's like, what? Seven?" Julie guessed.
"Had to be." Melanie responded.
Ryan exhaled. They weren't talking about him. He was much bigger than seven inches.
"Felt amazing. I love big guys," Melanie admitted to the group. "Such a full feeling."
Noticing the coast was clear, Ryan headed for the girls. "Hey guys." As he rounded the corner, the girls looked over.
"Ry guy!" Julie cheerfully greeted him, patting the open seat between her and Sarah. He happily sat down. Sarah shyly made eye contact with him. He could have sworn she blushed a little.
"What were you guys talking about?" Ryan asked as he cracked a beer and took a sip.
"Big boys," announced Melanie. Sarah and Julie giggled.
"Big? Like tall?" asked Ryan.
"Let's play a game!" Nicole interjected, hoping to change the subject now that her brother was there.
"I like games," said Sarah as she sat up, getting comfortable. "What should we play?"
"Oo oo! I know. You guys wanna play Quarters?" Julie asked as she jumped up and headed for the kitchenette.
"How do you play?" Ryan asked.
Nicole rolled her eyes. "Ryan you have got to get out more. It's a drinking game. You bounce a quarter on the table and have to get it into a glass. Last one loses."
"Yeah it's super fun actually!" Sarah added. She smiled at Ryan. There was no doubt some chemistry was forming there. Ryan pictured her expression when he orgasmed earlier and it caused a tingle in his crotch.
Julie arranged five highball glasses on the table. One in front of each of them. She then handed out quarters to everyone.
"Ok. Last one to get it in loses, but what do they lose?" Ryan asked as he carefully stacked his quarters.
"They have to take a drink!" Melanie suggested.
Julie rolled her eyes. "That sounds like a reward more than a penalty. Hmm. How about they have to take an article of clothing off!"
Sarah and Melanie loved the idea, especially since it may mean getting to see Ryan's dick again. But there was one problem. Nicole was there. Everyone looked at her to get her reaction to the proposal.
"I don't know you guys," she said hesitantly. If she lost, she'd have to bear it all for her brother, but if he lost she'd have to see him naked again.
"Ninz, easy. Just don't lose!" Julie suggested to which everyone, even Nicole laughed.
"Seriously we don't have to take clothes off. That's fine, Nicole. Not if you're uncomfortable," Melanie said.
Ryan had yet to weigh in, but thought it'd be best to side with Nicole even though he desperately wanted to see the girls or, better yet, show himself off again. "Nicole, she's right. It's silly. Let's just play for fun."
After a long pause, Nicole took a long swig from her drink and looked up at the group. "Fuck it. Let's do it. If I'm getting naked, Ryan we're blindfolding you!"
"I'll blindfold myself!" Ryan exclaimed. Everyone laughed. The game was on.
The girls granted Ryan some practice since he had never played before. After a few rounds, he seemed to be getting the hang of it.
"You ready?" Julie asked eagerly. Ryan nodded "Yeah let's go!"
Julie laid out the rules which were simple. Everyone had to sink five quarters into their respective glass. Last one to do so would have to remove one article of clothing. With the girls all in bikinis and Ryan in a t-shirt and bathing suit, everyone started at an even two articles.
The first round kicked off at a feverish pace. The sounds of quarters clinking against the table and into glasses filled the room. Julie and Melanie were quick to finish. Each of them sinking five with relative ease.
"Ohhhh!!!" shouted Sarah, raising both hands in the air victoriously as she knocked her fifth quarter in.
Ryan only got two in. He felt the pressure as he and Nicole frantically tried to get the quarters in.
"Go go go!" Julie cheered on Nicole.
"You got this!" added Melanie.
Ryan had no chance. Nicole sunk her last two with ease as she sat back in her chair triumphantly. Everyone clapped as there was a clear loser.
"Damn. That's not easy," he said as he observed everyone else's glass.
"You know the rules, big guy!" Melanie teased from across the table. Ryan shook his head in disappointment. Luckily, he had two articles of clothing and plenty of time to catch up. He briskly took his shirt off before neatly stacking his quarters and positioning his cup for the next round.
Melanie looked him over. "Hmm. Not bad." Ryan liked the attention.
The next round kicked off at another blistering pace. Julie and Sarah finished almost immediately while this time Ryan was not far behind. He dropped in his fifth quarter immediately after Nicole, leaving Melanie to be the unfortunate loser this time.
"Ahhhh!" Melanie cried out as she realized she had lost. "Not fair!"
"You know the rules, Mel." Sarah said from across the table. Melanie frowned before casually reaching under the table. She appeared to be shimmying out of her bathing suit bottom without anyone seeing anything.
That is, except for Nicole who had a direct line of sight next to her. She looked down towards Melanie's now exposed crotch. Ryan watched his sister's reaction hoping to get an idea of what she was seeing. She raised her eyebrows and then looked at Melanie. "All smooth huh?"
"Mmm hmm," Melanie nodded as she looked down at herself. "I like to keep things tidy."
Ryan's dick was quickly expanding watching the casual exchange.
The next round kicked off as all five were getting much better at the game. But this time Ryan fell behind quickly. Nicole and Julie each finished right away. Sarah was not far behind.
Now it was down to Melanie and Ryan. Each had only hit two.
"Go Mel! Or else we're gonna see those big ass titties!" joked Julie. Melanie doubled down on her focus after being taunted and nailed two quarters in a row.
Ryan was way behind. He needed to focus, he carefully aimed his next shot and stared intently at the glass in front of him. Just as he wound up to release his shot, he heard it.
Melanie sunk her last quarter. The game was over. Ryan lost.
The room erupted in cheers. Melanie would not have to take her top off. But Ryan would have to get completely naked. Again.
"Fuck," he said out loud.
Julie burst out laughing. "Fuck is right. Off with those shorts dude!"
Ryan could barely look Nicole in the eyes. Nicole saw him naked earlier that day when she caught him and Julie. But this was slightly different. This was intentional. This would be the first time he's ever been naked in front of her since they were little kids.
Ryan slowly stood up and untied his bathing suit drawstring. He already had half an erection from thinking about Melanie's pussy. At his current state, he was likely pushing seven inches and filling fast.
The outline was clearly visible. Once Nicole looked up and realized it, she quickly shielded her eyes. "Oh my God Ryan," she said, embarrassed.
"Looks like he's ready to go," Sarah commented. With the exception of Nicole who was looking away, all the girls were staring directly at his bulge, dying to see it again.
Ryan pulled his shorts down, revealing his big penis. It swayed ever so slightly on its own, protruding proudly from his skinny frame. It was so large it looked out of place.
"Look at that," said Melanie to no one in particular. Ryan put his hands on his hips and allowed the girls to have a long, uninterrupted peek.
"That's a big pecker," said Sarah goofily.
Nicole continued to look away, using her hand as a makeshift visor to shield her eyes. She could only listen as the girls openly admired her brother's penis.
After what seemed like an eternity, she finally removed her hand, lifted her head and opened her eyes.
Ryan's penis was so big and thick, it had trouble standing on its own as he grew more erect. The large and bloated head hung down, nearly touching the table. She noticed his balls were enormous as well. His entire package seemed to be supersized.
"Ok, Ryan. You made your point. I think you can sit down now," Nicole said softly.
Ryan took his seat, but his erection had grown so much that it was not possible to stay out of sight. Julie was the first to notice and immediately burst out laughing.
Nicole looked over and saw his sturdy shaft and head sticking out from under the table. She buried her face in her hands and shook her head. "Jesus Christ," she said, baffled.
"It's got nowhere to go!" said Sarah. And she was right. The attention Ryan was getting now caused a full erection. The upper portion of his nine and a half inch cock was plainly visible for all.
"I've never seen one that big," Melanie said as she openly stared. "Never. And you're not a really big guy. No offense."
"None taken," said Ryan, uttering his first words since the reveal.
"Nicole did you know your brother was packing?" Julie asked.
"Oh sure. Yep. We talk about it all the time. Usually during family dinners," she said, sarcastically.
"I just find it so fascinating. Look at it. It's really wide. The thing's like a baseball bat or something," Julie observed.
He jokingly grabbed it and waved it around. "Swing batta batta batta!" The girls chuckled at this. Even Nicole managed to let a vague smile sneak out.
"Was Brad's dick as big as his?" Sarah asked Melanie.
Without looking away from Ryan, she shook her head emphatically. "No. No chance. And I thought his was huge. This… this is on another level altogether."
"Ryan are you enjoying all this praise your member is getting?" Sarah asked. She winked at him in the process.
"Can't say it's something I've ever done before," Ryan said. He looked over at Nicole and caught her glancing at his penis. She made eye contact before looking away immediately.
"I have another idea," Julie said as she suddenly started collecting the quarters on the table.
"Oh boy. What's she doing now," stated Melanie.
Julie motioned for Ryan to stand up again while she remained seated. She had the perfect angle for what she planned to do next. Without announcing her intentions, she placed a single quarter on Ryan's cock shaft all the way at the bottom. She then placed a second quarter directly next to it.
"She's measuring it with quarters," said Melanie. Sarah nodded as she watched the experiment unfold. Nicole watched too, taking another big swig of her drink. This was all too weird for her.
Julie had now placed six quarters, side by side, up the shaft of Ryan's throbbing hard cock.
"There's still plenty of room," she giggled as she placed a seventh and an eighth quarter directly below his big, leaking dick head.
Melanie pointed at his penis head. "You gotta try and put them on his head too. That counts, ya know."
"You're right," said Julie as she was able to fit another two quarters on his cock head. Precum was now streaming from his tip, down to the table below in a long, unbroken gooey strand.
"Ten quarters. He has a ten quarter long cock. Did you know this, Ryan?" Sarah asked as she playfully put her arms around his shoulder.
Ryan blushed. "I didn't. No."
Julie put her hands on her hips and leaned back, admiring her display of ten quarters steadily resting atop Ryan's massive cock. "God, just look at that."
"You're leaking quite a bit there, buddy," said Melanie, noticing the long strand of precum. "Is this normal?"
"Unfortunately, yes," admitted Ryan.
"Gross," said Nicole to which no one paid any mind to.
"Do you need to cum again?" Sarah asked as Ryan nodded, almost a little too enthusiastically.
"Again??" Melanie asked. "What do you mean again?"
"Oh… umm… I meant 'do you need to cum.' I don't know why I said 'again.'" Sarah quickly backtracked so as not to reveal the fact that Ryan had masturbated in front of her earlier.
Melanie turned to Nicole. "Do you care if we help him out?"
Nicole thought about the question as she unintentionally stared at her brother's penis across the table. She turned back to Melanie and shrugged. "Whatever. If it means he gets clothed again, then go for it."
"Alright big guy. Let's put you out of your misery." Melanie first slid her bikini bottoms back up and then stood up from the table. She walked sexily around to Ryan's side so that all three girls and Ryan were on one side and Nicole was on the other. Melanie wrapped her tiny little hand around his cock, unable to make her fingers touch on the opposite side.
"This is one big ass dick," she joked as she began to stroke him.
Sarah couldn't just stand by as she licked her palm and joined her friend in giving Ryan a handjob. Not to feel left out, Julie cupped his big balls, needing to use two hands to cradle them entirely.
As Sarah's and Melanie's hands raced up and down his slippery shaft, Ryan spread his legs and braced for what was sure to be another massive ejaculation. He had all but forgotten his sister was in the room as his pleasure mounted higher and higher.
Julie studied his facial expression of pure concentration and focus. "He's loving this, you guys."
"He better be! Three girls in bikinis jerking him off!" Sarah added. She secretly couldn't wait to see Ryan's cum blast again.
"This thing's so big it's definitely a three person job, huh guys?" Melanie asked.
"His balls feel so full. Here, one of you guys feel."
Melanie continued to stroke him with Sarah, while using her other hand to lift his sack up. "Oh my God! They're like eggs or something! These feel so tight!"
"I told you!" Julie said as both she and Melanie rolled one ball each around in their fingers. "There's gotta be a lotta cum built up in these puppies."
"Is there?" Sarah asked, eagerly awaiting Ryan's response. He was so overjoyed, he could barely answer. "Mmm hmmm" was all he said.
Satisfied with his answer, and apparent impending orgasm, the three of them continued to stroke him at an elevated pace and intensity.
Nicole remained silent throughout. Unable to move, she felt trapped. Frozen in an unfortunate and uncomfortable situation. But something about her brother's incredibly large penis drew her in, preventing her from running away screaming. Something deep inside her may have found enjoyment in witnessing his own pleasure take form. She loved her brother, in a way that seeing him enjoy himself made her happy as well.
As hard as Nicole tried to play off the group handjob as nonchalantly as possible, she found herself staring openly at his penis. She studied the veins on his shaft each time they were revealed by Melanie's and Sarah's shifting hands. She paid attention to his oversized testicles, nearly spilling out of Julie's petite fingers.
As she stared, she lost track of reality. Her misplaced attention span put her in a spell. She was undoubtedly aroused, but by what? Was it her brother or was it the sheer naughtiness and inappropriateness of the situation? Her vagina pulsed with warmth.
At first, she didn't notice it. It carried the same sensation of maybe dripping condensation from the air conditioning vents above. Her mind ignored it as she stared openly at her brother's cock.
But it was his loud and angry groan that snapped her out of her spell. Her brother was cumming on her.
"Nicole look out!" screamed Sarah as the second gush of semen flew out his cock, across the table, and splattered on Nicole's tight stomach. She shrieked and looked down. A thick, unbroken rope of cum streamed against her tummy. It was massive.
Before she could move, another landed directly above it, this one spilling into her bikini cleavage. Melanie and Sarah each stopped jerking him, stepping back in horror. Julie continued to hold his balls as his penis lurched and jumped on its own, firing thick blasts all the way across the table.
Ryan's mouth was stuck in an "o" shape. Save for a few stifled whimpers, he silently came all over his own sister.
By now, Nicole had jumped out of the way, but remained in complete and unabashed shock. Thick white cum, poured down her body.
Ryan took hold of his cock in a misplaced attempt at stopping an orgasm that had already done immense damage. But instead of stopping it, he stroked out a few more orgasmic shots that all landed on the table below. He awkwardly finished jerking off as all four girls watched, silently shook by what had just happened. Julie covered her mouth with her hands, unable to react to what she just saw.
As Ryan finished, he held two hands tightly on his cock, and panted, trying mightily to find words. A long strand of cum dripped from his cock head, slowly approaching the table top.
Nicole looked down at the mess on her stomach and tits. It was everywhere. The thick cum had nearly caked her entire torso. It was leaking quickly towards her crotch. She had no choice but to swipe it away with her fingers before it reached her most private area. She held up her cum soaked fingers and shook them off onto the table below.
She looked up at Ryan with a look of terror. He too could not believe what had happened. She looked back down at the mess and made a feeble attempt at scooping more cum from her cleavage.
"Ninz," said Julie, concerned for her friend.
Nicole said nothing, but instead ran away. She placed her hand flatly above her bikini bottom as a way of catching any excess cum before she could safely get to the shower.
Julie looked at Ryan nearly cracking up laughing. But he wasn't laughing. He just came on his sister.

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