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tagIncest/TabooLike Brother and Sister Ch. 09

"I'm not doing it! You do it!" Nicole argued.
She and Julie stood together, facing the lake. A large boat with at least a dozen teenage boys was passing by. They were clearly partying and getting rowdy, calling out at Julie and Nicole. Several of them made the motion indicating for the girls to flash them.
Ryan stood sheepishly to the side. The three of them had gone for a walk that afternoon and had found themselves at a clearing not too far from Nicole and Ryan's parents' summer lake house. He wondered if Julie really would flash the boys. He had never seen her boobs although they have developed quite nicely over the years. He always fantasized about what they looked like.
"Fine, whatever," said Julie as she lifted her shirt and bikini up in an instant, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Ryan could only see from the side, but what he saw was breathtaking. The side profile of Julie's boob was enough to give him jerk-off material for years, he guessed. It was perfect.
The boat full of boys erupted in applause as Julie proudly displayed her melons. She even shook side to side for a little extra show before pulling her shirt back down. "Think they liked it?" she turned to Ryan first. He nodded emphatically. "Ha! Nicole, I think your brother certainly liked it."
"Ryan, don't be a perv," said Nicole, scolding her brother.
"We want the other one! We want the other one! We want the other one!" the boys suddenly chanted over and over. The pressure was now on Nicole to show hers. Julie cracked up laughing. "Do it, Nicole! They're waiting!"
Nicole laughed. "They want to see mine too?"
"Certainly sounds that way. Do it, c'mon! I did mine!"
Nicole hesitated. She looked around nervously, then out at the boat. All the boys were eagerly waiting for her to reveal them. She crossed her hands and gripped the bottom of her tank top. She turned to her brother. "You look away," she instructed. Ryan obediently turned his head.
All he could hear next was a thunderous applause coming from the boat and Julie cracking up laughing. Nicole must have had her boobs out.
The applause continued and was supplemented by whistles and catcalls. Ryan stared at a nearby rock. The curiosity was killing him. Even though she was his sister, he found himself noticing her breasts a lot more lately. They were large, round, and she always wore clothing that accentuated their shape.
Ryan awarded himself a quick glance. As he turned, he immediately saw Nicole standing, legs apart with her hands holding up her shirt triumphantly. Just like with Julie, he could only see one of her breasts, but its perfect shape was something he will remember forever. Large, fair-skinned, and round. A single pink nipple protruded from her areola. Her thin and trim tummy made it all the more majestic looking.
He quickly turned away before getting caught. Julie continued to laugh as the boys cheered. Nicole finally put her shirt back. "Now they definitely liked that!" Julie called out. "Your boobs are so nice."
"Ok, I think that's enough for today, don't you think?" Nicole asked. "Let's go back and see if my parents will let us drink."
Ryan quietly followed behind the girls. He watched their asses move in front of him. But for some reason he watched Nicole more than Julie. He kept picturing her breasts. He wondered what they felt like. He wondered what they tasted like.
He knew, however, that he'd never find out. She was his sister.
Ryan woke up first. Sun peeked through the blinds in his room, stirring him from a deep slumber. He glanced at the clock. It was eight-seventeen. He turned back over. Nicole was still asleep. She had kicked the blankets off slightly so that just one breast was uncovered. Ryan stared at it, as if in a trance.
It was perfect. Round and plentiful, it draped off her chest. Her nipple, soft and pink, was just the right size for the available surface area. It rose and fell slightly as she slept. To think that breast was in his hands and mouth the night before was still a shock to him. And the fact that it was his sister was even crazier. How did this come to be?
Ryan felt his penis stir. He slipped one hand under the covers and clutched it tightly. He was getting hard. He stared at Nicole's exposed breast as he fiddled with his cock, producing a sturdy erection. Given his size, it would be too obvious if he stayed on his back, so he rolled over, facing Nicole as she slept.
Even though he had known her his entire life, it was in this moment, as the sun shone through the blinds and canvassed her body, that she looked the most beautiful. Like an angel had fallen from heaven. Her brown hair shined as it spread out across the pillow. For some reason, his focus continued to drift to her one exposed breast. It's perfect symmetrical elegance glowing in the light.
He stroked his cock staring at her. He couldn't help it. No more than eight hours ago, he was inside her. He fit much of his penis deep inside the untouchable confines of his own sister. He felt her wetness as he plunged in and out of her. He remembered how they both came at the same time in a climactic moment of mutual ecstasy.
Suddenly, she stirred. Her brown eyes opened with a gracefully slow reveal. She looked comfortable and content.
Ryan froze, hand on his penis. He watched as her consciousness activated. But Nicole's dreamy eyes quickly grew alert and guarded. Realizing where she was, she instinctively covered herself with the sheets. Concerned, Ryan removed his hand from the death grip he had on his cock. He watched Nicole come to.
She pulled the blankets all the way up to her chin. "What time is it?"
"Not even eight-thirty."
"Oh my gosh," she said as she closed her eyes and put her hands on her head. "Ryan…"
He remained silent, sensing an immediate and deflating feeling of guilt. Nicole turned to him as they locked eyes. "What are we doing, Ryan?"
"I don't have an answer to that. I'm sorry," he said softly.
"This is my fault," she said, shaking her head. "I don't know what's happening to me."
"It's ok, Nicole. It's fine," Ryan attempted to reassure her.
"It's not fine!" she grew angry. "It's not fine, Ryan! I'm sitting here in bed with my brother. I'm naked. I had sex with my fucking brother!"
Ryan tried his best to create separation in the bed, by shifting all the way against the wall. Nicole was clearly in anguish and he wasn't quite sure what to do or say. They two of them laid there, naked, for several minutes in silence. Nicole kept her eyes closed, wondering if the whole thing had even actually happened.
"Nicole," Ryan finally broke his silence. "Please don't blame yourself for what happened. Yesterday… yesterday was a very weird day. Everything from the dock to what happened back here afterwards. I think we were all a little charged up."
"Charged up? Really, Ryan? We were charged up so we had sex?!"
Ryan was growing frustrated with his sister's tone. There was seemingly nothing he could say. "Look, I'm just saying don't blame yourself. It's my fault too. And yes, we were charged up. We're human. You're fucking hot and I couldn't resist, ok?!"
Nicole looked at Ryan for the first time since waking up. His hair was all messed up. His brown eyes were heavy and full, nearing tears likely. She never noticed his facial bone structure. He was actually quite attractive. She felt bad for never seeing it before. He looked grown up, not the young boy she had always known as they went on summer vacations at the lake together. He looked mature. He was a man.
"You really think so?" she asked, softly.
"Think what?"
"Do you think I'm hot?"
Ryan smiled. "Nicole. C'mon. You're gorgeous. I've always thought you're gorgeous. You got Mom's genes and I'm stuck with Dad's."
Nicole laughed and playfully slapped Ryan on the arm. "Stop. Dad's a silver fox!"
They each shared a laugh. The mood was lightened after Nicole had recovered from her panic. She started to feel more comfortable. She turned on her side towards Ryan, propping her head up with her hand. "What about me is hot?"
"What do you like about me?"
Ryan looked at the ceiling as he thought about his answer. "I dunno. You're just really good looking. And you're sweet. And kind. And I've always looked up to you." He turned to her. "You're perfect."
"And?" Nicole asked, unconvinced. After Ryan didn't answer, she slowly lowered the bed sheets, inch by inch, revealing her breasts until they were fully exposed.
Ryan was wide-eyed, staring at the glorious orbs as Nicole giggled delightfully. "I know you like these," she taunted. "You stare at them all the time. Even before all this."
Ryan didn't argue as it was true. He was obsessed with her breasts. He remembers staring at them as soon as she started to develop them.
"Ok. Yes. It's true. You have amazing tits. I've always been into them."
"Oh really?" Nicole asked as she playfully cradled them in her hands, giving Ryan a bit of a show. "Always?"
"Do you remember that time we were on vacation by the lake? And you and Julie flashed those guys on the boat?" Ryan asked. Nicole nodded. "I peeked at them that time. And have never stopped picturing them in my head."
"Stop!" she shrieked. "You saw them that day?! You're sneaky!"
"I couldn't help it. They're nice!"
Glancing down admirably, Nicole nodded. "They are, aren't they?" She looked back at Ryan who was staring, mesmerized. "Ryan! You look like you're gonna eat them for breakfast!"
Ryan didn't have to say anything. He simply looked at Nicole, sheepishly, as if he wasn't trying to hide anything. She reached over and ran her fingers through his hair, like a mother would to comfort her child. "Do you think we're going to hell?"
He grinned faintly, shaking his head. "No. Well… I'm not. You? Maybe."
"That's not funny, I'm serious. What we did was wrong. All of this has been wrong," she said while pointing to their naked bodies. "We're never coming back from this."
"I know. But I love you, Nicole. You're my big sister. I'll always love you."
Nicole slid over and hugged Ryan. As they pressed their bodies together, she felt his rock hard cock press against her belly. She looked down. "Ryan!"
"Sorry! I told you I like your boobs."
Nicole lifted the covers to peek at his erection. She then peeled them back so he was completely exposed. Ryan held his penis up by the base and stroked it. Precum dripped from the tip. Nicole laid on her side, resting her head on the palm of her hand as she watched her brother fondle his cock. "That thing went inside me."
He turned to her as he stroked. "It did indeed."
"All of it?" Nicole asked, looking up at Ryan. He nodded, even though he was pretty sure it was only half.
"Holy shit," she said, looking back to his penis. "I can't believe that."
"Did you… did you have an orgasm?" Ryan asked cautiously. He was afraid of the answer. But Nicole didn't hesitate to hold up two fingers. "Two of them," she said, happily. Ryan nearly shot his load he was so excited to hear that.
"You filled me up. I've never felt like that before. Ever. It was so satisfying." Nicole reached over and placed her hand around his penis so they were both stroking him together. "This thing you have is incredible. It's not fair to other guys, Ryan!"
He laughed as they each jerked him off. "You know, I've never felt like I had anything other guys would want," he admitted.
Nicole licked her lips. "This certainly qualifies."
Ryan turned so he was facing Nicole. He stared at her breasts like a dog at a treat. They each continued to stroke his ever-hardening cock. "Go ahead. I'll keep doing this," Nicole offered.
Ryan reached over and held each of her breasts in his hands. At first, he did no more than gauge their weight in his fingers. Each breast filled his hands with ease, spilling out the sides. He used his thumbs to feel her nipples which were each hardening by the second. This went on for several minutes. He fondled her. She jerked him off. He finally looked up. "Can I put them in my mouth?"
Nicole smiled at her brother's awkward shyness. She put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him in, signaling it was fine. Ryan opened his mouth and devoured her nipple, licking and sucking with fervor. Nicole had to release his cock as the angle no longer worked for her. Instead she laid on her back and held on to Ryan's head as he sucked. She could feel his cock pressed against her thigh.
Ryan feasted on her beautiful breasts as if it were his first meal after being stranded on a desert island. Years of staring at her breasts when she wasn't looking, fantasizing about them alone in his room, and listening to her talk about them casually while he pretended to not listen had all amounted to this moment as he alternated between left and right; feverishly inhaling them.
Nicole moaned softly as he worked on her chest. Her vagina radiated as she spread her legs in response. The bed sheets felt nice rubbing against her. She managed to reach down and hold Ryan's penis again. It felt like it would burst any minute it was so hard.
Ryan released her nipple with a pop, looking up at her. "Can we have sex again?" he asked, desperately.
Nicole smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. "We can," she said. Ryan eagerly reached for his cock, but Nicole stopped him. "But not today. I'm sore from last night. It's too big, Ry."
"I'm sorry…" he said, disappointed. "I didn't realize. Are you ok?"
"I'm fine. I just need to recover. Why don't you put your dick between my boobs. Would you like that?"
Ryan had never done anything like that. He wasn't sure if he'd like it. "I… I don't know. I've never done that."
"Here," said Nicole as she shifted up in bed. She cradled each breast and pressed them together. "Just slide it in the middle."
Ryan held his cock as he angled it directly between her big and luscious breasts. Nicole leaned her head forward and spit. She missed, hitting Ryan's wrist. "Hey!"
Nicole giggled. "Sorry about that. Here." She then took his cock in her hand and steadied it before spitting directly onto it. She rubbed it all in before placing it back between her tits. "There we go. Now you're all lubed up."
Ryan's cock was so big, it easily fit between her breasts, even poking her chin. His heavy balls rested on her tight abdomen. He thrusted in tiny little motions as his cock head jabbed beneath her chin. She chuckled looking up at him. "You can go a little harder than that. C'mon Ry!"
He picked up the pace now, thrusting into her in long and forceful strokes. "Theeerrrre we go," she said, satisfied. "How's your dick feel between these?"
"It feels amazing," he admitted. "Your boobs are awesome."
As Ryan thrusted, Nicole studied his upper body. He wasn't ripped by any means, but certainly had some definition to him. She ran her fingers across his abs. His muscles flexed as he rocked back and forth on her. She decided he was in pretty good shape after all. The feeling of his hard cock between her tits and her exploration of his body was sending shockwaves to her already wet pussy. She wished she could have sex with him, but knew it would be too painful this soon after. She took his hand in hers and guided it between her legs. Ryan immediately felt her hot, soaking cunt. She guided him further by pressing two of his fingers inside. Upon first contact, Nicole gasped. The feeling was incredible.
"I can't believe we're doing this!" Ryan said. Nicole smiled as she reached up and ran her fingers across his chest.
With Ryan's hand fucking her pussy and his cock fucking her tits, Nicole felt overcome with arousal. She knew she was going to have another orgasm. "Keep doing what you're doing. I'm gonna cum again," she announced.
"Really?" Ryan asked. He bit his lower lip as he dug his hand in deeper. He opted to reduce thrusting a bit and leave his cock nestled between her breasts. He didn't want to cum and ruin the moment for her.
"Oh God, Ry! Mmmmmm fuck," Nicole moaned. "Keep doing that. Oh my God, please keep doing that…"
Ryan fit three fingers inside her with relative ease. Secretly, he wondered if it was because he had stretched her out the night before. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was his sister was about to have a gushing orgasm on his fingers with his cock buried between her huge breasts.
"Oh fuck! Oh God! Yes! Ok, ok, ok… Fuck, Ryan… I'm cumming!!" Nicole leaned forward to watch Ryan bring her to orgasm. The room spun around, her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She felt dizzy. She reached down and massaged her clit as she came all over her brother's hand.
It was a powerful orgasm. Her vagina quivered with delight as her muscles retracted. Her loud moans paused momentarily as her mouth froze in an "O" shape. She trembled with pleasure. Without even realizing it, she took hold of his penis and began jerking it while she came. It was just the natural reaction.
With her orgasm coming to a conclusion, Ryan's had yet to begin, but was near. "Cum on my boobs," she said. "I want to see all your cum shoot on my boobs!"
"Oh God," Ryan said as he removed his hand from inside her and placed it on his thigh. He was straddling her with his balls resting on her belly and Nicole's two hands racing up and down his mighty cock. "Nicole…" he muttered. "I'm gonna cum a lot."
"I know. I can't wait," she said softly. "I wanna see it shoot on my chest."
Ryan's butt cheeks tightened. Nicole could feel it on her belly. He tightly gripped his thighs as he braced for what was to be another copious ejaculation. "Oh shit," he said. "I'm gonna cum."
Out from his ballooning cock head came a blast of semen, splashing violently against Nicole's chin. She shrieked and pressed his cock down further as three more cumshots came out in rapid succession. She held her breasts together with her elbows as each rope coated them in thick, white cream.
"Fuuuuck," said Ryan out of pure pleasure. He continued to cum. Nicole giggled delightfully as he unloaded a night's worth of jizz all over her perfect round tits. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed, once again impressed with the load size her brother could deliver. "It won't stop!"
There was so much cum by now, it was dripping off her body and onto the sheets below. Nicole released his cock in an effort to rub his cum into her boobs like body lotion. Ryan took control, stroking himself as he moaned, unleashing a few final straggling drops onto Nicole's belly.
When it was over, Ryan continued to straddle her, panting and out of breath. Cum covered her boobs. Nicole slowly rubbed it all over, smiling and content. "Look at that," she said aloud.
"Whoa," said Ryan. He was impressed by his own abilities, sure, but even more pleased to see another great reaction by Nicole. Seeing her marvel at his cumshots would be something he knew he'd never grow tired of.
Nicole gleamed as she ran her fingers through the thick substance. She played with it in her hand, lifting her fingers up off her chest and watching it drip back down in large globs. "You cum so much. It's really amazing. And look! It's so thick."
Ryan mindlessly stroked his softening cock as he watched Nicole play with his cum. "Yeah I get really excited I guess."
Nicole giggled as she looked up at him. "You guess?" she asked as she playfully wiped some of his cum onto his belly. "Look at all this, Ry! Do you always cum like that or is it just in front of me?"
The real answer was that he always came that much. As long as he could remember having orgasms, it had been a lot. He always thought it was normal until he found out from friends and a couple of girlfriends that it was not.
"It's you," he lied.
"Aww, Ryan. You're so sweet. I still can't believe we're doing this, though."

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