Like Brother and Sister Ch. 10

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tagIncest/TabooLike Brother and Sister Ch. 10

Nancy gasped as she entered the house from outside. She stood in the doorway in shock, her hand covering her mouth. She nearly broke out into tears.
"I guess you like it?" Tom asked as he stepped aside motioning for her and the kids to come in.
No more than a year ago, construction began as they completely gutted and remodeled the entire house. They decided to upgrade from a smaller, cramped layout and outdated design to a wide open and modern concept. In addition, the family purchased a vacant lot behind the house to serve as the family pool and outdoor deck area.
"Tom! It's beautiful!" Nancy said as she ushered Nicole and Ryan inside to check out their new first floor. "The ceilings are so high! Look at those windows! Oh my gosh Tom, it's so wonderful!"
Nicole looked around. The entryway bled into a large and spacious living room area directly connected to an open concept kitchen. "Where's the furniture?" she asked her father.
Tom smirked. "It's coming Nicole. But look at all the space we have now! You have to use your imagination. Picture family movie night in here!"
Nicole shrugged and checked her phone. "Cool." It was hard to imagine family movie night when she had boys to text.
Ryan, on the other hand, inspected every little detail. He was thrilled about the renovation. He meticulously studied the architecture and interior design. "I love it, Dad. It's really awesome!"
Tom patted Ryan on the back. "That's the spirit. Positivity. You kids will love it."
As Nancy and Tom checked out the rest of the house, Nicole found herself looking out the window. "This is a huge window. Anyone walking by is gonna see what's going on here."
Ryan laughed. "Oh yeah, they'll see all the criminal behavior we're up to in our living room. Wouldn't want them to see me kick your ass in Smash Brothers, now would we!?"
Nicole playfully poked Ryan in the gut. "Very funny. I'm going to my room. I wonder how that came out." She trudged down the hall towards her first floor bedroom.
Ryan touched the windows, running his finger along them. They felt sturdy and fresh. They let in plenty of light. As he looked out at the quaint neighborhood street, a woman walked by with her dog. They made eye contact and she smiled slightly.
"You wanna go for fish tacos later?" Melanie asked as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror.
"I'm going to Nick's!" Sarah called out from her room. She was texting with him at that very moment. They got very close the previous night and were already eager to see each other again that evening.
"So is this a new thing?" Melanie asked, now standing in Sarah's doorway. She was wearing a tight tank top and short gym shorts. Her smooth legs leaned against the doorway.
Sarah looked up from her phone. "Maybe? Maybe not? We had fun last night hanging out."
"That you did. We all did. That was literally the craziest thing I think I've ever done."
"Right? I feel like anytime we're with Julie, Nicole, and her brother, nakedness seems to happen at some point."
Melanie cracked up laughing. "Oh my gosh, that boy. That boy and his pork sword."
"Nick and Brad too! Were we at the big dick club last night?"
The two girls cracked up even more. It was true. Each of the boys from last night sported a particularly large hard-on and had no issues showing it off.
"So what is it with Ryan and Nicole? They're just cool with all this, huh?" Melanie asked as she joined Sarah by sitting on the edge of her bed.
"I was thinking that too. Seems like they're overly comfortable around each other."
Melanie nodded. "Ever since he freaking jizzed on her that day at the pool. I'll never forget that. How ridiculous was that?"
Sarah keeled over laughing as she clutched her knees. "Oh my goodness! She, like, ran out of there in a panic!"
"Well, yeah! Wouldn't you? I don't even want to think about that with my brother. Gross!" Melanie shook her head in disgust. "But, I guess they're more open? I don't know. I will tell you this though. I wouldn't mind seeing that thing another time. He has such a beautiful penis."
Sarah nodded. "It was," she admitted. "It really was. And my God can that boy cum. He just kept firing and firing. It was going everywhere!"
Melanie laughed. "It got on all of us! I think even Brad and Nick may have gotten some on them."
"He was like a cumming machine. Honestly, I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda hot to watch him," Sarah blushed.
"You have a cum fetish, my friend," Melanie said. Sarah could not deny it and nodded in agreement. "I really do," she said in response.
"That's ok. We all have our thing."
"What's yours?" Sarah asked, curiously.
Melanie looked up at the ceiling for a moment before leaning in towards her roommate. "Butt stuff," she whispered. "I'm into that."
Sarah nodded and smiled. "Ok, ok. I can get behind that."
"No pun intended?" Melanie asked.
"No pun intended!"
Melanie gleamed. "Look at us! Getting all hot and bothered. Ok, go have fun. Maybe I'll see what Brad's doing. Or maybe I'll go over and look at Ryan's dick with his sister."
They laughed with each other as they got ready for the night.
Ryan stood at the top of the stairs before heading down into the living room. He clutched his genitals with both hands, trying to cover himself up. "Nicole!" he called out again.
"What?" she finally responded. She was in the kitchen fixing something to eat.
"Are the blinds closed?" he asked.
He heard her giggling then her bare footsteps tapping across the living room hardwood floor. "Relax, dude. They're closed!" she called out.
Ryan took a deep breath and walked down the stairs. One would think after all he and Nicole had been through now, being naked would be no big deal. But it was quite the opposite. He seemed to feel even more nervous than before.
He tiptoed across the living room towards the kitchen. He found Nicole chopping carrots at the kitchen island. As planned, she was naked. Her lucious boobs jiggled ever so slightly as she wielded the knife. Music played softly from the speaker system. She looked up and burst out laughing.
"Ryan! What are you doing?" she asked while continuing to laugh.
"I've seen you. We've done some things, Ry. You don't need to be so bashful." Nicole looked down as she cut vegetables. Ryan slowly removed his hands, allowing his penis and balls to hang freely and unobstructed. Nicole looked down to see. She smiled satisfactorily as she continued to chop carrots.
"What are you making?" Ryan asked as he took a seat at the island, across from Nicole.
"Chicken soup. Felt like a chicken soup kinda day. You want some?"
As Nicole continued to work, Ryan stared at her breasts. They shook and jiggled with every move. They didn't sag, but were big enough to hang ever so slightly. In Ryan's mind, they were the perfect shape and what he normally sought out when looking at internet pornography. It was still so surreal to him that they were attached to his sweet older sister and fully on display for him. He felt the urge to suck on them again as he nearly drooled watching her.
Nicole smiled, catching Ryan staring. "You really love these things, huh?"
"They're so amazing."
Nicole put down the knife and held her boobs up. "I'm glad you like them. They certainly get the job done. Although I hate my nipples. They're too big," she said as she pinched each one.
"I think your nipples are amazing," said Ryan, staring deeply in a trance.
"You're so sweet, little bro." Nicole peered over the counter to try and see Ryan's crotch. "Any activity down there?"
Ryan laughed as he pushed his chair out, allowing her a direct view. His penis had begun to stiffen. "Little bit. Little bit."
"Hmm," said Nicole standing upright again. "Very nice," she said as she finished chopping the carrots. She turned to dump them into the pot, giving Ryan a direct sight of her plump ass. Realizing this, she nonchalantly held one butt cheek, peeling it open just a tad.
Ryan's cock responded, hardening further. He rubbed himself under the counter top.
Nicole giggled as she walked back towards the counter. She was well aware of the effect she was having on him. She spied his cock head poking out above the counter top due to his growing erection.
"Is this bad?" Ryan asked.
"What do you mean?" Nicole asked, leaning forward on her elbows, further accentuating her breasts for Ryan's visual delight.
"Everything we're doing. Is it bad?"
Suddenly, Nicole grew solemn. She stood back up and crossed her arms. Her facial expression turned serious. "Ryan, please don't ask that."
Ryan nodded. He felt his stomach drop as his cock retracted. He shouldn't have said that.
"Come on. Sit with me in the living room," Nicole said as she walked away towards the big leather couch. Ryan followed.
The two of them sat next to each other on the couch, but angled towards one another. Ryan's eyes drifted down to Nicole's crotch. Her bush was neatly trimmed in a V shape. With her legs in this position, he could just about make out her labia, opened slightly with the way she was sitting.
Realizing he may be caught staring, he looked up at Nicole, but she was preoccupied looking out the window. Ryan hadn't even noticed she had opened the blinds again. He decided now was not the time to complain about it. She turned back to him.
"Ryan, please let's not talk about what this all means. I don't know the answer to that. I may be afraid of the answer. I want to live in the now. Whatever this is, I want to experience it in the moment and not think about the future or past."
It was a fair statement and one that Ryan had not properly taken the time to ponder himself. It was clear Nicole was conflicted with what was happening so he decided to tread very lightly.
"Sure, Ninz. No problem."
She smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder. "I love you, little bro."
"I love you, big sis."
Nicole looked down. "Oh no, does he not like serious conversations?"
Ryan's penis had become limp as it lazily draped across his thigh. He picked up the flaccid piece of flesh and wagged it side to side. "Heh. He's just being respectful."
"Oh, he's respectful all right," laughed Nicole. "If you call rearranging my insides respectful!"
The two laughed at the silly joke as Ryan squeezed his cock, hoping to gain another erection. Nicole sighed and watched him. "You know what's funny?" she asked. "Your dick's so big, it overshadows your balls, but they're huge too!"
Ryan looked down. He ceased squeezing his cock for a moment to hold up his heavy ball sack. "They are, aren't they?"
"I guess if you're gonna cum as much as you do, you have to have big balls to hold it all, right?" Nicole asked.
"Is that a real thing? Do you think that's why they're so big?"
"I don't know! I doubt it. But it makes sense, doesn't it?" She turned her head to the side to get a better look. She giggled and covered her mouth. "Ryan! Jeez! Do those things get a cleaning every time you sit on the toilet?!"
"They kinda do sometimes! I'm not even kidding," said Ryan.
"I believe you! Those are some big ass balls!"
Ryan resumed playing with his cock with one hand and cradling his newly appreciated balls in the other. It wasn't long until he regained his full erection before her eyes.
"This feels good," he said as he stroked.
"It sure looks like it does!"
Ryan had an idea. "Do you want to do it too?"
"What? Jerk you off?"
"No. Masturbate. Do you ever do that?"
Nicole rolled her eyes. "All the time, Ry. But usually with my toys."
"I didn't know you had those," Ryan said as he jerked off. The topic was arousing him even further.
"Oh I do. Every girl does, you know." As Nicole watched Ryan masturbate, her hand drifted between her legs. "Holy shit," she said.
"I'm really getting wet right now!"
Ryan watched as Nicole spread her legs further and dug her fingers in. The squishy sounds of her vagina were a clear indication as to how aroused she had become. He noticed her eyes were glued to his cock. "Really wet," she said softly.
"Can… can I feel it?" Ryan asked. He paused jerking off for fear of ejaculating so soon.
Nicole smiled as she fingered herself. "I want you to taste it." She removed her fingers and held them up to Ryan's mouth. They were shiny and gooey with fluid. As she held her hand up, the smell of her flowed into Ryan's nostrils. It was like nothing he has ever smelled before. Feminine, majestic, and pure.
Her fingers reached his mouth. He slowly opened it, taking in her index and middle fingers. The taste was a mixture of sweet and salty. Ryan closed his eyes as he licked. Nicole smiled watching him devour her juices.
As quickly as it went in, she withdrew her hand and grabbed his jaw. Slowly and sensually, she pulled him closer, towards her crotch. As Ryan's face approached her vagina, she leaned back on the couch and positioned a pillow under her head. She smiled and closed her eyes just as she felt the first contact with his tongue.
Nicole's vagina was a work of art. It was like two slithers from the edges of bright pink circles brought together in perfect symmetry. Her engorged clit protruded from the apex, begging to be stimulated. Ryan wasted no time in plunging his tongue as deep as he could. He tasted the glorious saltiness of her vaginal fluid immediately.
Nicole massaged her clit vigorously as Ryan feasted on her. "Mmmmm fuck Ry," she whispered. "God this feels so good."
Ryan was no expert in pleasuring a woman with his mouth. In fact, he had only done this once in his life. But the fact that he was so comfortable with Nicole allowed him to be bold and approach it with the utmost confidence. He could tell this was working as Nicole moaned and whined, squirming on the couch while running her fingers through his hair.
"Oh my gosh, Ryan this feels so good. Oh fuck!" she said. "I can't believe it. I'm gonna cum again, Ryan!"
He withdrew and looked up. "Really?" he asked, but Nicole immediately jammed his face back into her crotch, laughed and closed her eyes. "Yes. Keep going."
Ryan continued to glide his tongue in and out of her. He pressed in as deep as he could go, then pulled it out, licking the outside of her labia. He repeated this process like clockwork as Nicole moaned and moaned. She spread her legs wider. She was so close to orgasm, but couldn't quite get there. She opened her eyes and watched Ryan eating her out. His eyes were closed and his finger rested idly on her clit. She reached out and held his finger. "Put it in my ass."
Ryan stopped suddenly and looked up. "Huh?"
"Put a finger in my ass," she whispered. "Do it. I'm gonna cum."
Ryan hesitantly looked back down. Her vagina was dripping wet. He peered below and saw her tight little asshole, widening and contracting rhythmically. He looked back up. "In your ass?"
"Do it!" Nicole shouted, eager to get off.
Ryan did as he was told. He used his index finger and inserted it slowly and hesitantly into her ass.
"Ohhhhh fuck!!" Nicole said as she rested her head back and closed her eyes. "Now eat me!"
Again, Ryan followed orders. He slid his tongue back into her pussy while fingering her asshole simultaneously. The added sensation was like a perfect storm for Nicole as she immediately began to orgasm.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck… YES! Oh my God! Fuck!" she screamed, filling the entire house with her moans. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she screamed.
Her vagina pulsed and throbbed in Ryan's mouth. He could feel her quivering and vibrating as she orgasmed. In the midst of the excitement, he pulled his finger out of her ass without realizing it. But Nicole didn't mind as her orgasm had already arrived. She clutched his head tightly and squeezed her thighs around him.
After powerful waves of sensations, slowly but surely, her pleasure subsided. She released his head and closed her eyes, laughing hysterically. Ryan sat up and wiped his mouth. He inspected his finger to see what, if anything, was on there from her ass. It was clean. He started jerking his aching cock right away while Nicole recovered.
"That felt… So. Fucking. Good," she said, staring up at the ceiling. "You're like a pro at that," she said while leaning her head up to look at Ryan. He was already jerking off at a feverish pace, completely overcome with arousal from what happened.
Nicole giggled sweetly. "Aww, you poor thing. Come here," she said as she leaned forward and took hold of his cock. "Let me return the favor, although it's easier said than done with this."
Nicole held his cock by the base and inhaled deeply. "Ok, ok… here we go. Sorry, I have to build up the nerves to try this."
Ryan couldn't wait to feel her mouth on his cock. He always imagined what it may feel like and would finally find out at this very moment. Nicole's hair tickled his balls as she leaned in towards his aching cock. She started out by licking the underside of the shaft, just below the head. She did this a few times before finally taking the head inside her warm mouth.
"Mmmm," she moaned with a full mouth as she tackled a seemingly impossible task of sucking off her brother's massive penis. With one hand stroking his shaft, she took more in, slowly and methodically making room for it in her tiny mouth.
"Oh my God," said Ryan. "Oh fuck this is good."
Nicole looked up with his cock in her mouth and winked. She went back to work, sucking and slurping on his thick pole. It was so big, she had a decent amount of trouble finding room for it. She withdrew her mouth with a "pop" sound.
"God, you're big," she said as she used her hands to pleasure him. "I can barely get this thing in my mouth, Ryan!"
"You feel so good. You have no idea. Please keep going," Ryan said in a daze.
Nicole bent back over and took his cock in again. This time she methodically stroked and licked him. She was determined to make him cum and spray the inside of her throat with a sticky, gooey mess.
She used one hand to feel and massage his bloated testicles. They were tightened with arousal, ready to launch a massive seed up through his shaft and into her mouth. She eagerly took in more of his shaft in anticipation for his orgasm. Nicole even felt her own wetness return as her vagina begged to be touched again.
Ryan stretched his legs out. The moment was near. "Jesus Christ I'm gonna cum again. I'm gonna cum, Nicole. Oh God, please keep going. Please."
Nicole squeezed harder with her hand. She licked his cock from inside her mouth aggressively. She wanted nothing more than to feel his hot seed.
"Here it comes. Here it comes!"
Just as Ryan was about to cum, they both heard it. Bubbling water spilling on the floor. They had forgotten about the soup. Nicole pulled his dick out and turned to the kitchen. "The soup!"
Nicole darted up, leaving Ryan lying there in pain, seconds away from a massive orgasm. She wiped her mouth as she scooted across the living room floor, naked as the day she was born. Ryan laid back with his eyes closed. He kept perfectly still for fear of blowing his load if he made any sudden movements.
"Hurry up!" he called out. "I was gonna cum!"
Nicole just finished turning off the stove as she started back towards the couch. "Don't you dare without me!"
"Don't dare what?"
Nicole and Ryan froze. The voice was all too familiar. It was deep and raspy. A voice so recognizable it brought fear and panic into both of them. Ryan sat up in a dash. Nicole's mouth dropped. They turned towards the end of the hallway where the door to the garage was.
Tom and Nancy were home.

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