Like Brother and Sister Ch. 11

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tagIncest/TabooLike Brother and Sister Ch. 11

"Honey, what's wrong? There's soup all over the kitchen floor!" Nancy stood in the space between the kitchen and living room, glaring down at her daughter. Her hands on her hips, not pleased with the mess.
Nicole looked up and blushed. The blanket was held tightly under her chin as she was completely naked underneath. "I'm sorry Mom. I was on the phone and forgot about it."
"Do you feel ok?" Nancy asked, sounding concerned now. "You're all flush and under a blanket. It's ninety degrees out!"
Sensing an opportunity, Nicole took advantage. "Yeah I was getting chills so I curled up in the blanket. I thought chicken soup may help."
Tom reached over and felt Nicole's forehead. "You don't seem warm. Maybe you're just tired?"
"Could be. I think I just need to get some rest," Nicole said. She prayed they would leave the room.
"It smells like a locker room in here!" said Tom, looking towards the window. "Maybe some fresh air will help you feel better." He started towards the window behind the couch where Ryan was hiding.
Huddled up in a ball behind the couch, Ryan was frozen in place. His heart raced. He could barely breathe for fear of making any noise. He heard the floorboard creak as his father approached the window. He was buck naked and continued to sport a throbbing erection.
This was it. It was all over. Once his father found him, there was no possible way to explain anything. Shortly thereafter, it was all but a guarantee they'd discover Nicole was also naked. They were fooling around. They were doing things siblings should never do. Ryan wondered what would happen to them. Would they call the authorities? Would they excommunicate him and Nicole from the family? A sense of severe dread and guilt washed over him in that moment. He closed his eyes tightly as he waited to be discovered.
"Don't open that, honey. The air is on. I'm not air-conditioning the outdoors!" Nancy called out.
Tom paused. "Ehh, good point. You're right." He withdrew.
Ryan exhaled, careful not to make a sound. He was saved. His mother saved him from the most traumatic experience in his life.
"Can we get you anything, sweetheart?" Nancy asked as she too felt Nicole's forehead.
"I just want to rest. If that's ok," Nicole said in her best impression of a distressed, sick child.
"Of course. Do you want to go to your room? It'd be more comfortable there," Nancy asked as she sat on the edge of the couch, resting her hand on Nicole's leg.
"No, I'm good here, Mom."
"Ok, kiddo. We'll get out of your hair. Nancy, let's go unpack our things."
"Thanks, Dad," Nicole said. Tom smiled warmly. "Hey, where's your brother?"
Ryan's panic returned. He held his breath when he heard them mention him. What would Nicole say?
"Not sure. I thought he was home, but he may have left. I was drifting in and out of sleep."
"Probably at the library or something. I'll shoot him a text. Ok, feel better honey," said Tom as he and Nancy went upstairs. Once they were gone, Nicole and Ryan still didn't move. After a few minutes, the coast was clear and Ryan emerged slowly from behind the couch.
"What are you doing?" Nicole whispered, sternly.
"I have to get out of here!" Ryan whispered back.
Nicole glanced at his crotch. "Ryan! Are you serious? You're still friggin hard?"
Ryan looked down. His penis remained as hard as it was earlier. The panic of the situation did him no favors and he was stuck with a throbbing, aching erection. "What am I supposed to do?" he argued back.
"I dunno, think about baseball or something!" Nicole scolded.
Ryan squeezed his cock, hoping to force his arousal away, but it had the opposite effect. In fact, it started to feel good. "What are you doing?!" Nicole asked in shock as she watched Ryan feel himself.
"I need to cum. I can't walk around like this, Nicole."
Nicole's eyes widened as she took notice of how incredibly hard he was. She now understood his predicament. She lowered her blanket, revealing her breasts as she turned towards the stairs. Tom and Nancy could be heard unpacking and talking to one another about their trip. She turned back to Ryan. "Follow me. And be quiet," she whispered.
Ryan followed Nicole as she tip-toed down the hall. He was gifted the sight of her perfectly bubbly butt as she scampered down the hall. He tried to cover his boner, but only made the situation that much worse with added stimulation. He followed Nicole into her room as she closed the door behind him.
"Jesus. Christ," she said with a bit more volume now that they were alone in her room. "What the fuck just happened?"
"Did you know they were going to be home?" Ryan asked.
"No! They were supposed to be home tomorrow night at the earliest! Holy shit, Ryan."
"What are we gonna do?" he asked as he pointed back and forth between their naked bodies.
"You have to hide. Where's your phone? Cause they're gonna text you."
Ryan looked around Nicole's bedroom, but knew it was not in there. "It's in the kitchen. What if they hear it go off?"
"I have to get it. You need to hide in the closet."
"What? Why?" Ryan protested.
Nicole was serious and taking command. "Because you're naked and you have no clothes. I will try and get you some, but I need the coast to be clear." She looked down at his cock. "And this… this needs to go away now."
"I can't! You know that, Nicole."
Nicole stared at it. It was throbbing hard, veins pulsing with precum dripping from the tip. She noticed his balls were very tight, nearly ready to explode. She took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling. She made sure she could still hear Tom and Nancy talking upstairs. "Fine, come here."
Ryan stepped forward enough so that Nicole could grab his cock. She took both hands to it and began to stroke him. "You need to be fast. We don't have a lot of time."
"Ok, said Ryan as he watched her caress him with a sense of urgency. He knew it wouldn't be long.
"Let me know when you're gonna finish, ok? I need to aim you into this t-shirt."
"Sure. I'll say when," Ryan said with a strain. The feeling of her hands on his hard cock was creating immense arousal. Combined with the risky situation, he was greatly excited.
"Jesus, Ry. It's like as hard as concrete. You were really worked up from before."
"You have no idea," he said, looking up at Nicole. She smiled for the first time since the incident began. "Did you cum?" he asked quietly.
She looked him in the eyes. "You know I did."
"I've never done anything like that, Nicole. You know, the butt thing." Nicole didn't acknowledge his comment. She was slightly embarrassed about what happened. Instead she silently jerked him off.
After a few moments, Ryan was ready to ejaculate. "Ok, Ninz. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum right now."
Snapping into action, Nicole balled a t-shirt up and created a makeshift bowl at the tip of his cock. The first blast came out and splashed against it. Considerable in both volume and velocity. "Wow," she whispered.
Ryan whimpered slightly audibly. Nicole glared at him, indicating for him to be quiet. He continued to cum forcefully into the t-shirt. Nicole stroked his cock with one hand and held the t-shirt with the other, making sure to capture the hefty load.
Ryan's knees buckled in pleasure. He tightly gripped his thighs. Although the orgasm was rushed, it felt no less pleasurable than other times with her. "Fuck, Nicole," he whispered as his penis continued to shoot. "This feels so good."
"Hurry!" Nicole whispered, giggling in the process. "For once, this can't be a big ordeal!"
Ryan continued to fill the t-shirt with sticky, bright white cum as his loads began to subside. Sensing it was over, Nicole took her hand away and carefully balled up the t-shirt. But she was mistaken. Ryan wasn't done. One last blast shot out, splashing against her stomach. Ryan quickly pointed his penis away as the straggling load even caught him by surprise.
"Ryan!" Nicole scolded. "I thought you were done!"
"I did too!" he argued. "It's over now. That's it."
Nicole dabbed the t-shirt against her belly, clearing the cum off. "Ok, go. Into the closet. Sit in there. I'll come back with your phone and clothes as soon as I can.
"Ok," said Ryan as he turned towards the closet.
"Wait," said Nicole. He turned back. She slowly knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her hand. She opened her mouth and licked off a tiny bead of residual cum from the tip of his cock. The taste of it in her mouth sent shivers throughout her naked body. She stood back up and smiled. "Just wanted a taste."
"You know there's a whole buffet in that t-shirt," Ryan joked.
"Gross," joked Nicole. "Ok, go!" she then shoved Ryan towards the closet and closed the door.
Ryan felt like he could fall asleep in the dark confines of Nicole's closet. He just had another powerful orgasm after a day of unthinkable pleasure with Nicole. He felt very content. Nicole fetched his phone quickly and he was able to respond to his father. He said he was at a friend's house. Now he must wait until Nicole could safely get him some clothes and allow him to escape.
He waited patiently for an hour, then two, then three. It was nighttime now. He could make out voices in the living room, leading him to believe his parents were blocking Nicole's access to the stairs.
He alternated between sitting and standing to keep blood flowing. It was getting very cramped and uncomfortable and he wished she'd come and let him out soon. But the banter coming from the living room sounded like everyone was settled in.
Ryan looked around the closet. It was packed with Nicole's dresses, blouses, shirts, and shoes. His eyes had adjusted well to the darkness now and he could make out the various designs on her clothing as he perused through. He pulled one dress out and examined it. It had a red and blue floral pattern on it. The bust line was low cut. He remembered this as the dress Nicole wore to Nick's house the night of the lakeside orgy.
Out of curiosity, Ryan brought the dress to his nose and took a whiff. It smelled of Nicole. He inhaled deeper this time, taking in the scent of his beautiful sister. He pictured her wearing the dress on the dock that night. He then pictured her in her bikini shortly after. Images of her on her knees, getting sprayed by Ryan's spasming dick soon followed.
With his face buried in her dress, he reached for his cock. He fondled himself, squeezing and pulling at his hefty slab. With the hours that passed, he found himself rearing to go again, desperately horny for Nicole. He put the dress back and rifled through more clothing, looking for more stimulation.
That's when he came across a drawer where she kept her bathing suits. The first one he grabbed was a hot pink two piece. He sniffed the bottoms as he jerked off. He was secretly hoping he'd smell her vagina, but the clean fabric smelled just like the dress.
Ryan became lost in his own imagination as he smelled the various pieces of clothing in the closet, all the while tugging on his hard cock. He felt so horny for Nicole, he was worried he may cum right there in her closet. He realized how messy of a situation that would be, so opted to refrain for now.
"Are you feeling better, honey?" Tom asked as he popped open another bottle of wine.
"I think so, Dad. I just felt a little down in the dumps earlier. I guess it was just rest I needed," Nicole said as Tom handed her a glass of wine.
"You party too hard. You and Julie need to take a breather!" Nancy said. "Lord knows Tom and I never went out as much as you guys do when we were your age."
Nicole nodded as she sipped her wine and checked her phone. She nervously watched the clock. Ryan had been hiding well over three hours now.
"Are you including Ryan in your endeavors? You know he can use someone like you to get him out of his shell."
"Yeah he came to the beach with us the other day"
Tom nodded. "That's my girl. Showing your little brother around."
You have no idea Nicole thought to herself.
"You two used to be so close, honey. I can remember those summer weeks at the lake. You two running around having so much fun. And Julie of course," Nancy said, smiling as she reminisced on precious memories.
Nancy yawned. Sensing an opportunity, Nicole spoke up. "You look tired, Mom! You guys had a long trip. Maybe you should get some rest."
"I really need to, honey. I'm exhausted. I'll go up soon."
Tom was busy looking out the window at the pool area. "Did you guys use the pool at all? I need to clean the filter. I can see the upper limit marker from here. Something's gotta be clogged in there."
Nicole's heart skipped a beat. Ryan's cum. Had it clumped up in the filter? A bead of sweat formed on her forehead as she tried to play it cool. Under normal circumstances, neither she nor Nancy would acknowledge what her father just said. Just regular Dad talk. She decided to play it cool and pretend she wasn't listening to him. He sipped his wine and walked away from the window. Hopefully that crisis was averted for the time being.
Nancy yawned again. "My goodness, I need to go upstairs. Honey are you going to join me?"
"I just poured this!" Tom argued.
"I love wine in bed," said Nicole, careful not to sound too eager.
"Yes, honey. That's a great idea. Bring it upstairs Tom. We'll have a nightcap and watch TV," Nancy suggested as she finally sat up on the couch.
"Fine, fine. I'll come up. I'll probably pass out though. Just a fair warning, my lady."
"Surprise, surprise. Nicole, I swear to you this man could sleep standing up if he had to," Nancy said.
Nicole forced a laugh. "I believe it! Mom, take him up so I don't have to deal with him!"
Just as he reached for another article of clothing, his phone buzzed.
"Hey. We're all in the living room drinking wine. Mom's saying she's getting tired so hopefully soon."
"How are you doing in there lol"
"I slept a little. But I'm really starting to get uncomfortable," Ryan typed back.
"Hopefully not much longer. Watch a movie on your phone with subtitles or something"
I think I'll just jerk off to your bathing suits Ryan thought.
"Ugh. Please hurry," he wrote back.
He put his phone down and continued to smell her clothing. He admitted this was keeping him plenty busy while he waited to be let out.
Another hour or so had passed when Ryan heard the bedroom door open. He was holding a pair of Nicole's shoes in one hand and his cock in the other. Quickly he put the shoes back and sat down on the ground. He heard Nicole's bare feet approaching. She opened the closet door quickly.
Ryan squinted up at her, the bright lights shining in on him. Nicole couldn't help but giggle. She covered her mouth as she looked down at her poor, helpless brother cowering on the floor in her bedroom.
"You poor, poor, boy," she said as she tossed him a t-shirt and shorts. "You're lucky you have a sister who loves you."
Ryan stood up slowly. He knew she'd notice immediately.
"Ryan!" she whisper-yelled as she saw it. "You weren't hard this whole time, were you?!"
He grabbed his cock. "No. Just happened in the last few minutes."
She glared at him, skeptically. She didn't believe him. "You're a machine. A literal boner machine."
Ryan shrugged as he tried to put his shorts on over his erection. Nicole giggled, taking great pleasure in watching him struggle to get dressed. "You better get that down before you go upstairs!"
"Are they up?"
Nicole shook her head. "In their room. Door closed. If I were you, I'd go downstairs and watch TV or something just to be safe. Pretend you just got home."
Ryan walked towards the door and put his hand on the knob. He turned back to Nicole. "Thanks Nicole. I really owe you."
"You're welcome, little bro."
Ryan turned back and stared at the door knob. He didn't turn it though. He stood still, staring at his hand tightly gripping the door knob. His cock, still hard, jutting out against the fabric of his shorts. A wet spot formed at the tip.
He slowly took his hand away and turned back to Nicole. She looked at him, confused. "What are you doing?"
Ryan didn't answer. He slowly walked towards Nicole. "Ryan?" she asked, concerned now as she watched her brother approach her with a look in his eye. "Ryan?" she said again, but softer.
Maintaining eye contact with her, he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down. He was so close to her now, his cock was pressing into the space between her legs. He reached up and held the back of her head.
"Ryan, we can't," Nicole said. But she was unconvincing. He pulled her closer until their mouths locked together. They closed their eyes and kissed. Ryan took Nicole's hand and guided it to his aching penis. She held on tightly.
When their mouths separated, Ryan looked at Nicole "I want to fuck you again."
Nicole stroked his cock as she thought about the question. "Now?" she asked, still looking down.
"But it will hurt," she half-protested. Deep down, Nicole wanted it. She wanted every inch of him.
Ryan helped her undress. First removing her shirt, then undoing her bra. He was secretly impressed with himself after getting her bra off in one try. Her breasts spilled out as Ryan held them in his palms. He sucked on her hard nipples, one at a time as Nicole lowered her pants. Ryan walked her backwards toward her bed as she sat down.
He stood in front of her with his cock at eye level. She stared at it like a hungry dog. "Do you want this?" he asked with his hands behind his back.
She never broke her gaze, nodding affirmatively.
"Do you?" he asked again.
"Yes what?"
Nicole was stunned by Ryan's sudden display of assertion. "I want your dick."
"What is it about it that you want?" he asked, clutching it from the base.
Nicole had a look of pure desperation in her eyes. Whoever the new Ryan was, she was loving it. "It's big. I want it because it's big," she said.
"Just big?" Ryan asked with thirst in his eyes.
"It's huge," she said, helplessly.
Ryan slowly pushed her back, so she was lying down. He spread her legs and felt her pussy with his fingers. Unsurprisingly, she was sopping wet and ready for him. Wasting no time, he pressed his cock head directly against her tight opening and slid it inside.
Nicole's eyes widened and she covered her mouth. The pain upon entry was only a fraction of what she expected. Her body was surprisingly accommodating. She closed her eyes as Ryan pushed more of his wide cock inside. She was so wet, it slid in effortlessly.
The two of them kept as quiet as possible as Ryan thrusted in and out. His cock glistened in the light from the ceiling, caked in moisture from Nicole. Half his penis was penetrating her. Nicole gripped the bed sheets like last night, while Ryan thumbed her clit.
She leaned forward, supporting herself on her elbows as she watched Ryan plow his massive cock into her. She bit her lower lip. It was a bit more painful now, but her mounting pleasure was overshadowing it. She thought she may cum again.
Ryan was nearly three-quarters of the way in now. His consistent thrusting caused his bloated balls to slam against Nicole's butt. She reached down and stuck her hand between them to stop the slapping noise. Just as she did so, a huge wave of arousal struck her, causing her head to shoot back and eyes roll in the back of her head. The feeling of him inside her was overpowering.
Nicole was seconds from orgasm just as Ryan withdrew. It was too late. He was going to cum. Ryan grabbed Nicole's t-shirt again and for the second time, unloaded a thick cumshot directly into it. Nicole rubbed her pussy while she watched Ryan's ecstatic facial expression. He silently erupted into the t-shirt with his eyes closed.

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