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All characters over 18.

It had been a crazy week for Lily and her family. Lily, the oldest of 6 children, turned 18 on Monday, graduated high school on Wednesday, and threw a massive 40th surprise party for her father on Saturday.
After the party, Lily offered to put all of the little ones to bed so their parents could have some alone time. All of the kids immediately passed out, it had been a long week for them too. Lily went to her room, quickly put her long, wavy, blonde hair up in a messy bun. She tore off her party clothes and admired her body in the mirror. At just 5ft 2 in tall, she had washboard abs and the effortlessly cool look. She grabbed the nearest oversized tshirt, pulled it over her head, and passed out.
Lily awoke startled with a tap on her shoulder. "Lily? Lily… wake up. I need your help". She realized it was her mother at her bedside. She panicked "What's wrong mom????" Her mother responded by taking her hand, swiftly taking her out of bed. Lily didn't notice until they passed the skylight in the hallway, allowing a little bit of moonlight to illuminate her mother in front of her. Her mother was …. completely naked.
Lily entered her parents room still following her mother, as confused as ever. Her eyes started to adjust to the room, which was lit by a twinkling fire place. On the bed she saw her dad with his head propped up, laying on his back, and something sticking up, casting a large shadow. As I got closer I realized, it was my dads dick. Hard as a fucking rock. Standing tall. His dick was beautiful, so perfect and pink, impressive in girth and length.
Mom lead me to the side of their bed. "Dad, what's wrong?? Is everything ok???"
"Come here baby, I need your help" my dad responded. Confused, I looked at my mom. She didn't say anything. She started lifting me on to the bed. I finally realized what was happening. "But… daddy please… I don't want to." "Why???" The protesting stopped as soon as the tip of his dick touched the entrance of my pussy. It was shocking. I have had my fair share of dick – but the simple touch of the head of his cock sent a shock through my spine. I think I may have immediately cum.
My daddy put his hands on my hips and started to forcefully lower myself down on his cock. I was dripping wet, and confused. I have never felt so good. I started rolling my nipples in my hand. I couldn't help but let out a little moan. I was ashamed with myself.
"Baby girl, you're doing such a great job" Daddy said as he saw the doubt on my face. Mommy started braiding my hair for me, as I was slowly impaled on daddy's cock. As she braided my hair she whispered to me. "Thank you so much for giving us this great gift. After pushing out 6 children, my pussy is just not what it used to be."
We sat there for a while, with my daddy's cock bottomed out in my pussy. Neither of us moving, both shocked about the situation, and how good it felt. We sat like this for what felt like a lifetime, until my mother couldn't take it anymore. She lightly started playing with my clit, just teasing it with one finger. Daddy took that as a green light.
Daddy lifted me up by my hips, only to slam me back down into him. I yelped. Holy shit, that was so amazing. He started picking up his pace, slamming me slowly on his cock. He was looking straight into my eyes. I tried to look away, but his eye contact was so intense. Ouch – a sharp pain in my nipples. I looked down to see my mommy had put on nipple clamps with no warning. Fuck — I immediately came.
Gasping for air, daddy picked me up and turned me over. On all fours, my mother got below me. She started to lick my clit. Daddy came up behind me, and without any warning, forced his dick deep into my asshole. I had never enjoyed anal before, but this was so pleasurable. It felt natural to have my mommy and daddy both servicing me at once. I couldn't hold myself up anymore. I was being completely supported by my parents bodies.
Screaming in pleasure, I thought it couldn't get any better. Suddenly my mom stuck two fingers deep inside of my pussy. I had never had something in my ass and my pussy at the same time. She started fingering me so intensely. She immediately found my gspot. She added another finger and I screamed in approval.
I was starting to feel a ton of pressure, I had never been so full. Fingers in my pussy and a cock in my ass. That didn't stop mom, who put another finger in. My greedy pussy ate it up. She formed her hand into a flat shape, and then managed to start working in her thumb. Fuck, is she about to fist me? I wasn't about to tell her no…
After a few minutes of work, I heard a pop. My pussy had fully accepted her hand. She started fist fucking me. I was screamed. I had never felt so fucking good. After just 5 pumps of her entire fist, I came harder than I had ever come before.
I don't know how long it took for me to recover, but when I did we were all still in the same position. My daddy in my ass, my moms fist in my pussy.
"We are so proud of you sweetheart!" "Was that your first squirt?" They asked.
Oh my god. They had made me squirt. They took their time to slowly ease out of me. On the count of three they finally puled themselves all the way out of me, triggering another orgasm.
We all fell asleep, intertwined and naked, tired as ever.

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