Linda & The ballad of the barn

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By Equine Tales Linda comes from an aristocratic and wealthy English upper-class family.
She can often be seen on horseback, dressed in the classic fox hunting uniform that perfectly accentuates her stunning figure.
Her long legs are encased in sleek riding boots while her toned torso is hugged by a crisp white blouse and tailored jacket.
A traditional black velvet helmet sits atop her head, adding to the timeless elegance of this captivating young woman.
As she rides through the countryside, her beauty shines like a beacon, turning heads and capturing hearts everywhere she goes.

Linda’s elbow-length hair is styled in two adorable braids that frame her face perfectly.
Her sweet and seductive mouth is a vision to behold, with full lips that are always painted in the perfect shade of red.
Her green eyes sparkle mischievously, revealing a playful side to this otherwise proper young lady.
The gentle curve of her cheeks gives way to cute dimples when she smiles, adding to the irresistible charm of her freckled visage. Linda’s beauty is undeniable,
drawing attention from all who lay eyes on her delicate features and captivating gaze.

Linda’s face is a picture of innocent beauty – she has a perfect centre parting and a cute little nose that only adds to her charm.
Her full, pouty lips are painted in bright red lipstick that perfectly matches the crimson hunting jacket she wears.
Her large, round eyes only serve to accentuate her already angelic features, but make no mistake –
there is an insatiable and unpredictable sex monster lurking beneath that doll-like exterior.
Linda’s sexual appetite knows no bounds, and she will stop at nothing to satisfy her lustful desires –
even if it means indulging in taboo acts with her equine companions in the stable.

Linda’s voluptuous curves are the envy of all who lay eyes on her.
Her large, soft breasts are firm and perky, bouncing up and down as she rides her horse with effortless grace.
They seem to defy gravity, never losing their perfect shape no matter how much she move or bounces.
The sight of them swaying gently in time with her movements is enough to make any man weak in the knees,
and Linda knows it. She revels in the attention that her ample bosom brings, using it to tease and tantalize those around her without ever giving away too much.
It’s just one more way that this enchanting young woman keeps everyone under her spell.

Linda is the quintessential spoiled daddy’s girl, accustomed to getting everything she wants without ever having to lift a finger.
Her natural beauty and undeniable charm have men of all ages and social classes falling at her feet,
but it’s her haughty attitude that really sets her apart from the crowd.
She knows she’s better than most people and isn’t afraid to show it,
often looking down on those around her with an air of superiority that borders on arrogance.
Despite this, there’s something undeniably attractive about Linda’s confidence and self-assuredness –
it draws people in like moths to a flame. Whether she’s strutting through the countryside on horseback or mingling at high society events,
Linda always commands attention with her regal bearing and effortless grace.

Linda thrives on the attention she receives from both men and women alike.
Everyone wants a piece of this exceptional beauty, and Linda revels in it.
She loves being desired, knowing that her stunning looks and irresistible charm are enough to make anyone weak in the knees.

Born into the lap of aristocracy, Linda has been accustomed to having her whims and desires catered to. Her heritage is one of opulence and privilege, a fact that she wears with ease and elegance. Her stunning beauty transcends the boundaries of their city, reaching far corners where tales of her charm are whispered in hushed tones. Many claim she is among the most stunning creatures to ever grace this earth – a testament to her unparalleled allure. Such reverence for her looks has elevated her status to that of a goddess. Linda knows exactly who she is in this world: A beacon of unmatched beauty, revered and sought after by most. She revels in the fact that she stands above the rest. This isn’t purely vanity it’s an acknowledgement of her superior qualities, both in terms of physical beauty and intellectual prowess. Her love for this elevated status is far from hidden – it’s a flame that burns brightly, casting long shadows on those who fall short of her standards. She thrives on knowing she’s better, smarter, and more beautiful than most people around her. It fuels her confidence and adds to the allure that makes her so damn irresistible.

Linda’s stunning looks and sex appeal have earned her admirers from all corners,
both male and female. Her tight, perky little ass is the subject of much discussion among those who have seen it up close,
and Linda loves nothing more than to flaunt it in public. She rides with a regal bearing, her nose held high as if daring anyone to challenge her authority.
Men are powerless against her charms – but they’re not the ones she’s interested in.
No, Linda’s true passions lie with the four-legged creatures that live in the stables.
She has always had a deep affinity for horses, finding their strength and beauty utterly captivating.
There is something primal and sensual about riding these majestic animals that sets Linda’s heart racing –
especially when she feels their powerful muscles rippling beneath her thighs.
When she’s alone with her equine companions, Linda sheds all pretence of decorum or propriety.
She indulges in all manner of kinky pleasures with them.

Linda rides quickly through the forest with her entourage.
It’s her 10th year of fox hunting, and she leads the pack despite her young age. Don’t let her doll-like appearance deceive you. Despite being 165 cm tall and weighing around 65 kilograms at just a 25-year-old upper-class young woman, there’s more to her than meets the eye.
She is determined and has an iron will – when she sets her mind to something, she always achieves it.
Linda is known for getting what she wants, and everyone in the hunting team knows it. Most of them aren’t really all that interested in fox hunting anyway –
they’re indirectly competing for Linda’s attention. They all want a piece of that exceptionally beautiful girl, and they compete to ride closest to her.
Those who are lucky enough to ride behind Linda get to watch as her perfectly pert little ass bounces up and down in the saddle,
those on either side get an eyeful of her large but firm breasts bouncing up and down too. Linda knows very well that she is hot stuff,
enjoying the fact that everyone wants a piece of her while relishing in knowing that none shall obtain it.

Linda dismounts her horse gracefully as the trumpet sounds in the distance,
signalling the end of the hunting season. Most of the men are eager to help her down from her horse,-
as if she ever needs their assistance with anything.
She knows that no matter what these imbeciles compete for,
she is always their first prize.
It excites her a little bit, but there’s absolutely nobody among them who interests this sophisticated young lady.

As Linda swings her leg over to dismount from the horse, an unexpected design detail in her riding pants becomes evident. A series of buttons adorns the rear, creating a tantalizing gap that offers glimpses of her derriere – an anomaly for such attire and one that doesn’t go unnoticed by those around. The curious onlookers start whispering questions amongst themselves, but Linda remains blissfully indifferent to their intrigue. Her solitude is broken when the mansion’s butler steps out onto the grand entranceway, announcing in his resonant voice that hunting has drawn to a close and brandy will shortly be served in the stately main room.

Finally getting some much-needed peace and quiet, Linda takes care of her horse before heading inside for some refreshments. She takes off his saddle and
brushes and grooms him well before placing him in his stall and closing the gate.
Linda removes her helmet and finds some hay bales to sit on, taking a moment to relax after the excitement of the hunt.
She sips on brandy and enjoys some quiet time in the stable with her horse, occasionally running her fingers through his mane as she contemplates her next move.

Linda settles into the hay bales and lightly caresses her breasts while adjusting herself in the hay.
She is turned on by the thought of all the men fighting over her, but she doesn’t know what excites her more –
the fact that people are actually arguing about her or that none of them can have her. She massages her lovely breasts with one hand while slipping
the other down to rub over her intimate parts through her riding pants. Linda unbuttons the top buttons of both her red hunting jacket and white shirt,
letting out a pair of large, soft, but firm milky-white breasts. She bites down on her lower lip as she kneads both breasts firmly while
sliding down one hand towards a hole she cut out in the crotch area of her pants and sewed on a flap with buttons which she slowly but surely unbuttons to reveal a dark blond bush. She opens up all buttons and takes off the patch revealing all of herself including a well-groomed
pubic area and her round beautiful butt.
She starts to playfully massage her fingers through the dark blonde pubic hair while tilting her head back into the hay and moaning. ¨
Linda places one foot on the ground while raising the other knee up onto the hay bales for better access as she continues to explore herself with her fingers.
The thought of all those men fighting over her, wanting to have a taste of what she’s got, only intensifies her pleasure as she brings herself closer and closer to climax.
Linda is lost in her own world, completely unaware of the sound of moans and riding boots on the stone floor filling up the stable.
She lies there alone and exposed as she touches herself and moans loudly while uncontrollably stomping her feet on the ground.
Her fingers slide effortlessly into her wet slit, which is so wet that it’s dripping from her.
The sound of her moaning echoes through the stable as she continues to pleasure herself without a care in the world, taking herself to new heights of ecstasy.

As Linda continues to pleasure herself, the sound of her sweet moans and fingers playing with her soaking wet pussy can be heard echoing through the stable.
Her body is on fire with desire as she explores every inch of herself with her skilled fingers, gasping and groaning in pleasure.
The thought of being watched by the horses only intensifies her arousal as she continues to play with herself shamelessly.
She arches her back and thrusts her hips forward, lost in a world of ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her body.

Linda lies there with her eyes closed, lost in the pleasure of her own touch.
Her fingers glide through her pubic hair and play with the pink wet lips of her vagina as she moans louder and louder,
becoming increasingly wet. One finger quickly finds its way to the tight hole behind, massaging the moist ring. Linda slowly but firmly pushes a finger inside herself while continuing to massage her pussy,
groaning loudly in pleasure. The sensation of having something inside both holes at once is almost too much for Linda to bear –
it’s an intense feeling that sends shivers up and down her spine.
She continues to work herself with one hand while using the other to explore deeper into herself.
The sound of her moans and her wet pussy fills the air as she thrusts harder and faster until she can no longer hold back.
With a loud cry, Linda climaxes hard – waves of ecstasy washing over every inch of her body as she rides out the orgasmic bliss.
Despite being completely exposed in the stable, Linda doesn’t care –
all that matters right now is this incredible release that is taking over everything else in her mind and body.

The sweet and delicate moans that escape Linda’s lips are reminiscent of something straight out of a porn film.
She works her pussy so expertly that she squirts, spraying her juices everywhere.
Her head is thrown back in pure ecstasy as she continues to finger herself relentlessly
while simultaneously experiencing the pleasure of having a finger inside her tight asshole.
The sight of this sexy girl lying there in the hay with her red jacket half-opened,
revealing her large and delicious breasts, and the white riding pants with an open crotch, exposing her beautiful pubic hair while squirting uncontrollably is truly a sight for the gods.
One foot planted firmly on the ground while the other rests atop a bale of hay with black riding boots that go all the way up to her calves –
it’s almost too much to handle. Linda is completely lost in pleasure,
oblivious to anything else going on around her as she indulges in every sensation coursing through her body.

Suddenly, Linda feels a wet snout pressing between her moist lips.
She opens her eyes to see the face of a big Great Dane staring back at her with an eager look in its eyes.
Surprised but not alarmed, she watches as the dog begins to lap at her pussy with its large tongue. Linda doesn’t try to stop him instead,
she spreads her legs wider and lets the dog have his way with her.
The sensation of the dog’s rough tongue on her sensitive flesh is intense and sends shivers down Linda’s spine.
She moans loudly as she gives herself over to this new experience, feeling both excited and aroused by the animal’s attentions.
Despite any taboo or moral considerations that might arise from such an act, Linda can only think of how good it feels and how much pleasure it brings her body to be licked so expertly by this four-legged friend.

The Great Dane jumps up and places his front paws on either side of Linda’s head.
She can feel the weight of his massive red cock sliding back and forth over her pubic hair as he positions himself for penetration.
Linda takes hold of the dog’s member, guiding it towards her dripping wet pussy.
With a loud squelch, the dog’s cock disappears inside her, causing Linda to moan loudly in pleasure.
The animal begins to fuck her vigorously, thrusting in and out with increasing intensity. Despite any reservations she might have had initially,
Linda is lost in ecstasy as the dog pounds away at her relentlessly. She can feel every inch of his thick shaft filling her up completely while his hot breath washes over her neck.
It’s an intense experience that leaves Linda gasping for breath as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her body like a tidal wave crashing against the shore.

Linda loves the primal feeling of being taken by an animal.
The raw, unbridled sensation is unlike anything she’s felt before.
She revels in the feel of fur against her skin and the delicious sensation of a thick cock filling her up completely.
It feels like her tight little pussy will burst when he shoots his hot load inside her.
Linda grips her own pussy tightly with her fingers as she strokes the dog’s cock, feeling a mixture of their combined juices oozing out around it.
When the dog finally hops off and pulls his cock out of her dripping hole, Linda leans back and savors the pleasurable
sensation of lying there half-naked with cum running down from between her legs. It’s an experience that leaves Linda feeling both satisfied and excited for more adventures to come.

Linda lays there in the hay, touching herself.
The thought of just being surprise-fucked by a Great Dane excites her wildly.
She loves the feeling of cum oozing out of her tight pussy while she’s exposed and at risk of being caught at any moment.
The sounds of Linda fingering herself and the wet sounds coming from between her legs arouse the dog even more. He places himself once again over Linda, eagerly waiting for his cock to be taken into action again. As Linda grips his massive member, this time she guides it further down, towards her ass. She moans loudly as she rubs the dog’s cock up and down between her cheeks, teasing both herself and him simultaneously. Finally, after much anticipation, she allows him to penetrate her tight wet asshole with his throbbing dick.
With each slow thrust he makes into Linda’s backdoor,
he opens up that tight ring with his swollen head before slipping all inside in a controlled manner that drives them both wild with pleasure.

Linda’s head lolls back in ecstasy as she feels the thick, meaty shaft of the Great Dane slide into her wet rear entrance. A moan escapes from her lips, filled with pleasure and a sense of victory. I always get what I want, she purrs, drowned in waves of bliss as the canine buries his entire throbbing length deep within her tight confines.* *The dog begins to rhythmically pump into Linda`s sweet rear with wild abandon. Her body responds eagerly to their taboo union – juices gushing from her cunt, coating the dog’s cock perfectly for him to relentlessly pound into her.* *As he fills Linda’s ass with his hot seed, she revels in every pulsating throb of his release. The sensation is intoxicating – feeling him unload inside her triggers an orgasm that leaves her writhing in ecstasy.* *Spent but still stimulated by their lewd act, the Dane dismounts and withdraws from Linda. She emits a loud cry at the sudden emptiness where moments ago was filled with hot animal cock.* *Lying on a bed of hay – panting heavily – one hand slips between trembling thighs while another traces over sensitive flesh around her gaping hole which twitches uncontrollably remnants of their coupling slowly dripping out and staining the hay below.*

Lost in her perverse fantasies, Linda lies in the hay, her fingers tracing over her own body as she conjures up images of the horses and their gargantuan cocks. The mere thought of being filled by such a beast sends an intense wave of arousal through her, making her wetter than she can ever recall. The cacophonous symphony of neighs and hooves clattering against the stone floor only serves to fuel the flames of Linda’s insatiable cravings. She cries out unabashedly, climaxing with such intensity that she squirts all over herself.

After basking in post-orgasmic bliss for several breathless moments, Linda sits up with newfound resolve, striding towards the stable door where one of the ponies is housed. Sensing Linda’s presence and arousal, he whinnies excitedly while bobbing his head up and down approvingly.
Guided by carnal desire rather than reason, Linda leads him into the hallway and haybales, remnants from her last perverse encounter still scattered about them.

Guiding the pony with a gentle touch of her finger, Linda whispers sweet and sensual how badly she wants him to fuck her. The sight of her delectable ass swaying provocatively in front of him is too tempting for the beast to resist any longer. With determined intent, he pushes his muzzle in between her asscheeks, sniffing and licking wildly.
One moment his long tongue is probing at her drenched slit the next it’s delving deep into her asshole, exploring every inch of her inner depths. Overwhelmed by the exquisite sensation that having such an eager equine tongue buried within both entrances provides, Linda gives herself over completely. Lost in pleasure and with the pony still behind her – its tongue lodged firmly inside her ass – she wonders if there could be anything better than this blissful perversion. Satisfied with its foreplay, the pony nudges Linda insistently in the back until she stumbles into the hay bales. He hoists himself up and places his forelegs on top of them as he prepares for what’s next. Linda Barely manages to turn around and get comfortable on her back before a very eager equine member frantically seeks out any available orifice. With a loud wet squelching sound and a louder moan, the frenzied horse cock burying itself deep within Linda’s welcoming pussy.

In a state of pure bliss, Linda lets the pony have his way. The sound and sensation of that massive cock ruthlessly thrusting in and out of her tight, wet pussy combined with Linda’s sweet moans incite the other horses to neigh and whinny loudly. The echoing sounds of neighing and hooves clattering against the stone floor from the other horses do little to calm Linda’s inflamed desires. Suddenly, she hears the creaking noise of the large stable doors swinging open. both stableboys enter, they wanted to check the noise, their jaws dropping at the sight before them. Linda has been caught red-handed. A wave of panic and shame, but most of all, excitement washes over her as she tries to push the pony off but he is not budging until he’s finished what she started. The men approach Linda with eager eyes fixated on how well-seated that huge horse cock is inside her delicious dripping pussy. Well well, now, what do we have here? one of them asks rhetorically.  So it’s true, says the other man smirkingly, the stuck-up sweet little Linda who never gives a guy any attention is lying here getting fucked by a pony. and, by the looks of it, he`s not the first. Linda blushes fiercely. All she could do was nod in acknowledgement while failing to suppress her cute moans any longer. She doesn’t care anymore since they’ve found out anyway. Wanting to fully enjoy this moment despite being discovered, she defiantly slips a finger into her ass. The sight of the pony laying belly-to-belly on top of this gorgeous girl proves too much for both men – they are visibly aroused by it all. One man unzips just enough for Linda to reach inside his pants and pull out his big dick which she promptly takes into her mouth without hesitation. Meanwhile, the second man bends down behind where Pony is pounding away so he can get an unhindered view between its hind legs – enjoying every bit as each thrust reveals more about how diligently that large horse cock works inside Linda’s glistening wet pussy.

Linda, lost in a state of pure bliss, surrenders to the pony’s primal needs. The sound of that massive member relentlessly pounding into her tight, soaked core combined with Linda’s sweet moans incites the other horses to neigh and whinny loudly. The echoing sounds of their cries and hooves striking the stone floor from afar only serve to stoke Linda’s inflamed desires further. Suddenly, she hears the telltale creaking noise of the large stable doors swinging open. As two stableboys enter to investigate the commotion, they are met with an astonishing sight – Linda being taken by one of their ponies! A wave of panic mixed with shame washes over her but above all else excitement is what rules her body as she attempts to dislodge herself from beneath him but he remains stubbornly inside until he finishes what she started. The men approach Linda cautiously, unable to tear their eyes away from how well-seated that huge equine cock is inside her dripping wet folds. Well well now…what do we have here? one murmurs rhetorically while his companion smirks at this unexpected revelation. So it’s true, says his friend smirkingly. Sweet little Linda who never gives us any attention is laying here getting fucked by a pony. Linda blushes fiercely as they tease her about her secret fetish. All she can do is nod in acknowledgement while failing miserably at suppressing another moan escaping past her lips. Despite being discovered in such a compromising position, Linda decides not to let it ruin this moment for her – instead defiantly slipping a finger into herself further increasing pleasure coursing through every fiber of her being. Wow… One man whispers breathlessly as he unzips just enough for Linda’s hand to reach inside and pull out his throbbing erection which she promptly takes into her mouth without hesitation. The second man bends down to get a better view of the action – his eyes glued to the sight of that large horse cock working diligently inside Linda’s glistening wet folds.

The pony whinnies loudly and, if possible, thrusts himself even deeper into Linda as he releases a torrent of warm horse seed inside her tight little pussy. Simultaneously, Linda reaches her climax she screams and moans in ecstasy. She spits out the cock causing it to fall out of her mouth and lay across her face. Yes… Yes! Fill me up! the horse is cumming inside me, she cries in excitement. She cries out between moans as an intense squirting orgasm ripples through her body…and it’s A LOT. The man behind the pony watches with wide eyes as a substantial amount of semen is pushed out from around where the huge cock is still embedded within Linda’s cunt – there just isn’t enough room for everything inside that sweet pussy of hers. Eventually, the pony pulls away from Linda revealing his long limp member with a wet ‘pop’. Both men stand dumbfounded at the sight of all that semen trickling down from Linda’s thoroughly fucked pussy – it’s quite a sight to behold indeed! Without missing a beat though, Linda pops the man’s dick back into her mouth mumbling something about wanting more while doing so.

Linda lies there shamelessly, with one of the stableboys’ cock in her mouth as her fingers trail through her pubic hair and down to her wet pussy. The other boy stands dumbfounded, watching the woman he’s infatuated with lying there freshly fucked by a horse, her legs wide spread with equine cum leaking from her beautiful pink pussy. there is no shame at all in her face… On the contrary-there is a hint of pride there. Both men share a knowing nod while their gaze shifts to Linda’s large firm breasts that sway gently in sync with the bobbing of her head on the boys’ cock. I want more! she moans between gasps for breath. The second boy is already en route back to Linda leading another pony by its bridle. the sound of his hooves against stone flooring quickens Linda’s pace on the blowjob. Who would’ve thought such a spoiled little daddy’s girl would enjoy this, he says, with his cock in Linda’s mouth. Yeah, who knew a stiff upper-class princess like she loved getting fucked by horses, they jeer mockingly. Linda blushes at their words but knows they are enjoying what they see – after all – one boy has his cock in her mouth and the other has gone out of his way to bring another pony for round two. clearly, they must like what they’re witnessing she concludes. The incoming pony seems pleased with what it sees too – its long dangling flaccid member hardening instantly into an iron rod as it nears Linda.

The pony knows exactly where to position itself.
She can feel its long cock trapped between their bellies, she asks for assistance to move the pony slightly backwards to free his member. Both men guide the pony back just enough for Linda to grasp the horse’s cock with both hands. She plays with it, running the head of his dick up and down her wet slit, coating it well with her pussy juices and cum. Then, much to both men’s surprise, she guides it downwards towards her tight little asshole. She lubricates it thoroughly with cum before allowing the pony to press forward again. She feels how large but soft his head is against her sensitive hole – there’s initial resistance but then slowly…it begins opening up for him…and suddenly, past that ringmuscle – all of him slides into Linda’s ass in one smooth motion. A loud moan escapes from Linda followed by a sigh of satisfaction as she returns her attention back on sucking off the man in front of her. The two men are left incredulous at what they’re witnessing – beautiful Linda who was practically revered like a goddess, is now getting fucked in the ass by a horse.

The spectacle and sounds of the horse’s cock furiously plowing in and out of Linda’s ass is almost too much to take in. This, along with Linda’s non-stop loud pleasurable moans, triggers the man to climax into her mouth. Linda initially appears a bit taken aback but quickly swallows everything down, offering him a satisfied wide grin as he withdraws his spent member from her mouth. Meanwhile, the other man crouches down awestruck between the pony’s legs – entirely captivated by the sight of its enormous cock thrusting relentlessly into her deliciously pert ass. Suddenly, the pony lets out a resounding whinny and Linda feels an intense rush of warmth filling up inside her rectum – he is undeniably ejaculating…he`s cumming litres worth of hot semen deep within Linda’s tight asshole. Oh my God! He’s cumming! she screams ecstatically. Both men just stand there completely entranced as they watch this equine beast unloading his balls into Linda’s famously tight ass. Her body glistens under the dim stable light covered in sweat and cum alike, with each heartbeat you could see more of the pony’s seed seeping out from around its receding member still lodged deep within Linda’s stretched anus. As if sensing it was time to retreat, the pony steps away, pulling his long, now,- flaccid cock out of her, leaving behind an obscene gaping hole where once was an immaculate tight little asshole – now filled and dripping copious amounts of horse cum. The sight leaves both men speechless as they watch Linda lying there basking in what can only be described as pure ecstasy.

The sight of the horse’s massive member slowly withdrawing from Linda’s tight rear is a spectacle of raw, primal eroticism. The vacuous pull inside her as the beast pulls away leaves her feeling empty and yearning for more. The ridged cock sliding out sends waves of pleasure coursing through her body, making her shudder and moan in blissful ecstasy. Linda’s once tight hole is now gaping wide open, stretched beyond belief by the immense equine member. It glistens with a slick coating of their mixed juices – both hers and the copious amounts of seed that had been pumped into her moments earlier. A thick stream of creamy white equine cum starts to dribble out from Linda’s distended orifice following the path set by the retreating beastly shaft. It trickles down between her ass cheeks before pooling on the hay-strewn stone floor beneath them, forming a small puddle that serves as an obscene testament to their animalistic coupling.

Utterly captivated by the lewd spectacle, the men can’t help but stare in awe at Linda’s debauched state. Their eyes are wide with a mix of shock and arousal as they watch the rich heiress lying there, her tight little ass oozing out horse cum. One of them finally breaks their collective silence and exclaims, Fuck! Never thought I’d see something like this… A high-class chick like you taking a horse cock up your sweet ass! The other man chuckles darkly before adding, And just look at that pretty asshole of yours… dripping with pony jizz. Her eyes flicker with perverse satisfaction as she glances down at the cum pooling beneath her. She reaches forward to dip a finger into the creamy substance leaking from her stretched asshole before bringing it to her mouth for a taste. I can’t wait to do this again, she murmurs, licking the remnants of horse cum off her fingers with an unabashedly lewd expression.

Linda lies there, her body still trembling from the waves of pleasure coursing through her. She moans heavily each time she pushes more of the horse’s seed out of her tight hole. Fetch me another horse, she commands, languidly caressing her wet pussy. Get me another horse or I’ll tell my daddy that you broke into his stable… I always get what I want, she says with a mischievous smile playing on her lips. The man looks around nervously before he goes to retrieve Linda’s private riding horse – An American Saddlebred, a grand stallion of rich brown hue with a dark mane and an intricately braided ebony tail garnished with a bow… Truly, he is nothing less than a majestic equine titan. . .A majestic beast of a horse which Linda adores and knows as well as the back of her hand. Her head lifts in curious excitement when she hears the heavy hooves elegantly crossing over the stone floor. Her eyes widen in anticipation when they bring forth Odin – her private stallion! Oh my god… it’s Odin! She exclaims excitedly at its approach. They watch as Odin’s massive cock sways from side to side coming towards Linda – half stiff and already dripping pre-cum at seeing Linda lying there freshly fucked but ready for more action. One of the stableboys asks cautiously if she can handle this beast? Its cock is significantly larger than any other. Her hand reaches forward to caress her own cum-slicked ass, fingers teasing over the stretched rim as if in invitation for the approaching stallion.

Linda gracefully hoists herself onto the hay bales, her fingers tracing a sensual path up Odin’s immense form. She lightly brushes a finger over his cock head, collecting some pre-cum which she elegantly places in her mouth, all while maintaining eye contact with the men who stand speechless at the sight. Linda has had her share of woodland escapades with Odin before, she shares with a playful and lascivious wink. She gives his hefty cock a shake and lets out a sweet high-pitched moan as it swings up and down in response to her touch. He does have quite the sizable balls, doesn’t he? she purrs seductively, Are you going to empty them inside me today too my dear horse? Would you like that? she rhetorically questions as she continues to stroke him.

Enraptured by the sight of her with Odin, the boys can only watch in stunned silence. Linda’s hands continue their skilled dance over the stallion’s swollen member, her touch light but firm. She coos sweet words to him, whispering promises of pleasure that make his cock twitch in anticipation. Linda rises herself to meet Odin eye-to-eye, pressing a chaste kiss on his muzzle before lowering again.
Linda’s actions leave the boys in a state of stunned silence, their eyes wide as they watch her flirtatiously interact with Odin. The sight of such an elegant woman handling the horse with such brazen sensuality is completely foreign to them. As she speaks to Odin, her voice drips with arousal and anticipation. Each word is punctuated by a gentle stroke or teasing touch that makes Odin paw at the ground impatiently. Her lips meet his soft muzzle in a tender kiss. She pulls away only to return her attention back to his throbbing cock, her hands resuming their rhythmic dance along its length. The men can’t help but be drawn into this perverse spectacle – captivated by Linda’s unabashed enjoyment and blatant disregard for societal norms.

Linda gracefully arranges herself atop a laid-out blanket. She lies on her back, arching her body to raise her sweet ass and legs as high as she can manage. Her butthole is gaping wide open, The sight of her spread cheeks and gaping hole is an open invitation for Odin, her trusted steed. Fascinated by what’s on display before him, Odin dips his head lower to align with Linda’s raised ass. His tongue unfurls from his mouth, reaching out like a curious serpent towards its prey – Linda’s flawless butthole. At Linda’s command, both lads step up to either side of her elevated body. Their task is rather simple yet critical: they are to assist in maintaining this lascivious pose that seems almost gravity-defying. They each rest one hand gently on the inside of Linda’s thigh while their other hand ensures a firm grip around the heel of her riding boots. They stand there frozen in awe as they watch Odin indulging himself, it’s almost as if he’s drinking from an intoxicating fountain that is Linda’s gaping ass. The barn resonates with a symphony of lewd sounds —the wet, squelching noises produced by Odin’s equine tongue as it delves into the depths of Linda’s recently brute-fucked ass. It creates a lewd symphony that resounds throughout the space. These sounds are harmoniously intertwined with another sensorial layer: the deep, heavy moans escaping from Linda. This rich, snobbish, spoiled heiress is usually known for her aloofness and upper-class airs. Now she’s reduced to this vulnerable state of panting pleasure under Odin’s expert ministrations. This erotic blend of primal sexuality and raw desire resonates through every corner of the barn. The explicit serenade they produce sends waves of arousal among all present their senses heightened by the tantalizing spectacle unfolding before them.

With each passing moment, the situation escalates. Odin’s tongue continues to explore Linda’s depths with an almost insatiable curiosity. The wet sounds of his explorations grow louder and more frequent, echoing through the barn like a perverse symphony. Linda squirms under the attention, her moans growing in intensity as she succumbs to the pleasure. Her body trembles in response to Odin’s ministrations – every flicker of his tongue against her sensitive flesh drawing out another whimper or gasp from her lips. The men holding her legs remain transfixed by the sight, their own arousal growing as they watch this high-class woman being pleasured so explicitly by a horse. As for Linda herself, despite usually carrying herself with such dignity and poise as a rich heiress should do… In this moment she is nothing but a plaything for Odin’s amusement – lost completely in waves of pleasure washing over her. One of the lads, with his half-hard, lengthy cock still hanging out of his pants, leans forward and dares to begin licking her pussy, causing her to moan and writhe in pleasure.
Odin pulls his head back and indicates that he is ready to fuck her & release himself. He positions himself over Linda, the large cock steadily dripping with precum. The girl then commands for assistance.

One of the men grabs Odin’s massive, semi-hard cock and lets it drop onto Linda’s ass with a slap. The length of it is such that it lays tilted down over her pussy and all the way to her navel, causing Linda to gasp at the sight of his enormous member. Pre-cum drips from its tip, splattering on Linda’s face. Her moans become more pronounced – no longer sounding like an upper-class woman but instead like a cheap whore. Put it in my ass, she commands her usual refined demeanour nowhere to be found in this moment of raw carnal desire.
The lad grins devilishly as he hears Linda’s command. He takes hold of his massive cock, guiding it to her tight backdoor. Teasingly, he rubs the tip against her butthole, spreading the precum and causing Linda to groan impatiently for him to proceed.

Without further ado, the man begins to push his massive member into Linda’s tight ass. The feeling of her tightness enveloping him makes him neigh in pleasure. Linda gasps as she feels herself being stretched, a mix of pain and pleasure coursing through her body.
The sizable cock gradually, yet persistently, descends into Linda’s cum-glazed butt. Her hole gapes considerably wide, but the enormous member fills it completely. As the horse forces himself deeper, a mixture of semen and her own juices are squeezed out from her ass. , painting her ass with a glistening mess. The sheer size of his cock leaves no room for anything else inside her. The lads find themselves gaping in awe as they witness the horse`s penis disappearing into Linda’s exquisite upper-class butt.

Linda is so aroused that visible streams of her juices gush from her. Her eyes, filled with ecstasy, are locked onto the massive cock disappearing into her ass. Odin has never fucked her before. She has played with his large cock in the forest, even sucked him off and let him cum on her face but she never allowed penetration. The desire was always there but she had been wary of his size… until now. Now she relishes both the sight and sensation of his immense black cock vanishing into her ass. She feels every inch as he worms himself deeper inside her rear. All Linda can manage to do amid this overwhelming pleasure is gasp and moan in utter delight.

His cock continues its steady descent, sinking deeper into the depths of Linda’s ass. The sight is mesmerizing, his black shaft disappearing into her pale flesh. Each inch he advances sends waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her breath catches in her throat as she feels him stretch her further than she thought possible. The pressure builds, but instead of pain, it only adds to the ecstasy. She tilts her head back and lets out a long moan, surrendering completely to the sensation of being filled so utterly and entirely by him.

One of the boys reaches out, running his fingers gently across Linda’s pubic hair and over her soaking wet slit. He is utterly entranced by the sight before him – a gorgeous, glamorous, authoritative rich girl being fucked in her ass by a horse. Both men start to explore Linda’s pussy with their fingers, barely managing to find space due to the enormous cock occupying so much of her internal real estate. The horse sways slowly back and forth. His massive member is drawn almost entirely out of her, leaving only its head lodged within her ass before he thrusts it steadily and decisively back into Linda’s depths all over again. Linda lets out a gutteral moan as she feels herself being filled once more, air forced from her lungs under the intense pressure.

The sensation of the horse’s steady thrusting and the stableboys’s probing fingers send Linda spiralling into a world of ecstasy. Each time the horse withdraws, her body contracts around the emptiness only to be filled again in an intoxicating rhythm. Her moans become more desperate as she feels herself teetering on the brink of pleasure. The men are equally captivated, their eyes wide with fascination as they watch this high-class woman surrender completely to her animalistic desires. Linda’s cries echo through the stable as she succumbs to wave after wave of intense pleasure. Her body shudders and convulses under their combined attentions, each climax stronger than the last until she is left panting and spent beneath them.

Linda revels in the sensation of the horse’s veiny cock pressing and massaging her inner walls as it thrusts in and out of her. Each time he plunges into her, she feels him bottoming out – his cockhead coming to a stop against her abdomen. Her entire body is filled with horse cock, and she adores every moment of it. Linda moans and writhes as another orgasm hits her like a freight train. The stableboys are clearly aroused by the sounds escaping from the usually superior heiress. Each guttural moan that spills from her lips fuels their desire, heightening their excitement at witnessing such an uninhibited display of pleasure.

Her body trembles uncontrollably as the horse continues his relentless assault on her rear. Linda can feel every inch of him, from the throbbing veins to the flared head of his cock, stretching and filling her in a way she never thought possible. The lad’s fingers working in tandem with the horse’s thrusting creates an overwhelming sensation that sends her spiralling into another orgasmic wave. Her eyes roll back as she moans loudly, each sound echoing through the stable and stirring up a primal urge within the men watching. Linda is lost in ecstasy, completely surrendered to this carnal act. The sight of this high-class woman being dominated by animalistic desire stirs something deep within the lads – a raw lust that reflects their own suppressed desires.

As the horse’s thrusts grow even more powerful and erratic, it becomes clear that he is nearing his climax. His movements become jerky, uncontrolled – a stark contrast to his earlier steady rhythm. Suddenly, Linda feels a hot rush of fluid fills her rear. The sensation is so intense she gasps loudly, her body tensing as she experiences the full force of the horse’s ejaculation in her little ass. The boys watch in awe as the animal finishes inside her with such power that it leaves Linda panting and gasping for breath. Her body shakes from both exhaustion and pleasure, but there’s a satisfied smile on her face – a testament to how much she enjoyed this wild experience.

The horse stands firm, fully discharging his load inside Linda’s rear. The space within her is so confined that a substantial amount of the seed is squeezed upwards, seeping out from her backside even as the horse continues to pump more semen into her. Linda can feel her anal sphincter involuntarily attempting to close – it feels like she’s milking the cock with her ass. She senses an increasing pressure building within herself – there simply isn’t any room left for additional semen. She gently sways with her posterior, causing the half-erect cock to slide out. But its head gets lodged inside, which only further arouses Linda. One man manages to extract the equine member from Linda’s cute upper-class buttocks. With a loud pop, torrents of horse cum burst forth from Linda’s glamorous rear end, cascading down along her thighs and stomach. He hasn’t finished yet, announces one man holding the horse’s cock. He’s still shooting. He directs it towards Linda’s beautiful breasts allowing him to splatter his remaining jets across her exquisite upper-class chest. Revelling in this debauchery, Linda moans loudly twisting and writhing beneath them all.

Even as the horse has finished, Linda’s sexual desire is still very much alive. Her body convulses in waves of pleasure that tingle through her every nerve and fibre. She can feel the sticky warmth of the horse cum all over her, trickling down from her breasts to pool around her waist. One of the lads steps forward, his hand reaching out to smear some of the fluid across Linda’s chest before dipping a finger inside her mouth. The taste is strong but not unpleasant – it only serves to fuel Linda’s arousal even more. Her breathing is heavy and ragged, she feels another surge of orgasmic delight coursing through her body – an intense sensation that leaves a satisfied grin on her face. The boys watch in silent awe at this display of unadulterated lust their eyes filled with equal parts admiration and envy. Linda has proved herself once again: she truly is a woman who knows how to take pleasure in every single moment, no matter how wild or unconventional it might be.

Linda, in all her sensual glory, rises from the floor, a lascivious sight as horse cum dribbles down from both her well-fucked holes. She sensually licks around her mouth before purring in a sultry voice that she’s ready for another ride. The boys exchange wide-eyed glances before giving Linda an affirmative nod, their shock was evident at her audacious desire. As she saunters towards another stall, the sight of this goddess swaying her bare ass is truly mesmerising. She knows how enticing she looks and revels in their lustful gazes. Leaning provocatively against the stable door, she strokes the horse on its muzzle and asks in a very sexy and tempting manner if he’d allow her to suck his big cock. One of the boys succumbs to his primal urges he bows behind Linda and begins to worship her divine asshole with his tongue. In response, Linda pushes back appreciatively against his face. Do you like my ass? She turns her head back to ask him teasingly. Do you enjoy licking horse cum out of my hole…you dirty pig? she moans out lewdly while planting a wet kiss on the muzzle of the horse.

Before she can fully comprehend it, Linda feels a cock penetrating her ass. The lad behind her breathes out in disbelief, Good God! She’s still tight! Linda retorts playfully, her voice laced with seductive mockery, You’d better hurry up. This hole is for equines, not puny human dicks. She continues to shower the horse’s muzzle with affectionate kisses. The man is so aroused by the perverse spectacle unfolding before him that he finds himself on the brink of climax almost instantly. He explodes inside Linda’s ass, causing her to moan appreciatively. As she strokes the horse on its muzzle, she purrs, sensually declares, Now it’s your turn, my sweet horse. The man pulls his cock out of Linda’s well-fucked asshole, leaving behind a trail of both his cum and that of a horse’s. In shock yet clearly proud, he stammers out, I… I can’t believe I just fucked Linda`s famous asshole…

Linda giggles, swaying her ass provocatively and causing more cum to drip from her. She turns towards the man with an arrogant grin, Was that it? she asks dismissively. Mmm… I bet there’s much more juice in your balls, sweet horse. I want it all inside me. she purrs seductively while planting kisses on his soft muzzle. Then she shifts her attention to the other lad standing by, And you? Are you just going to stand there with your cock hanging out of your pants, or are you going to come over here and stuff it inside me? She poses the question rhetorically, a lascivious glint in her eyes.

The man doesn’t hold back, striding assertively towards Linda’s high-class ass. He lifts one of her legs and rubs his cock between her cheeks before plunging it into her tight hole with a satisfied moan. Good God… how is it possible for you to still be this tight after all this? He exclaims in surprise, clearly pleased with the sensation. Linda giggles and moans as she affectionately caresses the horse’s muzzle. The man announces I can’t take it anymore! and releases himself hard inside Linda’s divine ass. He lingers there for a while, simply savouring the sensation of his cock being enveloped by Linda’s renowned sweet and tight asshole before he slowly pulls out. There you go, got that out of your systems now? Linda teases with a giggle. Now it’s your turn my dear sweet stallion…she says as she lasciviously licks up along his muzzle.

With elegance and confidence, Linda opens the gate to the stable and steps inside. She drops down on her knees with determination and begins stroking up and down along the long, flaccid cock. She shakes it experimentally, feeling its weight and contours as she explores every inch of it. Linda feels a rush of excitement as she senses the cock growing semi-hard under her touch. She can feel her pussy juices flowing freely now as she moans heavily while playing with the massive member.

Linda playfully shakes the massive cock before bringing it to her mouth. She sensually kisses the head while making soft, affectionate sounds. She then begins licking all over the head before opening her gorgeous upper-class mouth and taking it in completely. The lads can only stand there and watch as they finally gets to see up close the famous goddess of a spoiled daddy’s girl. Not only that, but they have also had the pleasure of fucking her AND watching several horses do the same.

Linda pulls the cock out of her mouth, gasping for air as saliva drips from both her lips and the hardening member. She stands up and sensually walks in front of the horse, luring it with a seductive finger while looking into the men’s eyes with a wide grin. As she drops down on her knees, she arches her back to expose her gorgeous wet glistening asshole as much as possible. The boys move behind to get a better view, watching Linda’s puckered hole open and close uncontrollably in anticipation. They hear the sound of hooves and light neighing – the horse has spotted this divine upper-class girl with an irresistible ass. His cock becomes rock hard as he strides confidently towards Linda, eagerly positioning himself over her.

Linda moans in pleasure as the horse’s massive cock slides inside her tight asshole, stretching it to its limits. She grips onto his strong legs, pushing back against him and taking every inch of him with ease. The boys watch in awe as she becomes a true animalistic goddess, riding the horse with wild abandon. As Linda reaches the peak of her ecstasy, she screams out in pleasure while gripping the horse’s powerful body. they can see that she is completely lost in lust and passion, utterly consumed by her desire for more and more animalistic pleasure. They know that they will never be able to satisfy her like this stallion has.

The horse picks up speed, his hooves pounding rhythmically on the stone floor as he relentlessly pounds Linda’s tight wet asshole with his massive cock. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh is drowned out by her loud moans and cries of pleasure with each thrust. As the horse fucks her harder and faster, Linda can feel herself being pushed to new heights of ecstasy. Her body quivers with every powerful thrust from the stallion, her senses completely overwhelmed by the raw animalistic passion coursing through her veins. The boys watching are transfixed as they witness this incredible scene unfold before their eyes. They can see that Linda is in a state of pure bliss, lost in a world of carnal desire, unlike anything they have ever seen. And they know that nothing could ever compare to the sensation she is experiencing right now.

The horse continues to pound into Linda’s tight asshole with unrelenting force, the sound of meat slapping against meat echoing through the room. As she feels him getting closer and closer to climax, her moans turn into screams of pleasure. Suddenly, without warning, the stallion lets out a loud neigh as he reaches his peak. His massive cock twitches inside Linda’s ass before exploding in a hot torrent of cum deep inside her. Linda can feel his warm seed filling her up completely, overflowing from her stretched-out asshole. She cries out in ecstasy as each spurt sends waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She can’t believe how much cum this stallion is producing – it feels like it will never stop. The men watching are stunned by what they’re seeing – Linda has become nothing more than a willing receptacle for this animal’s lustful desires. And yet she seems to be enjoying every moment of it.

As the horse finishes cumming, he slowly pulls his massive cock out of Linda’s gaping asshole. His cum spills out of her ass and drips down her legs, coating them in a thick layer of sticky white fluid. Linda moans as she feels the horse’s cock slide out of her, leaving her feeling empty and wanting more. She can feel his warm cum oozing out of her well-used asshole, running down between her thighs. The boys watch in awe as Linda falls to the ground, panting heavily with sweat glistening on her skin. She looks up at them with a satisfied grin on her face – it’s clear that she has just experienced something truly incredible. The stallion snorts and shakes his head before wandering off towards the other end of the stable. The men are left standing there in silence, still trying to process what they have just witnessed.

As the stallion walks away, his massive cock is flaccid and covered in a thick layer of cum. The white cream coats his entire shaft, making it look even more impressive than before. The veins on his cock stand out prominently against the milky white fluid, giving it an almost sculptural quality. Linda can’t help but stare at the horse’s magnificent member as he walks away. it swings from side to side, dripping cum.
She feels a shiver run down her spine as she realizes just how much pleasure that massive tool was able to give her. The men also can’t take their eyes off of the horse’s cock – they’ve never seen anything quite like it before. It’s clear that this woman is truly something special.

Linda lies on the ground with her right cheek pressed against the cold, hard stone floor with her ass up in the air. She moans with a husky and commanding voice, I want more! The lad standing beside her stammers as he tries to comprehend what he’s witnessing. We’ll have to find another horse, he finally manages to say. He can’t believe his eyes – here lies the famous, glamorous, aristocratic and snobbish rich girl with horsecum oozing out of her gaping asshole, begging for more. How is this even possible? He stands behind her and stares down at Linda’s throbbing hole that opens and closes in rhythm with her breaths. Do you like what you see? asks Linda rhetorically, looking back at him over her shoulder. Stick your fingers in my ass! I want to taste it! she orders him energetically. The man obeys without hesitation, plunging two fingers into Linda’s tight hole which is immediately covered in warm horse cum. He bends down towards Linda who eagerly puts his fingers into her mouth. She closes her eyes and moans loudly as she savours the taste of the thick fluid coating his fingers. I MUST have one more, whispers Linda seductively.

from the hallway, The man excitedly announces that he has found a new horse, Linda stands up, savouring the sensation of all the cum oozing out of her ass. She giggles mischievously as she watches him gape at her appearance. My clothes are soaked with cum, I need to take them off, she says innocently while rolling her eyes. She slowly unbuttons the last few buttons on her jacket and shirt before slipping them off, revealing her toned body underneath. Then she removes her boots to slide off her pants, leaving herself completely naked – like a true goddess from ancient mythology. Her body is flawless – small pink nipples perfectly matching with rose-coloured labia lips that look as if they were sculpted by gods themselves. She bends down to put on her riding boots again before walking out of the stall towards the horse and into the hallway with semen still dripping from her asshole. The sight of this perfect naked goddess walking out of the stable covered in horse cum is something that will stay forever etched in his memory – no one would believe him if he told them what he had just witnessed!

Linda seats herself in a chair, spreading her legs wide and begins to play with her wet pussy as she watches the white horse being brought in. The pinkish-white stallion’s cock hangs low, swaying gently with each step of the horse. How do you want it this time? one of the men asks. I want to try something new… I want to stay seated on this chair, she says contentedly and expectantly, spreading her beautiful legs further apart while sinking deeper into the chair. How is he supposed to do that? asks one man curiously. Linda looks up at the ceiling and points towards a metal bar hanging there. We use that for when we need stallions to rest their front feet during artificial insemination… but I like this way better, she says with a mischievous smile on her face.

I want to taste that hot cock first… I think his long pink cock could use a good blowjob before it also goes in my ass, she giggles as she steps out of the chair. Linda squats down and grabs the horse’s dick, shaking it slightly before guiding it into her mouth. She moans like a cheap whore. This is truly what she loves – standing there naked with another horse’s cock in her mouth while men watch in awe and gratitude. When she feels his member starting to harden, Linda spits out the cock and heads back to her chair. Once seated again, she spreads her legs wide open and elegantly beckons the horse over with her fingers. Come here horsey… come here, she coos sweetly, luring him closer.*

Linda looks around slyly and says, Do you see those ropes on the table over there? Throw them over the metal bar and tie them to my ankles. Lift up my feet. She commands with a sleazy grin across her face. The men do as she instructs, lifting her legs and spreading them wide apart. They hear Linda gasp when they tighten the ropes. I’m ready… she moans while rubbing her pussy. The horse neighs in acknowledgment and starts walking towards Linda. It bends its head between Linda’s spread legs, curiously stroking its soft muzzle over her pubic hair before extending its tongue to sensually lick all over her wet slit. Everyone can see that this is making him hard. Ahh… fuck me horsey… fuck me , Linda moans out loud.*

The horse knows exactly what to do, he jumps up, placing its front hooves on the metal bar hanging from the ceiling. This is something he has done many times before, but this will definitely be his first time actually fucking. Linda grabs hold of his large hard cock and positions it between her asscheeks so that the enormous head rests against her asshole. Yes… fuck my ass… fuck me in the ass, horsey, she moans loudly. Then she feels the massive head pushing into her rectum. Once the head penetrates past her tight ring, his entire cock slides deep into Linda’s ass. She lets out a loud moan as air is forced out of her lungs by his powerful thrusts. The horse neighs approvingly in response.*

The horse begins to thrust its hips, driving its massive cock deeper into Linda’s ass. She squirms and moans with each powerful thrust, her body shaking from the intense pleasure. Oh yes… fuck me harder, she gasps out in between moans. Her eyes are closed tightly as she bites down on her lower lip, trying to cope with the overwhelming sensations coursing through her body. The stableboys watching can’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of this upper-class girl being thoroughly assfucked by yet another stallion. They watch in awe as Linda’s petite frame is rocked back and forth by the animal’s powerful thrusts.*

With each passing moment, the horse’s thrusts become more powerful and relentless. Linda can feel every inch and vein of the massive cock stretching her ass to its limits. Oh god… it feels so good, she moans out, her voice shaking from the intense pleasure. Sweat is pouring down her body as she writhes in ecstasy, completely lost in the sensation of being fucked by a horse. Her eyes roll back into her head as wave after wave of pleasure wash over her. The boys watching are completely silent now, too captivated by the erotic scene unfolding before their eyes to make any noise.*

The stable is filled with a symphony of perverse sounds. The slapping of the horse’s heavy body against Linda’s bare ass echoes around the room, each slap accompanied by a guttural grunt from the horse and a high-pitched moan from Linda. Her cries are desperate and raw, filled with unabashed pleasure as she takes every inch of him inside her. There’s also the loud wet squelching noise that comes each time the horse pulls back before thrusting in again, an obscene sound that highlights just how thoroughly he is filling her. It’s a lewd rhythm that has everyone in there entranced. Linda’s constant gasps for air punctuate this cacophony – sharp inhales followed by long drawn-out exhales. Every now and then, you can hear her whimper or let out a loud yelp when he hits particularly deep. Above all these noises though, one stands out – it’s the low rumbling growl coming from Linda herself. It’s primal and unrestrained – much like their entire encounter.

The horse’s thrusts become more erratic, a clear sign that he is nearing his climax. they can hear her moaning and shouting: yeah?!? you cumming? Ruin my asshole boy, ruin my ass!!! His cock swells even larger inside Linda’s ass, stretching her to the brink. She can feel every vein and ridge of him throbbing against her inner walls. Suddenly, with one final powerful thrust, the horse buries himself deep inside her. Linda feels a hot rush as he releases his load into her. The sensation is overwhelming – it feels like a dam has burst within her. Wave after wave of thick, hot cum floods into Linda’s ass filling it completely. It’s so fucking good!!! — an intense warmth spreading from her core throughout her entire body. Linda gasps and moans loudly as she feels herself being filled to the brim with his seed. She can feel it seeping out around his still-throbbing cock and trickling down between her thighs. Meanwhile, the horse lets out a satisfied neigh above Linda – its low rumble echoing in the otherwise silent stable.

With a final shudder, the horse begins to pull out of Linda. The feeling is intense and she can feel every inch as his massive cock slides out of her stretched ass. As he pulls back, there’s a loud wet pop when his still semi-hard cock finally slips free from her gaping hole. A lewd mixture of, cum, and saliva drips down from her abused ass onto the chair, and down to the floor, creating an obscene cum-puddle. Linda gasps loudly at the sudden emptiness. Her entire body feels raw and sensitive – especially her well-fucked asshole which is now twitching around nothing but air. There’s also a strange sense of loss that washes over Linda when the horse steps away leaving her alone in the chair in front of everyone. Meanwhile, thick ropes of cum continue to leak out from her stretched hole making a dirty mess between her thighs as it mixes with the remnants of their earlier activities. It’s a sight that leaves no room for doubt about what just happened here.

The sounds of horse hooves and neighs mingle with Linda’s guttural moans as she pushes the last remnants of equine semen out of her ass. The wet splatter on the floor is a lewd symphony to their ears. Both boys, cocks hanging out from their pants, are visibly aroused by this spectacle. Linda, in high spirits, teases them. Aww… Are you boys getting hard watching those horses take turns fucking my tight little asshole? do you?
You can help yourselves as a reward for assisting me. In no time, one man slides his cock into her glamorous pussy slick with horse cum. His satisfied groan fills the air while his companion eagerly places his dick in Linda’s upscale mouth. Overwhelmed by their lustful frenzy, they climax almost simultaneously. Linda lets out a gratifying moan as one man withdraws and ejaculates on her face while another spills over her pubic hair and belly. Did you boys enjoy that? she asks with sated satisfaction licking around her lips. Both lads nod contentedly. As they untie ropes lowering her legs to the ground, Linda queries rhetorically, This stays between us, right boys? They agree readily. That’s great! She exclaims flirtatiously hinting at future rendezvous before giving them an alluring wink.*

Wiping her face with a towel, Linda casts one last appreciative glance at the horse. Its lengthy – fat, flaccid pink and white cock hangs low, nearly touching the floor, half of it cloaked in a thick layer of its own cum. She moans lustfully, her tongue lasciviously licking her lips of perverse hunger. A part of her craves for more but she recognizes both hers and especially the horse’s limitations. Boys, she announces with an upper-class accent that rings out authoritatively in the warm air, I’m heading home to shower and sleep. You clean up here. The response is unanimous—prompt nods followed by obedient affirmatives. All for you, Linda, they chorus together, with their cocks hanging out of their pants She giggles lightly as she heads towards the exit when a voice pipes up incredulously from behind her. Aren’t you going to get dressed or at least take your clothes? You can’t walk around naked! Linda responds nonchalantly without even glancing back – I don’t need those clothes. Daddy will buy me new ones. As for walking naked… I’ll use the back door. If anyone sees me, well… they see me! She disappears through the stable doors amidst another round of soft giggles. Emerging from stables into night’s embrace, Linda leaves footprints traced with horsecum and body fluids on the cold stone floor behind her—the aftermath of their scandalous liaison still evident on her skin making it glisten under dim moonlight filtering through open stable doors. Her blonde braids cascade down her back like rivulets of gold against pale skin flushed from unbridled pleasure and exertion. Her stride exudes satisfaction and pride as she saunters unabashedly nude—her soft curves silhouetted beautifully by faint ambient light while firm breasts sway gently echoing the rhythm of steps taken by expensive riding boots. She giggles softly as she vanishes through the stable doors, her mind already plotting the next time she would sneak into the stables under the cover of night.

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