Lisa’s List Part 4: Time to be a Big Boy & Part 5: Time to be a Man

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By Mr Rodd Theft? Swearing? Fighting? Lisa’s in even more trouble! The word count’s high so I’ve split it into two parts.

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Part4: My sweet little sister was growing up to become a very fine young lady. Not only was she shooting up in height, her womanly curves were announcing themselves to the world and Lisa was proudly revealing them to me. I got an eye-full every Saturday, and any other time there was a chance for her to show off her new body.

I was growing too. Taller, with hairs on my broadening chest and around my privates. I was becoming more muscular, my voice was deepening and I was becoming more aroused, more often, especially when I was with my sister.

Although I was always keen to keep tabs on the changes to her body, she seemed to take very little interest in mine.
It was a puzzle.
I was very familiar with all of her anatomy – especially those parts of most fascination to 13 year old boy, but she had barely looked at my cock and never touched it.

I had to change that and soon.

I got my chance.

I don’t think she’d actually stolen the money. She’d probably just left it on the counter – she could because bit ditzy at times – but Mum was far from happy when she returned from a trip to the corner shop with no change out of a £10 note!
Lisa was in a right panic, trying to find the missing £2.43. She repeatedly checked all her pockets and every compartment of her handbag without success. She hoped Mum wouldn’t notice and tried to keep it a secret. But of course Mum found out and assumed she’d stolen it!

My little sister was distraught.
I had to help her.
£2.43 was almost two weeks’ pocket money, but I’d saved enough to lend (or give) it to her and I had a plan to get her out of trouble (again).

I told her to fetch her jacket and bring it up to my room along with her manicure set. I used her nail scissors to make a small hole in one of the pockets and pushed the coins into the lining.

“Hey look Mum,” she told her excitedly, “I must have worn a hole in the pocket and the money fell in.”

She believed it. Lisa was forgiven and Mum decided she owed her a new jacket.

Lisa knew she owed me too. I wasn’t too bothered about the money, but she had been careless and irresponsible. That was going on The List.

I decided that it was serious enough to merit a new punishment. I told her take down my pyjamas and touch my cock like “the big girls did.”

She knew she had no choice. She owed me and she always accepted her punishments. But she still didn’t want to do it. She steeled herself, looking away and screwing up her face as she pulled the waistband out and down to release my genitals.

“It never used to look like that in the bath.” she told me. We hadn’t shared a bath for a couple of years and we had both changed since then, as I reminded her.

“Well you never had these in the bath,” I joked, tweaking her boobs.

“I know, but it used to be a floppy little thing. It’s all big and sticky out now.”

I explained that it was still floppy sometimes, but that it always went hard and “sticky out” when I saw a beautiful sexy girl like her.

She was pleased to be called “beautiful and sexy” and didn’t ask any more questions, except for, “How should I touch it?”
She knew she could hurt me if she did it wrong!
I told her to stay away from my sack but to stroke the shaft.

She was hesitant, tentative and careful, gently running her fingertips along my length. Like all first timers, she was surprised to find it was so soft on the outside but hard on the inside.

Her touch was pleasant and a little ticklish. A little arousing, but I was sure she could do better.
I told her to take hold of it.

In her naivety, she put her fingers over the head, as though she was opening a bottle of pop. She still only dared use her fingertips, but she made me gasp as she unknowingly stroked it’s most sensitive spots.

I told her how to handle it properly and she wrapped her hand around the staff in the accepted fashion. Rubbing up and down, fascinated by the way the sleeve of skin ran over the stiff rod.

Her touch felt so much better than my own ever had. It wasn’t long before my breathing became ragged and my cock swelled – throbbing and twitching.
I’m sure my little sister would have made me come, if I had been old enough.

Lisa wasn’t afraid of it anymore. She liked to hold it. She enjoyed my reactions. It was another part of being a big girl. We spent that night, as we were to spend many more – her fingers wrapped around my hard cock and my fingers buried in her wet slit.


We both knew that our Saturday night antics had stopped being primarily about punishment and were progressively more and more about pleasure. Nevertheless, we continued to make a weekly List of Lisa’s naughtiness and use that as an excuse to get her clothes off and subject her to her our favourite forms of discipline.

The system had worked perfectly until one Saturday that summer.

“Well, what’s on The List this week.” She asked, ready for some saucy action.

I pulled out my notebook, with my usual aplomb. I didnt have to though, I knew what was on The List.
Lisa had been away, camping with the Girl Guides, all week.

She was shocked when I told her I had no cause to punish her.
This was has never happened before. She was silent for a moment.
And then;

“Well… bloody hell er… fuck me! I’m going to get a good night’s sleep without getting my arse spanked! About, erm… bleeding time too!”

I almost burst out laughing. I’d never heard her swear before and she wasn’t very good at it. It was obvious that she was doing it on purpose, but I was more than happy to play along.

“Not so fast, young lady!” I sounded like a cheap American TV show. “You know that sort of language isn’t allowed. How dare you swear at me?
Nighty. Off. And over my knee. Now!”

“Oh, shit!” she stayed in character, offering up her bare bottom for the spanking that was the traditional start to our games.

They were good and hard this time, but I knew she could take them.
“Where did you learn to,” Slap, “talk like that?” I asked.

“Ow, on Guide camp. All the, oouch, big girls talk like that, when, ooo the leaders aren’t around.”
It was my turn to be surprised…

The naked spanking got us both revved up and even though we had only been parted for a week we rolled into bed like long lost lovers.

We were all over each other.
If my lips weren’t on her tits, they were on her slit.
If my fingers weren’t squeezing her boobs, they were up her cunt.
And, throughout it all, Lisa kept a nice firm grip on my dick. She was quite a good little cock-handler now. She was doing a great job, but I decided to push her further.

“That swearing was very naughty you know!” I made it sound playful and she responded in kind.

“Oh really. Does that mean I’m going to get a new punishment then?”

Maybe she knew what I wanted. Perhaps she wasn’t as innocent, as I thought.

“Yes, I think I’ll have to punish your mouth this time.”

“And how will you do that?” she giggled.

“I’m going to push your head down here.”


“And you are going to lick my cock.”

“Eurgh. Do I have to? It smelly and sweaty down here.”

“Just do as you’re told.
I’m always licking your kitty.
That doesn’t smell of roses either!” I told her.
“Just lick the length, like a lolly.”

My obedient little sister did do as she was told. She was curious about my body and eager to please. It was a delightful combination and the result was delightful too!

I had never felt anything like it.

I told her to kiss the tip.


Then open her mouth and suck it in.

Her moist lips felt magnificent around my member and although she only dared take the tip, that was enough.
In a mere moment I was overcome by a myriad of mysterious and magical impulses surging through my manhood.

A cramp, a spasm, a jerk and I came.
My first ejaculation.
My first spunk.
And it was into my sister’s mouth!
We both pulled away in shock, so her chin and her tits got some too.

Once Lisa had finished coughing and spluttering she asked me, “What was that? Was that your sperms?”

I told it was. Embarrassed and apologising, I tried to clean her up with my pyjama bottoms – Mum did all the washing and spunk stains on Lisa’s nighty would be hard to explain!

“Mrs Gayle told us about boys’ sperms, last term. You do know they aren’t supposed to go in my mouth don’t you?” She asked seriously.

That made me chuckle.

“They have to go in my vaj… kitty. But only when I’m older and married and I want to have a baby.
I won’t get a baby now I’ve got some in my mouth will I?”

“No Lis. You not old enough for babies yet and you can only get them if you have sex in your kitty like you say.” I gave her a reassuring kiss.

She nodded, pleased that she had understood Mrs Gayle’s lesson properly.
“So why did you do it in my mouth then?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.
It’s never happened before, but sometimes when a girl is really sexy and makes a boy’s cock very very excited then it just squirts it out. I suppose it must feel like it’s inside a kitty.”

“Oh,” she was thoughtful, “So I made you do that?”

“Yes.” It was my turn to nod.

“Because I made your cock so excited that you couldn’t help yourself?”.

I nodded again.

“So am I really that… er,” she smiled, “… sexy?”

“Yes, love.” I kissed and hugged her. “I think you’re a very sexy girl.”

She looked so pleased with herself.

“Did the big girls at Guide camp ever talk about oral sex?”

“Erm, well, yes.
They made jokes about “oral” but I didn’t know what they meant.
Is that what we did?
Is it a kind of sex?”

“That’s right. But don’t tell anyone or we’ll get in trouble. They’ll say we’re too young and brothers and sisters shouldn’t be doing it.”

“Ok. But we had sex, didn’t we? Does that mean I’m not a pigeon anymore?”

“A pigeon?”

“Yeah. Don’t you know what a pigeon is? I girl who hasn’t had sex is called a pigeon – like Jesus’ mum, “the pigeon Mary.””

I did my best not to laugh at her.
“That’s a “virgin”, not a pigeon,” I explained, “and you’ll be a virgin until we… you have sex in your kitty.”


She took a while to process all the new knew information, then took hold of my cock once more.
“Oh? It’s not hard anymore. Don’t you want to do it again?”

I made her wait a while whilst I regained my strength. It was my first time and it had been quite draining, but I let Lisa suck me dry again before the night was out.

We had lots of time to play together during what remained of the summer holidays.
Lisa was an avid student and became a skilled cock sucker learning to swallow like I told her a good girl should.

She still liked me to kiss and suck her kitty, in return, and we decided to try to pleasure each other at the same time.
We slipped into a 69 position. It was perfect. We thought we had invented it!

The oral sex that summer was great.
Lisa was always up for it.
It was our favourite game, our special secret but we were both still “pigeons” – for now at least.


Part 5 : Time to be a Man! Lisa to came to my bedroom for her customary Saturday night “disciplinary” session.

“Hi, let’s see what’s on The List, this week,” she said cheerfully.

I looked up from the Rubik’s cube, that I could never master. “It’s on the desk.” I told her.

She was dressed nicely in a silky sky blue nightdress. Hanging from her shoulders by thin spaghetti straps, it was cut low enough to show a glimpse of cleavage and tight enough to display the curve of her breast. The skirt reached no further than her thighs flared loosely over her arse.
It was no wonder it was one of my favourites.
I always appreciated her effort to choose pretty nighties to please me, even though she knew they would begin lying on my bedroom floor in a matter of minutes.

She leant over my desk to check The List.
I stood behind her, kissing her neck and pulling the nighty up to bare her beautiful bum, as I had done hundreds of times before. She didn’t react when I stroked her arse – helping myself to her body, as usual.

“Oh, it is a long list this week isn’t it? And what about that one at the end. In capitals, underlined, with a star next to it. That must be very serious.
I suppose I’m going to something extra for that one aren’t I?”
She didn’t sound afraid. Just excited to find out what I had in store for her this time.
I made her wait.

“Don’t worry about it.” I slipped a finger between her legs. “I’m just going to give you what you need.”


Two days earlier.

I went to the village hall to collect Lisa from her Guide meeting. I did it every week. I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to chat to some of the older girls. I recognised a lot of them from school, but they were easier to talk to after class.
They looked good in their Guide uniforms too!

I couldn’t see Lisa in the car park, but her friend Diane told me that she was in trouble and she’d been kept behind so I’d have to go in to get her.

“And who do you think you are?” was the rude reception, I received from Mrs Bird, the Guide’s Leader.

I decided not to be polite and explained that I was Lisa’s brother and I’d come to collect her.

“Oh, well you’re no good. I need to talk to your parents.” Still rude!

“Well they’re not here.
I always pick her up.”
I spotted Lisa, sitting in the corner, sobbing.
“What’s the matter?
Why’s she crying?”

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“I caught her fighting and had to deal with her. She’s just feeling sorry for herself. She shouldn’t have started it should she?”

That was it.
I’d had enough of this woman’s rudeness and now she expected me to take her side against my little sister.

I wasn’t in the habit of being rude to grown ups and it would be a decade until I heard the phrase “passive aggressive” but it came naturally to my adolescent self.
“I don’t know, Mrs Bird. I wasn’t there, was I?”
I see shaking inside, but contained my emotions, speaking in flat, calm tones.
“What happened, Lis?”
It was time to get my sister’s side of the story.

She was emotional and snuffled her way through her explanation.
“Well we were doing embroidery in our patrols and I,” sniff, “hadn’t done it before and I couldn’t see Mrs Bird’s demonstration, because,” sniff, “the big girls stood in the way, so I,” gasp,” didn’t know what to do and I did my best but I knew it wasn’t very good, so l asked Janey, my patrol leader to help and she just laughed at me and, and” sob, “she said it was load of… Well, I don’t like to say.”

“Go on.” I urged her.

“No, I can’t it’s a swear word.”

She might have been scared to say it, but my blood was up and I certainly wasn’t, “Did she say it was a “load of shit” Lisa?”

She nodded and continued. “Then she shouted across the hall to her friends and tried to pull it out of my hands so they could all have a good laugh, but I hung on to it and we struggled a bit and then my embroidery needle stuck her in the wrist and she screamed and Mrs Bird shouted at me and dragged me away to stand in the corner.”

“Well I can’t have girls stabbing each other with needles, can I?
I think I’d better go home with the two of you, so I can talk to your parents.” Mrs Bird returned to her plan.

“Have you spoken to Janey’s parents?” I countered.

“No, Janey was very brave about it all. She said it hurt at first and there was a bit a blood, but she’d soon get over it, so there was no need for a fuss.”

“That sounds about right, I mean she’s 14 isn’t she?”

“15 actually.” The Guide leader, corrected me smugly, “I sent her a birthday card last week, but that’s hardly the point is it?”

“Isn’t it?
Shouldn’t you be teling her parents that she’s been picking on an 11 year old girl. Laughing at her, swearing at her, trying to make her look stupid in front of the whole Troop?”

“Well er…”

“And do you think that a bully like that deserves to be a patrol leader, in charge of younger girls?”


“Why don’t you come to our house and tell our parents why you let Lisa get bullied like that and then blamed her, instead of punishing Janey.”
I’d lost my cool now. ”
They’ll be very interested to hear what you have to say!” I shouted.
“Come on Lisa. I’ve had enough of this nonsense!”
I took her by the arm and stormed out.

We marched indignantly out of the car park, neither of us saying a word until we were around the safely around the corner.
Then we burst our laughing!

“Bloody hell Tim! You didn’t half tell her! No one’s ever spoken to Mrs Bird like that.”

“Well she deserved it, the stupid cow.
She’s supposed to be stopping bullies not taking their side.”

She stretched up to kiss me.
“Well you were brilliant.
Do you think she’ll come round to see Mum and Dad?”

“No she wouldn’t dare. Did you see the look on her face when I told her off. She wouldn’t want to face our parents!”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “She couldn’t even speak, could she?”

We were late getting home so we went straight up to bed.
Lisa got changed into her cute pink pyjamas and knocked on my door.

“I just wanted to say “thank you” again.” She gave me another kiss. On the lips, this time.
I put my arms around her, squeezing her bum and pulling her onto my groin.

“It’s okay. It’s what big brother’s are for.”

“Yes, but thanks anyway, I would have been I so much trouble if you hadn’t stuck up for me and Mrs Bird told Mum and Dad I’d stabbed Janey.”

“Um yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. That needle didn’t just slip into her wrist by accident, did it?”

“I never said it did. Guides don’t tell lies.”

“So you stabbed her on purpose then.”

She nodded her head, “You’re not angry are you?”


“Good. She deserved it. I hope I got her good.”

“Me too. But you can’t go round stabbing people can you? That’s “very naughty”.” I said in a childish voice so Lisa got my meaning.

“Oh yes, it will have to go on The List.”
She could feel my hard cock pressing into her belly. She popped her hand into my pyjamas and gave it a squeeze.
“Can’t wait till Saturday…”


So there it was. On The List. In capital letters, underlined and with a star next to it.
I’d added “Swearing in public” too just for good measure. I couldn’t ignore that “Bloody hell” on the way home, could I?

And there she was. Bent over my desk with her little nighty pulled up and my hands on her arse.
She knew she was going to be spanked. She was ready for it. She’d been getting it every week for three years and she wanted it now!

She was always ready for it. Her bum belonged to me and I knew how to deal with it. Spanking firmly, but not cruelly, until her flesh was covered in a pink blush and my hand was becoming sore. Stroking and fondling often, enjoying her submission.

Then it was time to slide my hands up her body to claim her tits, as I had since they had first emerged from her chest. My mouth would follow my hands as I feasted on their ever growing charms.

And, of course my hands and mouth would also find their way down between her legs to her wet pussy. Stroking, licking, kissing and sucking her labia and clit, before my finger invaded her ready cunt.

Her body was mine by right.
I would strip her every week. Do as I pleased with her bum and boobs. Play with her pussy and stick my cock in her mouth.
I had earned it.
I was her brother and I had kept her out of trouble with the grown ups since she was a little girl. But she was a big girl now. She had more to offer and I deserved it.

I had her naked in my bed. Her bum was sore. One tit was in my mouth, the other in my hand. Her own hand was on my cock and my finger was in her cunt.

“Do you want me to suck you now.” she asked. I had trained her well.

I took my mouth from her breast to speak. “Just lick it please.”

She licked as I had taught her.

“Is that all Sir?” she asked meekly.

“No. We still have your “extra” punishment, don’t we.”

She giggled, “Oh yes. I was starting to think you’d forgotten about that.”

“Oh no Lisa. You stabbed a girl. That was VERY naughty. So I’m going to have to stab you.”

You’re not going to stick me with a needle are you? That’s not very nice.”

“No of course not. I won’t be using a sharp little needle. I’m going to use something big and blunt.”

“Ooo I wonder what that could be?” she mused. She felt me flex my dick in her hand
“Oh, you’re going to stab me with your cock, aren’t you?” she giggled.
“Are you going to push it right down my throat – I know some boys like to do that.”

“No I won’t be putting it your mouth.”
I wiggled the finger that was lodged up inside her.

“Oh. OH! You want to put it in my kitty?” Her voice fell to a whisper. “But that’s sex. Real sex. Aren’t we supposed to wait until we’re grown up and married.”

“Oh that’s all old fashioned now. It’s the 1980’s. We don’t have to wait.”

“But Mrs Gayle said…”

“It’s fun. Everyone says it feels nice so why should we wait. It’s going to be years until we get married but the two of us could be doing it whenever we wanted. And it’s no like you’re old enough to get pregnant so, what is there to stop us?’ I’d been practicing that argument for days and I hoped it would be convincing.

“Yes, but it hurts doesn’t it? Everyone says it hurts the girl – at least the first time.”

“Well it can’t be too bad because they’d never do it a second time if it was!”

“That’s easy for you to say!”
She was right. I had no idea what I was taking about. But that wasn’t going to stop me trying.

“You let me give you a long hard spanking tonight.” I reminded her, “Didn’t that hurt?”

“Well, er yes, but that’s… different.”
She got a bit embarrassed.
“Don’t laugh, but it always feels really nice when you spank me. That’s why I always make sure I do something for you to put on The List.
Just going over your knee or getting my skirt pulled up gives me lovely feelings inside – you know in my special places, and those feelings get better and better when you punish me and, yes, it does sting, but it’s a good sting, it’s just part of all those other feelings so it doesn’t really hurt and after you’ve finished the sting stays there and makes me feel good for longer, if that makes sense.”

I’m not sure whether it did. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to get smacked. But fortunately her admission played into my argument.

“Well I think sex is like that too, it might hurt, but there are nice feelings too and the nice feelings are even better than spanking.
Why don’t we try it.
I bet you like it.
I’ll stop if you don’t.”

She thought about it, but not for long. “Okay then but you’ll have to be gentle. Promise?”

Of course I promised and I tried to be gentle, but her pussy was tight and I had to push my way in. And when my cock reached her maidenhead I had to drive my way through it. There was no way I could avoid giving Lisa the jolt of pain that would “make her a woman”. All I could do was clamp my hand over her mouth so our parents didn’t hear her squeal.

It was all over in a moment.
I came quickly.
We were no longer virgins.
That was that.


We both awoke in the small hours of the morning. Finding ourselves in eachother’s arms we kissed and stroked one another’s naked bodies. Lisa had her hands on my cock. I restricted mine to her tits and arse. I didn’t dare touch her cunt – it must be sore.

“Well, what did you think?” Lisa asked the question that was on my mind too.

“Well…. it’s not your fault but…. I can’t really see what all the fuss is about.”

“Me neither. Do you think we did it right?”

“I think so, but it was the first time for both of us so I suppose we didn’t really know what we doing.”

“Do you want to try again?” I couldn’t believe she’d asked.

“Well yeah but, aren’t you sore, you know, down there?”

“Yeah it hurt at first and I think there was a bit of blood, but I’ll get over it. No need to make a fuss.” She was a brave girl.

“Well only if you’re sure.
We could just call the first time a “practice” and try again. A bit like when I play cricket with my friends and someone gets out first ball.”

“We do the thing with “rounders”.
Yeah let’s say that was just a practice and start again. You’ll have to get me ready first though.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know. Give me all those lovely feelings. Get my kitty nice and wet.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I stuck my head between her legs and set about her with a mission. Licking and sucking like never before.
She tasted different. She pussy had a salty flavour from my seed and a metallic tang from her blood.
There was something visceral and primeval about it now. Lisa was my woman, I was her man. I was going to take her – properly – and give her all I could.
I found myself grasping her arse roughly as a tongued her twat. This was where I belonged and Lisa belonged to me.

“I should lick you too, like last time.” She told me.

I shuffled up the bed bringing my cock to her lips. She slavoured all over it, taking her time to coat me with her natural lubrication.

I didn’t want her pussy to dry up, so I told her to touch herself to keep it wet. She was a little embarrassed but did it anyway – rubbing with a vigour and intensity that surprised me.
I didn’t need to be so cautious in future.

It was time.
We were both ready.
Lisa was lying beneath me.
Naked, panting, her hard nipples pointing up at me.
Her legs spread as wide as she could.
Her pussy petals open and blooming.
My rock hard cock, poised, parallel above her, a torpedo primed to penetrate and detonate.

Her pussy was still tight but offered no resistance to my entry this time, opening up to greet me as a welcome friend. Lisa discovering the sensation of my cock moving deep inside her for the first time and raising her hips rhythmically, like the tide of the sea to match my rise and fall.
I allowed myself to luxuriate in the warm moisture of her channel, in no rush to jettison my lusty load.

There were no cries of pain from my sister now, just moans and sighs of adult pleasure as our forbidden incestuous coupling approached its climax.

“Oh, oh Tim.” She panted, “Squeezemytits! H h h h. Now!”

I took them in roughly in both hands – pinching and twisting.
It was all she needed to push her beyond her precipice.
“Oh, oh, oh, oooooooh! My God,” she spasmed as her orgasm hit, clamping my cock inside her and triggering volley upon volley of spunk to flood inside her.

It was bliss.
We both decided that we would remember this as “our first time” – not that hasty, nervous practice shag we had had earlier.
If this was what sex felt like, then we were going to have a lot more of it.

We were so glad that we hadn’t waited until we were married.

And I was so thankful that my sister was such a naughty little girl.

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