Little Anal Alice (Helping the Neighbor)

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By JustSoWrong Alice dog sits for a neighbor and he comes home earlier than expected…

Alice seems like an average, pretty, 12 year old girl just on the edge of womanhood, but Alice is different from other girls. She suffers from hyper-sexuality disorder. She is obsessed with sex, the kinkier, the better. Alice especially loves her little bottom to be used by men.

My 11-year-old neighbor, Alice, had always been fond of my Labrador, Jack. When I received an unexpected business trip out of town, I knew I could trust her to take care of him while I was gone. However, little did I know that my trust in Alice would be put to the test in a way I never could have imagined.

When I arrived home earlier than expected, I decided to take a short cut through the backyard to surprise Alice. As I quietly open the back door, I couldn’t believe what I saw: Alice was lying on her back on the the living room floor, completely naked, while Jack, my usually well-behaved dog, was enthusiastically licking her bald little pussy. The scene was both shocking and arousing, and for a brief moment, I wasn’t sure how to react.

The sight of Alice’s smooth, hairless pussy glistening with Jack’s saliva is almost too much for me to handle. Her legs are spread wide, and she lets out small moans of pleasure as he laps at her folds. I can tell that she’s enjoying this, and a part of me is jealous that it’s my dog who is providing her with this pleasure.

As Jack’s tongue moves faster and faster against her sensitive skin, Alice arches her back and lets out a long, shuddering moan. Her fingers clench into the carpet, and her toes curl as she nears the brink of orgasm. Her body tenses and trembles, and I can see the muscles in her thighs and abdomen tighten as she experiences the most intense pleasure I’ve ever seen anyone have. I can see her slick pussy lips twitching as she cums.

My gaze flicks from Alice’s exposed pussy to Jack’s furry body, noticing the dogs narled erection sticking out his sheath. I can’t believe that my dog’s cock is so big, it’s easily 6 inches, fat and ugly. I’ve never seen it like this before. I watch, transfixed, as Alice reaches up and grabs Jack’s cock in her small hand, guiding it toward her mouth. She takes the tip of his ugly purple penis into her delicate little mouth, sucking gently at first, before deepening the motion.

Alice bobs her head up and down, her cheeks hollowing as she takes more and more of Jack’s thick purple shaft into her mouth. She’s clearly done this before, her tongue swirling around the grotesque head of his cock. Her enthusiasm for dog cock is so hot, and I can feel myself growing harder in my pants. It’s obvious that Alice loves this, and she’s putting all of her passion into pleasuring Jack.

As she continues to suck my dog, I watch as her slender fingers curl around his base, holding him steady as she bobs her head. Her other hand comes up to fondle one of Jack’s balls, rolling it between her fingers before cupping it in her palm and massaging it gently. The wet sucking noises the little girl makes while pleasuring dog cock are obscene.

Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, and she takes more and more of Jack’s cock into her mouth, literally gagging herself as she does so. Her cheeks hollow and her eyes water, but she doesn’t let up for even a moment. She’s completely devoted to pleasuring my dog, and it’s a sight that I can’t help but find arousing.

As I watch, my own cock grows harder and harder in my pants. I wonder if Alice would ever be interested in pleasuring me in the same way. The thought of her small hands wrapped around my shaft and her mouth on my cock is enough to make my heart race.

Alice, seemingly finally tiring of sucking Jack, pulls her mouth away from his engorged cock. She looks up at me, our eyes meeting, as she notices me for the first time since I walked in. There’s a mixture of shock, guilt, and desire in her expression. Then, seeing my bulge, her expression changes to wicked defiance. Without a word, she gets up on all fours, presenting her bare bottom to me. Pulling her cheeks apart to show her asshole and bald wet little girl pussy. I can’t help but stare at the smooth perfection of her ass, the round globes of her cheeks, the tiny pucker of her anus, and her perfect little pussy lips. It’s an image that burns itself into my memory.

My cock throbs in my pants, straining against the fabric. I free my cock, and drop to my knees behind her. I want nothing more than to be inside of her, feeling her tightness wrapped around my shaft. With a growl, I move forward, I rub my cock on her wet pussy entrance lubing it up. Alice freezes, then shifts her body, so my cock head lines up with her little pucker instead. I move my cock head back to her little pussy entrance, but again Alice moves positioning my hardness at her puckered rear entrance. Alice pushes back, wanting to be filled, wanting the pain that she knows is coming. But instead, I push gently, slowly, easing myself into her. She lets out a small gasp, her body relaxing as I begin to fill her. I push deeper, feeling my cock slide past the resistance of her tight ring and into the heat of her body.

Alice’s hands move to grip the carpet, her breath coming in ragged gasps as I begin to thrust into her. I’m pounding into her with a furious rhythm, my hips slapping against her ass cheeks. She pushes back, she meets each thrust with a moan, her body arching to meet mine. I can feel the heat of her body, the wetness of her pussy as my balls slap againstit. My fingers dig into her soft skin, leaving red marks as I struggle to control myself, to not lose it too soon.

Alice moves her mouth back down to Jack’s cock, her lips wrapping around the base as she takes him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirls around the shaft, stroking him in time with my thrusts. Her enthusiasm for pleasuring the dog is incredible, and it’s only making it harder for me to last.

I watch as she bobs her head up and down, taking more and more of Jack’s thick ugly cock into her mouth. Her cheeks hollow and her eyes roll back in her head as she takes him deeper, clearly enjoying the taste and feel of him. Her small hand moves up to stroke his balls, her fingers curling around the base on his member as she uses it to guide him deeper into her mouth.

My own cock throbs in her ass, the sight of her so eagerly pleasuring my dog driving me wild. I can feel the heat building inside of me, the urge to release my own cum growing stronger by the second. I want to cum all over her, to mark her as mine, but I also want to watch her continue to please Jack. The thought of sharing her like this, of having her take care of both of us, is so hot it’s almost unbearable.

As I watch her work her magic on my dog, I can’t help but admire the way she moves. Her lips curl around Jack’s cock, her tongue swirling and dancing over his sensitive flesh. Her hand gripping his shaft firmly as she sucks and strokes him in perfect harmony. It’s a sight that’s impossible to tear my eyes away from. This innocent looking little girl is an insatiable slut.

Her movements are driving me wild. I’m taking long strokes into her preteen ass. I can feel her ring squeezing and gripping my cock, particularly the head of my cock as I occasionally take shallow strokes to tease her ring. She’s so tight, so warm, her ass makes wet sucking noises around my cock.

I look down at her, my chest heaving as I watch her mouth work over Jack’s cock. She’s taking him deep, bobbing her head up and down as she slides her tongue over him, her lips stretched tight around the base. Her cheeks hollow with each stroke, and I can see the desire in her eyes.

Suddenly, there’s a change in her movements. Her hand stills on his shaft, and she lets out a small groan. She looks up at me, her expression a mix of pleasure and triumph. Jack’s cum is flowing into her mouth, her throat works to gulp it down. She tries to swallow it all, but there’s too much, and a lot dribbles down her chin. I watch as she licks her lips, eagerly cleaning up every drop.

My hips slam forward, pushing my cock deeper into her ass, her body accepting every inch of me. I feel my climax building, the pressure in my balls growing intense. I look down at her, her beautiful face looking back round at me, smeared with my dog’s cum, her eyes locked on mine. I can see the desire in them, the need for me to cum inside of her asshole. This is insane, beyond my wildest fantasies.

Alice arches her back, meeting my thrusts with a moan as I continue to pound into her. Her asshole is so tight around my cock, her muscles clenching and relaxing in rhythm with my hips. Her lips are parted, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she tries to catch her breath. I can see the flush in her cheeks, the beads of sweat running down her body.

Her small hand reaches back to stroke my balls, her fingertips tracing the outline of my scrotum. Her touch sends shivers through my body, making me thrust harder into her. My cock feels like it’s on the verge of exploding, and I know I can’t last much longer.

With a groan, I feel my release building inside of me, my hips bucking wildly as I thrust into her harder. Her asshole squeezes tight around my cock, milking me, and I can feel my cum shooting into her. It’s hot and thick, filling her up as she moans. Her body convulses as she comes, her muscles gripping my cock like a vice.

My deflating cock slips wettly from her gaping preteen ring. Alice turns around immediately, as she looks up at me with a satisfied grin. She reaches up, her hand wrapping around my cock, and draws it to her. Her tongue darts out, licking the head of my cock clean before taking it into her mouth.

She sucks on me hungrily, swallowing the mix of my cum and her ass juice , her lips stretched tight around my cock as she bobs her head up and down. Her tongue swirls around the sensitive flesh, driving me wild. I can’t help but let out a groan as she works her magic on my cock. I’m lost in the sensation of her lips and tongue on me, feeling the warmth of her breath against my shaft.

Alice pulls her mouth away from my cock, licking her lips. “Are you ready for round two?” she asks with a sultry smile. It’s the first thing she’s said since I caught her.

I can barely believe it. I’m already almost hard again. I nod eagerly, unable to find my voice. She slides her small hand down between her legs, rubbing her clit as she looks at me.

Alice takes my cock in her hand, stroking it gently at first, then harder and faster as she feels my length growing under her touch. Her other hand reaches up, cups my balls and rolls them in her palm. My hips jerk forward involuntarily, and she laughs, her breath hot against my shaft. “Like that, huh?” she asks with a grin.

I nod, unable to form words as she leans forward, engulfing my cock with her mouth. Her lips stretch impossibly wide, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock. She takes me deep, her throat opens to accept me, as she bobs her head up and down. Her cheeks hollow with each stroke, and I can feel the vibration against my pelvis. She looks up at me, her eyes dark and intense as she slides her tongue over the ridge of my glans. Her hand tightens on my shaft, her fingers leaving a trail of sensation from my base to the tip.

Her other hand reaches down between her legs, rubbing her little clit roughly as she continues to suck on me. I can see her arousal, the wetness that has coated her girlish inner thighs. She moans around my cock, her breath hot against my skin. The sounds she makes, the feel of her mouth on me, push me closer to the edge. My hips buck forward involuntarily, my cock thrusting deeper into her throat.

Alice’s eyes meet mine, she pulls her mouth off my cock and she gives me a wicked smile. “Please will you fuck my face, sir,” she pleads, her voice low and sultry. Both her hands drop from my cock, down to her little pussy, as she starts to pleasure herself. I feel my control slipping, the need to cum so strong. I grip her hair roughly, her mouth mine to use as I want, as I start to fuck her face. I let out a groan as she takes me deeper. Her throat vibrates around me, the sensation sending shudders through my body.

Her lips stretch obscenely wide as she takes me all the way in. Her cheeks hollow with each thrust, her eyes closed in pleasure. Her fingers dance over her clit, rubbing it roughly, her other hand thrusting in to her pussy. The choking and gagging sounds she makes as I fuck her face, the drool running down her chin, the tears in her eyes, it’s all driving me wild.

I can feel the edge coming, the impending release building inside of me. I let out a hoarse growl, my hips slamming into her face as I try to hold back for just a few more seconds. Alice’s hand flys up, grasping at my hips, her nails digging into my skin. Her lips are stretched impossibly wide around my cock, her throat working to accommodate me.

Her other hand is still between her legs, frantically slapping her clit as she sucks on me. Her eyes are closed, her head tilted back, her throat bulging obscenely, and she lets out a desperate gasp as she feels herself start to cum. Her throat muscles spasm around my cock, and I lose it, groaning her name as I shoot my load down her throat. My cock twitches as it empties, and she takes it all ,swallowing each hot jet of cum.

She keeps her mouth around me even as I soften, letting my release flow down her throat. Finally, she pulls her mouth away, her eyes puffy, her face red. She looks up at me with a satisfied smile, her breath coming in ragged gasps. “Well,” she pants, “anytime you want me to mind Jack, just ask.”

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By JustSoWrong #Exhibitionist #Mature #PreTeen #Zoophilia