Little And Mom

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Little and Mom
Shawn, or as his mom called him 'Babycakes', turned 18 a few months ago. The morning after his birthday he woke up, brushed his teeth and stood before the bathroom mirror. His body was scrawny and short, standing barely 5 feet 5 inches tall — or short. He didn't like his appearance very much, but his mom (his only relative since his dad had died a few years after his birth) had often tried to convince him that he was beautiful.
Just as he was putting his shirt for the day on, his mom walked into the small bathroom. Jess was a good bit shorter than her son, almost 5''10', tall for a woman. But what really made people take a second (and men a third, fourth and fifth) glance, was her incredible beauty. She was the pin-up version of a "hot MILF", complete with full lips, a big bust, slender waist and wide hips.
"Hey, babycakes," Jess gleefully greeted her son. "How do you feel after your big day?" She took her toothbrush and started brushing, even this mundane task looking sexy when performed by her. Her bed-tousled hair was swinging gently and her bosom and ass jiggled ever so slightly with every movement of her arm.
Shawn, as always when his mother was around, could hardly take his eyes of her body. He always was a clingy son, always wanting to be the one and only in his mom's life.
A few years ago her mother had a boyfriend, Bill. He was a sleazy ass, but only when Jess wasn't around. With her he was a well-behaved gentleman. But when his mom left for the hairdresser for instance, he would pop open a beer and sit on the couch instead of doing the chores like Jess had ordered him to. As his mom seemed happy with him, Shawn always did the chores given to Bill. And even that didn't stop Bill from occasionally throwing a fit in Shawn's direction. He sometimes would shout: "Get me another beer, little shithead." or "Hey small-ass, where does your mom keep her good stuff?" Shawn hated him, but endured him for Jess' sake. But after about three months, he broke his own neck. Shawn had left for the safety of his room and in the meantime Bill noticed someone entering the living room. Assuming it was Shawn, he said: "Little shit, is the laundry done already? Bring me one of your mom's panties, so I can have a better feelin'." After a long silence he repeated himself, and after another minute of silence he turned around … to see Jess standing there with a death glare directed at him. Two minutes later, Bill was out of their lives for good.
Then, just days after Shawn's 18th birthday, Jess brought a date back from home. Assuming Shawn was sleeping tight already, they fucked like bunnies, moans, slaps and bed-creaking echoing through the apartment. Only Shawn wasn't asleep … Thinking about this guy being with his beloved mother nearly made him vomit. After his mom's date left, she asked Shawn about his opinion, having met him for breakfast and then being alone with him for about an hour while his mom ran errands. And actually, the guy wasn't a percent as bad as Bill had been. But still, the thought of his mom being pleasured by this muscle-man, was just too much for Shawn to handle. So Shawn just looked his mother in the eyes, cast a solmn glance her way, dropped his head and shook it. With that, another man was gone from their lives.
That was the last time his mom had brought a man back home from anywhere.
"Babycakes, everything fine?" His mom had turned around and gave him a concerned, motherly look. Her eyes shone with sincere love and for reasons unknown to Shawn, it not only made his heart flutter, but his cock hard as a rock. His penis not being very thick or long, barely thicker than a finger and just short of reaching 5 inches, in these situations he was actually thankful for not being bigger in a certain area. Otherwise, who knows what his mom would have thought.
"Yes, mom. It's just … I don't feel all that good today."
Jess was with him in a heartbeat, hugging him and pushing her bountiful breasts directly in his face. "Oh babycakes, you really should rest then. And as I don't have anything to do today, what about we watch a movie on the couch? I'll make you some juice and breakfast and then you can rest."
Shawn was almost suffocated by his mom's cleavage, like most times when they would hug, being just on the perfect height for that. He felt a nipple poke his cheek and had to resist the urge to give it a kiss. "Yes, mom" he said. "Some breakfast and a movie with you sounds great."
Jess gave him a kiss on his cheek and then left the bathroom.
Shawn could hardly believe his luck. Just a few weeks ago was his 18th birthday with presents and cake, and today he would be able to lounge about with his beautiful mother.
About half an hour later, Jess sat on the couch, both her legs up and under a blanket and selected a movie for them to watch. "You'll really like this one" she smiled and pushed 'Play'.
Shawn, having just finished his juice, walked over to his mother and gave her a bit of a sick, but heart-warming look.
"Oh, my poor baby. Come here, under the blanket, and cuddle." She lifted the blanket and in a heartbeat Shawn was under it. But for a brief second he could see that all his mom was wearing were panties and a bra. It made him feel giddy to cuddle with her. He rested his head on her lap, facing the television and lay a hand across her thigh for comfort. Jess meanwhile lay a hand on top of his head to stroke his hair lovingly.
In these moments Shawn always felt like she way leaning on his mother in more ways then just the physical. To him, she was his everything, and these moments made a little voice in his chest go: 'You are her everything too.'
The movie started, and it was soon clear that it was a romantic movie. Shawn really liked romantic movies, although he seldom found the young women in them very appealing. To him, the most attractive female on the planet was currently right beside him, stroking his hair and shifting her thighs every time he moved, so he could be more comfortable.
After a good half-hour, and one time he probably nodded of for a few minutes, a strange sound drew his attention back to the TV. Moaning, undoubtedly.
On the screen, the young female lead and her male counterpart were kissing, moaning and taking their clothes off. Shawn saw her breasts while she was making love to the man. And soon he realized that there was a tent in his briefs. Yet, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the hypnotizing scene of bouncing breasts and sweet moaning before him.
"Babycakes" — a soft whisper came from above. He shifted his head slightly, so he could look into his mom's eyes. "You are drooling, baby."
Now he felt it too. A little dribble of spit ran out the corner of his mouth and connected his face with his mom's thigh.
"S-s-sorry, m-mom…" Shawn stuttered. His face turned red and he avoided making eye-contact with her.
"Don't worry. It's alright, baby. You are just getting excited by something natural. Nothing to worry about." Jess slowly rubbed his chest and belly, while softly murmuring to calm him down.
Then, suddenly, her hand glided a little lower than normal and just barely grazed the erection in his pants.
Shawn shivered and with a stifled moan, came in his pants.
"O-oh god!" he whined. "I-i am s-s-so s-sorry", he buried his face in her thighs, thinking looking into her eyes at this moment would be the most embarrassing thing ever.
"Shhh, shhh" his mom whispered. "Nothing wrong with that either, babycakes." She reached under his head and softly turned his chin so she could look at him. "I am the one who should apologize. I touched you and made this mess."
Shawn looked up into her soft, loving eyes. He swallowed hard, his throat dry as a desert. "Well, it … it actually … felt good." The last word were so soft, they barley escaped his lips.
Still, his mom heard them, he was sure of that. A small smile swept across her face. "You mean, you liked me touching you?" Her voice was barely more than a whisper too.
He nodded slowly. Just then, the smile on her lips grew a little bit.
"Babycakes, I should clean this mess. And I know a way to clean it that you will like even more." With that, she slowly but firmly slid his pants down and revealed his thighs and most importantly: his penis.
"Move", Jess softly said and slid down the couch, so now she was laying sideways, just like Shawn, facing him. "Now, don't worry at what I'll do. Just trust me, it will feel good."
Shawn nodded and watched his mom sliding her curvy shape down his body, until her face was at the same level as his crotch.
Then, she did something he would have never expected her to do. She pursed her lips and gave the big wet-stain on the front of his pants a long, loving kiss. He couldn't say for sure, but he thought that he felt her tongue through the material of his pants. Though he wasn't certain.
"My god", he thought as Jess slowly, with the calm of a mother taking care of her baby — which in a certain way was true — undid his pants and slid both those and his boxers down his legs.
Jess took a good long look at his hard penis. Though not the largest she ever saw, far from it actually, it had something so very beautiful to it. And she was sure it was because of the person attached to it. "Do you feel comfy, babycakes?" she asked in a hushed voice.
Shawn just looked at her in utter bewilderment. His lips were dry, so answering was hardly an option. And he couldn't move his eyes an inch away from the scene before him. He hoped it was a nod he managed to deliver. But his mom seemed pleased.
She pursed her lips and slowly, ever so slowly came closer to his hard dick.
"No worries, baby. Just enjoy." With that she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Like a snake it wrapped around the top of his penis and crept all over the sensitive skin.
Jess looked into his eyes while her pink, soft licker caressed his mushroom top. Her eyes shone with unabashed love and joy. There was no doubt in Shawn's mind that she did this because she loved him. Only him. With all her heart.
And now, maybe, if he was lucky, her equally gorgeous body too.
Soft purrs escaped her lips as she flicked her tongue all around his glans. Jess knew exactly how to give a man pleasure from oral attentions. And there was no man in her life that she wanted the pleasure she could give to enjoy more than Shawn. Her heart raced at the taboo thought of blowing her son.
Shawn all the while stared wide-eyes at his mom. He tried to say something, express his gratitude, his love, anything really, but other than a few soft moans … nothing.
Jess released his throbbing pole from her lips. "Babycakes, if you feel the need to release, just shoot inside my mouth. Okay, baby?"
He was mesmerized by her. Her eyes, looking deep into his own and her words, promising pleasure beyond belief.
A small nod, then his mom continued her machinations.
The feelings overwhelmed him quickly. He didn't know if he should say something, warn her of his impending release, or just ejaculate in his mom's mouth.
Then, the time for decisions was over. A strangled cry escaped his lips and with wild bucking of his hips, a sizable load of his warm cream shot though his dick, right into Jess' throat. Like the expert she was, she swallowed his cum with two big gulps.
After she finished cleaning him up with her tongue, the slid his body upwards again and lay on her back. She cradled him in her arms and pulled him on top of her. "Feeling better, baby?"
Shawn was in a state of total bliss, no words capable of leaving him. So he just nuzzled her right breast and suckled on the warm flesh his head was resting on.
Jess giggled softly. "I take that as a 'yes'. Sleep tight, babycakes."
By this point, Shawn was already tight asleep.

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