Little Princess & Daddy Ch. 05

tagIncest/TabooLittle Princess & Daddy Ch. 05

Last weekend was the greatest experience of Jonathan's life. He had fucked his sexy daughter, and her two hot friends. Not just fucked, but eaten out, and taken their anal virginity. There's no way he would be able to go back to sex with his wife, and be anywhere as turned on as he was, ravaging those three young girls. Jonathan's daughter Jenna was special though. Jonathan couldn't stop thinking about his sexy little princess. All day and night he fantasized about having her again. But aside from that, his feelings were changing. He still loved her as his daughter, but he realized he was having romantic feelings for her now. Starting to think of her as a partner. As a girl he would want to marry. Jonathan snapped back to reality though, and realized that would be impossible. Just as impossible as staying away from his daughter's cute little body. He couldn't wait to be inside her again. Something made much more difficult with his wife back from visiting family.
That day at work, Jonathan couldn't concentrate. His every thought was about Jenna. So badly did he want her on his desk, legs spread, begging her daddy to fuck her again. As lunch approached, Jonathan could not stay still. He couldn't bear the thought of another day, another minute not having his daughter. Jonathan told his secretary he would be taking a long lunch, as he sprinted out the door, and jumped in his car. He took off like a bullet, in the direction of Jenna's high school.
Jonathan arrived just in time to catch the end of Jenna's PE class. He saw Jenna running around the track, her beautiful little ass in little red shorts. He got out of his car, and waved to get Jenna's attention. When she finally saw her daddy, a huge smile came across Jenna's face. She had to do 2 more laps, and then PE was over, and it was lunch time. Jenna ran up to her father, and hugged him across the chain link fence.
:"Hi daddy! What are you doing here? Aren't you working today?"
Jonathan couldn't help but look his daughter up and down.
"Yes baby, I have work today, but I couldn't wait to see you. I had to see you."
Jenna smiled even bigger at her father. The butterflies in her stomach, she always felt around her father, were fluttering wilder than ever.
"That's so sweet daddy. Let me go take a super fast shower in the locker room, and we can go get a quick lunch together."
Jonathan reached over and grabbed Jenna's arm, as if in fear she would run off.
"No baby, I need you right now, in the car."
Jenna knew right away that the only thing on the lunch menu was her, which started making her already sweat-soaked pussy, even wetter.
"But daddy, I am so sweaty, and my tank top is soaked!"
Jonathan just smiled at Jenna.
"Daddy, you are so fucking dirty and naughty, and I love that."
Jenna walked up to the gate, and out to the parking lot, following her father to the car. They both got in, and Jonathan drove them up the street, to the back parking lot of an abandoned tire store. He pulled under a tree overhanging a few of the spaces, and asked Jenna to join him in the back seat. Jonathan wasted no time grabbing her and kissing her. Their tongues danced together, and both started moaning. After about only a minute, Jenna reached down and started unzipping her father's pants.
"I can't wait daddy. I need to feel your cock in my mouth. I need to taste it."
Jonathan helped Jenna pull his pants down, and the second his cock popped out, she took his crown in her mouth, licking, and sucking on it. Jonathan moaned loudly.
"Oh fuck baby girl. Suck daddy's cock. Suck daddy's hard cock. This cock belongs to you baby."
Jenna tried not to react, but her heart started pounding very fast. Her father had just told her she owned his cock. He belonged to her, and she belonged to him. It's what she had always wanted, and it was starting to come true. She wanted to own all of him, including his heart. But for now, she just wanted to suck her daddy's beautiful cock. Her head bobbing up and down, She tried to take in as much of his big cock as possible, often gagging, which only made Jonathan even more excited. Soon his whole cock was covered in her saliva. Jonathan wanted to cum so bad, but he wanted to save it to fill her womb with it.
Jonathan pulled his daughter's face from his cock.
"Baby, I need to taste you now. I need my tongue deep inside you."
Jenna gave her father a worried look.
"Daddy, I know you love my stinky smells, but today I am extra smelly. I can smell myself, and it's really bad."
Jonathan's cock twitched at this wonderful revelation.
"Baby girl, I can smell you, and it's getting me even harder. Now let's get this sweaty tank top off."
Jenna pressed her arms tight against her body.
"Oh no daddy. My arm pits stink so bad, there's no way I'm going to lift my arms."
Jonathan smirked at Jenna.
"ALL of your smells are sexy Jenna. I can't get enough of them, and of you."
Jenna still looked worried, but she lifted her arms so her father could pull her tank top off, which he did. Before Jenna could put her arms down, her father grabbed both of them by the wrist with his right hand. Jenna stared at him not knowing what he was planning to do. Jonathan surprised her by leaning down, and licking her sweaty armpit.
Jenna pulled her arms out of his grasp, and closed them tight to her sides again.
"Daddy! What are you doing!? That is so gross!"
Jonathan grabbed her by the chin.
"No baby, that is part of you, and to me, every smell, every taste, every inch of you turns me on. Now be a good girl, and lift your arms again."
Jena paused a few seconds, and then complied with her father. Jonathan leaned over, and licked her other armpit, then slowly moved across her chest, flicking her small, and perky nipples. Jenna put her hand on the back of her daddy's head, as he tongued across her sweaty chest. Jonathan was in heaven licking up sweat from his daughter's body. It tasted like Heaven to him.
Jonathan started working his kisses down her belly, to the top of her shorts. The smell of her sweaty pussy was coming through, and Jonathan wanted to put his nose in it, and inhale. He shifted forward on the back seat so he could more easily pull her shorts off. Her panties came off together with her shorts, and Jonathan put the stained crotches of them, up to his nose, and breathed deep. The smell of his daughters, soaked, sweaty, stinking pussy drove him through the roof.
Jonathan shifted his daughter so her legs were facing him, and he pushed her down. She was still wearing her running shoes, and normally Jonathan would want to take them off and worship her smelly feet, but he needed her pussy right away, so he shifted back, lifted her legs onto his shoulders, and leaned down to lick his daughter's pussy.
Jenna let out a loud moan, as her daddy began slowly licking her labia. The salt of her pussy sweat made him think how he wished he could bottle it, and drink it every day. An even better taste awaited Jonathan as he spread her lips with two of his fingers, and began slurping, sucking, devouring, every millimeter of his daughter's drenched pussy. Her juices were the greatest taste he ever had in his mouth, and just like her pussy sweat and juices, he wished he could bottle her pussy stench. No other smell could match how wonderful it was.
Jenna squirmed and moaned, as her father expertly gave her pussy a thorough tongue bath, inside and out. Jenna shook violently as her orgasm built, and exploded on her father's tongue. She was spent, but she needed her father's meat inside her. She grabbed him by his collar, and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Jenna could taste and smell her pussy on her daddy's mouth, and she understood why he loved it. She was starting to love her own tastes and smells.
Jenna flung her leg over her father so she was straddling him, and reached down between her legs, grabbing her daddy's throbbing cock. She aimed it at her hungry pussy, and held it as she lowered herself onto it. She moaned in pain, as her father's fat cock, stretched her again. Jonathan moaned in unison, as he felt his daughter's tight pussy walls stretching to accommodate his thickness. She hugged his head tight to her chest as she started bucking. Her father's cock thrusting in and out of her was the greatest feeling she had ever felt. Nothing could match the feeling of her own father's cock, filling her pussy. To her, it was as if her pussy was made perfectly for his cock.
Jenna began rocking back and forth, faster and faster on his rod, moaning louder as her rhythm picked up pace. Soon she was fucking herself on her father so hard, the car was rocking back and forth as if a group of people were pushing on it. Her orgasm was building, as was her father's. She pulled her father's face away from her face, and looked him right in the eyes, Jonathan clearly ready to cum. Jenna was nervous, and tears started coming down her face. She had to tell him what she was feeling at that moment.
"Daddy, I'm in love with you. I want to be your wife."
Jonathan wanted to marry his little girl, too.
"Baby girl, I'm in love with you, and I want to be your husband."
Saying that sent both of them over the edge, and cumming simultaneously. Jenna kept bucking until she had finished her long orgasm. Jonathan pulled her towards him, and slowly continued pumping his cock into his little girl, making sure he got every last drop of his cum, inside her. When he finally stopped, Jenna lifted herself off of him, and bent over to suck his softening cock. She was able to get a few more drops of his cum out of his cock. She looked up and smiled at her daddy. He pulled her in close, and their tongues began slowly twirling around each other. After a few minutes, Jenna pulled away.
"Daddy, I need you to do something for me."
Jonathan put his hand on his daughter's cheek.
"Anything for you baby girl."
Jenna looked down for a few seconds, then looked back at her father.
"Daddy, I…I want you to fuck me in school."
Jonathan eyes opened wide, as he tried to compute what his daughter just requested of him. His cock started getting hard again. Jenna saw this happening, and began smiling wide.
"Oh daddy, it's so hot you are getting hard again."
Jenna turned on her side and got almost in the fetal position.
"Fuck my filthy ass daddy!"
Jonathan got on his knees and aimed his cock at just the right angle to put his cock head up to his daughter's tiny, pink asshole. He had stretched it before with it's cock, but it was back to it's original, tight form. Jenna spit in her hand and reached behind her, and stroked her saliva onto her daddy's cock head and shaft. Jonathan pushed slowly, gently sliding his cock into his daughter's asshole. After a few seconds, Jenna looked over her shoulder to her father.
"No daddy. Not like that. Rape me. Rape your little girl's asshole. Please daddy, do it. Make me your little anal whore."
Hearing that alone, nearly made Jonathan cum, but he held it in as he began fucking her. All gentleness and care was gone. Jonathan was fucking his little girl's asshole with al his thrusting power, and her screams were intoxicating to Jonathan. He was pouring sweat from his head, as he worked hard, grunting his daughter's request.
Jenna looked back at her father, one more time, with tears streaming down her cheeks.
"That's so good daddy. Rape, my tight little asshole with your daddy cock. Make me your little whore."
Jonathan's car rocked back and forth for another hour, as father and daughter fucked like animals.
Everyone in this story is 18 and older.

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