Little Sister in Lockdown Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister in Lockdown Pt. 03

At dinner my mom's eyes were fixated on my sister's neck. My dad was going on and on about something that happened at his work, but I have no idea what it was because of the tense electricity in the dining room as my mom, sister, and I sat quietly, trying to act normal. Ava was brushing her foot against mine discreetly under the table, and I got bold and found my mom's bare foot and did the same to her a couple times as she just kept staring at Ava's hickey, not even acknowledging the one-sided game of footsie she and I played. I was enjoying every minute of it.
Finally, my dad looked up after probably noticing that we didn't seem to be paying any attention to him and finally noticed the dark red mark on my little sister's neck. He started out with a sympathetic tone as he patronized his 18 year old daughter.
"Honey, what did you do to your…"
He paused for a moment, then continued in a much different tone of voice. It hadn't even crossed his mind at first, but the hickey was so undeniable even he couldn't pretend it was anything else after looking at it a couple seconds.
"Wait. Why the hell do you have a hickey on your neck?" he barked sternly.
"I would love to know the answer to that as well," my mom chimed in.
"Not that it's any of your business, but I hung out with a boy after school. He got a little carried away when he kissed me I guess."
"Who is this guy?" My dad snapped back. "And since when have you been hooking up with boys after school?"
"He's older. It doesn't matter anyways. I think there is another woman. He told me a story that sounded innocent, but I think he left out some important information. I don't know yet," came my sister's retort.
I sneakily placed my hand on her leg under the cover of the table, and played with the hemline of her shorts as I entered the conversation.
"Sounds like a lucky guy. But if I were you I would just ask him what's up instead of assuming the worst. It seems like he's pretty into you, judging by the evidence on your neck."
I was playing with fire.
"You're quite the attraction today. Your brother was wondering why you weren't home this afternoon, too. Weren't you?" She glanced at me.
I slid my hand further up Ava's thigh and She wasn't wearing any panties. I slid a finger inside. "I ended up getting ahold of her anyways," I said with a little smirk on my face.
Ava inhaled sharply as I flicked her clit, and my dad looked over at her. "Last I knew, you didn't even care about boys. What happened to my sweet, innocent little girl?"
"I'm still your innocent little girl, dad."
My dad sighed and stood up to take his plate back to the kitchen, and mom followed behind. My finger was still playing with Ava's pussy under the table, and the tent in my pants prevented me from getting up at the moment. She reached down and pulled my hand away to get up and join my parents in the den where they were watching one of their boring network TV comedies. I tucked my cock up under my waist band, got up to put my plate in the sink and went to my room.
After an hour or so I went out to see what was on TV. My mom had started doing dishes in the kitchen, but Ava and my dad were watching Seinfeld reruns, and I decided to join them. I sat in the recliner next to my dad. Ava was on the lying on the couch on the other side of my dad with her eyes closed. One of her knees was bent, hanging off the side of the couch, while her other leg was resting flat on top of her ankle.
I looked over at my dad and he wasn't paying attention to the TV. Shortly after I sat down he got up and walked out of the room without saying a word, so I walked over to grab the remote from his chair. I sat down in his spot and looked at Ava. Her uncovered pussy lips were in plain view! She opened her eyes, smiled at me, and put pulled her shorts back to cover herself up, before getting up and going to her room. She had been giving dad a show on purpose. I was immediately jealous and turned on at the same time.
I looked back in the kitchen, and mom was still cleaning up after dinner. She was wearing snug leggings that showed off her amble ass nicely, with a thin sweater on top. I opened my phone to the video of her fingering herself and held it open looking back and forth between it and her in the kitchen. After a minute or two I got up and walked in the kitchen. She was bent over the dishwasher, trying to make room to fit the last two plates in. I walked behind her and boldly grabbed her ass and poked my middle finger against her pussy, feeling it push between the puffy folds. She jerked around and slapped me with her mouth wide open.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"
The tent in my pants was bulging, and I made no attempt to hide it as I moved towards her, pinning her lightly between myself and the counter, my cock pressing into her upper abdomen. She was still staring at me with her mouth partly open in shock. I lightly grabbed her chin and planted a kiss on her mouth, nibbling gently on her bottom lip before pulling back.
"What I'm doing is apparently what dad can't," I replied. "I'm going to take care of you way better than your little pink toy ever could."
She gasped.
"How do you know—" but her voice stopped suddenly as I slid my hand down the front of her pants and felt her trimmed bush and poked my finger inside her cunt.
I leaned in close to the side of her face as I pushed another finger inside her. "I watched you playing with your toy and fingering yourself. But I want the real thing." I sucked on her neck. "And I think you do too."
She pushed me away from her. "Stop! You're going to leave a hickey." She trailed off as she finished, and I could tell she was reminded of my sister's hickey. "Wait a minute," she said. "You didn't hook up with Ava, did you?"
I didn't bother answering her. I was already on my knees, pulling her leggings and panties down her thighs as she tried holding them up with one hand. Her sweater didn't hang very low so her entire sex was on display right before my eyes. In our kitchen. With my sister twenty feet away in her room. With my dad somewhere in the house. The intensity of looking at my mom's beautiful trimmed pussy, coupled with the possibility of being caught by another family member had me hornier than I had ever thought possible. I dove in and began licking her clit while I grabbed her calf of her left leg and moved it off to the side as far as her leggings wrapped around her ankles would allow. Her pussy was soaking wet, and I slid two fingers inside her easily as I nibbled at her clit.
She had one hand covering her mouth to muffle her moaning and the other one pushing my head away, or at least pretending to, in protest. I found my way up her shirt and under her bra and squeezed at her breasts as I drove my tongue inside her. I could feel her attempted reluctance slipping away as she grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged it. Not the way you tug to pull away. She was tugging my hair lost in pleasure as I ate her out.
I grabbed the leggings that were holding her feet together and pulled them off her left ankle as I stood up, lifting her onto the counter as I did so. Her shirt was above her right breast, but covering the other one, her dark nipple rock hard and asking to be pinched. Played with. Sucked. I resisted the temptation to lick the very breast I was fed from as a baby, and focused my attention to the more urgent matter at hand.
What would have seemed inconceivable, impossible, and just insane a couple days ago was no longer any of those things. My mother was on the counter in front of me, her plump pussy lips wide open with the darker purple inner folds protruding out like a flower in bloom. I could still hear the laugh track from the den accompanying the same episode of Seinfeld I had been watching with my dad and sister less than twenty minutes earlier. This wasn't my ultimate fantasy. No. This was more. The epitome of what my ultimate fantasy could be if I was all-knowing. I wasn't going to let it slip away.
Instead, I unbuttoned my pants, methodically but quickly, while maintaining eye contact with mom. I dropped my pants and boxers to my knees, and my cock flung into view in all its glory. My mom finally broke eye contact with me as she saw my huge erection right in front of her. She looked back up and opened her mouth to say something, but I put a finger gently on her lips while I guided my dick to her opening and flicked it up and down her soaking wet slit. Whatever last minute thoughts she may have been having when she was trying to speak disappeared as she took my finger inside her mouth.
I pushed myself inside her awaiting cunt, and pulled my hand from her mouth to grab her ass from behind and pull her closer to the edge of the counter as I drove all the way inside her and pumped my cock in and out. I took it all in. The way her tits bounced, with just the one out in the open, the flushness of her face as she mustered all the energy she had not to scream, the sound her wetness made as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. The scent. Oh that scent. It couldn't have been more than two minutes that I was fucking her before I felt myself on the verge of exploding. She had already orgasmed as I ate her out, but seemed to be near climax once again.
I picked her up off the counter and held her with both hands under her ass as she leaned back, supporting herself with a hand against the cabinet. One of my fingers inadvertently touched her ass hole for the first time, and I applied some pressure while I kept fucking her. The motion of her bucking on my cock led to my finger sliding into her ass to the second knuckle, and I felt her begin to buckle again. I leaned her back onto the counter top, spread her legs completely apart and pulled her ass forward so she was barely on the counter. I pinched her exposed nipple as I pecked her on the lips again and sucked lightly on her neck once more. All the implications of the hickey situation were clearly in my mind, as I pulled away. "I suppose I shouldn't cause another awkward dinner conversation," I said quietly, before lowering my face to her gaping sex.
"You did have sex with your sister, didn't you?"
Her tone of voice sounded accusatory, as if she was scolding me for something unspeakable. She would have had a good point usually, but as I buried my nose in her wide open pussy and licked my tongue down her slit and onto her ass hole, the whole sentiment of her being upset with me for fucking my little sister was pretty laughable.
She gasped as I pushed my tongue in her ass and brought her hand down and started fingering her clit feverishly. I didn't linger too long on her ass. Just long enough to etch it in my memory bank forever and to take her to the edge. I wanted her to leave this situation needing more from me. But right now I had to take care of my own needs. I stood up, replacing my tongue with my thumb in her ass and once again put my dick inside her puffy cunt. I pumped much harder than before this time, and as I felt her pussy clinching around my cock in orgasm I whispered to her.
"Ask me for it, mom"
"Ask what?" She huffed between muffled breaths.
"Ask me to come inside you before someone walks in on us." I kept pumping, but intentionally clanked the two remaining plates she hadn't fit in the dishwasher together, to remind her how a loud noise could blow this situation out of control.
"Just do it. Hurry!"
"Do what?" I asked again.
"Come inside me. Please."
"That's better…"
"Take me. Play with my ass. Do whatever you want, baby. Please just hurry! Come inside your mom' pussy. Oh my god! Just—"
Her begging stopped short as I exploded in ropes. I kept driving into her, the mess of both mine and her ejaculate making squishy noises as I pounded her against the counter. I slowed down and came to a stop as she looked at me with something between horror and uncontrollable lust in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her, this time taking the time to accept her returning it. My tongue slipped inside her mouth and met hers as I maintained pressure against her, my cock still penetrating her fully.
The moment of passion, eroticism, love, confusion…whatever you want to call it was interrupted in an instant, however, as the buzzer to the dryer buzzed from the laundry room, and a bedroom door upstairs slammed shut. As we heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps coming down the stairs I pulled away from her and pulled my pants up as she frantically got her leg inside her pants and pulled them up and pulled her sweater and bra down. She grabbed the plates to put in the dishwasher just as my dad came around the corner, holding a laundry basket. He liked folding his laundry in front of the television, and didn't notice moms disheveled hair and red flushed face as he walked by.
I looked back at my mom and at her ankles there was a little bunch in her pants. She apparently hadn't slipped her foot into the panties when she pulled her pants back up. I motioned for her to put her leg up, and after making sure my dad wasn't looking she did so. I pulled the white thong out of the bottom of her leg hole and held it to my nose for a second. Ah. That scent. The one I would never forget. They were only slightly damp, as I'd gotten them off her before most of our encounter happened. I walked into the den where my dad was folding jeans and sweaters like usual. I said to him, "Did these fall out of your basket?" and held mom's panties up. He only washed his own clothes, so I was just being kinky for my mom's sake asking him that, but he acted a little confused.
"They may have, actually. Someone else must have thrown their dirty clothes in with mine."
That's when I noticed about a half dozen brightly colored skimpy panties in his pile of neutral colored garments. Ava came into the den right in the middle of this and walked over as my dad was confused and trying to fold a particular pink thong that was too small to even fold. Ava leaned down and kissed my dad on the cheek. "Thanks, Daddy!"
She was wearing one of my dad's old t shirt baseball jerseys from when he coached me years before, and it hung halfway down her thighs. Acting as if it was no big deal, she pulled her panties off and put on the pink ones, tossing the worn blue cotton ones on the couch by my dad. She got back in the position she was in earlier when she was showing off for him and began playing with her phone. I walked over and picked up her dirty underwear and said I'd put it in the hamper. My dad kept folding laundry, trying to keep his eyes off his daughter, whose shirt had ridden up high enough to expose her little thong just barely.
As I walked up the stairs I sniffed both my mom's and sister's panties and thought back to banging my mom just minutes earlier, but was envious and jealous of whatever my sister was up to. I wanted her all to myself, but she was playing a game I wasn't prepared for. Just as I got upstairs to stash both panties under my pillow for later, my phone vibrated. It was a text from my mom.
"Do my panties smell as good as your sister's?"
She added a tongue out silly emoji, but I knew she wasn't completely kidding. She was likely just as confused and jealous or territorial or whatever the word is to describe the familial lust as I was. And even though I had certainly implied I gave Ava the hickey, she didn't know for sure, and she definitely didn't know the extent of it. I played along, but made a point to keep things as ambiguous as possible.
"Ava's smell like a curious but innocent young girl. Yours smell like a woman moist because she wants to suck a cock. I'll give you my answer in like ten minutes…" I added an emoji, too. The face with the mouth wide open in shock, but she obviously understood my implication was a little different.
Less than a minute later, there was a light knock at my door and my mom crept right in. I was already in my bed naked but for a t-shirt. She came to my bed, crawled on and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had, not hesitating to swallow the rather small amount of jizz I still had left to give after exploding in her earlier. I got the whole thing recorded on my phone, too. All three minutes of it. I had previously thought it was impossible for me to come from just a blowjob. It had always been a precursor to sex, a lubrication method, an appreciated but overrated act of submission/cooperation from a girl to heighten the mood. Not this time. I'm kind of relieved I was almost spent of semen or else I'd have been afraid of choking her the way she took at least three quarters of my length into her throat with enthusiasm I'd never even seen in porn. She saw my phone filming her and it didn't stop her one bit. I changed the camera to the front to show my face reacting to it, but mostly focused the video on her. At times she looked right into the camera, and there was absolutely no doubt to anyone who ever saw the video that she was sucking her son's cock.
After I came in her mouth she looked at me and just stared for a few moments before breaking the uncomfortable silence.
"I wonder if Ava returned the favor to the boy who gave her that hickey." She picked up both the panties I had taken that were lying on my bed and sniffed her own, then Ava's. "Nah. I don't think so. Her panties smell like a sweet young girl who doesn't need her horny brother taking advantage of her. Your mom can take care of herself. And she can take care of you. But leave your sister out of it. Please."
"I love you, mom."
"Love you, too. And don't even think about posting that video on the internet!"
She walked to the door, but turned around at the last second.
"But if you do, blur my face out. And send me the link."
She went to her room and closed the door. I snuck quietly down the stairs and listened from the kitchen to see if I could hear my sister and dad in the den. She was trying to convince him to give her a back rub and he was nervously resisting. Then I heard her say "Here. I'll make it easy, daddy."
"Ava, what are you doing?" I heard my dad sigh.
"I'm really sore. Just a few minutes…"
"Just a couple minutes" my dad said quietly.
After about thirty seconds Ava said "Ugh. This keeps getting in the way," followed by my dad saying "Ahh no. Don't do — that…"
"That's way better," she giggled.
I had to know what was going on, so I quietly snuck to where I could look in the room. There on the couch Ava was lying on her stomach across my dad's lap. She had pulled an arm out of the shirt, leaving her back naked, which must have been what my dad had just tried unsuccessfully to resist to. The pink thong that showed off nearly her entire ass was lit up by the lamp beside the couch, and my dad was gingerly rubbing her back. She was guiding him to her lower back, but he was being careful not to touch near her underwear. I stood there watching from the dark until my dad said "time's up."
Ava fake whined like a child, but then rolled over off my dad's lap, her shirt still pulled over her shoulder.
"Whoops" she giggled as her tits were now fully on display. She slowly pulled her shirt back on, kissed my dad on the forehead, and walked out of the room and back upstairs. I waited a minute, poured a glass of water, and walked into the den, where my dad sat with a freshly folded towel on his lap, obviously covering the boner he had for his daughter.
What the hell is happening to my family?

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