Live and let live – II

Beep Stories

I am Kamal again. You have read so far… Mother signaled me and asked me to send Debu in after some time. I was dumbfounded. How to tell him to fuck mother. I thought to be straight. I asked him whether he has fucked any one. He felt embarrassed. Then I told him to go inside make mother nude and fuck her hard. He was shocked to here this. He could not speak a word. I told him that she loves him a lot so he must satisfy. Finally I forced him into the room and bolted it from outside. I wanted to peep but then I controlled myself. After about ten minutes I heard screaming and moaning of mother for about 15 minutes and then they become silent. I released the bolt of door and about five minutes they came out. Mother was only in petticoat pulled up to her breast. She told Debu that as long as chote saab (me) is here she should send either of her sisters to our house for night stay as work has increased.

After Debu left she took me in her arms “ohhh…. You both are very good….. If you want you can have me again “but then we heard father’s voice. She ran inside.

As father came in I went out. After strolling and recalling what happened in afternoon I returned home. Sun has set by then. When I entered home I saw a young charming girl seated beside Prabha- my mother. Father was busy with some papers. I also sat beside father. Time passed and we finished dinner. Mother (Prabha is better to call) told me to go to sleep. I went inside and shuffle through pages of a book. I was confident that before sleep I will be able to fuck Prabha once again. I kept on thinking about mother’s sexy and silky body. And then they entered. Prabha came in along with that girl. I had not talked with her before. Prabha introduced her that she is Rekha, younger sister of Debu (who fucked mother in afternoon). Girl was holding a small earhen bowl. Girl was not fair but very attractive and had good shaped boobs. She had worn a frock. Hopefully over panty.

“Rekha, do good massage of bhaiya (me) and do all whatever he says. After you have finished massage you both sleep together.” Mother winked at me.

“and you, Kamal handle her softly not like how you did before…” She bends and patted me “in case you need any thing you can call me.”

She left us in the room and went away. I told Rekha (girl) to bolt door from inside. She obeyed and sat beside me.

I took her hand in mine and caressed. Her hands were cold like ice. I rubbed them between my hands and asked her whether she had slept earlier with any man before or with her brother recently. She looked at me and shook her head.

“we two sisters sleep together in a separate room.” She spoke softly.

I continued rubbing her hands with mine and I moved her hand to my stomach and boldly put them on my crotch over Pajama. Her fingers moved but I did not allow her to move away her hands. My lund was hard. I opened her palm and placed it firmly over lund. Even with clothes between her palm and my lund I could feel her hand over lund.

“Rekha, isey haule haule dabati raho…” I pulled my hand away. She also wanted to pull her hands away.

“Maa ne kaha hai na ki meree har baat maanne ko…” I reminded her mother has told her.

She kept her hand back on lund …” Humko laaz aati hai…” and she giggled. She pressed lund over pajama. I untied pajama knot and pushed it out my body. I pulled sandow also away and I was nude. I put one leg on her thighs.

“aab theek se sahlao. Thoda tel lagakar maalish bhee kar do…’ She dipped finger in oil bowl and with those finger she rubbed and massaged my lund. I was enjoying touch of a virgin girl’s hand on lund.

“Rekha.. Tum bahoot acchhiii ho… tum pahli ladki ho jis_ne mere lund ko chhuaa hai… bahut achha lug raha hai… .” I held her cheeks and kissed her deeply on lips and chewed her cheeks.

“itna… jor se mut choosiye….. Dag ho jayega…. Mai sub ko kya bolungeee….. Kee machhar ne raat ko… choos liya….hai…” She giggled again. She caressed and massaged lund quietly and suddenly said “I have seen few lunds before but this is first time I touched it..”

I was surprised. “who else showed lund to you..”

“no one… but I saw mother (her mother ) getting fucked by her father and also by few other villagers. She also saw through the bushes fucking of some village woman on river bank and in forest…” Now she was enjoying playing with lund and balls…

I took hold of her boobs in my both hands. I squeezed them. These were like tightly filled balloon . “by seeing those chudai you did never felt like getting fucked…..” I squeezed boobs.

“yes, some time I also feel that some one should hold me in her hands and do whatever he feels like……..” I did not let her complete her sentence. I pulled her down. Undressed her and I positioned lund on her cunt hole. It has small black hairs. I pulled cunt lips apart and gave push on my lund. She felt pain. She bit her lips her eyes widen. I felt that my lund would not be able to poke through her hole….

“thoda thook se… bur… ko.. Geela …. Kar do…..” She wishpered.

I pulled lund out and bend on her cunt. I ran tongue on her cunt petals and at same time finger fucked her.

“isko… masalyiye…”

She took my finger to her clit. I rubbed clit between thumb and forefingers. She lifted her hips up and down. Every time I was pinching and rubbing her clit she was moaning and screaming softly. I ran tongue on clit and sucked them. She tried to push my head inside her choot. After some time she pushed my head and said

“ lowda bur me daalooo…”

I did that and gave hard push. Lund kept going down with my thrust and I fucked her. Though she felt pain of deflowering we fucked till her cunt swallowed my juice inside. We loved each other and slept . But she woke me up before morning and we had another round. In morning I heard knock at the door. I looked around. Rekha was asleep nude. I got up nude and opened door. I knew it would be Prabha my mother. I locked door behind her and pushed her down beside that maid. She herself lifted petticoat up and soon my lund was deep in her bur. After I discharged in her choot she looked at maid . She ran finger over her choot.

“you filled her thoroughly…”

“yes mother, she was happy and she took lund twice.”

She asked me to dress up and she squeezed maid’s cunt and woke her up. Seeing mother in room Rekha covered her face,

Mother pulled her in lap and enquired whether she enjoyed in night. Rekha smiled but kept quite.

Prabha helped her to dress and gave some 100 Rs note to her. Mother told her to come back in night . She ran away. Prabha kissed me. “bete abb bahar aa jao. Your father should not have any doubt.”

She went out and soon after I also followed her. The day passed lake previous day. I fucked mother again on grass bed beside well in afternoon and then servant Debu fucked her. Today also I did not see them fucking. In night Rekha again slept with me and in morning first thing I did was fucked mother with Rekha sleeping nude. Like this four days and night passed . That day just after I finished fucking mother father returned home. We all ate together and father took mother inside the room. They must have done chudai. As usual time debu came. On hearing that father is at home he became sad. He wanted to leave but I asked him to wait. I went to parent’s room. Door was closed. I pushed it . It was bolted from inside. I knocked it softly . Soon Prabha opened and came out. I told her to come to my room. Debu is waiting to fuck her. I returned back to my room. After five minutes she came to my room. Debu became happy to see her. I pulled her hand and made sit.

“Debu, jaldi se isse nanga kar ke chodo…nahi to babujee uth jayenge, ..”

I sat with my back supporting one wall. I pulled mother between my legs with her back resting on my chest. “Debu jaldi se iske kapde utaro…” I started unbuttoning her blouse and Debu pulled her saree and petticoat. He got up and undressed. His lund was fully erect . It was little bigger than me (he was at least four year older to me in early 20’s) . He covered mother’s body and pressed her chuchi and gave hard push. Lund slipped in . Then he fucked mother hard and fast. I moved my hands under her arms and kept squeezing her breasts and belly. Debu was fucking her with full strength and she was moaning softly. She lifted one of her leg and kept on his shoulder. After some time she became still but Debu kept on thumping. I was holding her with boobs. My lund became hot and she must be feeling hardness of it on her back. Debu then discharged in mother’s bur. He for some time remains inside bur and kept kissing her. There after both parted and got dressed up. Debu left before father came in my room.

That night Rekha’s other sister came to sleep with me. She was also virgin but she was fleshier than her sister. She was very talkative . She was the first girl to take my lund in her mouth . She gave a good blow job. She also insisted me to fuck her from back in doggy pose. She said that she learnt all these seeing her mother getting fucked. She said that her mother is a good Randi and like to get fucked with different persons off course for money. We fucked only once as she gave twice blow up job to my lund. She came continuously for another four nights but during her fifth night in my house my father also fucked her. In farm suddenly father asked me about how I am enjoying my nights with those young chicks. I felt ashamed but he says that there nothing to be ashamed . He in his earlier days had fucked almost all cunt of the village as like now then also our family was most influential and no one dare to say a word against us. But he said that for over last ten year he has been faithful to my mother. I felt that he still wanted to fuck those girls. That night after I fucked maid I told her to clean her cunt as my father is going to fuck her now. First she tried to convince me that it is not good. Both father and son should not fuck same choot but finally I made her agree. I came out and knocked at parent’s door. Father opened the door. I told him that the girl is waiting for her in my room . He did not object much and he went to my room and after bolting door from inside I jumped on mother. She was surprised to see me . I told her that her husband is sucking his lover’s sister’s cunt. She smiled and spread her thighs for me. This system continued. Second time when father was home and Debu was fucking my mother lying nude on my lap I talked with Debu about his mother. He said that she is a Randi and like his sisters he has also seen her getting fucked. I told him to send his mother tonight to me. He agreed. That night his mother in mid 30’s came. Father became happy to see her. Later she told me that her virginity was broken by my father only and in fact Debu is born from my father only. She was the first woman whom I fucked in gaand. She like her daughter sucked my lund . When I finished with her I went to mother and let father come and fuck Debu’s mother. Beside those two girls and there mother, my mother arranged few more cunts for me even in day time. Then one day she said.. “ bete mujhe ab dusra lund chahiye. Tum aur Debu dono chudai me bahut mazaa deto ho lekin meree bur ko ab koi naya lund chaahiye.”

God has listened to her. We were called by one of our uncle staying at Ranchi for some function. Father instructed every thing to debu and his mother and we three left for Ranchi by a state bus. Nothing happened while going . We returned after staying there for two days. Uncle arranged us to travel in an ‘Ashok layland Truck carrying glasses from Ranchi to a nearby place to our native. We left Ranchi at four in afternoon. Driver was in late 20’s where as khalasi / helper was in early 20’s. Both were slim but looking very strong. Khalasi was very dark . Truck had 2tier birth behind driver seat . By the time we came out of city it started raining. Father was snoring . In fact whenever he sits in a vehicle even in bullock cart he used to get good sleep.

Father was seated just behind driver seat. Mother was next to him and I was next to her. Beside me was kahalasi. “Guru, murgi bahut mast hai… khane me mazza aa jayega….” Khalasi told to driver. I did not understand about which murgi he is talking. He then bends little and put his hand firmly on mother’s thighs and kept talking with driver. He was mentioning again and again about ‘murgi’ and driver was repeating “ mera naukri chala jayega..” I understood nothing. Khalasi removed his hand from mother’s thighs and asked me about what father does, where we stay etc… He again put his hand on mother’s thighs and this time he kept it closure to ‘bur’ and I saw that he squeezed it. Mother pushed his hands away. After some time he once again pressed mother’s thighs. Mother pushed it away again. Father was still snoring. It was drizzling outside. Driver stopped the truck at one highway hotel. He advised us to have some tea and snacks. We all came down. After having tea , we all urinated. While returning intensity of rain increased. I saw that Khalasi helped mother to board truck by pushing her hip. Truck started. He also loaded one chair and a mattress. He asked me to sit on chair which he placed near bonnet. He then arrange mattress on bonnet. Father asked about it and khalasi replied that if any of us want to sleep he can rest on this. Later on I knew what the real purpose of that mattress was. Father asked for some thing, “ it was very tasty..” Driver took something out from his pocket and gave to father. Mother said some thing to father.

“arre soyenge nahito time kaise paas hoga…” father replied.

“saabji.. Tell bhabhi to remove her saree otherwise she will get sick. Saree is fully wet now.” Khalasi told to father.

Mother murmured something to father but Khalasi and driver both insisted and finally mother got up and pulled away saree. She gave it to kahalasi who placed it nicely on upper seat. Mother wore red petticoat and red blouse. I knew she had nothing under petticoat but she had bra under blouse. In that red dress she was looking great and sexy. She was in mid 30’s having round face , long hair, rounded shoulder. She was around 55 kg weight and a perfect body 36F size breast, 26” waist and 38” hip. She was fair and healthy. . And she off course was a good fuck.

Now mother was seated between father and khalasi. Kalasi pulled mother ‘s hand .” Make place for saaab (father) so that he can sleep nicely.” Mother pushed towards khalasi and there was hardly any gap between mother and kalasi’s thighs.

He again put his hand on Prabha’s thighs and kept talking with driver. She did not made any move to remove his hand. While talking he moved his hand up on her thighs. Father was snoring loud. It was still raining.

“lagta hai guru aaj murgi kaa swad milega…”

Then he turned to Prabha and asked, “tumhara naam kya hai?”

She looked staring ahead and remained quite. Khalasi kept pressing her thighs. He was very bold. He placed his right arm on her back and said,

“ Saab (father) so gaye hain aur 10-12 ghante se pahle nahi jaagne bale. Ye (me) bachha hai iss_se kya baat karenge. Tum bhee chup rahogi to itna lamba rasta kaise katega,,” He continued, “ kabhee kabhee to tumharee jaisee sabaari milti hai.”

His other hand was very near to pubic area. He did something and she said, “kya karte ho,?” . She pushed her hand away. But he was shameless and bends upon to mix with her. This time he held her chin and again asked her name.

“Prabha” she replied and pushed his hand away from her face.

Then he held her one hand in his both hands and placed it between his thighs just over his lund position. She was trying to pull her away but he kept holding it.

“bahut pyara naam hai..How many children you have.”

“this boy and one daughter elder ho him . She got married last year.’ She replied softly.

Khalasi again touched her face and said “ woh bhee tumhare jaisee hee sundar hogee” and he squeezed her cheeks. She did not mind.

“dhaatt mai kaha sundar hun!”

She said and turned her face away. He opened her palm fully and pressed that with his hand between his thighs (certainly over his erect lund). She turned her face away.

“tum bahut sundar ho. Tumhari jaisee mast aurat maine aaj tak nahee dekhee. Kyo guru?” He asked driver.

“Such ranee, maine chotee badi bahut aurto (women) ko chodaa hai, lekin tumhari jaisee maal kabhee nahi dekhee.” Driver looked at her and said “ saab bahut kismet bale hain”.

“kaise..” She enquired.

“arey tumhari mast bur mey saab roj apna lund pelte hai..”

She cut him short. “ cheee.. Tum log kitni gandee baat karte ho..”.

She tried to pull her hand away from kalasi’s lap but he pushed her hand inside his lungi and crossed his thighs over her hand. Now his both hands were free. Right hand he kept on her back again and with left hand he caressed her thighs. Her hand was inside her lungi, she certainly was fondling his lund (dick).

“arey Prabha isme ganda kya hai, tum bhee bur ke andar lund letee ho aur hum log bhee khub chudai karte hai.”

“to kya , subke saamne thode hee aisee baat karte hain…” she kept quite for some moment and said “ saab sunenge to kya bolenge…”

They ignored her query . Driver asked “roj chudwati ho?”

“aur kya, mai budhee thode ho gayeen hun.” She replied firmly. I saw that khalasi ‘s one hand is caressing her bare belly.

“you take only your husband’s lund or other’s also.” Khalasi’s hand has reached on her breast. And immediately she pushed her hands away and tried to pull her out from his thighs.

“haath bahar nikalane do ( let me remove my hand) She said but kept her hand inside lunge.

“ranee maal ka majaa lene do please”. Khalasi squeezed one breast firmly.

“tum to aisa kar rahe ho jaise ki mai tumhari bibi hun. Apni bibi ke pass kabse nahi gaye ho?”. This time she let kalasi fondle her breast. Now he was fondling both chuchi and with other hand pulled her to himself.

“kareeb 8 mahine se humlogo ne apni bibi ko nahee choda hai.” Driver replied, ”kya pata saali dusro ke lund ko bur ke andar letee hogi. Driver looked at Prabha, “tum bhee dusro se chudwati ho? ”

“agar koi mard pasand aa gaya too.. Abhee tak saab ke alawa sirf do aur logo ka kela khayee hun.” She replied.

By that time khalasi had unbuttoned her blouse and with his both hands he pulled blouse out of her body. She had bra but that was not enough to hold her big and round chuchi..

Khalsi now turned to her side and with both hand held those milk balls. “ guru.. Ye sabse mast maal hai… oh hamari kismet aaj bahut acchi hai… . While fondling her breast he kissed her.

“ranee ab puri nangee ho jaa, apni jawani hame dekhane doo…Ab bardast nahi hota hai. ”

He pulled his lunge and sandow away . He became nude. His lund was fully erect and it was even bigger and thicker than that of mine and debu. She took hold of lund and exclaimed “baap re kitna bada aur mota hai..

“arey ranee, guru ka lund too is_se bhi mota aur bada hai…bur ke andar logi!”

I was sure that now both are going to fuck her. It was still raining so she is going to be fucked inside the truck only. God has listened to her wish of another lawda which she made just few days back. She was stroking lund up & down. I was very much excited with anticipation to see mother getting fucked by strangers in a truck that also with husband (sleeping) and son (watching ) around. I wanted her to be nude sooner.

“tum logo ki bibi sach much kismet bali hai.. Saali itna mast kela roj khatee hai..” She spoke.

“ohh ranee ab bra aur petticoat utar kar apni jawani dikha doo .” Driver said.

“aise hi sab khajana dekh loge.? Muh dekhai nahi doge?” Mother said. Driver told khalasi “ saali jit_na maang_ti hai usey do aur jaldi se nanga karke bonnet par litao aaj saali ko uske gharwala aur bete ke saamne chodunga.”

“kitna logi ranee”

“arey mai koi randee hu kya.. Maal dekh kar jo man karey de do.”

Khalasi took one bag from upper seat. He took out all money and counted. “guru paanch hazar se thoda jyada hai. Kitna de du.”

“ sab de do..raste me sardar se udhar le lunga..” Driver replied. Khalasi gave all money to mother and mother in turn gave that to me . I kept all those in my bag.

“ ranee ab to mukhra dikha do..”

“tum khud hi dekh lo” she said and pulled petticoat out of her leg. She unhooked her bra and she was stark nude. Driver switched on another light and in bright light we could see her unmatched youthness. Thighs like banana trunk, long hairs small cunt but big breasts. She sat and spread her thighs apart.

Her clit were clearly visible.

Khalasi’s lund was tight. He pulled her in his lap and both kissed and fondled each other. Driver then took a turn on a narrow road.

“ranee ko bonnet par lita kar garm karo tub tak mai mai apna kela isey khilata hun.” Driver ordered khalasi. Khalasi pushed mother on mattress laid on bonnet and with his hands he spread apart mothers thighs and began licking her cunt.


On the other side driver braked and he also undressed fully. He pushed his lund in mother’s mouth and squeezed and fondled her chuchi. Her both mouth were filled with big cocks and she was unable to even moan. After some time . They changed position. Driver position his lund on her cunt and gave a hard push.

“maa mar gayee… meree bur phat gayeee… “ she almost shouted. Other end khalasi played with her chuchi and cheeks. He was kissing and sucking. Pulling nipples and she moaned. I pulled chair very near to her and watched big lawda around 8 inch going in and out mother’s bur. They fucked and fucked . Suddenly driver pulled lawda out and without wasting any time pushed that lawda, wet with cunt’s juice in her mouth. Here khalasi took position and pushed lund inside bur. Mother lifted legs in air . Khalasi supported both legs with his hands and kept fucking her. Then mother did something which I did not expect. She moved her hand to my pant and while getting fucked took my lund out . It was also fully erect and she stroked it. I took one chuchi in mouth . We four enjoyed . Khalasi has good stamina. Driver was first to discharge . He pulled his lund out of her mouth and let his cum flow in to her mouth , on cheeks and neck. She then sucked him dry. She continued stroking my lund and I discharged in her hand. Lastly khalasi filled her cunt with his juice. Driver pulled truck back on highway . Mother and khalasi remained nude. Driver also was nude below waist. Mother remained on bonnet with both legs wide spread.

“beta bur ko sahla do, in don one chod chod kar bur ko phulaa diya hai.”

I sat between her legs and caressed her really swollen cunt and while doing so I kept my head on her pubic area and slept. I woke up when khalasi pulled me away and again pushed his lund in bur. He fucked but before discharging pulled lund out and filled her mouth with cum. Thereafter he took driver’s seat and driver also fucked mother. I watched.

After they finished second round truck was stopped at one road side dhaba having dim lights. Father still snoring. We dressed up but mother got down only in petticoat and blouse.

In dhaba beside 3-4 servants only 5 other persons were there. There was a sardar with strong body was seated at the counter. We sat on a chowki (wooden cot). Sardar talked something with driver. Driver looked at mother and whispered something in her ears. She said ‘nahin, nahin but after some time she said “ theek hai teen se jyada nahin.”

Sardar took out notes from his cubboard and gave me. I counted , these were all together two thousand. Sardar sat with mother and took her in arms. She did not resist and soon became nude . All people in dhaba came around cot and we watched sardar fucking mother. He was heaviest of all and fucking her hard. She was moaning and moaning. After about 6-7 minutes of fucking sardar made her in doggy pose and again pushed his lund in her bur. This time he asked one person to bring some oil . While fucking sardar applied oil on her hips and inside gaand. I saw that sardar’s two thick fingers can easily move in her gaand and then he took out lawda from bur and pushed in her gaand. She tried to move away but all present there held her firmly and sardar’s thick lund went fully deep in her gaand. First she cried and then started enjoying. Sardar finally filled her gaand with his juice.

“bahut jabardast maal hai yaar, maza aa gaya… saali ki gaand ekdam kori thee. Ohh bahut dino ke baad itna tagda maal khaya hai..” He went to his counter and took out some notes and gave to me. Some one brought a glass of some liquor and gave to mother. She drank and again one by one all persons present there including two servants younger to me fucked her one after another. But no one else fucked her again in gaand. She moaned shouted and cried with pleasure. For almost two hours she got banged. There after we all ate and again came back to truck.

Once truck moved she stretched herself on bonnet and said,

“tum logo ne to mujhe randee bana diya… kabhee sochha bhee nahi tha ki ek saath dus-dus logo ka lund khana parega. Matherchod sardar ne to meri kunwari gaand bhee maar daali…”

“ranee , maja ayaa ki nahee…” driver enquired.

“sachh bolu majaa to bahoot ayaa ….” She replied. Then she turned on her stomach and asked me caressed her gaand as it is itching…

“ranee ek baar gaand marwalo .. Sub khujali dur ho jayegi….”

I positioned between her legs and inserted one finger in her gaand and finger fucked for quite a long time. Then she asked me to caress her front and I fondled and squeezed chuchi and finger fucked her bur also.

“tum log pheer chodoge ki mai kapde pahan lun?”

“abhee tum aaram karo, ab tumhe eke k baar subah me chodunga.” Driver replied.

I kept rubbing her bur and rested my mouth on her belly. I don’t know when I slept.

. When I awoke I found that I am displaced from my position and driver is fucking her from front. Her eyes is wide open and she smiled at me. There was early morning sun light . He fucked and she moaned. Khalasi was on driver seat. With one hand he was controlling stearing and with other hand he was pressing mothers chuchi. Finally driver filled her cunt. Then he went back to his seat and khalasi turned mother on belly . He pulled her waist and spat on her gaand. He fingered her gaand for sometime then he poked his tight lund in her gaand.

“nikaal lo dard kar raha hai…” for first time since last evening mother complained of any paid. Khalasi pulled out lund from gaand and pushed in the bur . After fucking for some time he again pushed lund in mother’s gaand and this he fucked her gaand till he discharged his cum inside. When he pulled out lund lot of white fluid came out of gaand. He kissed mother.

“ Now you dress up , your saab may come out of sleep any time.” Khalasi said.

Mother asked me to help her to dress up. We helped her to wear bra blouse and petticoat. And she closed her eyes. She was tired and slept. I kept watching out side. Rain has stopped and daily activities started. After about an hour father opened eyes and asked what is the time. It was around 8 of the morning. I looked at mother. She was asleep. Her petticoat was pulled up to mid thigh and her cunt was clearly visible. Up she had kept top buttons of bloused unhooked and top portion of bra and chuchi was clearly visible. In sleep mother bend her one knee and petticoat further fell down and exposed her cunt but father did not try to cover it up. Her cunt remains exposed for almost one hour then driver stopped the truck near a hotel.

He asked us to wash and have some tea. I pulled mothers petticoat down and by pressing her thighs I enquired whether she would have tea. We all came down. There were some ladies at hotel. All looked at mother dressed without saree. Any lady can say that that she was thoroughly fucked in night. We all washed and had tea. Mother told father that driver and khalasi had taken good care. We all smiled. We boarded truck again. Once truck started father again slept. For next two hour also khalasi kept mother busy by fondling and kissing.

Finally we reached our destination. After we got down father gave 500/- to driver and khalasi for taking our good care…

When we reached home it was afternoon. Me and mother never mentioned this journey so far. It was a nightmare.

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