Lives Changed Forever Ch. 10

tagIncest/TabooLives Changed Forever Ch. 10

"Wow! What a day," Jack sighed as he sat down on the couch in the living room. He was exhausted. "Are you as shot as I am, Sal?"
"I'm totally spent, Jack. All I want is have a shower and go to sleep. I don't even want anything to eat, let alone prepare food."
"I'm the same, Sally. No more food for me today, too. A hot shower and the sack is pretty much all I care for now as well."
The past couple of days had been an emotional rollercoaster for the siblings. Neither of them had expected the pool party at Jackie's house to be the time and place at which they would finally be able to open up and confess their true feelings to Sally's best friend, Cathy Perlman, who both siblings had been secretly in love with for some time, and neither of them had expected Cathy to reciprocate their feelings.
It had been the revelation of their young lives. Jack, Sally and Cathy had spent the past 36 hours fucking, sucking and licking each other in all constellations and in any position they were able to come up with.
Jack had no recollection of ever being able to maintain an erection for more than 12 hours straight, but that is exactly what had happened yesterday. Every time he had come, either in Cathy's mouth or in Sally's Pussy, or in Sally's mouth or in Cathy's pussy, he had gotten hard again immediately, and the fucking frenzy had continued.
Sally also had never experienced anything even remotely intense, and despite the fact that she had cum over and over, either fucked by her big brother's hard cock that didn't want to go down at all yesterday, or licked by her best friend's hot tongue, she had not stopped being horny.
Sally got wet again when she remembered how Cathy had licked her brother's cum from her freshly fucked pussy yesterday evening and how she had cum almost immediately at the slightest touch of her best friend-girlfriend's soft tongue on her freshly fucked flesh.
She opened her legs. The white of her cotton panties contrasted beautifully with the slightly tanned skin of her shapely thighs. She lazily traced her damp slit with her finger: up and down.
"Are you still horny, Sally?" Jack couldn't believe it when he saw his sister play with herself.
"I can't help it, Jack. I just remembered Cathy eating your cum from my pussy last night, and now I'm all tingly again."
She spread her legs wide open and continued to stroke herself through the thin fabric of her panties.
Jack felt his mouth go a little dry and his dick stirred slightly in his pants as he watched his sister masturbate for him. The crotch of her panties covered almost all of her pussy. Only the edges of her plump lips peeked out from behind the fabric. Her finger left a dark, damp trail on the cotton fabric, indicating the position of her tender, soft and very wet cleft.
She enjoyed her big brother watching her. She had never masturbated in front of anyone before, and seeing Jack's eyes glued to her finger that slowly moved up and down her slit excited her even more.
Sally pushed her hips out and spread her thighs even further. The white veil that covered her opening stretched tightly across her slit, and some more of her plump lips became visible. The dark trail on her crotch was growing with every stroke of her finger. Jack was able to see and smell her arousal.
"Do you like watching me, big brother?"
"M-mh." Jack stared openly at his sister's crotch, unable to speak. His tongue was glued to the dry roof of his mouth.
"I've never done this before, you know. Touch myself in front of a boy." Sally was speaking in her little girl voice again." Cathy says it's bad if I touch myself like this, but I can't help it. My little pussy is soo itchy right now, and it feels so good to rub it like this. Have you ever rubbed yourself, Jack?"
"M-mh." Jack didn't stir. He felt his cock twitch, as it filled with blood.
"Do you want to play with yourself watching me, Jack? I don't mind if you do. You can go ahead, if you want to."
'M-mh." Jack's cock was rock hard. He slowly stroked it through his pants.
"Does it feel good when you stroke yourself like that, Jack?"
"It feels really good when I rub myself, Jack. My pussy gets all squishy and wet."
"Do you want to see, Jack?" Without waiting for an answer, Sally moved the crotch of her white panties aside.
Jack's cock nearly exploded in his pants. His sister's deep crimson snatch glistened with her slick wetness, her lips plump, slightly parted, giving him a glimpse of her dark, hot and slippery hole that was ready to be fucked.
"See, Jack, it's really wet." Sally dipped a finger inside her cunt, and a shiny string of her gooey wetness clung to it when she pulled it out again. "Are you getting wet, too, when you're horny, Jack?"
"M-mh." Jack didn't know what he was saying any more. He was fully transfixed on his sister's pussy. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. His cock felt as if it was ready to burst.
"Can I see, Jack? Please. I want to see your cock."
"M-mh." Without taking his eyes off his sister's crotch, Jack opened the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper. He reached inside his pants and pulled out his hard and swollen erection, the tip of his cock glistening with his precum. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and sat back down on the couch.
"Wow, Jack. It's really big." Sally's eyes widened, and in her little-girl voice she said, "I've never seen one that big, Jack. Show me how you play with yourself, Jack."
Jack slowly stroked his hard cock.
"Have you ever done this in front of a girl before, Jack," Sally asked.
Jack was unable to answer his sister. His left hand moved down his swollen cock, slowly pulling his skin off his bulbous head, exposing the plump and shiny crown. He spat in his right hand and slowly massaged the exposed head of his cock with the palm of his hand.
"Does it feel good when you do that, Jack?"
"See how I rub my clitty, Jack. It feels amazing when I do this." Sally's fingers slowly circled the hard nub at the top of her pussy, her other hand spreading her lips for better access, and to give her brother a better view.
Jack massaged his cock as he watched his sister masturbate. He loved the feeling of his rough palm on his plump cock head. It usually didn't take too long for him to come this way.
Sally rubbed her clit faster, dipping it between her swollen lips every now and then for lubrication.. She wanted to cum badly. Seeing her brother stroke his cock was an incredible turn-on, just as watching his sister caress her clit was a turn-on for Jack.
When Jack saw his sister increasing the speed of her masturbation, he, too, stroked his cock faster. The siblings worked towards their orgasms. When Jack's face indicated that he was almost there, Sally whispered, "Not yet, Jack. Wait for me. I want to cum with you."
Jack slowed down just enough to delay his orgasm a little bit. He watched his sister intensely. Her hips started shaking and her breathing got more labored. This must be it.
"Oh, Jack, now. Now. Now. I'm going to cum. Oh, Jack I'm…"
Jack stroked his cock as fast as he could, and just as Sally finished her sentence, he spurted a thick white rope of cum in her direction. It landed on the couch, about 4 or five inches away from him.
"… cumming." Sally's gaping pussy quivered. She tried to resist the urge to close her legs while she came. She wanted her big-brother boyfriend to see how her orgasming cunt pulsed and spasmed.
"Wow, Jack. I needed that. Your cock looked beautiful when you came."
"So did your pussy, Sal. It looked amazing. Thank you for sharing this with me."
The siblings sat on the couch, quietly, each relishing the warm, satisfied feeling their orgasms had given them.
After a few minutes, Jack said, "I think' I'm turning in Sally. Are you coming?"
"Are you going to call mom, though, Jack? You promised Cathy to test our story with her, remember? We should try and meet up with her tomorrow," Sally reminded him.
"I'll call her when we're in bed."
The siblings cut their bedtime routine as short as possible. No hot shower tonight. A quick brushing of teeth would have to suffice.
When the siblings were cozy in bed, snuggled against each other's naked bodies, Jack pulled out his cell phone and dialed their mother's number.
Their mother answered the phone on the second ring.
"Hi mom, how are you?"
"I'm fine, Jack, thanks. You're ringing late. Is everything ok, honey?" They hadn't spoken since the evening when Chris and she had told their kids they knew about their relationship and she hadn't expected a call from her son.
"Yes, mom, everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. It's just, Sally and I would like to discuss our plans for college with you. Can you come over tomorrow evening after work? We'll have dinner ready. You can bring Chris, if you want to. I think it'll be nice to have an evening together." The words poured out of Jack. He was a little nervous how his mother would react.
"Of course, honey," their mother said. "I'm gland everything is all right. I'd love to hear about your plans for college. We'll be there for seven. Is that ok?"
"That sounds perfect, mom. See you then."
"Yes. See you then."
"Bye, Jack."
"Well, that was only a little awkward," Jack said as he hung up the phone. "But all's sorted. They're coming over for dinner tomorrow evening at 7."
On the other side of the phone, the sibling's mother hung up with a puzzled look on her face.
"What's up, honey? Bad news?" Chris, who was snuggled up against Victoria, just like Sally was snuggled up to Jack, was curious as ever.
"No, no. All fine. Jack rang to ask us to come over tomorrow evening for dinner. They want to discuss their plans for college with me. He sounded nervous."
"I wonder what the two are up to now, Vic," Chris said. "They'll both be going to State, won't they? I wonder have they plans to move in together?"
"I don't know, Chris. He didn't say anything, but it's quite possible. I'm just happy he rang. I had already given up hope of ever talking to the kids again."
Chris gave her girlfriend a long hug. "That's wonderful news, Vic. I'm sure, all will be fine."
Hearing Jack's voice on the phone had made Chris horny. She wondered if the siblings, too, were snuggled up to each other, and if Sally had been doing anything to her brother while he had spoken to Victoria.
She planted soft little kisses across Victoria's chest. "I love you so much, honey. I'm sure the kids plans for the fall are all good. It excites me a lot thinking they want to move in together. Just the thought of the two in one bed gets me going, babe."
"You're terrible, Chris. I shouldn't condone the kids fooling around like they do. I should be disgusted with their behaviour and I should try everything in my power to stop them, but at the same time I'm like you. I get all excited, too, thinking about them in the same bed."
"Are you wet, Vic? I'm sure the kids are all cozied up against each other, just as we are," Chris whispered in her lover's ear. "My pussy is all wet and ready for you." She reached between her legs, moistened her finger with her juices and placed her finger on Victoria's lips. "Can you taste how wet I am for you, honey?"
"You know I can't resist the taste of your pussy, Chris," Vic said after she had licked every trace of her lover's juices off the finger that was presented so shamelessly to her. She spread her legs slightly as she spoke. "Feel me, too, please. Of course I'm wet for you, babe. She moved her lover's hand between her parted legs and placed them on her hot, wet and very sensitive slit.
"You're stubbly, honey," Chris said, as she pushed her fingers between Victoria's excited lips. "Time to shave again."
"Do you want to do the honors. Chris? I love it when you shave me. You're always so gentle." Her pussy gushed a little bit of her liquid as her internal muscles contracted. Chris' fingers and the thought of feeling the cool metal of the razor against her flesh excited her tremendously. She'd usually come twice or three times while Chris shaved her slit.
"Now, honey? Do you want me to shave your pussy now?" Chris pulled her soaked finger from her lover's slit and sucked it clean. She was getting even more excited at the prospect of having a perfectly smooth coochie to play with later on.
"Yes, please, honey. I'd love that."
Chris got up and got the shaving foam and the razor from the bathroom, together with a washcloth, a fresh towel and a bowl of lukewarm water.

"She's bringing Chris?" Sally's heart sunk slightly. She would have preferred a one-to-one with their mother.
"Yes, she is. I think it's only fair. We're two, they're two – equal numbers. Plus, Chris is kind of part of the family now, isn't she."
"Surprised to hear that coming from you, Jack! Weren't you the one that stormed off the last time, all upset and stuff?"
"I know, but I think I've come to terms with the fact that our mother has a sex life, too, and you're right, I don't believe Chris is all that bad a person. She took the news of us being together quite well, anyways."
"Plus she tried to be really supportive, too, Jack, remember? I'm kind of glad you came around, but I still would have liked to have mom alone for this."
"It'll be fine, Sally, you'll see, and maybe Chris will be able to calm her down if she gets upset about us wanting to move in together."
"Will they be staying overnight, what do you think?"
"Maybe, Sal. We better prepare the bed for them tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to sleep here again. I love how it still smells of last night.'
"Me, too, Jack. I miss Cathy already, and love to have her smell around me when I fall asleep tonight."
"I miss her, too, babe. Wanna give her a good night call later on, Sally? I think she might like that."
Jack took his little sister-girlfriend in his arms and hugged her tightly, running his hands up and down her back and along her sides. "Me, too, Sally. Last night with her was magic. I've never felt anything like it. That was crazy hot."
"Oh, god, Jack, I'm getting horny again just thinking of it. Oh, what is that, poking me in the stomach, Jack? Are you hard again?"
"I am, Sally. I'm getting just as turned as you thinking about last night. Do you think we should…?"
"I'm really tired, Jack, but I'm really horny again. Fuck me quick, big brother. Take me hard. I want to feel your cock inside me one more time before I fall asleep today."
Jack did as he was told. He pushed his hard and throbbing cock into her waiting cunt.
"Oh, Jack, yes. That's it. Fuck your baby sister! She needs your hard cock deep inside her itchy cunt." Sally was talking in her little girl voice, spurring her big-brother boyfriend on to fuck her hard. Tonight, she wanted it rough.
Jack didn't need to be told twice. Remembering Cathy's face last night, and the intense eye contact he had had with her, he fucked his little sister with hard and fast strokes.
In response to the deep thrusts of Jack's hard cock, his sister bucked her hips, meeting his pelvis with hers on every stroke, greatly intensifying the pleasure she felt when their bodies collided with a lout smacking sound.
"Oh yes, Jack. Fuck me like you fucked her last night. I loved watching you two. It was so intense."
"Oh fuck, babe, your pussy is so tight around my cock. Keep massaging my dick with your cunt. It feels as if it's being milked."
"I love milking your dick, babe. I want to see you shoot your load all over my body. Cum for me, Jack! Shoot your hot jizz all over my belly."
Jack pushed a little harder, and Sally kept squeezing him with her muscles while he slid back and forth inside her hot and well lubricated tunnel.
Sally worked hard towards her release. She could feel her climax building deep inside her stomach. She bucked her hips, meeting his thrusts, increasing the friction of his cock inside her.
"Keep fucking me, babe, I'm close. Yes, yes, just like that, Jack. Keep going, please, please I'm… oooh, fuck, Jack, you feel so good inside me. I'm …, yes, now, now, yes, oh fuuuuuck."
Sally's cunt gushed copious amounts of her hot liquid that pooled on the sheets below her butt.
Jack was close, too. One, two, three forceful strokes later he was ready. Shortly before he exploded, he pulled his throbbing cock from her body, pushed it hard against her belly and shot his load in thick ropes of white cream across her flat stomach, before he collapsed beside his little sister-girlfriend on the bed.
Sally ran her finger through the thick white goo Jack had deposited all over her stomach. "I love you, big brother."
"I love you, too, little sister." The siblings kissed long and tenderly, and held each other tightly as they recovered from their orgasms.

While the kids fucked in her bed at home, their mother lay on her back in Chris' bed, legs spread wide, a towel underneath her, ready for her shave.
Chris had spread the thick white shaving cream around her swollen cunt, and was wetting the razor in the bowl of lukewarm water.
She placed the razor just above the swell of her lover's mound and pulled it down towards her pussy in long strokes. Then she went the opposite way, pulling the razor up towards her navel. She wanted to get all of the hard stubble.
Chris loved to tease her girlfriend while she shaved her, and today was no exception, and at exactly the same time the cold metal touched her lover's skin for the first time she pushed the thumb of her free hand into her girlfriend's hot and slick pussy.
Victoria jumped slightly when she felt the cool metal or the razor touch her skin for the first time, and her pussy clenched tightly around her lover's thumb that so brazenly penetrated her hungry cunt. This was going to be just as she had expected. She felt the first climax building deep inside her already.
Chris made sure to remove all the thick, hard stubble from Vic's mound, moving the razor in short strokes across her skin, all the while moving her thumb in and out of her slick cunt. When she was done, she gave the naked, fleshy mound a quick peck with her lips.
"Smooth again, honey. Now on to the more delicate parts."
She continued fucking Vic with her thumb while she carefully shaved all the hard stubble from her girlfriend's soft inner thighs. Vic's hips bucked slightly in response to her lover's stimulation.
"Yes, Chris. That's it. don't stop!"
Chris moved her thumb a little quicker. After a few seconds, felt the walls of her lover's cunt contract around her moving thumb, and a drop of her liquid seeped out of her swollen cunt, slowly dripping onto the towel underneath her.
"Did you just come, you dirty girl?" Chris lightly cocked her thumb lightly inside her girlfriend's wet cunt.
"Yes baby, your thumb feels soo good inside me. Keep moving it like you did… Ooh, here we go again." Victoria's body shuddered in a second orgasm.
"You're incredible, honey. I've never seen a girl that could come so easily. Try to keep your legs open when you cum, though. I can't shave you when your legs are closed." She planted a light kiss on her girlfriends inner thighs, her tongue lightly tracing the crease between her legs and her outer lips.
"Smooth as well. Not a hair left, Victoria."
Chris looked at her lover's swollen sex, deeply red from her arousal and still lightly quivering from her orgasm. She removed her thumb from the excited hole and spread her lover's lips wide open. She had to get a taste of her girlfriend's delicious nectar before she continued. She tickled her lover's gaping hole with the tip of her tongue, just enough to collect some of the precious liquid.
When Vic felt the tip of Chris' tongue lightly graze her folds, she let out a long moan. She had been waiting to be licked for long enough. "Oh, yes. I've missed your tongue, babe."

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