Lives Changed Forever Ch. 11

tagIncest/TabooLives Changed Forever Ch. 11

It took Cathy and Sally the whole day to get the basement ready for the big party. They had started cleaning yesterday, but they were distracted and there was a lot of work left to do before the party.
The Perlmans' basement was used predominantly for storage, and the girls had to move a lifetime of stuff to the garage, where it would find a temporary home. After they had cleared out the basement, they rearranged furniture, vacuumed the carpet, decorated, and organized a table for the buffet that Cathy's parents had ordered from one of the best caterers in town. It would be delivered early tomorrow afternoon, just before the guests were due to arrive at 3pm.
Shortly after 5pm, Jack arrived and helped the girls put the "finishing touches" on their project, which mostly consisted of moving the family's stereo system and a small fridge downstairs, setting everything up and stocking the fridge with drinks.
When everything was done, Sally dropped onto the couch. "Wow, guys. I'm glad that's done. I didn't think it would be that much work."
"Thank you so much, you guys, for helping me get everything set up. I would have never been able to get this done before tomorrow afternoon. I'll go upstairs and make dinner. I want everything to be perfect when mom and dad come home. You two stay here and make yourself at home. You can try out the stereo, if you like."
When Cathy had left, Jack put on some soft music. The stereo worked perfectly. Sally dimmed the light, leaned into her big brother and took his hand.
"Dance, big brother?"
Jack gave his sister a tight hug, and the siblings began swaying to the slow music that filled the room.
They were both worked up and slightly sweaty from the work they had done earlier. Holding his sister tightly, Jack could smell her scent, which was fascinating as ever. A mixture of the light, floral perfume she was using, her natural body scent and, unmistakably part of the mix, the scent of her pussy that always got him going.
Holding his sister in this slow dance, Jack let his hands wander down her back, and it wasn't long before he had found his sister's ass. He started caressing and gently squeezing her tight little globes. Likewise, Sally's hands had dropped and she was holding her brother's ass, too, squeezing and feeling him up with both hands.
Sally, too, was intrigued by her brother's scent. It was manly, musky and deep, warm and exiting. She loved how her brother smelled. It must have been this scent that got her going when she first kissed him as they lay on the floor in her room after her shelves collapsed and he tried to rescue her. Smelling his body scent always made her want to kiss him. Today was no exception.
Sally closed her eyes, lost in the moment. His hands on her ass made her all jittery and tingly and she needed to feel his lips on hers, his tongue dueling hers. She parted her lips and turned her face towards her brother's.
Jack lightly touched his sister's lips with his own, his tongue gently caressing her upper lip. When she felt the light caress of his soft mouth against hers, Sally smashed her lips onto his and pulled his lower lip with her teeth. She didn't need to be teased. She needed to feel his tongue against hers.
"I'm horny, Jack." Sally whispered. "I know you are, too. I can feel your dick. It's poking me." She slowly traced his engorged member with her flat hand and squeezed it lightly. "My pussy is wet already. Fuck me, big brother."
"We can't, Sal. This is Cathy's house. What if her parents come in to check on us?"
"It's not even 6:30. They're only due to come home at seven. We've got at least half an hour, babe. Just a quickie, Jack. Please?"
"What about Cathy? Don't you think she'd disapprove of us having sex in her basement without her?"
"She can join us if she wants, Jack. Please. I need your dick badly." Sally squeezed her brother's dick through his pants again. "You're hard, Jack. You want it, too. Don't you want to fuck your little sister's tight little pussy right now, Jack?" Her voice was all girlie again.
Jack did want to fuck his sister's tight little pussy, indeed. The music, the dancing, the strange environment had made him horny, too, and hearing his baby sister's little girl voice drove him crazy. He cupped his sister's pussy and gently kneaded it through her jeans.
"Yes, big brother. Grab my pussy. Can you feel how hot it is? It's killing me, Jack!"
Sally went to the couch, dropped her jeans and panties and kneeled on the soft cushions, her pussy and ass sticking out. She grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Fuck me, Jack. Be quick! Cathy's parents will be home any time now."
Jack opened his fly and let his hard prick spring free. He didn't even bother taking off his pants. The idea of fucking his little sister-girlfriend in Cathy's house excited him, as did the idea of possibly getting caught. They could always stop when they heard sounds upstairs or steps on the stairs.
With his hard cock sticking out of his open fly, he grabbed his sister by her hips and entered her swiftly.
Sally tried to be quiet, despite the sensation of having her pussy stretched by his big dick. "Oh, fuck, Jack'" she whispered. "You're in all the way. Quick, fuck me. I want you to come inside me, big brother. I want to feel your cum squirt against my cervix."
Sally's words reminded him of what Cathy had said to him the last time the two of them fucked. The thought that his fertile seed would be so close to his sister's womb excited him tremendously, and he fucked her hard and fast, just as she liked it.
Sally bit her tongue. She bit her lips. She bit the insides of her cheeks. She dug her nails into the soft cushions of the couch. She did everything she could not to scream, as Jack's hard dick moved in and out of her hot cunt like a piston in an engine at full speed.
The sensations his big dick created inside her were overwhelming. She felt split in half, as she usually did when he first entered her, but at the same time, his cock hit all the right areas. Her pussy was on fire, massaging her insides in a fierce sequence of pushes and pulls, ins and outs.
This was risky. They could get caught at any time. The basement door was not locked. The thought of Mr. and Mrs. Perlman opening the door and seeing them fuck drove Sally over the edge.
"Ooh, Jack, baby. I'm coming already. You're doing such a good job."
Jack was seconds away from coming, too, when he heard the front door clap, followed by voices and steps. It was too late. If anybody came down the stairs now, they would get caught. He couldn't pull out, or his jizz would spurt all over the basement. He had to stay inside his sister and finish what he started.
Jack continued pumping Sally's pussy, waiting for the basement door to spring open, but nothing happened. As soon as his cock had finished unloading deep in his sister's cunt, he pulled it out and tucked it back into his jeans.
Sally, who had also heard the steps upstairs, got up and pulled her panties and jeans up over her ass. She had to make a little dance to close the button.
"Wow, big brother. That was close," Sally said, still panting, as she sank down next to her brother on the couch. "I thought they'd come in any second, but, boy, was this hot!"
"I know. I couldn't believe it, Sal. I was so close when I heard the steps, I couldn't stop. I had to continue fucking you or I would have made a gigantic mess on the couch."
A couple of minutes later, Cathy opened the door and announced, "Dinner is ready, you two. I hope you didn't get bored down here." Taking a deep breath, she looked at Jack and Sally and asked, "What is the smell, guys? Did you…?"
All Jack and Sally could do is nod. "Sorry, Cathy. I couldn't help it. All this work has made me horny, so I asked Jack to fuck me, and he did."
"Wow, you guys, this is so hot. When did you finish?" Cathy was excited.
"Just when your parents came in the door. We thought, they'd come down here straight away, I thought we were busted."
"Oh how I wish I would have been here, guys. I'm getting wet thinking about it."
She dropped on her knees in front of Jack. "Quick. Pull it out. Let me taste, Jack."
Jack opened his fly again and his still semi-hard cock sprung out. Cathy sucked it deep into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it trying to taste as much of her lovers' juices as possible.
When Cathy was finished cleaning his cock, Jack put his dick back into his pants. This was a little more difficult now than it had been before. He was sporting a full-blown erection again.
"Wow, guys, I can't believe you two were fucking down here when mom and dad came home. That is so hot. I can taste your cunt on him, Sally. Are you filled up nicely, babe?"
"I am, Cathy. Jack squirted all of his hot sauce right inside me. It's dripping into my panties." She opened the button and zip of her jeans and sucked in her tummy. "Stick your hand down my jeans, Cathy. You can feel it. It's all squishy down there."
Cathy moved her flat hand inside Sally's jeans and pushed her fingers inside her creamy pussy. When she pulled them out again they glistened with wetness.
"Yum." Cathy licked the glistening juices off her sticky fingers. She briefly kissed Sally.
Jack pulled her into a close embrace and whispered, "I'd like to fuck you in your parent's basement, too, Cathy."
"Oh yes, Jack. I'd like that very much. I'm wet already," Cathy whispered back.
"What are you two whispering about?" Sally was curious.
Jack and Cathy looked at each other and giggled. "Oh, nothing, Sal."
It was time to go upstairs and have dinner.

"It took you a while to get your friends, Cathy," Mr. Perlman said. "Dinner looks yummy, though, and it smells divine."
"I made beef stroganoff, Dad. I know you and mum love it."
"We do, indeed. What's the reason, though. Anything up?"
"Nothing much, dad. We wanted to talk to you and mum about college. See, Jack has got a really cheap apartment in the city that is big enough for three. Sally is going to be moving in with him, and we thought it would be great, if I could move in, too. That way, I wouldn't have to start College on my own, Sally would be a great study partner, and I'm sure Jack could show both of us the ropes of college life, him having been a freshman last year."
"But aren't you supposed to live on campus in your first year? I thought that's the way they have it at State," Cathy's mom asked.
"I'd be taking a room, all right, mum. I don't think I can be admitted without, being from out of the city, but still, we'd be living in Jack's apartment most of the time."
"It won't be any extra cost, Mrs. Perlman," Jack pitched in. "The apartment I have is actually cheaper than a single room on campus. I got a great deal, and I am prepared to pay the rent myself. I've got two rooms to spare, though, and it would be great if Sally and Cathy could move in."
"That sounds like an awful waste of money to me, kids, even if there is no additional cost to Cathy and Sally" Mr. Perlman interjected. "How much is room and board now per year? $14, $15,000? You – we – would be paying that money for nothing, or how often had you planned to avail of room and board, Cathy?"
"Well,…," Cathy started.
"However," Mr. Perlman added, with an important tone in his voice. "There may be a way out of this. I happen to know that State can dispense of the requirement to live on campus if the student's parents put in an application, for example, because they want their child to live with a relative. We, your mom and I could put in an application on your behalf, Cathy. We'd say we want you to live with your uncle. I know, that's not true, but nobody needs to know. If the application goes through, I have no problem with going through with your plan. If it doesn't, I'm afraid, I'll have to insist that Cathy lives in the dorm and avails of the paid board as much as possible."
He didn't mention that the Dean of Admissions was one of his best buddies since College. There would be absolutely no problem getting the application approved. If he was completely honest, the idea of his daughter living with her best friend and her brother was a lot more appealing to him than the thought of his daughter living in some dorm, with all the "activities" that inevitably came with it. He knew Sally for years. She was a studious and ambitious girl and had always been a good influence for Cathy.
"Cathy and Sally are going to do English and drama, I believe. What are you majoring in, young man?" He was curious to find out more about Jack. He needed to know a bit more about this young man before he would be comfortable letting his daughter move in with him.
"Computer science and Software Engineering, Sir." Jack knew he was under scrutiny. "I want to go into games development when I finish university."
"That's a coincidence, Jack. Did you know that I was involved in making a computer game while I was in college," Mr. Perlman, who was head of Software Development in a small, independently owned company, and had done some programming himself over the years, explained. "It was a rogue-like, and we had great fun working on it. I doubt anyone still knows it, though. There's so much more sophisticated stuff out there now."
"Really? I actually might have heard of the game. We analyzed the original BASIC source code of one of the rogue-like games in class last year."
"Oh yeah? That's fascinating I didn't know that game was still around. I wasn't involved in any of the original work, but I helped out porting the game to a number of platforms at the time. A lot of people were working on it at the time, actually. It was a crazy project. Did you ever play it?"
Soon, the two men were absorbed in a conversation about video games development, and the women were discussing the upcoming party.
"Did you get the basement sorted out for the party tomorrow, Cathy," Mrs. Perlman asked her daughter.
"Yes, mum. All's ready for tomorrow. Jack and Sally helped this afternoon and we had it done in no time. The garage is a mess now, though."
"Is the caterer coming tomorrow, honey?"
"Yeah, it's all organized, mum. Don't worry. It'll be great."
"I'll come over early tomorrow, Mrs. Perlman, and help Cathy with the final preparations. We have roped Jack in to do the heavy lifting, isn't that right, Jack," Sally said with a cocky smile in the direction of her brother.
"What? Yeah, Sally." Jack was hardly listening. The men's conversation had moved on from gaming to more general software development topics, and they were discussing useful and not-so-useful web-development technologies.
"I'm impressed by your knowledge, Jack. You know a lot about software development for a Freshman, oh, excuse me, almost Sophomore. If you ever need an internship or work placement, don't hesitate to give me a call. We're always looking for talented young engineers."
"Work experience is in Junior year, Mr. Perlman. I'll certainly contact you when I know more. I suspect, I'll be looking for a place towards the end of the semester or so. Thanks for the offer. It is very generous."
"Send me on some of your work, Jack. Maybe I can even help you with a summer job. You really seem to know your stuff."
"Gee, thanks, Mr. Perlman. I don't really know what to say. A summer job in software development would be great. Much better than the job in the garage, anyways." Jack smiled. This was going much better than expected.
Looking at the clock, Mrs. Perlman said, "It's getting late, guys. Mr. Perlman and I have a busy day tomorrow, and you have a party to look after tomorrow. We should all get a good night's sleep. I don't want to be rude, but…"
"Can Jack and Sally stay the night, mum? Cathy interrupted her mother. "That way they won't have to drive back to their house just to be back over here in the morning." She was dreading the prospect of having to spend the night without the siblings. Who knew, maybe Jack could even make good on his suggestion from earlier on, and give her a good going over in the basement. She was ready for it.
All the time Sally and she were talking to her mother, Cathy had been sneaking looks at Jack, admiring his toned body and also the way he was able to talk and stand up to her dad. Only few people had managed to engage her father the way Jack had been able to this evening. This must surely mean something. She even noticed Jack stealing little glances back at her, and every time their eyes met, she felt the familiar stir in the pit of her stomach, and also a little further down.
"I don't know, Cathy. We've only got one bed in the guest room, and I doubt your friends would like to share a bed. How could we put them up for the night?"
"Sally can take the spare room and Jack could sleep on the couch in the basement, mum. It's empty and clean now, and it is comfy enough to sleep on. Please, mum?"
When he heard Cathy plead with her mother, Jack's cock stirred in his pants. Did they both have the same idea? Was she asking her mom if he could sleep in the basement, because she wanted to take him up on his earlier offer? The thought of fucking Cathy in her parents' house while her parents were asleep upstairs excited him tremendously.
"OK, Cathy. If Jack doesn't mind taking the dusty couch." Mrs. Perlman relented. "But no early start to the party, Cathy!"
Jack found it difficult not to appear too eager. "Not at all, Mrs. Perlman. I'm used to hardship. The couch will be fine."
"Can we stay up a bit in the basement, though, mum, before we all go to bed? I'd love to hang out with Sally and Jack for another while."
"OK. Just don't make any noise. Your father and I have a hectic day tomorrow. We really need our sleep." She smiled at her husband. The thought of having the kids out of earshot for a while opened a whole new perspective for them.
Before they all retired, they got the guest room ready for Sally. Mrs. Perlman put on fresh sheets and laid out a set of towels for her and Jack.
"Good night, kids. Are you ready, honey?" Mrs. Perlman was eager to get to the bedroom. She felt her pussy leak in anticipation of the things to come. With their hectic lifestyle and their daughter at home most of the time, she hadn't been fucked properly in some time. Her husband looked at his wife with a little smile on his face. Obviously, they both had the same idea.
"Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Perlman," Sally and Jack said, as they were turning to enter the stairwell to the basement.
"Night, mum, night dad," Cathy called out from her room. "I'll be down in a second, guys."
At the bottom of the stairs, Jack turned to his sister and took her into his arms.
"Oh, Sally, I'm so horny, my cock is nearly bursting out of my pants. Cathy has been looking over to me all evening and I couldn't help thinking about giving her what she wanted, right here, in her parent's basement. The whole time I was talking to Mr. Perlman, I was really thinking about fucking the life out of his daughter."
"I am pretty sure Cathy was the same, talking to her mother, Jack. I've noticed the two of you exchanging glances all evening, and it got me hot as hell, too. I had a hard time listening to Mrs. Perlman at times, too. This is Cathy's time, though, Jack. Go and fuck her good. I've had my share before dinner," and she pecked her brother briefly on his lips.
"Don't start without me, you two," Cathy said when she finally made her way down the stairs. She was carrying a tray with a bottle of wine and three glasses on it, and also a small box. She had bought the condoms yesterday. Who knew what might happen.
Cathy put the tray down on the coffee table. Sally snuck up behind her, and quickly pushed her hand between her legs as she bent down to pour the wine.
"No panties, Jack. I bet, Cathy has something on her mind," Sally said excitedly. "And she is dripping wet, aren't you, Cathy? You dirty, dirty girl! Getting all hot and bothered talking to your mom! Or were you looking at my boyfriend earlier, Cathy?"

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