Living with Aunt Maureen Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooLiving with Aunt Maureen Pt. 01

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.
My aunt Maureen and I picked at our dinner plates. A light salad with a small portion of takeout pasta. Both of us had plans to go to the bars. She was going out for the first time since her and Uncle Barry's divorce. A friend and co-worker of hers had convinced her to get back in the saddle. So when I found out some friends were back from college, I made a few plans myself.
I couldn't help but stare at her. It was a long time since I see her in full makeup. She was a vet tech, so she usually wore jeans or scrubs with little makeup. She was on the fit side of voluptuous. Brunette, long legs and amazing eyes. She was in her late 30s. I think what concerned her the most was a fast approaching 40th birthday and being newly divorced.
Tonight it was all on show. I had almost forgotten how beautiful she was, having seen her every day for the past three years. She wore tight leggings, with a loose-fitting blouse. I had a hard time not watching her legs as we set the table. When she bent down or moved her arms to the side, the fabric strained against her breasts.
I know she was my aunt, but damn if she wasn't the most beautiful woman I seen in this little city. She took care of herself and she even rivaled most college girls. I couldn't understand why Uncle Barry was such an idiot for cheating on her.
She laughed at me and touched her lip. "What?"
I shook my head and quickly piled more food onto my dish. "Nothing, I was just thinking."
"No really, did I accidentally smudge my makeup." She touched the corner of her eye. "These eyelashes feel funny, I'm not used to them anymore."
"No, it's all good. Actually, to tell you the truth, you look beautiful, but that's normal." I said.
She gave me a shy smile and looked down at her plate and picked at the last of her salad. "I better finish up, Susan will be here any minute." She stood up and kissed me on the forehead, "don't stay out too late with your friends, okay."
I nodded my head and took her plate to the sink for her. "Well, it's a bunch of my old friends, Steve will be there to so I'll just crash at his parent's house like I used to in the old days."
A horn tooted outside and Auntie waved at me. "Gotta go, have fun tonight."
I watched her head out like a giddy teenager with her friends. It was nice to see her not depressed for a change. I saw Susan, her co-worker in the driver's side. She looked more like a hooker than a vet tech tonight.
After I put the dishes away, I met my friends downtown. Part of me hoped to run into Aunt Maureen, especially Susan, so I could get a better view of her. I started imaging catching the cougars on the prowl with my group of friends. I was certain if we seen them, they would be more than willing to chase after some cougars.
My old friends were swapping college stories, and I was telling retail customer stories.
"What the hell James, I thought you were going for carpentry or Electrician with your Uncle." Steve said.
Another guy elbowed him in the side and I gave them a thin smile. "No, that didn't really go over as planned. I'm just taking a year off to work, then I'll try getting a job as an apprentice."
I took a sip of my beer and looked to the door. Part of me hoped to see my aunt's friends come through. After three hours I still wasn't feeling it, and after midnight they wanted to change bars. I declined and used it as my opportunity to head home early.
Back home, I turned the lights off and flopped into bed. Bored and restless, I pulled out my phone and scanned through videos. I didn't actually feel like shutting it down, so I got a beer and enjoyed a show on my phone.
A thump and clatter of keys on the floor woke me from a half dreaming state. I paused the video and listened intently to sounds downstairs. I flipped my contacts open in case I had to dial 911.
I could hear my aunt's voice, "Oh my god." Followed by laughter. "No, not down here, upstairs."
I crept to my door and peeked outside but couldn't see anything around the hallway, I didn't dare open the door wider.
The second person whispered and slurred their speech so bad I couldn't make it out.
"I said my nef, nefou, I can't say it." She laughed and took a deep breath, "nephew is out, we don't need to whisper."
She slurred her words, but at least I could make them out. She half held up the other person as they made their way through the hallway in dim light. The two of them disappeared into her dark bedroom.
"What the hell?" I whispered to myself. I listened to the scuffling and shuffling in her room and decided I'd take a quick peek.
I crept closer to the doorway. My heart raced as I imagined Susan coming home with her. A light flashed on then grew dim, I froze in place and could hear my heart racing. I turned the dimmer down slowly so the light barely stayed on and tiptoed towards the door.
The two were making out, I knew this because I could hear kissing and the sound of wet smacking. A woman's moan caused me to pause and listen in the darkness. The lights were off, but a thin beam of light from under the bathroom door lit her room just enough to make out shadows.
Inside, two shadowy figures groped and fondled one another. To my disappointment, I heard a belt buckle, and could finally make out the sound of a man's voice.
My eyes adjusted to the low light. I could see a middle-aged man wavering in front of her. Aunt Maureen's large breasts were out of full display. She wiggled and squirmed in his arms and slipped out of her bra.
His hands slid down her back and over her round hips to help remove her leggings. She stepped over and pulled her legs free of them. A thin black thong disappeared between the cheeks of her round heart-shaped ass.
My cock kinked painfully in my jeans and I tried to adjust them. I never imaged I would enjoy the show this much. I could hear my heart pumping and I held my breath, it felt like a dumbbell rested on my chest. I was afraid if I breathed too loud, they would catch me.
The man sat down in an armchair my aunt used to read her novels. It was a plush, cushioned chair a person could sink into. I figured they would fuck there, but she wiggled her hips and retreated to her bed.
The man fumbled with his jeans and underwear, getting them down to his ankles, then pulled a condom out of his shirt pocket.
Aunt Maureen flopped onto the bed and giggled. Something told me it wasn't just alcohol they had tonight.
I looked back to the man, expecting to see him pounce on her. But he continued to sit in the chair. Unable to take it any longer, I pulled my cock free. It was one of the hottest things I'd witnessed and instinctively stroked my cock. I never saw a woman in person naked like this, let alone the act of sex outside of porn.
The man's head slumped to the side, and he laid still. Passed out before he could get his shirt off. Meanwhile, Aunt Maureen squirmed and rubbed her bare skin on the cool silk sheets, waiting for him to take her.
I wanted her. Part of me wanted to yell at the man, 'you fucking ass hole what are you doing? Get over there.' Just like I resented Barry for cheating on such a beautiful woman, I resented the fool for passing out.
I had admired her smile and beauty in pictures for so many years. Long before mom and dad passed away, even before Barry married her.
Finally, after all these years, I had to admit I had a huge crush on her. I watched her roll on her side. Her wide hips sat high in the air and my eyes followed her curves over her waist, up her ribs and to her shoulders.
The curve of her spine pointed towards her round, heart-shaped ass with two small dimples in the small of her back.
I couldn't take it. Maybe it was the virgin's lust being pushed to the limits, maybe it was the realization I just had, or maybe it was my own liquid courage.
As I crept into the room, I watched the man's face. He didn't move, his eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell as if in a deep sleep. I held my breath and took his condom from his hand. I looked over my shoulder towards my aunt's upturned ass.
She slowly parted her long legs, sliding her bare skin over the sheets. "Mmmm come on, fuck me." She moaned.
Quietly, I opened the wrapper, rolled the condom on to my cock and removed my pants. I didn't want to shake the bed too much, so I stepped on the side and placed a hand on her ass to keep her from turning. Once I was on the bed I got behind her and lined myself up. My cock twitched and my head grew faint as I looked down at her pussy inches from the tip.
She moaned and shifted her weight, presenting me with a view of her ass. I leaned forward and ran my hands over her supple, warm skin. Feeling the lace thong as I slid up her sides. Her skin felt smooth and hot. I wanted to feel her entire body, but my cock ached.
Still light headed I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to be inside her. To be inside my first woman. She lifted her ass up in the air. She was as ready as I was. I helped pull her thong down to her knees and guided myself towards her wet slit. I rubbed the head of my cock against her, trying to find the opening.
She was soaking, and I felt a ridge where my cock slipped into a rut. Hoping that was it, I pressed forward and release my shaft. I nearly moaned when I felt her lips give way and suck the head of my cock inside. My fainting feeling passed as I lost my virginity to her.
"Mmmm fuck, just like that, ahhh." She said into her pillow.
I leaned forward and held onto her waist. I did a quick glance over my shoulder at the man. Satisfied, I turned my attention back to Auntie. I pulled out all the way and thrust forward.
My cock sprung up, and I missed her gaping hole, instead I slid up over her ass. She wiggled her rear and tried to line herself up with me a second time. I reached down and found her ridge once more. This time she was slick, and I slid inside with no resistance.
My mind wanted to let out a moan, but I held back the urge. Instead, I opened my mouth and hung my tongue out as I pumped in and out of her. My body wanted more of the sensation it was feeling. I wanted deeper and to feel her bare back on my chest.
I ran my hand up her back, feeling her muscles tense and relax with each thrust. Eager to go deeper, I held on to her shoulder and pulled her hard into my thrusts. Her ass clapped against my pelvis and she moaned into her pillow. The sound, the sight, and the feeling of my cock in her warm body made me want to cum right there. But I didn't want it to end so soon.
To delay my orgasm, I slowed my pace. A long slow glide out then back in helped pull me from the edge. But it was just enough to keep me there. Twice I slipped out, both times she was moaned for my return. After the second time, I felt my orgasm subside. I was getting a feel for it now and could find her easier. As deep as I could push, I gripped her hips and just enjoyed the warmth and pulsing feeling she had.
Without warning, she flipped to her side, and I slipped out of her. I was sure she'd recognize my face as she rolled under me. But with both hands, she pulled my face to hers and slid her tongue inside my mouth.
Eager to keep going, she kicked her thong free and wrapped her legs around my waist. With one hand, she reached down and guided my cock towards her hole. I missed twice before I slid back inside.
That time I couldn't help myself and moaned into the side of her neck. But it didn't matter. She moaned and squealed, lost in the sensual feeling of sex. We ran our hands over one another's bodies. I couldn't get enough of feeling her soft skin. I held on to the back of her neck and with my free hand explored her body from her hips and side of her chest.
"Mmmm fuck me with that cock… mmm oh fuck…" her back arched and she pressed her head into her pillow then relaxed, "oh fuck. Don't stop, keep going." She pounded me on the back with her hand.
I did as ordered and kept slamming my hips into hers. The bed creaked, and she grunted with each thrust. Her warm, soft legs rubbed on the sides of my thighs and her hands explored my back. Frustrated by my shirt, she pulled it free of my shoulders and threw it to side of the bed. Our naked bodies meshed with one another.
She held onto my shoulders with one arm and kissed my neck. She raised one knee up to my ribs and with the other foot she hooked around my thigh and tried to pull me deeper. Wanting more, she used her free hand to grab my ass and make me thrust harder.
Daring to steal a look at her face, I lifted my head to see her face. She had her eyes closed and her teeth clenched. I wanted to please her and rocked my hips forward as hard as I could.
Her body was hot, smooth, and I still couldn't get enough of it. I was addicted to the feel of my hands roamed over her sides and I sucked on the tops of her breasts as I fucked her.
With force, she pushed on my shoulder and rolled up on top of me. I stared up at her dimly lit body. Thankfully, the bathroom light was behind me on the bed. From here, I could see the man blended into the dark corner. But I still kept expecting him to wake and yell 'What the fuck!'
Her large breast stood proud on her chest. The nipples were thick and puffed out. She was a goddess kneeling over my hard cock. She nearly lost balance until I grabbed her by the waist and held her steady. With one hand on my chest and the other on my cock, she lowered herself down onto me in a single motion.
I could just see the outline of her silhouette. Her body grinding and rotating above me. She began frantically thrusting her hips forward on to my cock. She pulled my hands from her waist and put them on her heaving breasts.
With nothing else to steady myself from her assault, I hung on to them tight. It's all I could do. Then it was all I could take I felt my hips buck upward. My sudden thrust penetrated her deeper and she let out a low moan. Her knees tightened on my ribs and her torso spasmed. Her hands squeezed and hung onto my chest. Driven on, she became more frantic and threw her head back. Her hands roamed over her stomach and breasts.
I felt a surge of pleasure and relief. Not of my control, my hips thrust upward into her. With my orgasm over, I felt it now. The insides of her vagina quivered and pulled at my cock. But she didn't stop, she struggled to breathe and panted heavy. Grinding and fucking my cock. I was afraid I would grow soft and fall out. Then she shuttered several times, arched her back, and her body pumped itself, milking my softening penis. Finished, she slumped over me an exhausted woman.
She lifted herself off of me and pulled the bedsheets over herself. I laid on my side and ran my hand over her hips and waist. Soon she was asleep. I slid out of bed and grabbed my clothes.
When I was back inside my room, I pulled the condom off, wrapped it in tissues and hid it at the bottom of my garbage. Then the panic and remorse set in. The wishing I'd gone to another bar, stayed in my room, stayed outside the door. Everything but that. I feel asleep sick and had a night of dreams.
In the morning, I laid in bed with a slight hangover. I could hear voices and mumbling from the hallway.
"Why did you sleep over there?" Maureen said.
I sat up in bed and tried not to make a sound.
"Huh? It's morning?" The man said.
"Oh, my god! Get your pants back on, my nephew will be home soon."
The bed creaked, and she pounded the floor with her feet.
The man gave her a wolf whistle and said, "Wow, did we have sex last night?" He said.
"What the fuck you don't remember!" She half yelled. "Get dressed, get out of here before he comes home."
The bathroom door slammed shut, and the shower turned on. I peeked through the crack of my door and watched the man cling to the handrail as he staggered down the steps.
"Yeah, you wish." I said under my breath.
My stomach was a ball of nerves and I didn't know when to go downstairs. I waited for Aunt Maureen to stagger down and make herself coffee. Waiting there, I imagined a dozen conversations and excuses that I could use.
Finally, I tiptoed down the stairs. She looked up at me half way in terror. She wore a silk nightgown and her hair was wet, wrapped in a towel. She had a cup of coffee in two hands and still she was a beautiful sight.
"James!" She almost spit her coffee back into her mug.
She winced and touched her temple with her fingers. "When, when did you get home?" She cleared her throat.
I took a cup and poured myself a coffee. "Late last night, I actually didn't know if you were home until this morning. I almost checked in on you when I came home."
"Good! I mean no that's okay, did you have fun with your friends?" She said.
I stood next to her and took a sip. I didn't normally drink coffee, but I figured it might help with the hangover. I nodded my head. "I heard voices this morning, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't check in on you."
She stared at me and turned red. "I…" she took a sip of coffee and looked at the countertop.
I leaned against her and rubbed her shoulder. She was still warm and soft. We didn't talk, just stood there nursing our hangovers.
She took a deep breath in. "I finally put myself out there and that asshole doesn't even remember having sex with me." She looked up at the ceiling. "Stop me next time Susan invites me out again."
She smiled to herself and rubbed her knees together. "Mmm, god it felt good though." She laughed at her comment "I'm sorry I shouldn't be talking about this to you."
She took a sip of coffee. "Well, I guess I got lucky. Screw him if he doesn't remember." She ran her hand down her stomach.
"Believe me, his loss." I said.
She gave me a big smile and rubbed my arm. She looked like she wanted to hug me or have a hug. But she frowned to herself as she rubbed my shoulder.
"He looked smaller than I remember though, skinny man. I could have sworn he had more muscle. I was cleaning up and found a wrapper but no condom, dammit I hope he didn't leave it in the bed." Her hand ran over my shoulder and down my back.
She massaged me as I stood frozen. As if not moving would help the thought go away. She raised the mug to her lips, then looked to my chest through the corner of her eye. She squeezed my muscles a second time and held her hand over them.
'Fuck no way!' I thought. Panic took hold of me. My stomach turned and twisted, and I lost my breath. Everything I had imagined went out the door and I was frozen with fear.
She took a sip of her coffee and her lips curled up. After she lowered her mug, she bit her lower lip in thought. The entire time she kept eye contact with me.
My stomach turned as I stared into her eyes, 'does she know?'
The end of pt. 1
I plan to sit on pt. 2 for some time to pass allowing you, the reads to influence the outcome of pt.2. Your comments will influence the direction of the second half. Is she suspicious but not sure if its true, does sis come home, is there an Uncle who visits, other cousins or some other direction.
I'm waiting with a blank canvas what I read in the comments will influence the frame work of the next story. Vamps will be ignore, sorry I just never got that phase of literature.

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