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tagIncest/TabooLiving with Family Ch. 03

My name is Sophie, I am 18 years old, Petite build, weighing 48kg, long raven black hair that comes halfway down my back that I normally wear in a ponytail. I have green eyes and a slim face. My bra size is 28A, if I bother with one, which I usually don't My dress size is a 6 or 8 depending on how fitted I want the item.
It was half 8 on Saturday morning and I had been rudely woken up by people arguing downstairs. Dad and my brother were going to watch some sort of sport that I had no interest in and were supposed to be setting off early. As they were still arguing at half 8 I am assuming the early start was not as early as Dad had intended so was on the back of my brother.
I just grunted and rolled onto my side facing away from the door in the hope it would dampen the noise enough to ignore it. It didn't Lifting the duvet up over my head I curled up and wondered why people had to be this loud at such a stupid hour. There was a tap at my door. "What?" I asked clearly irritated.
"Morning, sorry it is so early," Dad said as he came in, "Do you have your brother's iPod?"
"No? Why would I have his iPod?" I replied, my entire body still curled up under the duvet.
"That is what I said," he replied, "Sorry again."
More arguing downstairs and a stomp of feet coming back up. I knew my sanctuary was going to be violated again. "You do," he said loudly as he barged into my room uninvited, "You borrowed it the other day."
"And I gave it you back," I said still in the same position.
"You didn't," he said, "Don't be a bitch, you know you have it," he argued.
I sighed loudly expressing my annoyance at being awake, never mind argued with. I folded the duvet down so he could see my face. "I put it on your computer desk, by the mouse," I said, "You watched me do it."
"I have checked my desk, you didn't," he said.
"Fucks sake," I muttered to myself.
"Mum!" he shouted, "Sophie is swearing at me."
"Sophie, don't swear please," she shouted upstairs.
I shot him a glare that would have killed him if such a thing was possible. He was a dick sometimes. "I wasn't swearing at you," I said, "You fucking knob. Then I was," I added quietly.
He was already starting to go through my desk and things as he glared at me. "I will look," I said, "If I find it in your room I am going to rip your balls off."
He retreated slightly at my threat. We fought all the time, but it never got that dirty. We hadn't come to blows for years and even then I hadn't resorted to low blows. Still, the threat was real and I was fairly pissed at being awake so early. I threw the duvet off and got up. I was wearing a pink vest that was no bigger than a sports bra and black panties that were as near as makes no difference a thong. His eyes followed me as I got out of bed and ran my fingers around the legs of my underwear to sort them out. They didn't have great bum coverage at the best of times, after sleeping in them I was showing a lot of ass.
I went into his room, straight to his desk, moved his headset and picked up his iPod. I glared at him and launched it at him. To his credit he caught it and smiled meekly at me. "Sorry," he said.
"Fucking useless," I said.
"Sophie!" Mum scolded, "Language."
"Sorry mum," I said. I hadn't noticed that she was in her room and my verbal abuse was very much in ear shot.
"And will you 'please' put some clothes on," she said watching me walk passed her door.
"I should be asleep," I said, "Ungodly hour."
"Are they even pyjamas or are you prancing around half naked?" she said staring at me.
"Hardly prancing," I snapped back, "I had to assist my useless brother finding what was in front of his f… er… nose," I added checking my language just in time. Although she did raise an eye brow.
"It doesn't matter," she said waving her hand to dismiss me, "Just… just wear something."
"I am," I muttered to myself as I wandered to my room.
"Pardon?" she asked.
"Nothing," I said as I closed my door and collapsed back into bed.
The banging and crashing continued for the next ten minutes before the front door finally opened and closed leaving the house in the peace and quiet it should always be in pre 9am. I hadn't bothered with a duvet and laying on my back my legs were open and I was gently tickling myself through my panties. I watched my nipples rise against the thin material of my vest and smiled to myself as I felt the comforting tingle of arousal. Even with small boobs like mine, a thin vest and no bra doesn't hide much.
I slid my finger between my legs and pushed against myself through my underwear. Using my other hand I reached up under my top and gently squeezed my breast and pinched at my nipple. A wave of heat rippled up and down my body and I smiled to myself as my horny body started to react to the attention. I stopped playing with my breasts and using my index and middle finger I just gently stroked myself between the legs through the thin material of my underwear. It felt so nice and I knew I would be wet enough to finger myself pretty quickly.
"Just nipping to the shops," Mum said from outside my room taking me by surprise a little as I assumed she was still downstairs. As she finished her statement she opened my door and came in. I had already snapped my legs closed and removed my fingers from anywhere near myself as I pretended to watch TV.
"You could knock," I said so glad she had announced herself before barging in as I don't think my reactions would have been that good if she had just come straight in.
"Sorry," she said eyeing me up and down, "Do you need anything?"
"Something good for dinner," I said, "And some vodka if you are feeling generous."
"We will see," she said, "What do you fancy?"
"Grey Goose would be great," I replied with a cheeky smile.
"I meant for dinner," she said rolling her eyes.
"Oh, whatever, surprise me," I shrugged. It was then I remembered that I had quite perky nipples and a very thin top on. I covered myself with my arm and grabbed the duvet pulling it up over me.
"You weren't shy before," Mum said with a superior smile as she watched me cover myself up.
I ignored her. I didn't mention that I didn't have erect nipples and slightly wet panties earlier. I didn't feel she needed, or wanted, to know such details of her daughter. She closed my door and I heard her go downstairs. The front door opened and closed a few seconds later and I listened to her car leave the driveway. I got up and went downstairs. Swatting the dogs cold nose away from me I selected a banana from the fruit bowl and went back upstairs again. Closing my door I removed my top and my panties getting back into bed naked.
My small boobs easily defeated the pull of gravity, my small pea sized nipples still standing off my chest I tucked my heels up to my bum and opened my legs. Gliding my hand down between my legs I stroked myself and was surprised that I wasn't actually wet enough. Stroking and rubbing at my clit I quickly saw to that and after a couple of attempts I inserted the banana. "Wow," I whispered to myself as I felt the fruit go deeper.
I held the stalk end and inserted the smoother end, I had made that mistake before. Owchy and scratchy. Gently holding the banana I began to thrust it in and out of myself. Slowly at first but I quickly picked up the pace. My breathing began to get more laboured as I did myself with a banana. I so needed a dildo, or even better a vibrator, or both. Going as deep as I dared, I didn't want to lose it, I fucked myself. On my back, my legs wide open I used my left hand to play with my clit.
The penetration felt nice, but it didn't get me off. It enhanced my orgasm, but my orgasm was achieved with clitoral stimulation. I had experimented with penetrating myself after the sleepover and watching Ellie get totally fucked. My interest was piqued as they say and I progressed from simple fingers to hairbrush handle, to cucumber and finally bananas. Mainly because a banana going missing is a lot easier to explain than a half a cucumber. Although a cucumber was a lot firmer and could put up with a lot more punishment than a banana could. There is nothing sexy when the banana splits and you end up with a pussy that smells like mushy banana.
It is also very paranoid inducing. The smell of banana is fairly powerful and it is really hard to explain why you smell of bananas. Especially if you are a teenage girl. Pushing the banana deeper I heard myself moan softly. I was close, picking up the pace I circled my clit and I could feel my body begin to tip towards the edge of climax.
Holding my breath I pumped the banana in and out of myself as quickly a I could. Tilting my head back I stared at my headboard. My legs wide open and my fingers on my left hand rubbing at myself. "Yes," I mumbled. "Fucking yeeesss," I whispered as my headboard blurred as my eyes lost focus.
Closing them I held my breath, racing for climax I needed to cum. I didn't know what shop mum had gone to, worst case was she would be about 20 minutes. Best case she would be well over an hour, but I didn't know which scenario I found myself in. "Oh yes," I breathed. Looking down my naked body I watched as I thrust the banana in and out of myself as my fingers worked their magic. I gasped a breath, but held it again, Tilting my head back I felt my body succumb as climax washed over me.
"Oooo God, yes," I whispered as I released my held breath. Staring down my body I watched what I was doing to myself. "Yes yes yes," I mumbled as my orgasm rippled through my entire body. My toes curled and gripped the bed sheets as I twisted my legs together to stop me fingering myself. I was done, wow, was I done.
I held the position for a few moments. My chest rising and falling rapidly as I recovered my breath. I gently unfolded my legs and put the "used" banana on my bedside table. Standing up on wobbly legs I pulled on my panties so I wasn't totally naked. It was more a habit than anything else. Living at home there was always the risk of being walked in on. At least if I had panties on it wasn't total embarrassment being walked in on.
Once I had cooled down enough I put my top back on and picking up the banana I headed downstairs. I wrapped it in a food bag to hide what it was and glanced outside. Raining, of course it fucking was, it was always raining. I couldn't be bothered going back upstairs though so I opened the back door and darted out to the main bin and back in again. It was only a couple of meters from the back door, but it was raining, I didn't have anything on my feet and I was still only wearing what I had slept in, which was not a lot.
"Jen… are you awake?" I heard Carl ask me in a hushed tone. I had been asleep, but I could feel his hand resting on the top of my leg and his fingers gently stroking the top of my thigh.
I was curled up facing away from him and as had been the case for the last 19 years of marriage I was sleeping naked. His fingers were very high on the front of my thigh, very very high and if he had longer fingers he would be in a much more intimate place. "No," I whispered in reply to his question after a few seconds, "What time is it?"
I heard him glance over his shoulder to look at the clock that was on his side of the bed. "6," he said.
I just sighed, that was very early indeed, but his attentions were starting to have an effect. 19 years of marriage and unsurprisingly he knew what made me "up for it". He was just stroking the top of my leg, but it was the intention, it was the proximity to to my more intimate area that was the tease. He knew this, he knew that any sort of stroking around the top or inside of my thighs and he would get what he wanted. He also knew that if he kept going patiently I would eventually open my legs for him and he could enter me from behind as we spooned.
He moved my long hair out of the way and kissed the back of my neck. I felt his teeth gently nibble at the sensitive skin which I liked. I felt my nipples harden on my chest and he must have felt my body tense in anticipation. Sweeping my hair out of the way he kissed my ear and nibbled at the ear lobe. "I said I wasn't awake," I mumbled.
"I am," he replied, which wasn't really relevant or even a valid reply to my statement, but that is what he said anyway. I felt him shuffle closer and he pressed his erection against the small of my back.
"That is more than awake," I replied. I was still curled up with my eyes still closed as he tickled my leg and nibbled at my ear and neck.
"Uh huh," he agreed gently pushing his cock against my back to make sure I could feel it. I could, he had no need to be pushing it against me, but it did feel nice.
I straightened my legs so I was not curled up into a ball and relaxed my arms so they were not hugging my chest any more. He recognised the invite and shifting his hand a few inches his fingers could now reach their true target. I was shaved, I had been since we had met and he liked it, so I kept it maintained. He also loved the schoolgirl role play and being shaved definitely added to that fantasy when we did it. "Are you wet?" he whispered softly as he nibbled my ear.
"I wouldn't think so," I replied as I shifted my legs to allow him some more access. I hadn't opened my legs, but his fingers could get to the bits that he was aiming for.
He quickly found my clit and gently stroked his fingers across it. "Mmm," I whispered as I felt him start to play with me. I have no idea what he does, I have watched him intently and I cant simulate myself what he does. I get myself off a lot quicker than he can, but wow, he feels nice when he does it for me. I guess it is just because it is someone else and not yourself, but damn, it is nice.
He shifted his position behind me and kept fingering me. He knew not to penetrate me with fingers, it felt good, but he knew working on my clit was the quickest way to get me to open my legs. That was his goal, he had woken up horny, he knew that he was away for the weekend and he wanted sex before he went. Which is more than fine, early morning sex is always a good thing, especially when he is the instigator so I can just lay here and enjoy it doing none of the work. He pushed his penis against my bum this time, his slick head gliding off my bum and into the small of my back again.
Every few minutes his fingers checked how wet I was. He had always done that and it was adorable. I loved men, and I loved him the most. Ultimately they just wanted to fuck you and the cute impatience was so endearing. He knew that I knew when I was ready without having to check and as soon as I was I would give him access. He still felt the need to check what he was doing was working. It was, oh yes it was. My breathing was not quite as controlled as it had been previously and the tingling was spreading through my body.
After five minutes or so I repositioned so I was laying directly on my side. I pushed my bum back towards him and lifted my knee. He kissed my neck and shifted down a little bit as he guided himself between my legs. "Yeah?" he asked as he gently pushed against me.
"Uh huh," I replied nodding my head. From behind when spooning was awkward, my entrances were very close and his angle was not natural. "Not that one," I replied pulling away from him a little.
"Sorry," he said as he repositioned slightly. I reached behind my back and took hold of him. Pushing my bum out further I guided him to my pussy and as he pushed forwards I waited until my body accepted him.
"Oo yeah," I whispered as I felt him inside me. We had done it thousands of times, in all positions and yet even 19 years later it still gave me tingles as it went inside me.
I just moaned in satisfaction as he pushed into me. I kept my bum pushing out so he had an easier angle for him. He was average length, 5 or 6 inches if I was being generous and it felt amazing. Size really doesn't matter, not with real ones. Toys yeah, bigger the better, but knowing what you are doing is more important than size. He started a slow thrusting into me from behind all the while he nibbled my neck and ear.
He knew that I wouldn't cum in this position. He couldn't go fast or hard enough to make me orgasm in this position. He knew this as much as I did and he knew that I would call in the debt at some point. Climax is nice, but sex itself is the one. The feeling as he cums inside you is a pleasure in itself and judging by his grunts and moans it wouldn't be long.
He pushed his arm underneath me and bent it around to play with my breasts. Squeezing and pinching at my nipples I pushed back as he pushed into me. He pulled out of me and for a second I thought I had missed it. Very occasionally his orgasm was weak enough to not really notice. When he pulled out it was obvious the end hadn't happened further reinforced by his gentle stab at my ass again. "Ooo," I said as I felt him jab at my back door. Although it was a gentle pressure he applied it was perfectly on target. My excitement coating him was enough lube and he penetrated an inch or two into me. I felt him grin behind me and squeeze my breast harder. "Yeah?" he asked hopefully.
I have no idea what a guy's fascination with a girls anus is, but none the less, he loved it. I guess it was a combination of taboo, dominance and just down right kinkiness of doing it up there. I didn't mind it, of the three options it was my least favourite, but it was not far behind my mouth in the ranking. I lifted my knee slightly to give a little more access and nodded my head in reply.
He kissed the back of my neck and pushed into my ass. He was only lubricated by being in my pussy and extra lube would have helped. I couldn't be bothered though, in this position he wouldn't be able to get the speed and depth and I wasn't going to cum anyway. "Slowly," I said even though I knew there was no need to guide him. He had fucked me in the ass enough times to know if he hurt me it was game over and his hand became his best friend.
"Lube?" he asked as he gently guided himself into me.
I felt the stretch and burn of anal penetration as he slid deeper into me. "No, just go slow," I said as I gently pushed myself back onto him slowly letting him go deeper and deeper. I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt his belly against my bum as he got as deep as he was going.
"So nice," he whispered in my ear as he gently had sex with my back door.
"Uh huh," I grunted, not really fully agreeing with him. Anal sex was okay. It didn't actually hurt anywhere near as much as you are led to believe. Don't get me wrong having a cock slammed up your bum isn't pleasant, but it isn't the screaming the house down and tears experience that is sometimes depicted. What made it nice though was the naughtiness of it. I loved to be dominated and thrown around and there is no more submissive position than getting fucked up the ass.
"Do you want me to pull out?" he asked kissing me gently on my neck. I sometimes did as cum oozing from your ass is not a nice experience, but I had no plans for the day, so quite literally, fuck it.
"Are you cumming already?" I asked him quietly.
"Maybe," he replied gently tugging at my ear with his teeth.
"No, cum in me," I whispered pushing my bum back further for him, "Cum in my ass."
"Dirty girl," he growled softly as he bit my ear and picked up the pace thrusting in and out of me.
He didn't last long. The pulse of orgasm followed by the flood of his seed as he came inside me. "Fuck, yes," he moaned.
Even in my ass it felt awesome when he came. We didn't use condoms. We were happy with how many kids we had and so he had had the snip a few years earlier. Before that we relied on me taking the pill, but after 10+ years on it I started to get hormone issues on it. I became a stroppy bitch, his words, not mine. "Yes," he whispered, his thrusting speeding up as he filled me with his cum. "Yes," he said again a little more urgently, his pulses intensifying before he began to slow down. We knew to keep the noise down, not that Sophie would be awake at this hour, but even so the walls were painfully thin and you could hear even drone of even the quietest conversation, never mind more amorous actions.

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