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tagIncest/TabooLockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 12

When Eric finally went upstairs, he heard water running from Carrie's bathroom and walked past Ellie's door to go into his own room, carefully locking the door behind him. Stripping down to his underwear and a t shirt, he went quietly through his bathroom door and then through to Ellie's room. As he poked his head in the door, she looked up immediately and smiled, mouthing the word "Hi!" as she stepped all the way in. He tiptoed across the room to make sure Ellie's door to the hallway was locked before finally walking back to sit on the edge of her bed next to her.
Eric leaned over to kiss Ellie full on the mouth and felt her open her lips to accept his tongue as soon as he did. His hand went to her breasts and he could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra through the thin fabric of the soft t-shirt she was wearing. His hand snaked up under the bottom edge of her shirt and slid across the warm, and impossibly soft, skin of her stomach, before finally attaining a handful of her luscious boobs.
Ellie broke off from his kiss to sit up and pull her shirt over her head. Her eyes locked on Eric's face to drink in the reaction he had to seeing her topless. She reached down and scooted her panties down under her butt, before sliding them off of her legs, to lay completely naked beneath him, her eyes twinkling with flirty desire and the thrill of letting Eric see her this way. Eric lowered his head to her chest and took one of her puffy areolas into his mouth, like a soft pink marshmallow of fleshy joy that he just couldn't get enough of by seeing and touching.
Ellie's fingers slid along his scalp and locked together in his thick wavy hair, as her other hand wrapped around the back of his thick strong neck, and pulled him toward her. She gasped at the intense pleasure of having her brother sucking her tit and lightly pinching her hard pink nipples between his firm lips as he rose to the tip each time.
Eric paused to pull off his shirt and then stood up to pull down his underwear. He hadn't even managed to sit back down on the bed before Ellie had reached out to grab a handful of his thick, throbbing dick as his mouth found hers again. Breathing through her nose, Ellie could smell her own excitement and felt the familiar twinge of anxiety as she wondered if Eric would find it unpleasant. No guy had ever said anything, but she had always wished that girls didn't make a smell like that when they were turned on.
For Eric's part, the smell of Ellie's pussy would be forever linked to the most exciting events of his life. He thought it was the scent of sexual intoxication and the aroma of the dream-like impossibility of everything Ellie had done with him. It was the perfume of joy and carnal enchantment and its presence was simply a confirmation that he was about to enjoy another visit to the most wonderful place he had ever been.
Eric lifted his mouth off of Ellie's, even as her lips tugged his tongue regretfully. "There's something I really want to do," His voice was barely above a whisper. He kissed her lightly on the lips, the chin, her nipple and her stomach as he slid down her bed. He paused at the top of her thigh, halfway between her hip and her pussy as the rest of his body aligned itself between her legs. He looked up to find Ellie watching him and he had a hard time reading her expression as her eyes locked into his.
Eric's tongue reached out at and gently brushed the uppermost folds of her pussy, even as his eyes never left Ellie's. Her mouth tightened into a tight little 'o' shape even as the muscles of her stomach contracted and a shudder went through her entire body. Her legs slowly parted and Eric lowered his chin to allow his tongue to make a slow, gentle furrow from bottom to top along the surface of her pulsating labia. Ellie let out a small gasp and her hips rotated upward to try to extend and intensify the sensation of having her brother's tongue sliding along the outer folds of her sex. As Eric looked up to find her eyes again, he found hers locked in with his and reflecting an insatiable hunger for more of his mouth on her.
For her part, Ellie had never enjoyed receiving oral sex. The few times that guys had done it for her she felt were spoiled by her own self-consciousness, about whether all girls could smell themselves when they were excited, and the fact that they had really only given her a handful of indifferent licks that were followed by an immediate attempt to poke their dicks into her pussy or mouth. She had been left with a sense of being relieved that it was over and convinced that it would never live up to how one imagined it was before you experienced it. Much like finally tasting your first beer in somebody's garage, or backyard, and wondering why the people in the commercials always seemed to be so enthusiastic about it.
If she had to initially fight the urge to ask Eric to stop out of embarrassment, the look in his eyes after his tongue had touched her dispelled every bit of anxiety she had ever felt. He had looked at her like she was a goddess. Instead of an obligation, Eric had embraced her throbbing pussy like it was a sacred portal, meant to be approached with reverence and awe. She couldn't remember any guy looking at her like that and it was the most gratifying sensation that she'd ever experienced during sex. Eric had barely touched her and he had already given her more pleasure with his eyes than any guy previously had been able to with their entire body. Ellie reached down, to entwine her fingers in the crown of Eric's hair, as she lifted and spread her knees, like an exotic flower, blooming in time lapse photography.
Eric slid his shoulders up under the bottom of Ellie's thighs and felt her small feet touch lightly down onto his muscled back. He began taking deeper and deeper passes through the folds of her beautifully pink pussy now opened before him, noting how she responded each time his tongue reached the apex and slid over the tiny hard nub of flesh that extended itself shyly to meet his tongue each time.
Remembering the effect his finger had, he extended his tongue as deeply as he could into the upper folds of her pussy and licked upward as he brought it back out to the top. Ellie gave a small cry as her hips lifted and rolled with the motion of his tongue, her stomach and chest undulated with the movement of her spine and her body froze in an arch as a shock wave of pleasure washed over her from the detonation Eric's tongue had coaxed from her body.
Ellie looked down at Eric, his eyes closed as he focused intently on his work as her second hand joined her first in winding her fingers through his hair while her hips rode his tongue and she pulled him deeper into the throbbing epicenter of her consuming pleasure. Eric brought up his finger underneath his chin and slid it further back into the tightly clenching sides of her pussy than his tongue could reach. He felt her body tighten around his finger as the tip trailed along the roof of her pussy and the smooth skin and warm, firm flesh of her thighs pressed against the sides of his neck.
Ellie struggled to comprehend how much better this felt than anything she'd imagined from reading or hearing about oral sex. The sensitivity and writhing flexibility of Eric's thick long tongue as it worked through, and around, her pussy was unlike anything she'd ever been able to do for herself, let alone anything another man had ever done for her. As Eric had added the reach of his finger she'd felt like a fairy tale princess, whose body was being pleasured by a whole host of enchanted beings.
When Eric added a second finger, and began sliding them in and out, as his tongue danced around the upper folds of her pussy, she couldn't restrain the rising waves of pleasure that lifted her up onto a crest of tingling light. She held there, suspended in a frozen moment of ecstasy, that lingered there impossibly, before finally flinging her into a maelstrom of shuddering bliss as her body rode each grinding spasm of pleasure. Her hips rode Eric's fingers and tongue until she could no longer bear his touch, pushing him firmly away, restraining his mouth by her fingers, locked tightly in his hair, as her head slowly rocked from side to side and her chin reached for the ceiling above her.
When Ellie collapsed back onto her bed, quivering and panting, Eric slowly slid up alongside her and watched every inch of her petite frame, and luscious curves, writhing in the pleasure that would not easily leave her body. He marveled at how beautiful her swollen tits and puffy nipples were, the smooth swell of her strong little thighs and the hypnotic lines of her hips, stomach and pussy as they converged into that valley of mystery and pleasure that she had now allowed him to enter.
As Eric looked up to meet her eyes, he found Ellie staring at him like she'd never seen him, or any man for that matter, ever before. She lifted herself up on one elbow and leaned in to kiss him hungrily, not caring that his lips were covered with her own smell, and taste. Backing up on her knees she pulled her pillows from beneath him and propped them against her headboard, guiding him to sit up, reclining against them. She kissed him one more time before crawling backward to kneel between his legs.
Ellie wrapped her hand around the shaft of Eric's cock and lifted it from against his stomach to stand like an obelisk of manhood towering over his rippling stomach and his powerful thighs. Making sure Eric was watching, Ellie took the fleshy plum of his cockhead into her mouth and sucked it lovingly as her dangling boobs hung and wobbled deliciously just under where her pink lips were wrapped around the crown of his thick, meaty dick. Sucking all the way to the tip, Ellie opened her eyes and felt a surge of tingling go through her as her eyes locked onto Eric's.
Even after surprising him in the dark of the den the night before, Eric had a hard time believing that Ellie would willingly take his dick into her mouth, but here she was, doing it in full view and even looking up into his eyes as she did. He couldn't believe the sensation of having her lips and tongue caress the most sensitive part of his dick in the warmth and wetness of her mouth, but he was equally turned on by the idea that here was his older sister Ellie, the cutest girl in school with his dick in her mouth! Rather than being disgusted and ashamed to take his thick, vein-rippled cock in her mouth, here she was giving him a show and making sure he saw every second of her doing it!
Eric could feel his dick twitching of its own accord and he was sure that he must be producing precum with each pulse. He kept waiting for Ellie to make a face and spit it out once she realized that he was leaking it into her mouth, but she simply sucked more lovingly on the swollen head of his dick as each moment passed.
"Oh Ellie," he moaned softly. "That's so incredibly sweet…" He reached out to stroke her hair, hoping that touching her would somehow convince his that this wasn't just a dream. "Oh that's so good….you're sucking it so good…mmmm…mmm."
Ellie could taste the slippery precum as she made love to the head of her brother's dick with her mouth. As ashamed as she would have been to have a guy watch her sucking his dick before, she found herself wanting Eric to see every moment of her surrender to being his dicksucker. She wanted to give him even a tiny fraction of the pleasure that he had given to her and she would sacrifice every bit of her pride in order to do so.
Sliding her mouth further down onto his dick, she could feel her lips rubbing over the soft ridges of his head as she returned to the tip. Eric's dick was thicker and longer than any that she had sucked before, but she was determined to give him the most amazing blowjob she could. Taking a deep breath, she stood a little higher on her hands and knees in order to get a better angle and plunge her mouth down over his cock, as far as she could, in order to get as much of it as she could into her mouth. She fought the urge to gag as she felt it tickle the top of her throat, but held it for a moment in order to give him the opportunity to enjoy the sensation of having his dick fill her mouth. She sucked it all the way back to the tip and looked up to see his reaction.
Eric was entranced by the sight of Ellie bobbing up and down on his dick, feeling her warm wet mouth sweetly sucking and coaxing his achingly hard dick toward orgasm. When she had taken as much of his dick as she possibly could into his mouth, he was in awe to see this beautiful girl so willing to push herself to get every bit that she could into her cock-stuffed mouth. As many times as he had jerked off to pictures and videos of women giving head, he had no idea that it could feel even better than he imagined now that it was his dick being sucked, The fact that it was Ellie who was sucking it made it that much more intense.
When Ellie opened her eyes to look up at him, his dick shiny from her mouth and a thin strand of saliva connecting the tip of his dick with her swollen pink lower lip, it was the most incredible thing Eric had ever seen. She looked so beautiful like that, naked and vulnerable, kneeling between his legs after gorging herself on every inch of his dick that she could fit in her mouth. Her big blue eyes looked up into his and it was like time froze as Ellie drunk in the look of awe and admiration that her brother was unable to conceal, written all over his face. She gave him a sweet smile and felt herself blush to have him openly stare at her sucking his dick before she plunged his cock back into her mouth.
Ellie brought up her hand and began to stroke the shaft of his cock as her mouth continued to suck up and down on the top few inches, working with her hand in a seamless motion. She milked his cock with her hand and mouth, creating an additional pinching sensation with her fingers and lips as she reached the very tip each time. She varied the pressure of her hand and mouth as she bobbed up and down on his pulsating cock and felt his body tense up as he got closer to cumming. She could hear his breath coming in uneven stops and starts as the intensity of sensation caused him to gasp and hold his breath.
When his body went fully tense, Ellie eased up toward the tip and prepared herself for what was to come. She had asked the few guys whose dicks she'd sucked to warn her if they were going to cum, but Eric was the one guy she didn't need to warn her. She could tell he was getting close. She felt Eric grab her shoulder, but it was already too late.
Eric had been so caught up in how incredible it felt, and how surreal it seemed to have Ellie sucking his dick, that he was only able to reach out in the last seconds to warn her that he was about to cum. As his body tensed up, he grabbed for her shoulder and whispered her name urgently, but it was already too late.
Ellie shut her eyes tight as the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it with a determination that she didn't care how disgusting it tasted or slimy it felt going down. As the second load filled her mouth she swallowed again, but realized, even as the cum slid down her throat, that it wasn't nearly as awful as she always imagined it would be. As the next pulse of his dick delivered a smaller load, she swallowed it easily and continued taking the diminishing squirts of his next few loads and swallowed each one as it came out, now fully sucking at the tip as only a small amount was oozing out and his cock had stopped twitching.
Eric's mouth froze in a shocked expression as he released his first load of cum into Ellie's mouth expecting her to pull back sputtering and choking on the thick nasty mouthful, but as load after load shot into her mouth, she simply kept her mouth locked over the head of his dick and took each one, sucking the last few from the tip of his dick before he could pull it away as it became too sensitive to touch. He slid up against the headboard, his chest heaving as his breath came in ragged gasps and he watched Ellie wipe across her lips with the back of her hand as she rose up from between his legs, and sat back on her heels.
Ellie wasn't sure if she'd feel the urge to gag or spit, as she swallowed the last of Eric's cum and tasted it in her mouth. But as she waited for a reaction, she realized that it really wasn't that bad, aside from the slimy texture, and she felt a sense of pride that she'd been able to go through it for him. Even if she ended up hating it after it was over, she had committed herself to doing it, at least once, for Eric, even if she never did it for another man again.
Still, she had no idea how he'd react after she had, and she couldn't help feel a little apprehensive, as she finally looked up to meet his eyes. She prepared for the worst as their eyes met, but she was completely unprepared for the look of concern on his face when they did.
"Ellie, I'm so sorry," he pleaded. "I tried to warn you…but it was too late." His eyes searched hers.
She smiled and shook her head in disbelief. "Eric, I knew it was coming," she rolled her eyes, embarrassed at the pun. "I mean, I could tell it was about to happen."
"You did?" he seemed confused.
"Yeah…" she was now getting really worried what he would think. "I wanted to swallow it….for you…so you would know…you know…what it felt like."
His face fell, in utter disbelief, and he leaned forward to scoop her up in his arms, kissing her neck, her chin and finally her mouth. She tried to stop him, but never expected that he would try to kiss her, let alone plunge his tongue into her mouth like that. She felt a hot flash of anxiety and embarrassment, but as he lowered her to the bed, encircled in his strong arms, every thought she had melted away in the deep water that his kiss pulled her into.
When he finally pulled his face away from hers, he could only whisper, "I can't believe you did that for me. That's…that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, Ellie. I never would have believed that a girl like you would even, you know…," he blushed. "suck it like that."
"I'm not the biggest fan of doing that, but…it's…different with you," she blushed and smiled herself, looking down at his chest. "I want to make you happy…like…like you make me, I guess." She looked up at his eyes. "You're the first guy that I ever let cum in my mouth like that. Let alone swallow." She rolled her eyes and blushed again. "I just wanted it to be special. So you'd remember it."
"Ellie, I will never forget that as long as I live." He kissed her again.
"Are you sure you want to be kissing me…you know…after I…" Ellie winced.
"I don't care," he looked at her in amazement. "There's nothing about you that would ever make me want to stop kissing you." He planted another small kiss on her lips. "No part of you that I would ever be ashamed to kiss." He kissed the side of her neck. "I love every single inch of your body and I will kiss every single one of them, every chance I get, if you'll let me." He shifted his weight to suck briefly one of her pink puffy nipples before kissing it lovingly. "Can't you tell that I adore everything about you?"
He looked into her eyes and she knew it was true.
They laid naked together until well past midnight, hands touching and stroking each other's bodies in amazement, whispering, smiling, kissing, blushing and teasing as they walked the fields of this undiscovered country that they had only crossed over into during the last few days.
When Eric finally picked up his clothes and crept back into his own room, Ellie slowly put her shirt and panties back on, grabbed her phone, put in her earbuds and played a song as she laid back down in her bed. She whispered "adore' softly to the ceiling as the opening notes of Paramore's "The Only Exception" began playing.

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