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tagIncest/TabooLockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 13

Eric was dying to peek in on Ellie the next morning, and maybe sneak in for a minute right after he woke up, but he knew that he would need time with Cassie to set up for Spring Break and didn't want to risk waking her up before they did.
After quietly going through his morning routine in the bathroom, Eric headed downstairs to find Cassie drinking tea and reading email at the kitchen table. She looked up nervously when he walked into the kitchen, but seemed relieved when he smiled and wished her, "Good morning, Cassie," just like any other day.
Eric dug into a bowl of cereal and asked Cassie, "Will you be ready to go set up the beach after I'm done eating?"
"Yeah, that would be great," Cassie quickly replied. "I almost forgot that we were doing that today," she nodded absentmindedly.
"Would it be okay if we start doing the 'Cali' thing as soon as we walk Ellie into Spring Break?" Eric watched her expression closely to gauge her reaction.
"Sure…sure," her eyes met his for a moment before looking down at the table.
"Whatever you want.'
"I just figured that would give you time to get whatever else you needed done," Eric added helpfully. "So then you could just be Cali the rest of the time and not worry about anything else…if that works for you."
"No, no…that's perfect, actually," Cassie nodded.
"Great," Eric let out a small release of breath. "Because I really need Cassie's help in setting up Spring Break and making it awesome for Ellie and Cali." He smiled.
"Well, I hope you're going to enjoy it too," Cassie looked at him quizzically.
"I am," Eric nodded. "But I really wanted to make it more about those two."
"Are you sure?" Cassie looked at him earnestly. "I just feel like you put so much work into these things and only look out for what we want all the time."
"I know, but it ends up being awesome doesn't it?" He smiled. "I think it's going to be great. I guess the thing I just want most is for Cali to be a good sport and make sure that Ellie has an amazing time."
"I can totally do that", she smiled. Cassie shut down her laptop and went up to her room to get dressed to go outside while Eric finished eating. She had been second guessing herself since she woke up and kind of dreading facing Eric this morning, but he was doing such a good job of making it easy for her. He had been the same sweet, caring Eric he always was at breakfast, at the same time she knew that he was planning for her to have some quality 'Cali' time at Spring Break later that day.
Cassie found she was happy and excited as she got dressed. Her anxiety about the effect that her arrangement would have on Eric's relationship with her had disappeared, at the same time that her anticipation about letting loose at Spring Break was building. She was a little nervous about the unknown element of what was coming, but she took some comfort from the fact that Ellie would be with her the whole time she was being 'Cali' and that it would mean that things couldn't get too wild. It felt like the perfect balance for the first day of their new arrangement and she felt almost giddy with anticipation.
Once they'd decorated the beach, Cassie and Eric headed back to the house for lunch and a quick shower before Spring Break started. There was no sign of Ellie as they fixed lunch and Cassie suggested that she go wake Ellie up while Eric fixed her something to eat and then they could both get ready.
Eric was almost finished with his shower when he saw the light in the bathroom change as the door to Ellie's room opened. Moments later, her face popped in from behind the shower curtain at the far end, taking a flirty look at his wet, naked body as he turned toward her.
"So that's what it looks like when it isn't hard," she whispered through a smile.
"Good morning, beautiful," Eric smiled. He took a step toward her and leaned over carefully to kiss her without dripping water on her.
"So what's the big mystery?" She asked conspiratorially. "I'm supposed to get dressed to go to the beach, but Cassie won't tell me what's going on."
"And neither will I," he teased. "It's a surprise. For you."
"Really?" she couldn't repress the look of delight on her face. "Is it better than the surprise you gave me last night?" Her face got a little flushed at the memory and the wide smile never left her face.
"No hints," Eric chided her playfully. "Just promise me one thing."
"Anything," she whispered enthusiastically, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously.
"I think Cassie is going to try out being 'Cali' today and I'm curious to see if she is just all talk or really trying to loosen up a bit. So just go along with whatever I do, like it's no big deal, okay?"
"Of course!" Ellie beamed. "Whatever you want." She blew him a kiss and ducked back out, before quickly sticking her head back in. "By the way," she fought an embarrassed smile. "You have the cutest butt!"
"So do you!" He whispered back. "Now get out of here. I've got work to do."
Cassie waited for Ellie to shower and get dressed while Eric went ahead to turn everything on and get ready for them to show up. Cassie had blindfolded Ellie just outside the flap and when she stepped though, Eric turned on the old boom box he'd had in his room and pulsing beat of electronic dance music filled the small space as he blew the whistle hanging around his neck and Cassie pulled off the blindfold covering Ellie's eyes. Eric had gotten dressed up in a loud Hawaiian shirt, a wide brim straw beach hat, some novelty wayfarer sunglasses from an old Halloween costume and had applied white sunscreen to his nose. He was holding a clipboard and looked like a slightly goofy, but hot, lifeguard.
"Welcome to Spring Break 20-20!" Eris boomed in his best impersonation of a TV Wrestling announcer, extending each word comically long while holding the plastic microphone from a video game they hadn't played in years. "We're down to the last day of the "Queen of Spring Break" Contest and I'd like to welcome back our two gorgeous contestants, Ellie and Cali, for the final day of competition! One of these two lucky ladies will be crowned the "Queen of Spring Break 2020" before the day is through. So get ready for a wild day on the beach as our competition heats up in just a few minutes"
Eric set down his microphone and clipboard on the makeshift 'bar' they'd created below the homemade banner announcing "Spring Break 2020" that was hanging from the PVC frame of the roof.
"So what do you think?," he walked over to where, Cassie and Ellie were getting stripped down to their bikinis.
"It's amazing you guys!" Ellie stopped getting undressed to hug Eric and then Cassie before undoing and stepping out of her jeans. "I can't believe you guys remembered! It's like all my wishes are coming true!" She looked at Eric quickly at the end of the sentence.
Eric took his pipe and lighter from on top of the bar and handed it to Ellie as Cassie folded up their clothes and placed them on the sand behind the bar. Ellie and Eric had already had a turn by the time Cassie stepped over and accepted the pipe. Eric handed each of them a red plastic cup with the 'Berry Popper' concoction and they took a drink to celebrate the start of Spring Break.
"So you guys ready to do this?" Eric held up his clipboard and microphone. They both nodded enthusiastically.
"Okay everybody, I want you to join me at Center Beach for our fabulous Limbo competition!" He walked over to where he had rigged up a couple of PVC poles pushed down into the ground with a third for a cross bar, held onto the others with couple of rubber bands. "Remember, first one to touch the bar, or fall down trying, loses!"
They each went through the first pass fairly easily and Eric slid the bar down a few inches for the next round. Cassie did her best, but with the height disadvantage, and Ellie's flexibility from gymnastics, it was over pretty quickly as Cassie bumped the bar on the fourth round while Ellie cleared it with inches to spare.
"So Ellie wins our first competition, which means it's Cali's turn to face the consequences!" Eric turned to the bar and handed Cassie a shot of berry drink in a plastic cup as he also handed Ellie one of a pair of ping pong paddles, while he kept the other.
"So Cali's got to take her medicine and a take the walk of shame down our paddle line everybody!" Cassie''s eyes went wide as she took the shot and Eric and Ellie stood side by side for her to walk past as each of them was allowed to smack her butt playfully with their paddle.
While it only lightly stung as each paddle smacked her butt, Cassie felt a thrill as she received each one, tingling with excitement as she felt the paddle make contact with her ass, delivered by the hands of her brother and sister. They all laughed and giggled as they put the paddles back on the bar and prepared for the next event.
"Okay folks, it's that magical time when we see which of these contestants sucks, who spits and who swallows!" Eric announced with gusto. "Let's line up at the bar ladies and remember, you're not allowed to use your hands at any point!"
Cassie and Ellie shot a quick glance at each other and stepped nervously to the bar, Ellie wondering for the first time how far Eric would go to push Cassie's limits as 'Cali'. While Cassie calmed herself by remembering that she didn't have to do anything as 'Cali' that Ellie wouldn't.
Eric pulled out four cups and handed each of the girls a drinking straw. "Okay ladies, this competition is called, "Over the Line" as you need to use the straw to suck water from the first cup and transfer it to the second cup." The girls looked down to see a line had been drawn in black marker around the inside of the empty cups about halfway up the side. "First one to get the water level in the second cup over the line wins."
They both took the straws, bent down over the full cups and when Eric blew his whistle, they each began sucking mouthfuls of water from the first cup and spitting them back out into the second. Cassie quickly realized she could hold the straw in her teeth and allow the water to be released into the second cup more quickly than blowing in through the straw as they had initially been doing. Ellie realized what Cassie was doing after the first few times, but the advantage Cassie had gained was too much and Ellie was unable to catch up before Cassie filled her cup, "Over The Line" first.
Cassie jumped up and down in celebration as Ellie playfully pouted and vowed revenge, but dutifully took her shot penalty and defiantly wiggled her bubble butt as she received a paddling from each of them. Eric was already turned on from watching the girls compete, but the paddling idea, that he had added just this morning, was quickly becoming his favorite part.
As they lined up under the banner to hear the next competition announced, Ellie looked at Cassie with a competitive squint, smiling and vowing, "You're goin' down!"
"Okay everyone, it's time for that classic feat of strength, agility and aggression known as 'Top Wrestling'! Let's head over to the pool for the match." They all walked over to the water where Eric instructed them to stand in the knee deep water and explained. "The rules are simple ladies. First one to remove the other one's bikini top completely off wins the match. However," he added sternly, "if you tear or damage the other competitors top in any way, or injure the other contestant, you will be disqualified and the other contestant will win." He looked back and forth at each of them to acknowledge that they understood the rules before bringing the whistle to his lips.
While Ellie was clearly the more athletic of the two, surging toward Cassie as soon as the whistle blew, the longer reach of Cassie's arms more than made the match even as they circled for position and pulled at each other's tops. Eric had wished that he had stipulated that the competition had to be filmed, as his heart thumped in his chest, watching them grabbing at each other's tops, trying to dislodge each other's tits, while drunkenly giggling and trying not to slip on the plastic liner of the bottom of the pool. A good amount of sand had accumulated on the bottom with use, giving them a little traction, but stepping too quickly was still liable to cause them to slip.
After a couple of drinks and her win in the last round, Cassie had begun to fully embrace the role of Cali and found it fun to have to compete like a sexy gladiator for Eric where the real Cassie would have been mortified to participate in something like this. There was no way for Ellie to know that Eric already had an ability to see her fully topless whenever she wanted and that if Ellie was counting on Cassie's natural embarrassment to keep her tits from being exposed, then it gave her a hidden advantage. As weird as it felt, she also desperately wanted to expose Ellie's big bouncing tits for Eric, perhaps to make up for the fact that she had already been forced to expose herself, but also because she thought it might please Eric to see Ellie topless again too.
Ellie did think that Cassie's sense of propriety would make up for her advantage in physical reach as her plan was to try and expose Cassie's tits by dislodging them from her top and then gain the upper hand while Cassie tried to cover her tits and fix her top. For her part, Ellie didn't care if her own tits fell out along the way, as Eric had seen them plenty already. She liked to have Eric look at her boobs, so having them hanging out while he watched them wrestle wouldn't be a disadvantage to her.
Ellie ducked in under Callie's reach and wrapped her up around her waist, sending them both tipping over into the water. Ellie reached up as the tumbled and pulled Cassie's top up toward her chin to make her tits come loose as they fell. Cassie landed on her back, but quickly rolled over to get a hold of the back strap of Ellie's top. Cassie held on as Ellie squirmed around, until she had caused the clasp on Ellie's top to open.
Ellie felt her top come loose and knew her tits were jiggling around while her top was dangling, held in place by her one hand against her chest as she tried to get around to the strings on Cassie's top. Ellie was sure Cassie would now be distracted trying to get her boobs covered. As Ellie stood up though, Cassie had both hands free, seemingly oblivious to her firm tits and flushed pink nipples being exposed by her dislodged top, and before Ellie knew it, Cassie had snatched Ellie's loose top out of her hand and was holding it aloft as a prize, even as she jumped around and tried to get her own boobs back in her top.
Ellie was shocked and looked over at Eric who was watching the scene with delight. Ellie stood there, topless in the bright lights, and he had gotten a good look at Cassie's tits jiggling freely about, both during, and just after, the match. Ellie looked up ruefully at Cassie dancing, but giggled herself when Cassie playfully lifted her top out of her reach when Ellie tried to grab it. Cassie made Ellie jump up and down a few times, before Ellie finally pulled Cassie's top up again, causing her to bring her hands down to cover herself. The girls stood giggling in the water as they fixed their tops, and covered their tits, before Ellie came out to drink her shot and provocatively accept her paddling. As Cassie paused to towel off her face and hair for a moment, Ellie playfully reached out to squeeze the head of Eric's obviously hard dick through his trunks.
"Enjoying the show?" she asked saucily as Eric nodded with a huge smile.
Cassie smoothed her hair back with her fingers and smiled to herself as she reveled in how her new sense of liberation had allowed her to beat Ellie. She found herself enjoying the competition, and worked up, knowing that Eric was controlling each of these events, in order to give her an opportunity to get a little wild, at the same time he was fulfilling Ellie's wish. It was clever of him to include the paddling and even watching Ellie get paddled had excited her as she imagined that she looked just as submissive in accepting her own penalty. Between the drinks and the weed, she felt buzzed, happy and turned on as she waited for Eric to start the next event.
"As always, no Spring Break would be complete without the annual "Wet T Shirt Contest"!" Eric announced. "If each of the contestants would come forward to accept their shirts…" Eric held up two plain white t shirts that he had brought out from behind the bar and handed one to each of them. Ellie pulled her t shirt on and then reached up to undo her top underneath to pull it out from under the shirt and set it on the bar.
Seeing Ellie do it first, Cassie followed suit, undoing the ties on her bikini and slipping it out under her shirt. As the loser of the last event, Ellie had to go first as Eric took a pitcher of water from the lagoon and poured it over Ellie's shirt, soaking it and making it nearly see through as it clung to her bare boobs underneath. Eric announced her first round would be for thirty seconds and switched the music to a slow grinding club song.
Ellie began dancing and putting on a show, her tits clearly visible beneath the thin, wet fabric of the t shirt, her puffy areolas and hard nipples defined by the way it clung to her skin. Ellie rocked her hips and moved her butt in a lasciviously delicious grind to the trance-like beat of the music. Even Cassie was transfixed by Ellie's sensuous curves and the undulating rhythm that she could mirror perfectly with her body, as she made the effect of the already sexy song even more heightened by how she moved.
It was Cassie's turn and as the warm water was poured down her shirt, she knew that the darker pink of her own nipples would be even more visible than Ellie's were now, that her shirt was wet too. As Eric restarted the music, Cassie did her best to imitate Ellie's dance moves and even without Ellie's years of dance training, did an admirable job of making the most of her own long body and perfect ass as she slithered in time with the music and tried to let herself go to the effect of the alcohol, the music and the fact that she knew she was dancing as 'Cali' for Eric's pleasure, with little actual chance of winning.
As they moved to the final round, Ellie declined the option of taking another dousing of water on her shirt from Eric, but as soon as the music started, she turned her back to Eric and Cassie to seductively peel the wet t shirt up off of her body and fling it onto the sand. Turning around she held her hands over her breasts and danced seductively for a moment before pulling her hands away and allowing her tits to show freely as she made the most of her ability to grind and jiggle to the music for maximum effect. Turning away from them, she ran her hand up along the edges of her bikini bottom, lifting the fabric to expose her full, smooth butt, as if she were wearing a thong, before using the slow grinding beat of the chorus to maximum effect as her now bare ass rocked and twirled in slow seductive patterns, until the thirty seconds was up.
Ellie turned around, crossed her arms across her voluptuous tits, cocked her hip and raised her eyebrow with a devilish grin to taunt Cassie before her turn. If Eric could have pictured a busty tinkerbell, topless in a red bikini bottom, he imagined she'd look just like Ellie did now.
Setting her chin and squinting at Ellie, Cassie also refused the option to get another pitcher of water and as the music started, she also turned to give them a slow strip of the wet t shirt coming up over the length of her long topless back. Without the full complement of Ellie's dance moves, Cassie added some teasing elements of looking back over her shoulder, and naughtily covering her mouth like a vintage pin up girl, before turning around to dance with her hands over her bare breasts. Using her hands to create a series of 'peek a boo' moments where her tits were visible for only a second at a time, mixed in with winking, mock-scolding at Eric's and Ellie's naughtiness for looking at her topless, and a final demure flush of embarrassment as she fully revealed her tits, Cassie made the most of her more reserved nature to tease out as much effect as she could from stripping to her bottoms in front of Eric.

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