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tagIncest/TabooLockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 17

It was Eric's turn to clean up after dinner and the girls wasted no time in scurrying upstairs as soon as they finished eating. Eric scraped dishes and loaded the dishwasher, wondering if things were okay between him and Ellie. He had slipped into their shared bathroom after they got back from skiing to find Ellie undressing, but instead of being eager take advantage of the few minutes they could be alone before dinner, Ellie had wrinkled her nose and kept him at arms distance.
"Oh, baby, I stink right now." Ellie made a face. "And honestly…you do too. Let me take a shower and then I promised Cassie I would go help her with dinner." Her eyes softened as she saw his smile drop. "I'll make it up to you later," she leaned in to kiss him lightly with the tips of her lips. "Promise." She smiled. "Now out!" She pushed him playfully out the door to his bedroom before she peeled off the rest of her clothes.
Handwashing the stainless steel sauté and frying pans, he wondered if the newfound closeness between his sisters also included comparing notes about their recent extracurricular activities with their brother. He couldn't see Cassie volunteering that she had allowed Eric to take her picture topless, let alone with his dick in her mouth, but Ellie seemed so unpredictable at times that he fought a brief wave of anxiety thinking that she might have told Cassie everything that was going on between the two of them. He worked through his memories of how the day had gone between the three of them and didn't recall any indication that either of them was angry or upset with him, but something had changed in the dynamic and it troubled him that he just couldn't be sure exactly what it was.
As much as he had been eager to get some alone time with Ellie, the fact that the girls were doing something upstairs did mean that he could squeeze in some time gaming in the den before bed time. He hadn't set an exact time to meet up with Lisa, but had told her he would try to get online at some point that night to keep working on the fortress they had taken. Wiping down the counters and running the garbage disposal, Eric took one last look around the kitchen before deciding it was in pretty good shape. He took the garbage out and washed up before heading to the den to log into his gaming console.
Eric spawned in the hidden passage where he and Lisa had exited the game last night after securing the fortress. Lisa didn't look like she was online, but he sent her an invite and a location marker so she would know he was as he debated whether he should enter the fortress without her. The three players they'd killed would have been sent back to their original spawn point and would have lost everything on their person when they did. Most players kept a minimal cache of weapons, armor and gold at their spawn point for just such an occasion, but they would have lost half of their status to Eric when they died. Along with the status went a significant amount of strength, speed, ability to deliver and withstand damage and a corresponding drop in effectiveness of all of the unique skills that their chosen character types had or could acquire through the game at certain levels. Just as Eric had more than doubled his own status and unlocked a whole host of strength, upgrades and abilities when he killed them and took their life energy.
If the three had managed to return and get through the defenses and traps designed to prevent them from getting back in, they would each be significantly weaker and probably less well-equipped than they had been when Eric had ambushed each of them from behind. Still, if they had a secret entrance like the one Lisa had built that he and Lisa had been unable to discover, they could be waiting to ambush him somewhere in the fortress, they would have the element of surprise in their favor this time and it would be three on one. As much confidence as Eric had in his new weapons, armor and abilities, he wasn't sure he could hold off three attackers at once, particularly if one of them was behind him. His character was built for speed, stealth attacks and killing from a distance. Fighting in the open, particularly in an enclosed area with little cover, like a small room, or a hallway, was risky at best. Trying it against multiple opponents, while there was a chance that one of them could flank or ambush him to deliver damage from behind, was nothing short of suicidal.
Eric was just debating about whether he should follow the tunnel back to Lisa's hidden fortress to spend some time there or make a stealthy run through the new fortress, when he heard a heavy bass beat begin to pump steadily from the other side of the house. Pausing the game, he got up to walk down the hall, through the kitchen and out to the living room to investigate.
The lights were out in the hallway and kitchen and no one was in the living room, but much of the furniture had pushed back to clear additional space from the center of the room. The music was much louder once he'd entered the living room, with the EQ settings on the stereo turned up to give a visceral thump to the heavy bass beat. The lights in the living room had been dimmed and the armchair and a side table had been moved into the newly enlarged space, facing toward the kitchen. Some table lamps, including a couple of old lava lamps from Ellie's room had been added around the room to create a warm, intimate glow. One the side table, by the arm chair, Eric saw his pipe, lighter and a drink laid out. Taped to the cushion of the armchair was a note:
"Strip down to your undies, have a seat, a drink and a smoke. The show's about to begin."
The note was unsigned, but had two imprints in lipstick. Eric shrugged and took off his shoes, pants, socks and shirt to have a seat in his boxer shorts. He smoked from the pipe and took a drink to ease the tickle from the smoke in his throat. The song reached the end and heavy bass line faded away even as Eric began to feel the effect of the weed.
The next song began with a simple, mysterious riff that took a moment for Eric to place. When he heard Iggy Azalea's voice cut in and begin to rap about first things, a smile washed over his face as Ellie came strutting into the room wearing a plaid schoolgirl outfit like the one in the music video. Ellie had done her best to straighten and style her hair to match the look of the video, and while her cute bubble butt and strong, smooth thighs certainly filled out the area of the outfit between the short pleated skirt and the high white socks, her boobs pushing up out of deep 'v' of the soft yellow sweater put the girl in the video to shame.
Ellie danced up to the space in front of Eric and proceeded to bounce, writhe and grind in perfect time to the beat and lyrics, making an effort to emphasize the movement of her hips and bend seductively to reveal a hint of a white thong and the luscious fullness of her bare ass cheeks that the short skit were barely able to cover as she moved. As the song progressed, Ellie let the plaid jacket slide off of her body and made a display of slowly lowering the matching skirt while facing away from Eric as her hips kept a steady pulsing roll and pop with each beat and her perfectly full, smooth ass was slowly revealed as she did. Bending to lower the skirt all the way to the ground, Eric was treated to the sight of her perfect little mound, almost dayglow white in the purple-blue light of the lava lamp as the thin strip of her thong drew a wonderful line down the middle of her ass, now on full display for him.
Eric was already hard and his cock was standing up under his boxers as he reclined in the arm chair. His eyes traveled over the firm, smooth curves of Ellie's ass and down into the swollen mound squeezed into the white stretch fabric between her legs to catch the glint in her eye, as their eyes met over the tent his hard dick made in the thin fabric of his underwear and under the swollen lips of her throbbing pussy in her thong. Ellie held the lascivious pose, watching Eric's face as her offered hips, ass and pussy punctuated each beat and grind of the music.
When Ellie stood, it was to turn and go through a saucy unbuttoning of her soft yellow sweater and revealing the lacy white bra that was pushing up her magnificent boobs into such luscious cleavage the whole time. There was something about the high thin straps and narrow triangle of her g-string that accentuated the curve of Ellie's hips and strong flat stomach in a way that Eric couldn't stop staring at as she body rocked in the thumping grind of the music. He couldn't help picture his hands grabbing her hips and his desire to spread her legs and thrust his achingly hard cock up in between her legs. As much as he already loved every inch of her body, seeing Ellie dance for him like this made him feel like he was seeing her again for the very first time.
Ellie turned slowly to peek over her shoulder as her hands traveled up to the clasp of her bra. She gave Eric a wink and a lascivious grin before batting her eyelashes and releasing the straps. He watched her back become bared as only the thin white lines of her g-string, glowing in the dim light, kept her from being completely naked from behind. Eric could see her pull the bra away from her body to be replaced with her cupped hands before she playfully turned around to grin at Eric's wide eyed admiration as he anticipated the reveal of her big bouncy tits, barely able to be contained in her small hands.
Eric took a drink as his mouth had gone dry watching the show Ellie was putting on for him. Part of him was dying to reach up and pull her hands away to see her tits immediately, while the other part of him couldn't get over how enticing it was to have her tease him with her hands covering her boobs like that. As much as he'd been able to see and touch her lately, he couldn't get enough of her body and it surprised him how much he wanted to see her in the moment, even as she denied him the ability to.
After she danced over to Eric and turned to leave her nearly naked ass twitching in front of him, perfectly matched to the beat of the song, her hands briefly left her breast to playfully smack his hand away from reaching up to touch the smooth skin of her ass cheek. Ellie stepped away and turned, her arm covering her boobs, which threatened to spill out over and beneath it as her other finger wagged naughtily at him. She backed away like that, her full firm thighs and the delicious triangle of white slithering to the beat of the song ending before she reached the darkened doorway and finally lifting her arms away from her bouncing boobs, blew him a flirtatious kiss before disappearing into the dark as the song ended.
Eric sat up in the chair and exhaled a jittery breath of arousal as a new song faded in from the stereo. A deep droning keyboard tone and an underlying rhythm track rose in volume that Eric immediately recognized as the opening to "Never Be The Same" by Camila Cabello. As the first few lines of the lyric began Eric's jaw nearly dropped as Cassie walked slowly out of the darkness wearing the black and yellow vinyl costume of Silk Spectre from "Watchmen".
Walking seductively, head tilted forward as she emerged out of the darkness, she was fully into the room before Eric realized that he must have stopped breathing at some point. He took a gulp of air and did his best to swallow through a mouth and throat that had gone completely dry. Eric never took his eyes off of Cassie as he reached for the glass on the table beside him and took a swallow.
Cassie had been trembling in the dark of the hallway off the kitchen as Ellie's song had ended and she was fighting the small voice that told her that she looked ridiculous in the vinyl costume with its garters and shiny long gloves and boot legs. She kept reminding herself of Ellie's instructions, delivered as they had worked out her routine for this song. As tough as it was to follow behind Ellie and her ability to move her body with such creativity and control to the music, Cassie did her best to reassure herself, just as Ellie had, that her part didn't require her to be able to dance like Ellie had.
As the music shifted, Cassie began to twirl slowly and insinuate her long body into the pleading lyric of the chorus, mirroring the longing and unsatisfied temptation in the song that Ellie insisted would be gripping Eric as he watched every guy's fantasy walk out in the flesh and begin dancing for him. She couldn't bring herself to look at his face, but as she rotated and rolled her head to make her long, shiny black hair drape around her face, neck and shoulders as Ellie had taught her, she couldn't resist a peek at the shape of his hard cock standing up beneath his underwear. Even though Eric couldn't see her blush in the dim light and the veil of her long, black hair, she felt warm and flush thinking about the moments that she had sucked lightly at that same dick while he had slept.
As the chorus swelled again, Cassie slowly unzipped the front of the black and yellow top to let it fall away from her body, revealing the black bikini top that she was wearing underneath. Slithering her long body through the undulations that Ellie had coached her through, she turned to bend forward from the waist as she edged the shiny hotpants down and let Eric see the bare cheeks of her ass revealed in the tiny black thong that she had been embarrassed to try on earlier, even in front of Ellie. She thought back to holding up the hand mirror in front of the long door mirror in her room as Ellie forced her to look at how beautiful her ass looked from behind. Eric couldn't see the nervous grimace she fought as the bottoms dropped free at her feet and she stepped out of them, hoping that Eric had meant every word when he had described her ass to Cali on the beach.
Eric could barely hear the music as the sound of his own heart pounded in his ears watching the sexiest possible version of his Silk Spectre fantasy come to life in front of him. The fact that he knew on some level that this was Cassie stripping for him only intensified his reaction as he felt his cock twitching and arching back toward his stomach as he was overwhelmed with excitement. The sight of Cassie's thighs filling out the tops of the long shiny legs of the boots and the tiny triangle of black fabric of the thong held in place by the thin strings rising up over her hips had him leaking precum into his boxers with every involuntary twitch of his dick.
Cassie's eyes finally met Eric's as she reached up to undo the strings of her bikini top. She watched his eyes travel up over the swell of her thighs, the narrow 'v' of fabric over her pussy and her long undulating torso with a look of awe that he couldn't conceal. Ellie was right. The effect of the costume and the lighting had mesmerized him and he looked fully caught up in the illusion of seeing the sexy character instead of his plain older sister. As much as she tried to resist and remain in character, she couldn't help smiling and looking away as Eric's eyes finally met hers. She turned slowly as Ellie had taught her before reaching out to visibly drop the bikini top from one hand to the ground beside her. She knew that Eric must be staring at her fully revealed ass cheeks, grinding back and forth to the sultry vocals of the song, as she felt it's yearning desire flow through her, reveling in the motion that Ellie had made her practice until she had been able to feel it connect to the music, just the way Ellie promised her it would.
As Cassie turned to walk slowly backward through the last part of the song, she did her best to maintain the look that Ellie had coached her through, her hands holding her full breasts in place and her hips giving the tiny twitch in time with each beat, while she fought the urge to panic that the heels of her shoes would get entangled in the clothes on the floor and cause her to trip before she could finish the song.
As she reached the semi-darkness of the doorway, Cassie lifted her hands slowly to reveal her tits, just as they'd rehearsed. Her hands ran languorously up the sides of her neck and cheeks before joining together with her arms fully extended above her head. Cassie pirouetted slowly and stepped into the darkness, behind the wall next to the doorway, just as the music ended. She smiled and let out a huge sigh of relief just before Ellie reached up to give her bare tit a reassuring squeeze from the darkness beside the doorway, as she waited for the next song to begin.
The crisp drum syncopation of the drum intro to Amy Winehouse' "You Know I'm No Good" filled the room as Ellie came strutting in the dark form-fitting bodysuit and the short red wig of a Black Widow costume that clung to her curves like it had been painted onto her. If Eric was still reeling from the memory of seeing Cassie as Silk Spectre, he was completely unprepared for how devastating an impression Ellie made in the Black Widow wig and costume. Her bouncy tits and the way her her full pouty lips and smooth cheeks were framed beneath the short auburn wig, along with the bewitching lines of her hips and waist made in the tight bodysuit, all made her look even sexier than the screen version that had captivated so many guys imagination since they'd first seen Scarlett Johansson play the part.
Rather than dance around seductively from a distance, Ellie came right up to where Eric sat and teasingly lowered the zipper on the front of the bodysuit to reveal her ample cleavage doing its best to spill out as she was clearly not wearing a bra underneath. Her hips moved sinuously to the urgent jazz backbeat and her eyes were locked dramatically onto Eric's as he licked at his dry lips and his eyes flickered back and forth between Ellie's own and the smooth, pale swell of her breasts as she slowly released them from the confines of the skin tight costume.
As her tits finally came free once the zipper reached the level of her belly button,
Ellie winked at Eric and spun on her heels to slowly lower her deliciously full bottom onto his lap. Using her hands to support her weight on the arms of the chair, she teasingly suspended her ass just over his hard cock and ground her bottom lightly over the underside of his hard dick in time to the music. As Eric's hands reached up from behind to squeeze her swollen tits, Ellie lowered her body even further and rocked her hips and butt back and forth to rub the underside of Eric's shaft and the tip of his hard dick across her pussy through the fabric of his boxers and the thin material of the costume she was wearing. As much as she tried to stay in character and orchestrate her teasing of him to the beat of the sultry music, feeling his hard twitching dick rubbing against her throbbing pussy lips forced a gasp of pleasure from her lips and an involuntary shudder from her body.
When he felt Ellie's pussy lips squish against his hard dick it was all Eric could do not to shoot a load of cum into his boxers he was so worked up with anticipation. Between the weed and the drink he had downed during the first few songs, he was fully caught up in the moment. If he had wished for a chance to go watch some random girls get topless, he could never have hoped for the chance to have his own private show with Ellie and Cassie masquerading as the sexiest characters he could imagine for his own private pleasure.
Thrusting her chin up in the air as Eric ground the underside of his dick up against the folds of her pussy through the fabric between them, Ellie stood and rotated around with a swivel and roll of her hips to the throbbing beat and Amy Winehouse' smoky voice. Bringing her knees up onto the chair, Ellie crawled forward to dangle her luscious boobs in Eric's face and let his hands and mouth run over them as he wished. Her pussy strained against the light stretchy fabric as she lowered her body onto the tip of his hard dick and she could feel the wetness of her on the fabric between them as she ground the tip of his cock into the folds of her pussy and felt her hard little clit press into the spongy head of his swollen dick.

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