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tagIncest/TabooLockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 19

Eric sat drinking coffee and staring out at the first change in light in the sky, barely contrasting with the silhouette of the hill, through the kitchen window. His mind kept flipping back and forth, between his desire to check his laptop and gaming console to see if Lisa had responded, to reliving the memories of the beach yesterday afternoon and his bedroom last night.
After dinner, Eric had gamed for a few hours. Throwing caution to the wind, he had entered the new fortress and swept through it room to room looking for any sign that anyone had been inside it since had helped Lisa modify its defenses. The only change he could see was a small pile of floating possessions outside of one of the walls where one of the booby traps he had placed with Lisa must have been triggered by someone looking for a place to make entry. Eric went outside the walls to pick up the items and life experience so the original owner couldn't retrieve them for themselves.
There was no way to tell if these possessions had belonged to one of the fort-builders or just some random player who had happened along. Eric kind of wished it had been one of the original owners, as the relatively low grade armor and weapons they'd lost might reflect the quality of what they had stored at their spawn points and mean that they would need a long time to upgrade to a point where they might become a serious threat again. He went back into the fortress and made some modifications as he waited to see if Lisa was going to log back in. When Lisa didn't show up after a couple of hours, Eric had logged out, feeling a sense of how empty the game now seemed without her.
Eric had checked his laptop one last time and then headed up to his room. He'd changed into his pajamas and flopped onto his bed, feeling drained and listless. He wasn't sure how long he'd laid like that, but he looked up when he heard his door to the bathroom open quietly. Ellie tiptoed through and flashed him a dazzling smile as she shut and locked both his bathroom and hall doors before tiptoeing over to his bed. She crawled up onto the covers and then laid atop Eric as he rolled over onto his back.
"Hey!" she whispered, smiling. "I was hoping you were still up."
"Yeah," Eric gave her a half-hearted smile. "I was just about to go to sleep."
"Still moping about you warrior-princess?" Ellie teased him.
"C'mon," Eric sighed. "I just want to know that everything's okay with her. You know?"
Ellie didn't like the way Eric kept looking away. As much as she could admit to herself that part of her just wanted to kick the little gamer-girl's ass because she was taking away Eric's attention, the thing that she really hated most was that this girl had messed with Eric's, and by extension, her own, happiness. She tried to think of something to say in the awkward silence that hung in the room.
"Well, hey," she rubbed her hand on his chest. "I know you're going to be kind of busy being King Eric tomorrow, so there was something I was kind of hoping to show you tonight." She watched Eric's face carefully. "But if you're not in the mood…" She grinned when his eyes locked into hers.
Eric couldn't fight the smile that was forming in response to her impishness. "Okay…what is it?" he asked, his growing smile belying his grudging tone.
"Just something every King should probably know how to do…" She cocked her head teasingly. "But if you're too busy moping…?" She raised her eyebrows.
Eric sat up. "Okay, okay!" he relented. "You got me. What is it?" His cock was stirring in his pajamas.
Ellie bounced up off the bed and started to strip. By the time Eric had gotten up and started taking off his clothes, Ellie had taken her place on her knees in the middle of the carpet. She took an elastic band from around her wrist and began wrapping it around her hair, forming a high, tight ponytail at the back of her head. Ellie looked up expectantly as Eric stepped in front of her, his cock now fully hard as he looked down at his curvy sister, naked, on her knees and smiling at him eagerly as her eyes flashed between his own eyes and the impressive length of his hard dick, now hovering just a few inches in front of her face.
"Okay," she blushed and her eyes couldn't hold his, no matter how much she had intended them to. "This is called mouth-fucking." She placed her hands on his hips, before looking up at him again. "You're gonna want to put your hands on the back of my head…" She grinned sheepishly before offering him her mouth.
Eric was lost in the memory of how incredibly good it felt to slide his cock in and out of Ellie's willing mouth and was rubbing his rigid dick absentmindedly through the soft flannel of his pajama pants when the soft ping from his laptop snapped his attention back into the present. Standing up, he stepped to the counter and saw the message window pop up once he had entered his password into the login screen.
"Hey," it read. "Can you call me when you get this? I really need to talk to you. Thanks, Lisa." A phone number was listed after her name and the message was time stamped a minute ago.
Eric pulled his cell phone from the charger cable on the counter and punched in the number from her message. She picked up the call almost immediately.
"Hello…?" Her voice sounded soft and tentative.
"Hi Lisa?…it's Eric." He said softly, mimicking her tone.
"Wow, I guess I didn't expect you to call this soon…," she sounded flustered.
"You said to call when I got your message and I figured you were up, so…," Eric rolled his eyes, thinking how lame he must sound.
"No, I'm glad you called. I couldn't sleep anyway…" He heard her breathing for a moment. "Look, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I…"
"No, Lisa, I'm sorry." Eric interrupted her. "I shouldn't have left you hanging like that all night."
Lisa was silent for a long moment. "You don't think it's weird that I waited all night for you?", she sounded so soft and vulnerable that Eric felt like he could see her hunched over her phone in the semi-darkness of her room.
"No, I get it," Eric assured her. "You were excited to work on the fortress like we planned and I messed it up." He shrugged even though she wasn't there to see it. "I just got so caught up, I forgot. I'm sorry."
"Eric," she sighed. "It's not about the fortress." He heard her take a deep breath. "I could have played for a while and logged out when you didn't show up. It shouldn't have been a big deal."
"Then I'm kind of lost," Eric admitted.
"I guess I was just disappointed because I wanted to spend time with you, that's all." She sounded so resigned. "I guess I should have been more up front with you."
"About what?" Eric hadn't expected the call to go this way.
"I've kind of been wanting to talk to you for a while," Lisa admitted. "Since before Thanksgiving." He heard her take a cleansing breath. "Sorry, this is hard for me."
"It's okay," Eric assured her, trying to understand.
"Eric, I don't usually like the handsome jock type, but I've kind of been thinking about you since school began."
"Lisa, I wrestled a little in high school, but I'm not a jock…" Eric tried to reassure her.
"Do you even own a mirror, Eric?" She sounded like she was getting frustrated. "Have you looked at the other guys in our program? You make them all look like Steve Rogers, but before they turn him into Captain America." She sighed. "Except for the fat guys. They just still look fat."
Eric smiled, thinking that was how Lisa saw him. "Yeah, but I'm not like that, Lisa…"
"Exactly," Lisa cut him off. "If you were like that, I guess…I wouldn't have cared," she explained. "But watching you during class and study group…you…weren't. You were smart, and funny, and…nice." She paused for a moment. "I kept hoping that at some point, we'd start going to classes in person and…I had some crazy idea that I could find a way to talk to you."
"I'm sorry, Lisa." Eric felt at a loss. "I didn't know any of that."
"I know that," Lisa sighed again. "How could you? When we all got sent home, I figured I never have the chance…but then when you started study group up again, I felt like…I don't know…it sounds so crazy saying it out loud."
"No it doesn't, Lisa. I just…didn't expect, it I guess?" He tried to think of anything that might make things less awkward.
"I know. I just don't know how to do any of this very well." Lisa exhaled. "I'm from the middle of nowhere and I've gone to school with, like, the same 10 guys since we were in kindergarten together and I just hoped…"
"That you'd get to college and finally have a chance to meet somebody?" Eric smiled.
"Exactly!" Lisa brightened. "Somebody who didn't remember my braces, my dorky glasses or the fact that I had never even kissed a guy, because everybody in this whole freaking town would have known if I had." She sighed. "I know somebody like you wouldn't understand that, but…"
"No, I understand completely," Eric told her about his home town. "I was thinking the same thing."
"Wow, you do get it." Lisa seemed amazed. "But…so that's why I freaked out and got so upset the other night. I just wanted to spend time with you and…kind of hoped…that maybe you liked me back a little?"
"Lisa, I like you a lot, but…" Eric tried to find anything to say that would make sense.
"But you're already seeing somebody, right?" She sounded resigned.
"I kinda am." Eric knew it was true as he said it. "It doesn't mean we can't still be friends and everything, but, it's complicated."
"Is it Samantha from Calc?" Lisa sounded curious. "It was pretty obvious that she has a thing for you."
"Weirdly enough, They're from right here in town." Eric laughed a little as he said it, even as he tried to remember who Samantha was. "I've kind of known them my whole life, but coming back, they just seemed…different."
"Well, she's a very lucky girl and I guess I can't blame her…or you." She sighed. "I should have said something weeks ago."
"So, we're good?" Eric sounded hopeful.
"Yeah," Lisa seemed relieved. "Have I made it so weird that we can't game together anymore?"
"Of course not," Eric laughed. "After seeing the way you built the hidden stream fortress, I'm kind of dying to see what your main fortress looks like."
Lisa laughed. "Eric, I really like you, but I'm not letting any guy get so much as a peek inside my main vault until they put a ring on it."
"Seriously!?! After taking down that fortress together and everything?" Eric tried to act offended, but the tone of his voice belied how much fun he was having, now that they were okay.
"Boy, that wasn't even first base," Lisa giggled. "You have no idea."
Eric laughed and they enjoyed some playful teasing for a few more minutes before they ended the call. They agreed to look for each other the next time they were in the game.
Eric looked up to see Cassie leaning in the doorway. "Was that Lisa?" She stepped into the kitchen and started making tea.
"Yeah," Eric sat back down at the table and took a sip of his now cold coffee.
"It sounded like things were okay when you ended the call," Cassie asked conversationally as she moved around the kitchen.
"Yeah, it's all good now," Eric grinned, watching his sister move around in her baggy flannel pajamas, while also knowing how amazing she looked, underneath those layers of clothing.
"So, are you guys a thing now?" Her voice lifted slightly as she finished the question.
"Actually, I told her that I was involved with someone," He shrugged. "That it was complicated."
Cassie turned to look at Eric for a moment, trying to read his face. "You really told her that?"
"Yeah," Eric looked right back at her. "I did."
"So how did she take it?" Cassie leaned back against the counter, waiting for the tea kettle to boil. She crossed her arms and tilted her head.
"I think she was okay with it," Eric shrugged. "We're still friends and if something happens later, who knows?"
"And in the meantime?" Cassie raised her eyebrows.
"I think I already have my hands full here," Eric gave her a small smile.
"And that's what you want?" Cassie seemed surprised. "Instead of a real girlfriend?"
"I think so…yeah." Eric nodded. "And speaking of what I want…isn't this 'King Eric' Day?"
Cassie gave him a wrinkled smile and tried not to blush. "Can we wait until after I have some tea?"
Eric picked up his phone and switched to the camera function. "Okay," He lifted his camera. "Show me your tits so I can get a good picture and then you can drink your tea." He smiled expectantly.
Cassie rolled her eyes, but smiled and reached for the bottom edge of her pajama top. "I am so going to regret this, aren't I?" She turned her face to the side as she lifted her top to reveal her bare boobs.
"You know you love it," Eric joked. "Now one more like that, but looking at the camera this time," he held his phone up again.
Cassie blushed and smiled, but she did as she was told. The white light of the flash blinked through the window and sent streaks of light stretching away over the blue shade of the early morning snow in the back yard. The sun hadn't quite yet cleared the hill behind their house.
They needed to go food shopping and with all the stores in their small town closing down for Christmas over the next few days, Eric & Cassie decided that they should go shopping that morning rather than having to risk driving to the next town over the next day, on Christmas Eve, when the trip would likely take almost an hour each way through what promised to be snowy conditions.
Eric had asked Cassie to go braless under her clothing for the trip to the market as only one of them would be allowed in the store at a time. Once the car had warmed up, Eric had Cassie take off her heavy coat and sweater, so that several times during the drive into town, he would have her unbutton her top to expose her boobs while she drove on the country roads. Cassie couldn't believe how much it excited her to do something like that, even though there was little traffic on the road and the high stance of SUV would allow her plenty of time to pull her shirt to cover herself if any traffic came the other way, at the same time it would shield her from view if anyone happened to see their vehicle drive past. Cassie turned her body slightly toward Eric in her seat so that he would have the best possible view of her topless and allowed him to take pictures of her driving like that. As mortified as it would have made her in reality, Cassie felt herself get wetter as she contemplated what it would be like to get caught by a stranger doing something like this as she drove down the road with her top open while Eric took her picture.
When Eric finished shopping and loaded the groceries into the back of their SUV, he asked Cassie if he could drive on the way home. The car was warmed up and Cassie didn't have her coat on so she simply slid over the center console to land in the passenger seat. Once they'd left the town limits and got back onto the rural roads in the unincorporated farmland on the way home, Eric pulled up his phone and switched the camera to video. Holding it up, he pointed it at Cassie and asked her to remove her shirt and lay it across her lap.
"It will be right there to cover yourself if a car comes the other way, but I want to film you taking off your top and riding topless," Eric's voice sounded husky and breathless as he tried to control the jittering in his hand, holding his phone up to record every expression on Cassie's face, as she stripped to the waist in their family SUV, while he drove down the road in broad daylight.
Glancing nervously up the road and into both the side and rear view mirrors, Cassie's eyes flashed nervously toward Eric's camera for a moment before she pulled the bottom of her shirt up from underneath her seat belt and began unbuttoning her top. Her fingers fumbled at the buttons and she couldn't believe how jittery she felt as she complied with Eric's request. Her lower stomach felt hollow and tingly, while her pussy throbbed in time with the heartbeat that thudded in her ears, as she pulled the shirt off her shoulder and then pulled the first arm through the sleeve. Looking ahead up the road and ready to grab her shirt back against her body at any sign of an oncoming car, Cassie pulled the second sleeve along her arm and her shirt was in her hand and then lying across her lap as they drove along the fence of a farm. She looked at the farmhouse of a family she knew in the snowy distance and wondered what they would think if they knew she was riding past their farm, completely topless in the front seat of her parents SUV, while her brother filmed her.
"Cassie?" Eric's eyes flashed over to the image recording on his phone as he tried to maintain focus on the road.
"Mmmhmm?" Cassie stared ahead at the road, ready to lift her shirt at any moment.
"You look beautiful like that," Eric's heart was racing fast and his hand trembled trying to hold the phone steady. Cassie blushed and glanced quickly at the phone and then Eric, her embarrassment and excitement clearly visible in her movement and expression.
Cassie's nipples were achingly hard and puffy pink areolas were covered in goosebumps from her excitement. Eric loved how her natural boobs jiggled slightly with every ripple in the road and their weight shifted slightly as they went around each curve. Cassie looked so pale and vulnerable, completely topless like that. Her embarrassment only made the situation that much more intense and erotic for the both of them.
"C-can I get dressed again?" Cassie squeaked, unable to control how high her voice had gotten, or how tight her throat felt, with the tension and arousal of the situation.
Eric ended the recording on his phone with his thumb before lifting the center console between them up to align with their seatbacks. Reaching into his lap, he unzipped his pants and fished out his now fully erect boner so that it stuck up from his fly, pink and flushed and urgently aroused.
"You can get dressed in a minute, but you have to suck my dick a little bit first," He glanced quickly over to her, trying to gauge her reaction, before looking back to the road.
Cassie stared at her brother's dick, poking obscenely up from his lap, looking somehow not fully real as she glanced at the rest of her brother, fully dressed and looking like he always did, but with this length of hypnotically powerful dick now emanating incongruently up from his body. Except for those few brief moments while he slept the other morning, Cassie had never taken Eric's dick into her mouth without getting at least a little drunk, or high. Now as she prepared to do it for him completely sober, she couldn't help feeling that she was still somehow intoxicated by the moment. On one hand she felt incredibly awkward about the idea of sucking her little brother's dick at his command like that, at the same time she felt incredibly turned on by the idea that she would allow herself to lean over and submit her mouth to him like this, fully topless in a moving vehicle, as they drove down familiar roads in broad daylight.
Cassie glanced briefly at the road ahead, before unbuckling her seatbelt and chiding her brother in as much of a big sister voice as she could muster in the circumstances, "Just don't crash us." She waited until he glanced over at her, nodding, both hands gripped tightly on the wheel, before she lowered her head under his arm and brought her mouth to the tip of his swollen cock. Cassie paused for just a brief instant as she considered how crazy this all was before lowering her head to take her little brother's dick into her mouth.
Cassie had intended to suck Eric's cock for just a few moments before claiming her clothing again, ending the discomfort of being in the compromised position of riding around completely topless with her brother's dick in her mouth. But as she began to slide his thick, warm cock in and out of her mouth, his hand went possessively to the back of her head and began stroking her hair as he gasped and grunted from the intense pleasure that her mouth was giving him.

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