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I am not certain how people handle the issues of being locked down. I know that everyone is going a little crazy to some degree with all the bullshit that is going on in our world, and my family is no different.
When this whole thing all started, I remember people saying that the world would be back to normal by summer. Well, summer came and went, with autumn chasing closely behind.
Vaccines had been approved and there was a light was shining brightly out of the end of the tunnel, at least for a few fleeting minutes. Limited supply, poor access and lazy inoculation processes lead us back to a lockdown shortly after Christmas. I would like to say fuck 2020, but 2021 isn't looking any better at this point.
Classes at the school that I attend have been suspended until further notice. For me it wasn't a bad thing. My twentieth birthday was just around the corner. I was locked up at home with plenty of food and supplies in snowy Minnesota. My phone, my computer, my Xbox, was all the company I needed. With a steady stream of porn and schoolwork, I was kept busy.
For everyone else in my house, things couldn't have been worse. My father works out of state and is gone for 5 weeks at a time and my mom is a health care worker, so she seems to be at work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. My 21-year old sister Deandra on the other hand doesn't work, doesn't go to school and is just fucking angry. Lately she has mostly been angry that she can't fly to Canada to see her fiancé.
Dee was the "it" girl in our high school. She was the queen bee within her cliché of friends. Guys lined up for the chance at a date with her. All through her life she was always told how special she was, and up until this past year, I think that she believed it. Believe me when I say that I'm not one of those lying assholes that will tell you that I never noticed how hot my sister is, because I have. She's stinky hot and having a hot sister usually means that her friends are of the same caliber.
My sister made I choice not to continue her education. Instead she chose a job in retail. At least it was work and up until the latest lockdown, she was employed, but she wasn't happy with her job as Assistant Manager at Victoria's Secrets.
Me on the other hand, loved it. Dee, as I said, is a good-looking girl, even if she is my sister, and watching her parade around the house in silky and lacy shit is not horrible. And to boot, she lays some cool stuff on me to use as gifts to give to girls that I date. It was a win, win for me.
And although we have always run in different circles, we usually get along, and we like each other enough that we've never had what you would call a "big" fight. The usual sibling bickering, but never a huge blowup, but under the snowy conditions and the risk of illness if you leave the house, that might be subject to change.
"Did you happen to notice where Helen put the "AA" batteries?" Helen is our mom and if she ever heard one of us call her by her first name, the hounds of hell would be released upon us.
"For fuck sakes. She hides shit just to piss me off."
"I think she hides shit so that we don't use it all."
"It's a prick move. Ever notice that there isn't a chip or snack anywhere to be found in this fucking house, but in the morning, there'll be an empty wrapper in the garbage?"
"Well she buys them."
"Screw you momma's boy." I laughed. Yeah, I'm a momma's boy for stating a fact.
After 10 more minutes of slamming drawers and cupboards she had exhausted her search.
"Jacob. Baby brother. In fact, my favorite little brother. Can I borrow 4 "AA's" from you?"
"I'm your only brother. 2 minutes ago, I was a nerd, so no. Also, to borrow implies that you will return them, and that's something that you never do."
"Please Jacob."
"What do you need them for." Wrong question to ask, I guess. I knew that she didn't have a controller for a video game, nor a flashlight. And from the look on her face, my question hit a nerve.
"Not really any of your fucking business, is it?"
"It is when they're my batteries."
"Fuck you Jake, just give me the goddamn batteries. It's important."
"If it was that important, you would have walked your sorry ass to the store and picked some up."
"You can see all the snow out there, can't you, asshole?"
She stomped her feet up the stairs and screamed out something that sounded like "prick" right before she slammed her door.
Finishing my game of GTA 5, I put down my controller and went to my hiding spot. I pulled out a 4-pack of Duracell's and headed to my sister's room.
With a quick knock, I flung the door open. Our bedroom doors don't lock, because they have no locks. Our parents didn't think that we needed that kind of privacy. "What the fuck Jacob?" My sister was trying to reassemble what looked like a long shiny tube. A silver bullet of sorts. A mound of used batteries lay in a pile beside her. It would appear as though she was trying to find four that still had enough juice to power her toy.
Flopping forward to cover what she could of her assembly line, she shouted at me. "Get the fuuuuck out, nerd."
"I'm sorry Dee, I didn't know." I tossed the 4-pack on the bed beside her and hurriedly closed the door behind me.
The thought of my sister rubbing one out with her shiny toy made me harder than I could remember ever being. How often did she do it? Did she always use toys? Did she watch porn when she did it? All of these questions put me in a strange frame of mind.
I raced to my room and grabbed my phone. Somewhere in my archives I had kept the name of a site that my buddy Aaron had hold me about. After 3 minutes of searching, I found it. SpankPals.
Logging in, I filled out the required info and scanned over the do's and don't's of the site. I followed a couple of their secrecy suggestions and hung a plain white sheet behind my chair. I positioned my camera so that only my body from the neck down was visible. 15 minutes after I'd logged in, I was ready to stroke. I mean roll.
The site was set-up for mutual masturbation. It was set-up so that you searched for criteria that suited your wants and needs. You had to have a camera to view. You didn't have to be naked, but it helped to keep you from getting booted. Participants could eject anyone that they didn't want. Within 5 minutes of being logged in, I was watching. And so, the madness begins.
My first stop was a beautiful black girl. To my great disappointment she looked like she had just finished what she was doing. Her tits looked perfect, with wickedly hard jet-black nipples. Her pink pussy looked wet and open, and two of her fingers were in her mouth being rinsed off.
I couldn't take my eyes away from her. That is until she reached forward, and the screen went dark.
Fuck my life.
Next was a bigger girl. She was mauling her huge titties when I entered her room. She was staring at her screen also. I could see her adjusting something and then I heard, "take off your pants and come play" through my speakers.
Doing as told, I slipped down my pants and underwear. She followed my lead and soon after, we were rubbing ourselves to the sight of the other. I thought that I would finish watching this girl plugging her holes with her fingers, while squeezing her titties, but her and I were both shocked when some dude walked into her room and started screaming at her. Unfortunately, the viewing finished, before I got to.
Like flipping through the channels on a television, I searched for another live show. According to the digital counter, there were 1857 open shows going on at that very moment, and as luck would have it, I picked the winner.
The fair skinned body was softly lite from a low light and the screen of her monitor, but you could still see the extraordinary features that she owned. From what anyone watching could see on the screen, her large milky boobs hung nicely on her chest. Her legs appeared to be long and smooth and where they met was the meaty folds of a hairless pussy.
Her face, like mine, was not visible, but over her shoulder hung her long dark hair.
Leaning back in her chair, she parted her knees giving me an unimpeded view of the goods. I watched as her hand and fingers made their way toward her love nest and for a moment, I considered turning off my computer. As her right hand reached its goal, her left hand gripped a breast and pinched a nipple between her fingers. I could hear her moans. I could feel my dick pulsing like it had a heartbeat of its own. Once again, I pondered ending it with the flick of a switch, but it wasn't everyday that you got to watch your sister masturbate.
At first, I couldn't tell by just her body alone. Yes, it was smoking hot. Yes, my eyes were glued to it, but she hadn't taken the same precautions as I had. When I looked around the screen, I noticed her room. The Hello Kitty comfort was a dead giveaway, and the Silver Bullet still beside her on the bed, with the pile of batteries, dismissed any doubts.
Morally I should have moved on, but I am immoral when it comes to things like this, and the idea of turning away wasn't even on the table. So, doing what most perverted younger brothers would do, I double and triple check my own security and glued my eyes to the screen.
Dee pushed back her wooden chair, into a tilted back, leaning position. Her large white boobs looked like they were dying for some more attention and from that angle she was giving me an even better view of her pussy. She rubbed two fingers through the furrows of her sex. Every so often she would stop and part her lips just to show those viewing just how wet she was.
When she curled two of the fingers on her right hand into herself, I let out a loud moan.
"You like that baby? Lean back so that I can get a better look at that big old cock of yours." I pushed back and in the bottom corner of my screen, I could see that my dick was centered on the screen for her. "Nice baby. Stroke that fuck stick for me."
Stroking it wasn't a problem. Blowing my load too soon, would be.
"Yeah baby, that's a nice cock. Spit in your hand while you jerk it." Done.
Then I watched my older sister spit into her hand and use the spit to lather up her nipples and slit. As if reading my mind, Dee grabbed her toy and used the silver phallus to penetrate herself.
"Oh baby, this feels so good, but I wish it was you. You wanna put that big old cock in me?"
When the toy had all but disappeared, I looked at my dick and watched as precum dripped out of my hole. I knew that I wouldn't be lasting too much longer.
With the toy still buried, Dee reached down with her left hand and split her lips exposing the toy and her hard clit. With her right hand, her furiously abused her love button.
"Wait and come with me baby. Stroke that fucking cock and cum all over my face. You there, baby? You ready? You gonna cum with me?"
My hand flew up and down my shaft. Every tug of my meat felt like it would be my last. The skin on my dick was on fire from the speed of my wrist.
I watched Dee's body as she convulsed then tensed up with her orgasm. I watched her body stop moving and her hand fall away from her dripping snatch. I watched her as she watched me. I watched the expression of my older sister's face as my load flew up and out of me.
Then to my absolute horror, I watched as she fell backwards out of her chair when she heard me moan, "Oh Dee".
The thud coming from her room was unmistakable. She, and her chair, had hit the floor. The sounds of frantic scrambling followed from her room down the hall.
Killing my computer. I pulled on my pants as fast as possible. Cleaning up my mess wasn't an option. Seconds later, I could hear the sound of her feet, as she ran down the hall, but I was a fraction of a second quicker.
Sitting with my back wedged up against the door, Dee's body slammed into it when her tried to barge in.
"Let me in you little freak. You're so fucking dead." I didn't dare move or chance giving her any leverage that would allow her to push open the solid piece of wood separating us.
Her fists pounded relentlessly for over 5 minutes. "You fucking perv. Moms gonna kill you when she finds out."
We both knew that would never happen. Who'd tell her? Sure, as hell not one of us. The consequences of letting information like that slip would detrimental to our wellbeing.
I felt the pressure on the door cease. Dee slid into a sitting position that I imagined was much like mine. Back to the door. Knees up and feet planted. Every so often the door handle would jiggle, but nothing else. There we sat, wordless, for the next 3 hours.
The sound of the front door opening cause me to jump. Mom was home from work, and for once it was at a reasonable hour. Thursday's were pizza night, so neither Dee nor I had to have anything prepared.
Safety was my savior. Dee had retreated to her room. I raced toward my computer and booted up anything that looked like it was related to schoolwork. Using a dirty sock, I wiped up whatever I could of the dried cum. Just to be safe I spray a small burst of the cologne that I had gotten for a present a Christmas and opened the door to my room. Two minutes later mom popped in her head.
"Hey kiddo. How was your day?"
"Good mom, you?"
"Busy, but good. Trying to keep people safe and stay that way myself. Anyway, pizza in five. Where's Dee?"
"Not sure. I haven't seen her all day." I heard mom tap on Dee's door before she opened it.
"You been in here all day, baby?" I couldn't hear her response, but mom didn't scream. "Well that's nice of you. Pizza in five."
It was a surprisingly uneventful meal. The only thing that made me choke, was when Dee told our mother that she was looking up some courses online and had shown me an online instructional video that I may find helpful to me down the road.
"Well that's nice of your sister, isn't Jacob? I like when you two aren't fighting. It makes me feel better about you being locked up together in this lockdown crap."
"Yeah, but he's a fairly slow learner mom. I bet that one day, I'll have to repeat the video for him, or maybe you may have to show him." I spit a bit of my milk on the table.
Dee looked across the table, "Isn't that right asshole?".
Mom took it in stride, reminded Dee about swearing at the table, and told some stories about work and let us know that she had talked to dad during the day. He was teasing mom about being home in the snow while he was working somewhere in sunny Florida.
Mom retreated to watch some television and I cleaned-up the mess and did the dishes. Dee sat in a chair thumbing through a book, while mom was sprawled on the sofa. Me, I sat watching for any kind of sign.
Shortly after 11:00pm. mom got up and kissed both of us goodnight.
"I'll be home by 7:00pm tomorrow. Dee you start the meatloaf. Jake, you do the potatoes and carrots. Save some of that pizza for your lunches tomorrow." We both nodded, and as soon as mom was out of sight, I raced up to my room.
Dee's silhouette filled the frame of my doorway. With only a sport bra and leggings on, the dim backlighting gave her an almost naked outline. I didn't say a word. I didn't have to. She knew that I was awake. It was way too early for me to be laying in the dark, especially under the covers.
"You can't hide in here forever asshole. Mom leaves for work at 6:30. Prepare for the worst." Turning to look down the stairs and down the hall to check if the coast was clear, she looked back over her shoulder and said, "By the way, nice cock."
Those words alone made my dick as hard as steel. The images of my sister running her fingers through her wet pussy made me want to jerk off so bad that in two strokes I would have exploded, but I couldn't. I couldn't risk her catching me in the act.
Every idea for a morning escape crossed my mind. Go to the mall. Go into work with mom. Go to the library for the day. But no fucking luck to be had there, everything was closed. Even the idea of walking around or hanging out in the park was shot down with the temperature hovering below freezing and 15" of white shit covering the ground. I was fucked.
I could hear voices downstairs. Dee was up and talking with my mother before work. I tried to eaves drop, but they weren't saying anything of relevance. Just talking current events and having coffee. With no game plan in place, I hid in the bathroom.
It was almost comical to be almost twenty years old and hiding from your big sister in the bathroom. It wasn't until the first time that she knocked on the door that I realized that I was trapped.
By 9:30am I had shit, showered, shaved, brushed and flossed my teeth, trimmed my nails, trimmed any hairs that I could see out of place on my body. By 10:00am, I had run out of things to do.
Surprise would my only option. Swinging open the door I jumped into the hall, "What Dee? What the fuck do you…". She wasn't there. At some point she had gone another direction. I raced to my room and closed the door. Minutes later, I heard her showering in the bathroom.
The notion that she may avoid me came to a screeching halt shortly after 11:00am. Dee opened the door to my room, walked in wearing oversized sweats and a hoodie, and sat on the bed like she owned the place.
Not giving in to the temptation, I continued on with what I was doing online. Dee had picked up one of my gaming mags and was mindlessly leafing through the pages. Seeing that I wasn't about to bite, she spoke first.
"So, nerd, anything exciting happen in you dull life lately?"
"Dee, what the fuck? What do you want me to say?"
"Tell me how you found me? Tell me why you didn't leave the site when you knew who it was?"
"Really? I didn't go looking for you and once I figured out that it was you, there wasn't a chance in hell that I was leaving. Would you have?"
"You're a sick little puke Jacob. Does it make you feel good to have something to hold over me?"
"What? You're such a fucking idiot. Who the hell can I possibly tell about what happened? If I told anyone, we would both come across as being sickos." She picked up one of my pillows and fluffed it to her liking then leaned into it.
"Show me."
"Show you what?"
"Your dick. You're so cool about jerking off to me, I want to see it." There wasn't even the hint of a smile on her face and I had seen the look many times before, she was serious.
"Not a chance. I'm sure that you got a pretty good view of it yesterday."
"I swear to god, if you don't show me, I'm telling mom."
"Let me know when you do. I can't wait to hear that conversation. "Hey mom, I was so horny, but I couldn't find batteries for my vibrator. So, Jake was kind enough to give me some. Anyway, as soon as I got my toy going, I went online so that I could let random people watch me stick it up my snatch and Jake happened to be one of them", yeah that sounds like one I don't want to miss."
"They're not random."
"No? I guess that you ask everyone if they want to stick their dicks in you, and cum all over your face?"
"I never said that." Her face didn't have any cum on it, but it sure was red.
"Jacob, show it to me."
"No. Go find your boyfriend online."
"Don't be a jerk. I'm 45 days away from it being a year of not having sex with anything but my fingers or the Silver Surfer. I want to see a live one. Show it to me right fucking now."
I looked over my shoulder at my sister and I could see a little desperation in her face. I also noticed that the palm of her right arm was resting on her belly, below the elastic hem line of her sweatpants.
"I'm not an idiot Dee. I know that you want to do something to get back at me for what happened yesterday. If I showed you my dick, I'd be playing right into your hand."

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