LOCKtober Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooLOCKtober Ch. 01

Chapter 1
(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place in the October following the events of "Amy's Vacation")
"I'll be home shortly, Daddy."
"Okay, princess. I'll be waiting for you at the garage."
I pulled my BMW 2 series into the neighborhood, gliding past rows and rows of houses.
Everyone was decorated for Halloween. Spooky decorations and funny blow-up characters lined the street. Fake cobwebs were everywhere and some people had even ringed their houses with orange and purple lights, similar to how they adorn their homes in a few months for Christmas.
Kids would be trick-or-treating next weekend and candy would be given out by the handful.
October was always such a wonderful time of year!
As a kid, I had always relished dressing up for Halloween, going out trick-or-treating with friends, and hitting the local "haunted houses" for a good scare.
But this year, things were a bit different.
I wasn't as interested in Halloween. Nope, not this year…
It had been seven months since Daddy had taken me on vacation to The Oasis Spa & Resort in Jamaica. While we were there, my eyes were awakened to an entirely new world. Daddy and I had begun an intimate, physical relationship and also shared many adventures with people at the resort. We'd kept in touch with several of them once we came back home and they had blossomed into wonderful friendships.
It was while Skyping with our best friends from our vacation, David and Celeste, that we learned about an "adult holiday" that would change the way I saw the Halloween season forever…
It was almost mid-September, Celeste was all excited.
"Guess what came for us today?"
We were all ears and eyes as Celeste lifted up a small, shiny piece of metal, about 2 and a half inches long. "David's brand new chastity device!"
David smiled and lifted his eyebrows as if to say, "Yep, there it is…."
"What is it?" I asked.
"It's a chastity device, darling!" Celeste beamed that mega-watt smile of hers. "Every year, for the month of October, David and I participate in 'LOCKtober', an adult holiday for lifestyle couples, where I get to take complete control of David's sexual identity. We've been doing it for several years now and absolutely love it!"
I glanced at Daddy for a moment, but the look on his face was as clueless as mine. "Well, what's it all about?"
Celeste continued, "During the month of October, for 31 days, David's penis has to stay constantly locked in a chastity device, unless I say otherwise. It's a nice little role reversal, and helps re-cement our love for each other in an unusual but effective way.
"Honey, stand up for Amy," she requested.
David stood, his magnificent cock partially erect, no doubt to the playing that he and Celeste had been enjoying during our chat, just as I had been playing with Daddy. My hand was currently on Daddy's cock, rolling my thumb lazily around his exposed cockhead; his foreskin retracted and my thumb slick with his precum.
"The problem is, well, obviously, he's a little excited right now" she teased as she slapped at his penis. "When David calms down, this will actually fit over his cock quite snuggly," Celeste continued.
She took apart the chastity device into three separate pieces. "This ring goes over the penis and balls. It's sometimes a tight squeeze, so it's definitely best if he's flaccid." She held up the ring beside the base of his dick. "The ring helps to push his testicles forward, and the testicles will keep the ring from sliding off. The base ring is the key to everything. Then there's this little bit here, the spacer, which fits over the ring to create some space between the ring and the penis sheath. Most chastity cages come with a few different sized spacers to help men of different shapes be able to wear the device. Then, the final piece is the most devious: the sheath. This will slip over David like so," she held it up to his penis, and it was much shorter than his girth was showing, "and lock onto the ring through the spacers. A small lock will secure everything together. Once David has this on, he'll be unable to achieve an erection, or have sex… or even masturbate!"
Celeste smiled even larger, happy in her explanation and perhaps relishing in the caging of David's manhood. Those fabulous oversized areola of hers were framing some quickly-hardening nipples as well. I could tell that Celeste very much looked forward to controlling David for the month.
"And I'm happy to do it for her," David sat down next to Celeste again and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "For me, it's almost like a reset: having sex so often is great, but sometimes, that denial… wow! What can I say? It's like not eating candy for a month and letting your palate forget that sweetness, so once you do enjoy a piece again, it's so much more powerful. Phil, if you ever decide to try this, the orgasms you'll experience afterwards will be mind blowing!"
I looked at Daddy and smiled. "Do you want some mind-blowing orgasms, Daddy?"
"You already blow my mind as you are, pumpkin," he replied. I leaned in and kissed him, and we exchanged tongues for just a moment. I instinctively grabbed his cock a little harder in my grasp.
"Well, if you all would like to consider it, we can forward some links on LOCKtober, plus some websites you might want to check out. There's one that's great for tasks."
"Yeah… tasks that the man has to work to achieve to get any sort of release, or sexual fulfillment, during the month of LOCKtober. Trust me, Amy, you'll love what they have in mind. Of course, as Keyholder, you don't have to let him out. I make it a policy to let David have very limited freedom during the month."
"Yes," she said with a smile. "Your job is to protect the key to Phil's freedom. It's all part of the power dynamic. You can hide the key, or wear it openly. I typically wear mine on an anklet, so that David and anyone else can see it. Of course, with boobs like yours, little girl, you should definitely consider wearing the key just above or just inside of your cleavage." Celeste grinned. "And be prepared- some people will look, and others might even ask. You might want to have a go-to answer. I just like to say 'It's the key to my husband's happiness!'"
We both laughed at that!
The four of us chatted a little longer, catching up on other things and tentatively making plans for next year's vacation together. We had had so much fun in Jamaica that we wanted to get a place altogether for next summer. Eventually said our good-byes.
As soon as we hung up on Skype, Daddy pounced on me. I opened my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He was hard as a rock and ready to thrust into me.
To my own shock, I put my hand down and covered my pussy.
He could feel my hand and a quizzical look came over his face, "Yes, babygirl?"
"Would you like to, maybe, try LOCKtober? It… could be fun!" I bit my lip.
Daddy paused for a moment, looking down at me. "Is it something you'd like us to try, amy?"
I raised my eyebrow a bit and slowly nodded, shyly. "David seems to think its beneficial to his orgasms and Celeste obviously looks forward to it. We've had a lot of fun with both of them and I trust them. They wouldn't steer us wrong."
"No, they wouldn't," Daddy agreed. "This would definitely be something new for us. But a month… I don't know if I could go a month without making love to my babygirl."
"Well, that's true, but, Celeste did say there were tasks you could do to get some free time."
Now it was Daddy's turn to nod. "I wonder what the tasks are…." his voice trailing off.
"I dunno… but we could always find out." I smiled up at him.
A grin came over his face. "Okay, amy. We'll participate in LOCKtober."
I squealed. "YAYNESS!"
I moved my hand off my bare pussy and up onto his cock, and led my Father into my most intimate area. His erection felt so good sliding inside of me and it wasn't long before he was gushing hot, thick gobs of semen deep into my willing body.
A non-descript cardboard box arrived from the website within a week. Daddy and I had conferred with Celeste and David, and their expertise was crucial in our selections. With their advice, we had chosen two cages for Daddy: one metal and one plastic. Apparently, not all men take to one or the other very well, and it's smart to cover your bases by trying out both and seeing which one is most comfortable for the man to wear. They weren't terribly expensive- about $175 total, but there are some that go for upwards of $500 or more.
The plastic one was see-thru and the smaller of the two. The plastic was thick and rigid. It's sheath was solid, with a generous slit at the end for urination.
The metal one looked like a piece of art, if I may say so. It had several rhombus-shaped cut-outs along the metal sheath, but the tip was solid metal, excepting a tiny hole at the tip. The metal ring was a bit smaller than the one that came with the plastic cage, and enhanced the protrusion of the testicles into a more forward position. Finally, it came with a flexible rubber tube that could attach to the end of the sheath, with the tube actually fitting INSIDE of the penis!
On Celeste and David's advice, that night I helped Daddy to try on both devices, to assure a good fit. We wouldn't want to start LOCKtober without the proper equipment, right? We also were using the lubricant that Dr. Bettie had suggested to help slide on and off the cages. I didn't fully lock them, but I did slip the lock through, so that Daddy could take about an hour per cage and wear them around the house, seeing how they moved with his body.
"They ARE rather tight," he said as he smiled. "This will definitely take some getting used to, babydoll, but I think they'll suit me just fine."
I, for one, loved how Daddy looked wearing them, especially the metal one. I could tell already, it was going to be my favorite.
"Now, how about we take this off?" he asked as he looked down at his encapsulated cock.
I gave him a nude hug (of course!) and helped remove the second chastity device of the day. We were already practicing what David and Celeste had said was a paramount rule of chastity:
When unlocked, the wearer must refrain from touching the device. It is only to be touched by the Keyholder.
And, naturally, I was the Keyholder.
As I removed the shaft of the cage, Daddy was already starting to engorge. The ring around the base of his cock and balls had that effect, boosting the blood flow and helping with its retention. I don't doubt the feeling of being free once more helped too.
I took the second chastity cage to the bathroom to give it a cleaning with some mild soap and water, and as I set it aside, Daddy slid up behind me. He didn't ask for permission… he just bent me over the sink, dipped down a bit, and slid himself into my tight pussy. His hands were on my hips and he was off to the races, thrusting hard and fast into me, with his balls slapping against my labia and his hips popping against my ass. I gripped the sink out of necessity and watched in the mirror as my Father raucously enjoyed my pleasures for what would be one of the final times for an entire month.
The morning of October 1st, I was up bright and early. I let Daddy sleep a bit longer, although he would be getting up for work soon enough.
We had both decided on the plastic cage for the first week.
As a special treat, I went downstairs to make my man's favorite breakfast. With an eye on the clock, I bounded back upstairs to be there when his alarm went off.
As he opened his eyes, I was there at the foot of the bed, smiling.
"Good morning, Daddy! Are you ready to start LOCKtober?"
He stretched and blinked a few times. "Oh, amy… in a moment… I need to pee."
I shook my head, "Nuh-uh… It's October 1st and you're awake, and I'm in charge now!" I was smiling ear to ear.
Daddy exhaled. A deal was a deal. Then he sniffed the air. "Is that bacon?"
I nodded again. "With French Toast."
A smile came over his face.
"All of which you get… after we put on your cage."
Daddy slowly slid the sheets off and put his feet on the floor. "Okay, how do you want to do this?"
I'd consulted Celeste and she'd given me some pointers. "First, I need you up and over here by my dressing table."
I stepped back and sat down on the lush padded chair before my dressing table and sat down. Daddy came over and stood before me.
"Kneel.." I teased.
With a smile, he knelt down before me, so we were almost at eye level with each other.
"I need you to repeat after me: Amy, will you please lock me into chastity?"
"Amy, will you please lock me into chastity?"
"For the entire month of LOCKtober…"
"For the entire month of LOCKtober."
"Being my personal Keyholder…" I smiled.
"Being my personal Keyholder."
"And controlling my sexual identity completely."
"And controlling my sexual identity completely."
I can't lie- I was loving this.
"I will do whatever you require, and fulfill every whim, want and desire."
Now he smiled, "I will do whatever you require, and fulfill every whim, want and desire."
"Please stand, Daddy."
I parted my legs and he stood right between them. His penis was starting to engorge. Between my cleavage and my hairless pussy, he was getting quite turned on. I'd better make this quick.
I opened a small box on my dressing table and took out the plastic chastity device. I hefted his testicles and penis, and slid the ring on, first over one testicle, then lining up the other behind it and fitting it through as well. Next, I took his penis and bent it carefully while pushing it a little bit back inside of his body, in order to get the head into the ring. With a little effort, it slipped through and the rest of his cock followed. The ring slid down to the base and I manipulated his balls a little to make sure they fit snuggly without pinching. I also adjusted the post at the top of the ring, to which the spacers and sheath would attach. We had decided that for the first week, we would use two spacers and I slid them on without effort. For the final part, a little lubrication was needed.
I couldn't help myself, I had to taste him one more time. I quickly put my mouth over the head of his penis and gave him a couple of quick, sloppy slurps on his shaft. He gasped with pleasure. But it was time to deny him, so I stopped and got to work. I began to slide on the sheath that would cover his penis completely.
It was actually a little bit difficult, because he had started to engorge some. I guess my tongue was just too darn stimulating! Still, I kept with it, pressing the cage firmly down his dick, taking small 3-second breaks to give him time to adjust, then continuing. Eventually, the hole at the base of the cage fitted up with the post on the ring.
I looked up at the man who had given me birth and made a show of bringing out the lock.
"No going back now, Daddy…" I teased.
I snapped the lock on.
Daddy was caged!
I pulled a golden chain out of the box as well and showed it to him. On the end hung a tiny little key.
"This is one of two keys that will release that lock. I've hidden the other somewhere in the house, just in case. This key will fit… right… here." And with that, I slid the necklace on. I'd pre-measured it.
It hung just above my cleavage.
I reached out and let my fingers explore Daddy's new predicament. He looked down and saw the plastic that held him securely. I felt his testicles and let my nails rake them ever so slightly. A quick inhalation of breath was his reply.
"Now, how about you go pee, before breakfast gets cold?"
"Yeah, I really need to, honey," he responded.
We both went off to the bathroom and Daddy lifted the toilet set and cover.
He turned and looked at me.
I wagged a finger. "For LOCKtober, you'll be sitting, Daddy. Or you can pee while you shower."
He arched an eyebrow and slowly nodded, "Guess it would be kinda messy, huh?"
"Yeah… I think so. Now, sit."
Daddy did as he was told, and I got to watch with glee as he took his morning break.
Upon finishing, I handed him some wet wipes. With a little bit of humility, he did what I have to do after every trip to the bathroom.
His business finished, we headed down for an amazing breakfast, if I may brag just a little.
That evening, Daddy came in to watch tv with me.
"What's on, babygirl?"
"A reality show about some rich women in the South." I responded. "You know, they should make a reality show about a nudist resort."
I admired his stride as he came into the room. His cock was of course secured in it's cage, and the shape of the cage had a protrusion effect on his genitals as a whole. They stuck out nice and prominently as he walked, making them sway a little from side to side with each step. He looked so handsome!
"Well, there is that show 'Naked and Afraid'…"
"Yeah, but that's survival stuff… who cares about that? I mean, getting to know people… families… who are nudists and enjoy our lifestyle. That's what I'd like to see!"
He sat down next to me, "I'd watch it with you."
We both smiled.
I turned on the couch, resting my back on the arm and popped my feet up in his lap.
"Hmm, what's this?" he queried.
"Rub my feet!"
He started to caress my shins and his hands found their way to my feet. Daddy has always been great at rubbing my feet. He took each in turn, working over my soles, my arches and finally to my toes. He'd slip his fingers through my toes, sometimes one of the gaps, sometimes all four; the mix was what made it feel so good.
"New nail polish?"
"MmmHm!" I nodded. "Got a mani-pedi today, just for you." I wiggled my toes, topped by black glitter nail polish.
"So very Halloween of you, my love." He lifted my right foot and kissed the top of it.
"Mmm… more…"
He kept kissing, slowly making his way all over the top of my foot.
I lazily reached up and began to caress one of my nipples and was pleased with the feeling and the hardening of it.
My Father's eyes slid sideways and watched what I was doing. His kissing slowed as he scanned my body, up and down and back up to my smiling face.
Then his expression changed.
"Oh…. oh god…" he stammered. "This cage… it's tight! Baby, I want to grow for you, but I can't!"
I smiled and giggled. His cage was trying to defy gravity as he sat there and raise itself up. Small twitches were visible. I could see his penis pushing against the clear plastic sheath that held him securely.
What a perfect time to tease.
I slipped my foot from his grasp and started nudging it against his chastity device.
"Hmmm… does he want to come out and play, Daddy?" I asked in my best 'babygirl' voice.
He nodded and hissed, "Yessssssss…"
"It's going to be a long week… you better make sure you complete all your tasks and obey me, hmm?"
He nodded gravely. "Oh god, I want to eat you right up."
"Well, then, why don't you do that."
I slide my legs apart and it was all the invitation he needed. Daddy got up on his knees on the couch and bent down between my legs. His tongue knew how I liked it and didn't disappoint. I was still perfectly smooth from my spa appointment last week and his tongue glided over my labia and down into my precious valley with precision and power.
"Since you can't use your penis, I guess you're going to have to tongue fuck me," I suggested.
Daddy groaned but nodded. "Anything you want, princess." His tongue slipped out as far as it could and he proceeded to push it into my warm, waiting hole. His head bobbed back and forth as he tongue fucked me. I rubbed my clit and after several minutes, I felt a climax building.

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