Lola and Joey Ch. 26

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tagIncest/TabooLola and Joey Ch. 26

"Hello?" Catherine answered.
There was a pause on the other end of the phone.
"Is this Amanda?" A female voice asked hesitantly.
"No, I'm Catherine. Amanda is my sister. Who is this?"
There was another pause. "I'm Rebecca. I was at the food court with my mom and grandma. You and your sister were sitting next to us. My mom and grandma were looking at some boys holding hands and started to criticize them, and then you stood up and looked really mad and told mom and grandma off, in front of everyone. Your sister left a card with your numbers."
Thank God! I was worried about her. She never did call and wasn't at the coffee shop where she used to work. I wondered what happened to her.
"Is it okay that I called?"
Rebecca sounded nervous. "YES! Of course, it is! We hoped you would call. Are you alright?"
Another long pause. "Not really. After listening to what you said, I felt good about myself for the first time in a long time and eventually told mom and nanna I was gay. I thought they would be okay with it. After all, I'm their flesh and blood, but they weren't. Nanna and mom started talking about getting help for me, but I told them I didn't need help, that there was nothing wrong with me. We had a big fight, and they booted me out."
SHIT! I got her booted out! "Where are you staying?"
"I'm at a shelter."
A shelter! Oh no! "Are you still working at the coffee shop? My sister and I haven't seen you there lately."
"No, I got let go."
CRAP! "How are you living?"
"I was at my friend's for a few days, but I had to leave. Then I went to a shelter. They feed me, but there are only so many beds, and people can only stay so long. They told me I need to leave soon. I don't know where to go or what to do. I don't have any money, and I can't go back home. I'm desperate! I needed to talk to someone and thought about you and your sister."
"Give me your address, and I'll come and get you right now."
"Thank you!"
"Hold tight! I'll be right there!"
Rebecca looked terrible. Her skin was pale, and she had rings under her eyes, and her dark red hair was a straggly mess. She had on an old sweatshirt and grey track pants and was sitting outside the shelter with two plastic bags. I assumed those were her belongings. Was that all she had?
When I got out, she smiled hesitantly. I sensed a mix of relief and anxiety and fatigue. It must have been hard to reach out to a stranger.
"Yes, and you're Catherine?"
"Yes. Are you hungry? Would you like to go somewhere for lunch?"
She was hesitant, but I knew she wanted to. I held out my hand. "Let's eat, and we can talk."
"I opened the passenger door, and Rebecca picked up her bags and got in and looked around."
"Is this your car?"
I smiled. "No, it's my mom and dad's. I still live at home while I go to school in El Paso."
"You go to school in El Paso? Why?"
"I'm going through to be a doctor. My mom is a professor there."
There was a long pause. "Your mom and dad don't mind that you're gay?"
"No, they don't. It doesn't bother them at all."
"Is your sister gay?"
I grinned. "I'm not sure what Amanda is. She's one of a kind. I guess you could say she is bi-sexual, but she likes boys better. Where do you want to eat?"
"Is McDonald's okay?"
"We can eat anywhere you want!"
"Really? Is Ziggies okay? I love their pizzas."
"Of course!'
Rebecca must have been famished because she ate without a break until the pizza was gone, had a big drink, and then burped. Pizza crumbs were all over her t-shirt. It reminded me of the way Amanda eats!
I texted Amanda while Rebecca ate.
"I found the girl! Her family kicked her out. She's living at a shelter. We're eating at Ziggies. I'm going to bring her home. Tell mom and dad to expect a guest."
Eating the food had a positive effect on Rebecca. She seemed less fatigued and smiled and thanked me.
"You can stay at my parent's place if you want until you get on your feet."
Rebecca seemed surprised. "But you don't even know me?"
"I want to help. I know what it's like to be gay and afraid."
"Don't you have to ask your parents?"
"No. Mom and dad will be fine. I'll tell them it's important."
"It's important to help me?"
"It is."
Rebecca stared at me and started to tear up, and I reached out and held her hand. I smiled. "We gay females need to stick together! Don't you think?"
Rebecca nodded, yes.
The minute we got in the house, Rebecca asked if she could have a shower. I noticed that she smelled somewhat ripe in the car.
"Sorry! I didn't want to shower at the shelter because it was a communal shower, and it was mostly guys."
I took it upon myself to look in her plastic bags while she showered. It was mostly dirty clothing, so I started a laundry load. Rebecca was the same height as mom, so I grabbed a clean t-shirt and some track pants of Mom's and put them in the bathroom while she showered.
A while later, Rebecca came out and looked MUCH better. It was amazing what food and a hot shower could do!
I misjudged Rebecca's figure. Big time!
I never noticed her breasts at the coffee shop. I guess her uniform hid them. She was top-heavy, and her boobs looked enormous under mom's t-shirt. My eyes dropped before I could catch myself, but she didn't notice. In my defense, I'm a breast girl. Guys talk about being leg guys, or ass guys, or face guys concerning females, and I'm no different. I'm a boob gal! I get turned on looking at a nice pair of female breasts, and Rebecca had a pair that were as nice as I'd ever seen! They were big and hung well, and her nipples were just the right size!
I was mesmerized by the hypnotic slow-motion bounce of her breasts up and down as we walked towards Amanda's room! Whew!
And her butt filled out mom's track pants perfectly! Most girls with big boobs have big butts, but Rebecca had a tight high bum. The combination of her bountiful bouncing boobs and her tight ass was very distracting!
"Thanks for the shower! I feel so much better. I felt gross before! And thanks for the clothes, but the shirt is a bit tight."
"What? Sorry!" Shit! I didn't even hear what she said!
She repeated herself. "The shirt is a bit tight on my chest."
I reluctantly took my eyes off her chest. "Umm, ya, it does look a bit tight. I, umm, put your clothes in the wash. They should be dry soon."
Rebeca smiled. "Thanks! I need to wear a bra." She looked down at her chest. "Or these things bounce around too much."
They looked just fine to me!
"Are you tired? You can sleep in Amanda's bed. She usually sleeps with me anyway."
"She does?" Rebecca asked, surprised.
I grinned. "Yes, we're twins and are very close."
That seemed to satisfy Rebecca's curiosity.
Rebecca said she could use a short nap, and five minutes later, she was out like a light. Rebecca had left her purse in the living room, and I couldn't resist. I was curious about how old she was. I figured maybe sixteen and was shocked when she was nineteen! She was only a year younger than Amanda and me. Wow! She sure didn't look that old. She had a very young, innocent-looking face.
I felt toasty warm under the thick blankets when I woke up. What a wonderful sleep! I felt safe in their house. So much better than sleeping at the shelter where I was afraid to close my eyes.
It was dark out, though. How long had I been asleep? I looked over at the clock beside me. Holy crap! It was two in the morning! I'd been asleep for twelve hours! I guess I was more tired than I realized.
My stomach was rumbling. The pizza was long gone, and I was thirsty and had to pee. I fumbled my way in the dark to the washroom and then tiptoed to the kitchen to get a drink. I didn't want to wake anyone up. They had left a light on in the kitchen, and there was a note on the counter.
"You seemed tired, so we let you sleep. Food is in the fridge — Catherine."
Hmmm! There was a large plate of food in the fridge. It looked yummy. It tasted even better! Someone sure knew how to cook! My tummy was quite full by the time I finished, and oddly enough, I felt tired again and quickly drifted off in Amanda's bed.
I felt apprehensive about joining everyone for breakfast, not knowing them.
Yesterday, I was so relieved to leave the shelter that I didn't think about anything else. But today, I was wide awake in a strange house with strange people. And Catherine's mom was a professor, and Catherine was going through to be a doctor. All I had was a grade twelve education and had worked at the coffee shop since I graduated. I felt a bit self-conscious.
Catherine was very friendly, though, and I was supremely grateful for her help. How bad could her family be given how nice she was?
I built up my courage and entered the kitchen. Catherine greeted me warmly and moved over so I could sit between her and Amanda. After I sat down, the dad greeted me, and then the mom. They didn't seem upset that I was there. Whew! My tension level dropped a notch.
Then I remembered last night and looked at the mom. "Thanks for the meal last night! It was delicious!"
The mom grinned. "Don't thank me. You need to thank him. He does the cooking!"
Oh, I wasn't used to men cooking. It never happened in my house. Catherine's dad rescued me from my embarrassment. "Your welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the meal! Dig in, Rebecca! There's lots of food."
The mom asked, "Did you sleep okay?"
"Yes! Thank you! The sheets were super soft!"
The mom smiled. "They feel nice, don't they! The sheets are bamboo. They cost more but are super soft and last much longer than cotton."
I didn't even know there was such a thing as bamboo sheets!
I was rested and not so stressed out and noticed more today. The mom and dad were dressed casually in t-shirts and shorts. The dad looked young for how old Catherine must be, and so did the mom. The dad looked in good shape. His tummy was perfectly flat, and I could see muscles. There was a lot of good-natured banter back and forth between everyone. It was obvious they all liked each other. The mom seemed down to earth, and so did the dad. She wasn't stuffy like I thought a professor would be. It came out that the dad was an IT guy. Wow! This was one well-educated family, and then Amanda said that she ran a hotel with her grandma. Holy crap!
The girls were both dressed in knee-length nighties. They looked identical and were pretty easy on the eyes! They had glossy jet black hair and beautiful faces, full breasts, and legs that went on forever, and I was sitting right between them! I couldn't stop catching peeks as I ate! They both had sexy matching anklets. I hoped they didn't notice me looking!
Before they left, the mom and dad smiled. "You're welcome to stay as long as you need to, Rebecca."
I couldn't believe it! They didn't even know me! "Thank you!"
Then the dad asked me if I had grade twelve. I wasn't sure why he wanted to know but answered yes.
"Good! Catherine said that you were between jobs."
That was an understatement if ever I heard one, but I appreciated how diplomatic he was!
"I work at the university, and there are always new positions coming up. Some of them only require a grade twelve degree. Would you like me to look at the job board for you?"
I was amazed! "Yes! That would be great! Thank you so much!"
"Do you have a resume? All the positions require a resume."
My spirits sunk. I'd never done a resume. I didn't need one to work at the coffee shop.
The dad must have noticed my distress. "Don't worry; my wife can help you." He smiled. "She's a master bullshitter!"
I froze, but the girls broke out laughing.
"HEY!" The mom exclaimed, but she didn't seem upset and said she would help me.
"Thank you!"
This was definitely not like my family!
"Are you awake?" Catherine asked.
"Yes," Amanda answered.
"Can you feel Rebecca? It feels like she's having a terrible dream."
"I know! It woke me up."
"I'm going to check in on her."
I tiptoed into Amanda's room, where Rebecca was sleeping. Whatever she was dreaming about wasn't pleasant! She was tossing and turning.
Then, suddenly, Rebecca screamed out and burst awake with a look of fear on her face. She was soaked in sweat.
I sat down beside her and held her hand. "Are you okay? We heard you cry out."
"No, it's Catherine."
"I keep dreaming about the shelter. I'm showering, and then a man enters and forces himself on me. There's another one where I'm sleeping, and a man crawls into bed and forces himself on me. Then there's another one, where I'm standing outside in the rain, and it's cold, and I'm hungry, and I don't have any money, and I don't know where to go."
I squeezed her hand. "You're safe now! Would you like me to stay for a bit?"
"Yes, please."
I crawled under the covers with Rebecca and snuggled tight, and wrapped my arms around her. "Okay?"
"Yes. Thank you."
Rebecca's anxiety slowly ebbed away, and eventually, she fell asleep.
I fell asleep with her.
Annie and I were walking downtown, and I saw my hated Kindergarten teacher, the one who gave me such a hard time about gawking around in class.
Her beady old face instantly brought back bad memories, and my mood soured.
Annie noticed my mood change right away. "What's wrong?"
I told her about my teacher.
"I have bad memories too, but I don't focus on them. I think about good memories, which pushes the bad memories out."
I looked at Miss Junior Psychologist and shook my head. "It's not like I want to think about the old crone. It just happens."
Annie looked at me like I was the six-year-old. "It's so easy, Amanda! Just think about something else! I'm going to think about something nice right now!"
Annie seemed to be concentrating, and then all of a sudden, I felt something really nice from her. It felt yummy! She was very happy about something, and my bad mood was gone. Cool!
"How did you do that?"
"I have a photographic memory and can all up anything from my past."
"Wow! That's cool!"
"Yup! I can remember most things just as clearly as when they happened. I have lots of good memories to call on!"
"What were you thinking about today that made you so happy?"
Annie smiled. "I was thinking about how happy I felt when you said we could hang out today!"
"What!" Dave said grumpily.
Susan grinned. "You look grumpy. Would it have anything to do with you and Eddie losing to Amanda and me on the golf course today?"
Dave frowned. "I can't believe how shitty Eddy played! He missed half his putts, and he sliced every second drive into the rough."
Susan smiled. "I think he was distracted by someone."
"Ya! I noticed! I can't believe how Amanda dressed and acted!"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, did you see the outfit she wore! It was quite brief!"
"Dave, Amanda asked me what to wear, and I showed her my white golf skirt and sleeveless white shirt. She wore the same outfit I always wear."
Dave huffed. "It didn't seem like it! Her skirt was really short, and she was showing a lot of leg!"
"That's because Amanda has long legs."
Dave huffed again. "All I know is Eddie kept looking at her constantly, and so were the guys in the group behind us!"
"That's because your granddaughter is a beautiful woman. She wasn't even wearing any makeup. Did you want her to put a bag over her head and wear a potato sack?"
"No, but she was deliberately trying to distract Eddie so he would play poorly."
Susan smiled. "How so?"
"She stood beside him every shot like she was posing and smiled at him!"
"She smiled at him because she likes him. He stood beside her when she was shooting, and it didn't ruin her game. You should be proud that she played so well! She's obviously got some natural talent, plus she took a few lessons to get ready."
"She did?"
"Yup! After you invited her to play with us, she came to me and asked about taking lessons. She didn't want to embarrass herself or hold the game up."
"I didn't know that."
"I referred her to Carrie from the clubhouse."
"How many lessons did she take?"
"Only two? I can't believe how well she played! The minute I heard the crack of her first drive, I knew it was going far, but I didn't think she'd land it on the green! She's got a lot of power in her swing!"
"Well, you and I were both athletic and good at lots of sports."
"Ya, unfortunately, we couldn't get Joey and Lola to play any sports! Joey holed up in his room playing computer crap all the time, and Lola was out socializing."
Susan smirked. "Lola was quite active physically! It was just indoors!"
Dave shook his head. "Don't remind me! I assumed Amanda and Catherine didn't have any athletic skills because Joey and Lola weren't interested, and they never encouraged the girls to play any sports, but I guess I was wrong. Amanda was quite good today! She still cheated, though!"
"She did not!"
"Oh, come on, Susan! She was flirting with Eddie the whole time! She would slowly bend over to pick up her ball until her legs looked ten feet long and her skirt barely covered her ass and turn around and smile innocently at Eddie! You can't tell me she didn't do that on purpose!"
Susan grinned. "Of course she did, but it's not her fault that Eddie is so easily distracted. Your just upset because you thought you and Eddie were going to whoop us, but we whooped your asses! Eddie was putty in Amanda's hands and played like crap, and Amanda played like a pro."
Dave grumbled. "I guess! I didn't realize my partner was such an easy mark, and I've never seen Amanda flirt like that!"
Susan smiled. "Your granddaughter can turn it on when she wants to. You just never see it because you're her grandfather. I work with her all the time, and she checks out guys at the hotel and is very flirty when she wants to be. I think she has a healthy sex drive like her mom and grandmother!"
Dave grinned. "I guess I've just never seen that side of her. It was surprising."
"Did it bother you?"
"Well, it definitely bothered me that she wrapped Eddie around her little finger, and he played like crap, and we lost!"
"Did it bother you seeing Amanda flirt?"
"Well," he said with a half-embarrassed grin. "It was difficult not to notice, even for me! She filled out her little golf outfit quite nicely, and she was oozing sex appeal. The group of guys behind us were drooling! Poor Eddie! He doesn't stand a chance now that I've seen Amanda in seduction mode!"
Susan smiled. "You should be proud of her. She prepared for today by taking lessons to impress you, played amazingly well, and successfully used her feminine wiles to destroy Eddie's game. Those are all impressive achievements!"
He smiled. "I am proud of Amanda! It was just a bit unnerving seeing how easily she manipulated Eddie."
"Yes, the poor boy didn't even know what hit him!"
Dave laughed. "Speaking of Eddie, do you think Amanda and him have done anything together?"
"I'm not sure. I know Amanda likes him, and he likes her, and there is a physical attraction, but it seems like something is holding her back."
"I don't know."
Mrs. Granger helped me do a resume. I didn't have a lot of work experience, so she asked me about my high school marks. I had good grades but didn't have a transcript, so she immediately got up, and we drove over to my high school to get a copy. It was a scary ride! Mrs. Granger blew through stop signs, cut people off, and drifted all over the road! Yikes! Fortunately, we made it back alive! I thought a prof would be a better driver! When I told Amanda, she snickered and said her mom couldn't drive worth a darn, and Catherine wasn't much better.

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