Long Waited Desire

Beep Stories

Hi everybody my name is Anand this is one of the stories which happened around 3 years ago in U S, When I came to US I didn’t knew anybody here, I went to a university in Cape Code, at the beginning it was very hard for me get in to the environment later on I got used to it, in the University I met a gal called Trisha she was really cute, anybody will love to fuck her, she always wear very sexy clothes which turns me on all the time.
After some time we became very good friends and we used to share our problems, both of us were paying our tuition fee and other expenses from our pocket and we are not eligible for any loans because we are international student. One day she came to me and asked weather am I comfortable living with her so our expenses will reduse a lot as we are paying alot for the rooms in campus I said ok and the next month both of us moved to an apartment which has two bedroom.
She is very open type she says everything to my face, the day we moved to the house she came to me and said she will be living as she want and she need freedom, I didn’t undestand what she is trying to say but still I said ok then she took her stuff and went to the room and I went to my room and started to fix my stuff while I am fixing she came to my room with a shorts and a white top,
I could see that she is not wearing any bra inside, than only I realised this is what she meant earlier tht she needs freedom, than she asked me weather I have any extra tooth brush, I gave her one tooth brush but I couldn’t stop staring at her, she notice that I am staring at her boobs than she said its enough looking and went out with a smile after a while I went back to hall and she came too with same clothes
I tried my best not to look at her boobs but I couldn’t, she notice that too, than she said Anand can you look at my face for a while, I felt so bad when she said like that, quickly I responed and said yes Trisha, than she said listen anand you will see more than this and you no need to hide and look at me or peep inside my room, bathroom and stuff you will be able to see my like tht everywhr in this house but one condition.
You must not go over your limits you can just see and enjoy but you can’t do anything else and it’s the same for me I will enjoy you too and gave loud smile. I didn’t say anything I just kept quiet, than she went to her room saying she is tired and going to sleep, I said ok than she smiled at me and went to her room, nextday morning we got up almost at the same time and
I went to the bathroom first and she was waiting outside till i come out as we had only one bathroom, when I came back she went to the bathroom I got ready quick and came out, when I came out at the same time she came out of the bathroom too ,Omg! she was completely naked wrapping her towel in the hair, as she saw me she gave a smile and said this what I am talking about and went to her room
She noticed that I am enjoying her cute body as she went to her room she said anand if you want you can come inside the room quickly I went to her room, than she told i told you, you can enjoy looking at me, I went to her room and sat on her bed as she is changing, her body is the best so far I have seen, her boobs are small and cute fully shaved pussy and the best part of her body is her ass which add extra bueaty to her body,
Than she changed and went out, at the same time i went out too but I came back home early to have another view of the bueaty’s naked body, after about two hours she came home and sat next to me, we just chat for a while, than she went to her room I followed her behind, she stoped me asked me whr r u going, I just replyed I am coming to enjoy she gave me a smile a smile and kept walking inside the room as
She entered she started to strip her clothes one by one the she took her nighty than I requested her can you be like this so I can enjoy little more, than she said can I enjoy too, I didn’t waste any time I quickly got completly naked, she gave me wired smile and told lets go to the hall as I entered the hall i asked her can fuck you she said if you make me horny I will think about it and smiled at me,
I asked her how to make you horny with out touching you, she took small break and said okk you touch me before she close her mouth I kissed her lips and pushed her in the sofa, as I am kissing her I inserted two fingers inside her wet pussy, quickly I realised tht she want this very badly because her pussy tht wet, than I took my other hand grabed her boobs, she couldn’t take it she started morning I went down a little
And sucked her boobs cute little boobs, as see is very much into it she pushed me back and said this how you make some body horny and took my dick fully inside her mouth, Omg! it was the best feeling I ever had in my life she suck my dick so good that I can’t express with words, than she went back and said do the same to me, I sucked her pussy like a baby, than I took her and put her in the floor inserted my dick info her lovely pussy she was shouting like somebody is beating her up, when I almost going to cum, I took my dick and put inside her mouth and came inside after we fucked everyday, some times two times a day,