Longing for Sam Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooLonging for Sam Pt. 01

*Introduction / Disclaimer – I am new to writing stories of this nature, but have engaged in many discussions with people in the past, especially over the internet and been involved in numerous roleplay situations, so I'm no stranger to writing and being descriptive when it comes to matters such as these – This story is inspired by one of my oldest fantasies which has recently come back to me and is something which I think of on almost a daily basis – I'll split it into parts as it will be quite slow, so please bear with me.*
*Setting the scene – This is an Incest story between a man and his older sister, the man is called Aybee, this will be in the first person as opposed to third person – Aybee, is a 30 Year Old Male who works as an Accounting Manager at a Reputable Company, he earns £60k a year and is married with two children, he is pretty well off as he does not have many bills, he is 5'9, has a scruffy beard and is fairly average looking, he also has short black hair, a fairly / stocky, muscular build. At first glance, he appears to be quite mean and menacing, but in reality is very soft and friendly, he doesn't smile much nor does he socialise much, he is very much a "computer geek" in that he enjoys playing video games and as most men do, loves porn.
Aybee's sister is called Sam – Sam is a 35 year old lady who has been working as a Security Manager at an Airport, she is very much involved in her work and enjoys is thoroughly, she is the type who jumps at any excuse to work and make more money, she is fairly chatty with people and has a good sense of humour, she can be quite upfront at times. In terms of looks, she is 5'6 with long, slender legs, she has a 32b size cup and is a slim size 8, she is the type who has a fast metabolism and can get away with eating anything! Recently, she has put on a small amount of weight as her ass has becomes more juicier in recent times.
Aybee has always wanted to fuck his sister, since a young age, he had tried a few tricks to try and get her to oblige but she would not get the hint, he would plant incest porn on her computer so that she would see it when she came home, he even had a logger on her computer – the highlight of this fantasy of his is when he saw her watching straight porn once whilst spying on her PC, that feeling has been unmatched ever since, the butterflies in the stomach and heart in the mouth with ears at 900 degrees as he jacked off and came in seconds. Imagine if he ever got to fuck her…*
It was another boring day at work, well working from home since this CV19 situation has really changed everyone's habits, I was thinking about the Incest porn I had watched last night, it began to play in my mind and I started to get flashbacks of my sister when we were younger. A week ago she had come over to our house, I came down to greet her, and unknowingly to me she had come straight from work. Now, I have a very big weakness to female legs, especially long, slender ones – and there she was, in all her glory – wearing a short skirt which barely covered her thighs as she crossed one leg over another, not knowing the effect it was having on my hormones and thought process, she had skin coloured tights on too, I used to sniff those when she used to live at ours. Her face was caked with makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher, she would really dress to impress when she would go to work, I honestly think she must have a fuck buddy at work, lucky bastard! We spoke briefly about life, she asked about my children, who were in bed but it left a thought in my mind, that image of her with her sexy legs dangling had been imprinted in my filthy mind once again, and I wasn't going to let it go that easily..
As I was deep in thought, I felt my phone vibrate on my lap..*Buzzz!* – It was Sam!, "Could I borrow £350, I'll pay you back next Monday lol", this was a habitual thing, she would ask me for money because she knew very well I would give it to her, to this date she owes me over a £1000.. Do I ever say no to her? Nope, I'm pretty much a simp for her. I realised that I would start to gently flirt with her, we began to talk and I used my verbal prowess to impress her and make her laugh, I complained about my wife and how upbeat and angry she was all the time, she knew her well and knew that she was like that – I also teased her with the idea of what I would get in return for my £350, and that she should work for me. She laughed it of and said if I wanted a slap!
We spoke for some moments later and I told her about how much weight I have been lifting in the gym, impressing and shocking her with the numbers (Yes, I can squat 5 times her weight!). I then thought of the perfect idea, to show her my new office set up and to sneak in some pictures with hot women in stockings / tights and open bottle of baby oil in it.. I took 3 or 4 shots to ensure that it is perfect and cropped just enough to reveal my dirty habits to my unsuspecting sister. She didn't reply as quick and I thought she is going to send this in our family group and I'll be done for.. So I deleted it and sent her another picture which didn't have anything dirty on it, she said it's a nice set up, I regret deleting that picture.. surely she would not tell, I mean, I'm her fucking bank.. pretty much..
Our conversations continued, she was not very busy at work as the airport wasn't busy, I wasn't too busy either so we continued to flirt, it was awesome as I didn't have to hide anything, she is my sister after all! After some time, I thought to propose an idea to her.. I am still debating it until this day.. I am going to propose that my muscles ache a lot and my wife is too busy with the kids to give me a massage, so I'll tell her that I'll give her £100 if she gives me a nice massage in her flat. Now that would be a nice, first step.
To be continued…

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