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tagGroup SexLoosening Up Bk. 10 Ch. 26-30Chapter 26 — Louisiana II
Sometime during the night, another co-ed had snuck into Phoenix and Devon's room in the sorority house and inserted herself into the lovemaking that the threesome had been engaged in. Amazingly, she'd brought two things with her when she arrived — her bathrobe and her test results from the day before. Both were quickly dispensed with.
This time, Devon and Phoenix watched carefully as Dave gave Bonnie Lou what they learned was called The Experience. They all cuddled the naked co-ed to them awaiting her return from her unconscious state after the tidal wave of too much pleasure rendered senseless and comatose.
Bonnie Lou Delacroix also pledged her undying love for Dave once she regained consciousness. Phoenix and Devon enlisted her as another possible person to relocate to Sarasota in order to be near the Circle and Dave.
In the morning, Dave arose early and took a run through and around the LSU campus. Except for arriving commuters for some of the classes, the campus was remarkably quiet. He slipped back into the sorority house and into the girls' room to discover that nobody was awake. He went into the shower, trying to be as quiet as possible.
Phoenix joined him just after he finished shampooing his hair. "Can I help wash your back?" She grinned as she entered into the large shower stall. She was still delightfully naked from the night before, and he was restored from his run. The two quickly found that they could make love standing in just the right positions.
After their mutual orgasms, Phoenix plastered herself against him, pushing her breasts to his wet skin. "I can't believe how much I love you. I don't want you to leave, but I know you're just passing through. Could you just stay for another day?"
Dave agreed, and was rewarded with more passionate kisses from the attractive blonde. She said, "If you stay, I promise to get you more co-ed pussy — some of my sorority sisters, but can't guarantee anything until I talk to them. I'd give you the highest ratings, and given that I am a very picky and particular person about what I like in the way of men and sex, I'm sure my recommendation will mean a lot." All she wanted, was to please him.
Dave told her to chill for the time being. He was surprised at her offer of free pussy. "I really like you, Devon, and the surprise of Bonnie Lou. The three of you would be fun to hang out with unless you don't want somebody my age perving on you and your sisters. I do that with beautiful women, especially your age."
"Oh, God, NO! We love you. You're our favorite male in the whole world. Never think for an instant that we don't want to just … well, fuck all day long with you. We want you perving on our nubile bodies. From what we know of men, I presume you'd need a rest?" She frowned, "Although, you seemed still ready for another round last night when we finally fell asleep. God, that was so great."
Dave diverted the discussion, "I'd love a tour of LSU and Baton Rouge from someone. That's sufficient inducement to get me to stay another night. I'll also avail myself to you or any of your sisters that want to talk more about the Circle … or me, for that matter. I'll even take you, Bonnie Lou, and Devon out to dinner, if that would be a treat."
Devon came into the bathroom beautifully naked, sticky in various places with cum and female ejaculate, and rubbing her eyes to come awake. She kissed Phoenix and then kissed Dave without saying anything. She turned on the shower and got in. Phoenix and Dave went into the bedroom to dress. Bonnie Lou had gone to her own room.
After dressing and waiting for Devon to catch up, the three went downstairs to the dining area in the large house and went through the buffet line for breakfast. Phoenix explained about the way things worked and where things were. Dave ended with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, juice, and coffee.
As they ate breakfast, Bonnie Lou joined them again. She looked disappointed that she couldn't sit next to Dave, but sitting across from him she realized she became his focal point. He'd learned little about her the night before, and then plunged into treating her like the others, including the rampant fucking and sex they all enjoyed just about nonstop. This morning he got more of a focus on her.
Bonnie Lou had been a high school cheerleader and valedictorian of her class. At LSU, she hadn't made the cut for the cheerleading squad, but had maintained a nearly perfect straight-A grade point while studying chemistry. As a senior, she was uncertain what she'd do after graduation in May, but planned to apply to a number of graduate schools.
As Dave engaged her, he was struck by her shyness and tendency to only respond to questions rather than driving into the discussion on her terms. Phoenix had that skill down, but apparently hadn't become a role model for Bonnie. Devon was somewhere in the middle on that point.
Dave politely asked about how sexually social she'd been. She blushed and admitted that he'd been the fourth man she'd had intercourse with. In a low voice, she also commented that he'd been the best by huge margin. She told him, "I can't imagine anybody ever topping what you did to me last night. I really do love you."
Dave saw parallels to how he and Alice had behaved before they started to loosen up. He wondered whether a few challenges might give Bonnie, and perhaps Devon, some greater confidence and help them become more extroversive and aware.
Dave winked at Phoenix, and said, "Devon and Bonnie, there are a few things I'd like you to do today. While they're my requests, I think you will be the beneficiaries of the outcomes of what I ask you to do."
Both girls seemed to hang on every word he spoke.
Dave said, "First, I want both of you to go and put on skirts instead of the shorts you're wearing. Second, I want you to remove your underwear and bra; this is called going commando, and I want you in that condition. Third, at some time today, in class or on campus, I want you to flash either your tits or your pussy at a male that you don't know or a teacher of one of your classes. Do it so that you stay out of trouble, too. "
Both women gasped, but got up from the table. Phoenix said, "Why didn't you do that to me?"
"Do I need to?" he asked.
"No; you're right. I would have just done it and it wouldn't have made any difference in my future behavior. For those two, it'll get them out of the rut they're in."
"I call it loosening up. After I'm gone, you should take it upon yourself to give them loosening up challenges. Be gentle with them, otherwise they'll regress. I may be pushing them too much this morning, but you get the idea."
"I heard an interview with your wife Alice on the TV show a few months ago where she talked about some of the things she'd done to loosen up. I think I understand."
"I'll tell the two of them to listen to you, so you have some kind of referent authority over them that I've knighted you with. Just don't go overboard. No gangbangs, for instance; unless they decide that's what they want to do."
"You got it."
A few minutes later, Bonnie and Devon reappeared. Bonnie was in a pretty dress that flowed around her and whose hemline came about halfway between her knees and her crotch. Devon had on a pencil skirt, but a wraparound top that threatened to unravel in the slightest breeze. Both girls were displaying some significant cleavage, and each had put on some stylish heels, but not anything that resembled CFM shoes.
Dave praised them and talked about loosening up over the coming months. He told the two he was anointing Phoenix as his assistant in their loosening up process, and told the three of them that any of them could call him for help or ideas of any kind.
Bonnie sighed. "I need this. I was raised tighter than a drum head. My parents are very religious. They tried to pass it on. I don't get the God 'up there' images they're into, but I think there are spiritual forces at play in our lives. I did get their uptight attitudes about dress and sex, and a few other things. I've been working on the sex part first." She giggled and added, "But I guess you could tell that last night. You're the first man I ever had sex with that I hadn't known for at least a year. It just felt right. I felt something spiritual with you — a connection. I instantly knew when I met you at dinner that you were on my side and wanted to help me."
Dave reached across the table and took both of Bonnie's hands in his. "I promise to keep trying to help you be all that you can be. It'll be hard with you being here and me traveling or in Sarasota, but …"
"I was serious about trying to get into the school there for my graduate work. I promise I won't bug you a lot, but when I watch The Circle on television, I get this feeling that there are a couple of hundred people who are pushing each other to new and higher levels of accomplishment. That's not the feeling you get watching any other group of people that size."
Dave nodded. He hadn't thought of the Circle in quite that way, but there was more than a grain of truth to it. People pulled others up. They got out of the way so others could soar, and helped launch them to higher ground. They often provided the money and other resources so that someone without them could springboard ahead.
After breakfast, Devon and Bonnie scurried off to their first classes. Phoenix was free until early afternoon. She pulled Dave back to the dorm room, and without comment the two made love for an hour.
After a second round of showers, Phoenix rode on the back of Dave's motorcycle and directly him around the campus and local area showing him the important sights of Baton Rouge. Dave was delightfully surprised to find how thorough a city guide she was. She even knew the derivation of the city name — a red cypress tree stripped of its bark that Native Americans had used as a dividing line for their hunting grounds; the red stick.
The two had an early lunch at a busy sidewalk café that overlooked the Mississippi River, and then went back to campus so Phoenix could get her books and race off to her one o'clock class.
Devon and Bonnie met Dave and asked about his tour and what else had transpired during the morning. They teased him about his morning fuck with Phoenix, but also insisted on their share of the wealth.
The three went up to the dorm room and locked the door. Bonnie had not engaged in sex with other girls except the night before when everyone was together. Dave asked the two girls whether they thought that would stretch their minds and help them get out of their comfort zones. They did.
Dave taught the two of them what he knew about lesbian loving, assuring them that he was a delighted observer. Devon had some experience, but only with Phoenix. The result was that both girls started a chain of orgasms that went on the rest of the afternoon.
Dave wasn't at all left out, occasionally sticking his cock in a hole or two to help stimulate the women to some greater climax. Two other virginities had also been taken as Dave introduced them to anal intercourse. By five o'clock, the three of them were exhausted but aglow with sexual satisfaction. The two naked girls were curled up in his arms in a very rumpled bed.
The room had the pungent aroma of raw sex and sweat and cum and pussy juice. Faces and bodies were smeared with all those sexual fluids. The murmur of talk in the room sounded like love and contentment.
This was the scene that Phoenix found when she unlocked the door and came into her shared dorm room. She stopped inside the open door. Another co-ed looked in over Phoenix's shoulder and did a double-take at the nude threesome on the bed. No one made any attempt to move. Dave, Devon, and Bonnie smiled up at Phoenix.
Devon spoke, "Hi, Phoebe."
She shut the door, "Did you guys spend ALL afternoon here?"
"Yep. It was wonderful. Dave is wonderful. Bonnie and I have had so many orgasms I can't begin to describe it. I had anal sex, too — and I had some real powerful orgasms doing that. I can't believe how easy it was — a little uncomfortable to start, but then … wow!"
Bonnie joined in, "Yeah, me, too. I think I had more sex this afternoon than the rest of my life all put together. You know after last night that we all love Dave. Please don't be mad at us. We love you, too. Dave helped me in other ways to your benefit."
Phoenix laughed, "I'm not mad at you. I just realized that I should have cut my classes and been here."
Bonnie explained, "I also broke down my barrier to doing girl-on-girl sex. Dave helped orchestrate a few combinations. I am a convert. I loved eating out Devon, and especially having her eat me. She understands how to make me cum like a banshee."
Devon nodded, "Yeah, and this room probably has a new reputation as Porn Central or something. We weren't exactly quiet, especially when Dave wound us up and then had us pop off some unexpected orgasms. I heard some of our sisters laughing outside the door at one point."
Phoenix said, "Well, there's are some hors d'oeuvres downstairs and I'm hungry. Why don't we all get a glass of wine here, and take it downstairs."
Dave learned the afternoon before that the sorority did not serve alcohol, but those girls supposedly of age could keep beer or wine in their dorm rooms. The practice was widely abused, but if authorities asked or visited there was wiggle room. Phoenix poured everyone a large plastic cup of wine. For Dave, she explained that there'd be ice downstairs in the kitchen. Devon, Dave, and Bonnie took quick showers and they all went downstairs.
The atmosphere for cocktails and dinner was somewhat awkward. All three girls were studied and analyzed carefully by their sisters, but by far the most interest was shown in Dave. There had been no doubt that he had pleased the two roommates and their friend many times the night before, and then repeated the process for most of the day — and with many of the sisters taking turns listening at their dorm room door before they went off to jill off in their own room. Most had heard the moans, groans, shrieks, and screams of delight. The group proved to be an arousing stimulant to everyone else.
Dave smiled graciously at all of the girls. They looked back, each with a wistful smile and a heavy dose desire. Dave noted again that bras seemed to be especially absent, and that whatever tops were being worn were especially revealing either because of cleavage or the thinness of the material or both.
Dinner included spaghetti with all the trimmings. The sauces were especially tasty. Several comments and questions led to Dave talking about Bobby and her kitchen staff at the Circle, and how she managed to put on five-star meals on a nightly basis for everyone. By the time he was through talking about some of her homemade ice cream, every mouth in the place was salivating.
Another question led him to reveal about Bobbie, Maddy, and Merry as a fundamentally lesbian threesome that lived together. He also mentioned that they had a child and that he was the father.
In another exchange, several girls had looked up the Circle website and newsletter. They'd also found the fan club website. Dave explained that the first one was done by Erin, a member of the Circle. The fan club was a wholly-separate organization that had started by some people he'd just met and was based in Chicago. He mentioned the first 'annual' conference that he was going to keynote along with Cricket and possibly a few others. He also mentioned that he was the father of Erin's child.
Dave fielded questions about the fan club. One girl in the sorority had recently joined but hadn't gotten Cricket's book and any information about the October conference yet. Given it was only a few weeks, he suggested that if anybody wanted to go, they should use the website and not wait for snail mail to get things to them. He also told them that Cricket had written another book that was going to be distributed at the conference detailing the steps people could take to start their own Circle.
Dave then asked a telling question, "Just out of curiosity, how many of you would be interested in starting your own Circle, or being part of a start-up group?"
Almost instantly, almost every hand in the room shot up — around thirty girls. He noted that Phoenix, Devon, and Bonnie's hands were the first to get raised.
Dave pushed a little harder, "Of the thirty or so of you, how many have boyfriends or partners that you believe would also enjoy the lifestyle with you?"
Of the thirty hands, about half went down, leaving fifteen. Dave said, "I'll be sure you get some copies of Cricket's new book. I'll also provide a few other copies of her first book on the Circle for your house library or to share with sympathizers. I'll also get a couple of copies of the past seasons' DVDs for you." As he spoke, he was composing an email to Erin with his request. Bonnie provided the address of the sorority house to him when he needed it.
Dave thought dinner was about over and that the group Q&A session would end, when one of the co-eds close-by asked him a question. "I'm Mallory. I know that you talk about sex openly in the Circle, so I think I can ask this question without being an irritant. We were very aware of your sexual performance last night and today. You turned three women into devoted lovers, too — not something any of them or any of us expected from them. How did you do that? What do you do to do what you do? Do you use some magic stimulant to perform?" She smiled broadly.
Dave laughed, "Practice a lot." Everyone laughed.
He explained further, "I use a few vitamins and supplements, and I take a daily small dose of Cialis to enhance my personal performance. I also exercise and stay fit. I do practice … and I also studied Tantric sex. The last practice lets me tap into some spiritual energy and connectedness with the woman or women that I am making love with. My focus is on delivering pleasure. Thus, I can enjoy and deliver and share in sexual excitement and fulfillment without always worrying about how my genitals will perform or whether I have an orgasm or not. A dry orgasm can also be pleasing to a man.
"Using these techniques has become somewhat automatic for me, especially when my normal physiological responses would tell me I was incapable of further erections or orgasms. Males are limited you know. For my partners, I can focus on them and deliver to them ten, twenty, fifty, or more orgasms during a lovemaking session."
As he talked, Bonnie, Devon, and Phoenix were all nodding in fervent agreement.
"Another thing I've done to enhance my skills at lovemaking is to study the physiology of women. I learned the erogenous zones, including ones that are deeply hidden. To tap into those often results in the kind of rapid devotion you see in your three sisters based on things we did last night, and that carried over into today. Just so you know, as a result of our sessions, I feel very loving and warm towards each of them, as well. Love is a two-way street. If someone loves you, it's hard not to love them back."
The pixie that had asked the question, said, "Thank you. If I want details, I'll find out how to contact you from Phoenix."
Another girl turned to Devon and said, "Did he really give you twenty orgasms?" The group laughed.
In a serious tone, Devon said, "This afternoon I wasn't counting, but I'm guessing the number was more like fifty or sixty. Dave had me coming in a nearly continuous stream of girl cums all afternoon. I never thought I was multi-orgasmic until he arrived. Now, oh my God, I'm multi-multi-multi-multi orgasmic."
Bonnie spoke up to the girl, "Just so you know, he did the same to me. The most I've ever had in one session was two. This afternoon was so mind-blowing with so many that I can't tell you how high he raised the bar for any other man I might ever consider as a serious lover."

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