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tagGroup SexLoosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 06-10Chapter 6 — Babies
Jenn Whitaker stood about fifteen feet onto the patio at three o'clock one afternoon in mid-February. She looked around. It was a normal good weather day, even the temperatures were acceptable if you could stay out of the sea breeze. A hedge row of bougainvillea along one edge of the patio stopped the breezes from infiltrating part of the patio.
In one direction, a dozen women sat around reading or working on the iPads or computers. All were topless. A couple were completely naked working on that all-over tan. In the other direction, Dave sat at a table with his computer open and his headset on. He was listening to music, and trying his best to memorize a couple of new country songs.
If you were sitting close to him, you could have heard him mouthing the lyrics to the songs as they played. Dave was in shorts with no shirt on.
Jenn's posture changed suddenly and she gasped, "Oh, fuck!" Less than thirty seconds later, she yelled, "HELP! MY WATER'S BROKEN."
Dave glanced up as he saw five of the women leap to their feet and race towards Jenn. He jerked off his headset and followed them. Something was wrong. They all looked concerned.
Jenn looked at him as he got to her with tears in her eyes. "It's happening. I'm in labor. I was coming to tell you that I've felt a couple of pangs."
Dave pointed between his house and Ty and Dori's home. "That way. My car is right there."
Jenn shook her head, "It's too soon. Now, I'm reminded what labor pains are. They're too far apart." She suddenly grimaced as another contraction started deep inside her. Her pelvic bones were creaking apart and her exit sign was blinking for the baby; the act was painful and unsettling.
Dave glanced at his phone's face, noting the time.
Jenn asked someone to get her daughter. Nova was inside the core helping out with some of the younger children. The eleven-year-old was precocious and well-informed about what her mother would be going through.
The pretty young brunette bounced out of the core seconds later. She ran up to her mother where she sat. "What's going on?"
Jenn explained as the other's listened, "I'm going into labor. You remember what that means?"
Nova nodded, "Sure. Your uterus is contracting, your cervix is effacing or opening so the baby can get out. How far apart are your contractions?"
Jenn winced as another labor pain hit her.
Dave responded, "Five minutes, plus that one lasted about thirty seconds. I think we should call Dr. Carol."
Jenn didn't argue. Seconds later, Dave was explaining to their OB/GYN about Jenn's condition. She had another strong contraction during the call. Carol was blunt, "Get her to the hospital, STAT!"
Dave turned around. Rose had brought a golf cart around the long way so Jenn could ride to Dave's car. Jenn got into the cart and seconds later, Dave was driving her to the hospital. Her 'Go Bag' had been in the car for two weeks, as well as everything Dave needed.
A nurse with a wheelchair met them at the emergency room entrance. After getting her situated, the nurse told Dave, "Second floor. Obstetrics signs. Hurry." Jenn looked pale and worried. Why had the nurse told him to hurry? He kissed her and ran the car into a parking spot and ran back through the entrance doors.
Dave reconnected with Jenn in the delivery room. She gave him a wan smile as he appeared wearing scrubs, a surgical cap, and a surgical mask. She grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed for all she was worth as another labor pain shot through her. This one lasted at least a minute. Jenn already looked exhausted. She was sweating despite the cool room.
Jenn gasped, "This is all happening so fast. With Nova, this all took hours."
The nurse who was standing there, said, "Oh, second babies come when they want to. First ones always stall and take their time. This one wants to come out real soon."
Dr. Carol burst into the delivery room adjusting her mask and rubber gloves. "Hi everyone. I hear we have a baby to deliver. Hi Jenn."
Carol dove right into Jenn's vagina, inserting a gloved hand and probing around inside. Jenn had a labor pain as she did.
Carol turned to the nurse, "She's fully effaced. At least ten centimeters. We have a baby about to arrive any second."
Dave was tasked with feeding ice chips to Jenn between contractions and otherwise holding her hand or rubbing her back when she could sort of roll to one side. Jenn was mostly quiet except for the groans when the pains permeated her lower region.
Carol puttered around the delivery room, helping a nurse prepare the cleanup station for the baby and getting a few surgical tools ready. She did give a shot of lanocaine so that when she did the episiotomy Jenn would be a little more comfortable.
Carol suddenly announced after checking, "The baby is crowning." She gestured and Dave moved to see where she was pointing. Jenn's vagina was gaping and a two-inch diameter circle of pink scalp could be seen.
Carol said to him, "Touch it softly."
Dave lightly stroked the small diameter of skin and wet baby hair. Carol said, "You have just touched the top of your baby's head, and it hasn't even been officially born yet."
Carol did a quick pelvic and abdominal exam from the outside, listening intently with her stethoscope.
"Time to push when your next contraction starts. You know the drill."
Jenn about busted every blood vessel in her body as she pushed a minute later.
Carol announced, "Baby's head is out. Do that again on the next one, too." Dave peeked over Jenn's body.
Two minutes later, Jenn repeated her colossal push. The rubbery limbs of a healthy pink baby popped into Carol's hands. She was a flurry of activity clearing the mouth and nose, and then injecting something into the baby's eyes. The baby was fussing and working its way up to a good cry — its first.
Carol passed the crying baby to the nurse. "Crying is good," she commented. "Get the lungs working as they should. We like that. Strong lungs."
"What is it?" Jenn asked. She was finally coming of the delirium of her exhaustive efforts.
"Oh, yeah," Carol said. "I forgot you didn't want to know until today. You just delivered a very healthy baby boy, thank you. Got a name?"
Jenn said, "Douglas Prentiss Whitaker, please."
Dave leaned in and kissed Jenn. "That's lovely. Thank you."
Jenn started to cry, "I love you so much." Dave wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.
"And I love you." Dave had tears in his eyes, too. "You just did something really great. You and I are forever linked in love."
Carol watched and listened as she fussed with the placenta and then put pressure on Jenn's lower abdomen to staunch the bleeding inside. After a few minutes she released the pressure and then monitored the vagina for blood flow. When none was evident, Dave could see she relaxed a little.
The nurse arrived a minute later with little Douglas cleaned up, checked out, swaddled snugly in a baby blue blanket, and wearing a little matching blue cap.
Carol announced, "All right. Jenn, you go onto our Watch List for the next twelve hours. Expect to be checked in your nether region and have your blood pressure and other vitals taken frequently. Unless there's something else, I'll see you tomorrow morning."
Dave went over to Carol and held her hands. He was still emotional after watching the birth of his son. "Carol, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you just did for us."
Carol gave him a hug and said, "Dad, go relax and tell everybody back home what just happened. I'm sure you have a few friends to share the news with. She can have visitors tonight, too, but only a few at a time."
Ten days later, Dave repeated the same expression of gratitude as Ashley lay smiling on the gurney next to him holding Priscilla Winslow Hanks. This time the baby was wrapped in a pink blanket and wearing a little pink hat.
A day later, Dave was in a different delivery room at Tampa General. Cindy was beside him holding just birthed Kimball Prentiss Worthington. Dave suspected the pink blanket and matching hat were part of marketing effort by blanket and hat makers somewhere in the world,
* * * * *
Erin orchestrated a few interviews back at the Circle. People magazine was the first — an interview and portfolio of pictures with Jenn, little Douglas, Nova, Dave — of course, Ashley, baby Priscilla, toddler Kendall, and Kyle. Cindy and Kimball opted out of the family portrait.
Ashley was there because of her status as America's country music sweetheart. Further, she had an unconventional open marriage with husband Kyle and Dave, the result of which was Dave's children Kendall and Priscilla by her.
Dave was touted as the fastest rising country music star in the business. The hyperbole notwithstanding, he admitted to siring sixteen children with Circle women and Cindy. He was stepdad to a few others, and there was some suspect paternity in a few other cases. Thus, a new and famous star had lots of kids, among them Douglas with Jenn and Ashley's brood.
The magazine loved Dave, Ashley, and anything to do with the Circle. It sold magazines! Besides the spread on the new births a week prior, the entertainment rag again featured some detailed explanations about the Circle, reminded readers about the television show, mentioned the fan club, and promised further revelations in subsequent editions.
There were some other 'official' portraits taken that day, as well. The Circle would control the copyrights on those as they got distributed with the press release Erin had prepared.
Dave insisted that Dr. Carol Dalton be in some of the photos. With a lot of laughter, she stood at the back of the group with Kyle, except she was wearing her white doctor's lab coat and had a stethoscope around her neck and wore her glasses.
In most photos, Kyle stood behind the group looking like the elder statesman to the entire family. In many ways, he was.
As others fawned over the babies, including a couple of grandmothers, Dave led Carol outside to the patio. Mid-March boded well for great spring weather. The day was warm and Carol didn't have to work.
Dave turned to her, "Swim?"
"I'd love to, but I didn't think to bring a suit. I was so psyched up to be in a picture with all of you for a national magazine. I'm just blown away. You didn't have to do that, you know? My ego is now sufficiently stroked."
Dave smiled, "We wanted to. As far as swimming, you don't need a suit. You could wear underwear or just go nude. I'll join you so you don't feel alone. Look around, there are a few of our stalwart nudists catching the rays."
Carol did glance around the pool patio. At least six women were naked. She turned to Dave, "I thought you didn't do nudity with the children around?"
Dave nodded, "It's not the nudity, it's the sex we avoid displaying to them. The nudity is fine so long as people keep their hands and sex organs to themselves." He laughed.
"So, I can trust you not to spear me with your dangerous weapon." She glanced down at the bulge in his pants.
"Duh, yes. Did you read Cricket's book?"
"Yes. Fascinating. I know what you were going to say, too. Consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex. Just yet, I'm not consenting."
"You'll fit in really well around here. I think you should pledge." There was a teasing tone to his voice, almost as if he were tossing out a dare for her to consider.
Another couple showed up at the edge of the pool — Carolyn and Joe Carsdahl. They stood together at the deep end and then executed near perfect dives into the large pool. They were both naked. When they surfaced, they flowed into each other's arms and kissed.
Dave cajoled her a little, "Come on. The water is about eighty degrees and very inviting. Stay, have a swim, join us for cocktails and then dinner, too."
Carol took a huge gulp of air. "I've never been skinny dipping. I'm rarely naked, but there is a salacious appeal to your offer. I'll do it."
Dave led the way to a couple of chairs in the shade. "We can leave our clothes here." Dave stripped. Uncharacteristically, he was in slacks and a sport shirt for the photo session and interview. He usually wore shorts and one of his band t-shirts around the Circle.
Under her knee-length lab coat, Carol had worn Bermuda shorts and a professional-looking scoop neck blouse. The shucked all that, then removed the bra and slid her panties down her legs. She watched Dave to see whether he was having any kind of reaction to her undressing or nudity. Wisely, he submerged those feelings and managed to look elsewhere. His peripheral vision did register the activity but not the details.
Out of the corner of his eye, he did see her checking out his unwrapped package as he folded his slacks and sport shirt over the back of the chair. He'd been commando. At least she was curious.
The two went to the water's edge, and dove in. They both swam a few lazy laps of the pool and then stood midway along the pool. The water level was right at the level of Carol's breasts.
Carol said, "Oh, my God, I may never wear clothes again when I swim. This feels just as wonderful and scandalous as I'd hoped. Is this even legal?"
"Yes, it's legal. If you don't believe me you can check with Mandy — the naked brunette sitting reading next to the palm tree right there." He pointed. "She works at the crime lab and her steady boyfriend is a lieutenant in the Sarasota County Sheriff's Department. We have a couple of other Circle members around with law enforcement links. Besides, this is private property without sightlines to the outside world."
Carol was quiet for a while. Dave didn't feel compelled to fill the silence. They both floated around in the pool doing slow laps and zigzagging around a few others who were also swimming.
Carol finally said, "Why didn't you scope me out when I took off my clothes?"
Dave laughed, "What makes you ask that?"
"Answering a question with another question is unfair."
"Fair is a relative term. What's fair to me may be unfair to you. Further, I think you're beautiful with or without clothes on. I didn't want to embarrass you by allowing my jaw to drop open, my tongue to loll out of my mouth in lust and desire, my eyes to spring out of my head as they took in every detail of every pore of your body, and my mouth to drool."
Carol floated closer to him. "I really appeal to you? You appeal to me. You've never even tried to kiss me."
"Would that be a successful maneuver?" he asked.
"It would." She came inside his personal space, and then they shared a few very nice sensual kisses. The longer they kissed the more her naked body pushed against his, until she could feel his rising passion between them. Her breasts rested against his manly chest.
"I'm worried about taking the initiative," she confessed.
"Don't be; the Circle is unusually egalitarian between the sexes. I worry about coming on too strong to someone that doesn't want to be approached. I'm thinking about how that may not be the case here."
"It's not. I'm very welcoming — VERY! I have desires, too. Is there a place we could go that's private?"
Dave chuckled, "Yes, kind of. My bedroom that you saw on your tour. Once in a while someone else will show up with the same motivation. We tend to acknowledge each other, but any further interactions are subject to negotiation."
The two climbed out of the pool by the stairs, rinsed off in the outdoor showers, wrapped towels around themselves, collected their clothes, and walked to Dave's home.
Cricket was working in the living room and waved over her shoulder to the couple as they passed by on the way to the stairs. Dave noticed that Carol blushed at the silent interaction. She'd been seen — naked, to boot.
Dave and Carol were not the first in the bedroom. Pam was there with Mike Holiday. She was astride him in the cowgirl position with her generous breasts oscillating as she rode him. Mike was groaning and pumping up into her body.
Carol froze at the door. One hand covered her mouth.
Dave whispered to her, "Think of it as live pornography. Allow yourself to be a voyeur. We're all exhibitionists and voyeurs."
Carol whispered, "We won't bother them?"
Before Dave could answer, Pam said, "Hi husband. Come and watch us fuck. You have someone new. Great! She's pretty. Cricket and Jim were in here until about ten minutes ago."
Dave said, "She's downstairs working."
Pam laughed, "And full of his spunk."
The two went into the bedroom and took the other bed. They lay side-by-side and made out for a bit. Dave toyed with Carol's breasts, sucking and fondling, and then stroked down her body to her pubic hair. He slid lower so he could minister to her nether region with his mouth and fingers.
Dave helped Carol peak using his fingers and administering love to her clitoris. She was excited, panting, and often gasping for air.
Eventually, she coaxed him up into her arms. "Love me. Fuck me." She opened herself to him.
Dave moved between her legs and slowly delivered his hardness to her body in a succession of slow sensual strokes into her body where each penetration only went a fraction of an inch deeper than the previous one.
Carol started to produce copious quantities of female juices that flooded the area. Dave would back away when she'd try to rush the deep penetration. She'd moan and allow him to play his game. They kissed repeatedly.
Dave took almost five minutes to fully embed in her body. Carol had pulled her legs back, even putting her knees by her shoulders. Dave took long and deep complete strokes into and out of her body.
Often, when he was completely lodged in her body, he'd lean down and kiss her, using his tongue to coax hers into a playful erotic duel. Even as they played his long strokes continued.
Dave added a few fingers onto her clit, and Carol started to peak. Dave joined her as she crested. Their bodies were locked together in a lover's embrace. Their hearts were entwined and in love.
Chapter 7 — First Solo Concert
Dave paced back and forth in the green room. He was so nervous his throat was constricted. He told himself, 'There's no way I can sing tonight. How embarrassing. I'll go out there and croak my way through the first song, apologize, and run off stage. My singing career will be over.
His knees knocked together whenever he stood still. He looked down and could see the dangling tassels on his western boots shaking in tune with his nervousness.
He'd been more relaxed when the others were in the room. Zoey and the Circle had left the room forty-five minutes earlier to warm up the crowd with their songs and music. Zoey was so good. Kyle had an album of theirs ready for release any day. Their appearance tonight on the same billing as Dave was coup for the neophyte group.
Dave's own band had left five minutes earlier to get their instruments back stage and to be ready to go onstage for the final set up as Zoey and the Circle packed up their toys.
The door opened. The manager of the Oklahoma City Chesapeake Energy Arena smiled in at Dave. "We're ready, Mr. Prentiss. If you follow me, I'll be sure you get to your entry point for the stage. There'll be an usher there as you end to get you back here, too."
Dave thought about telling him to scrub the performance. He felt bile rise into his mouth. His innards spasmed. He grabbed a water bottle to wash down the acidic feeling. How do people do this? He took a huge gulp of air and followed the man down the hallway, past several security points, and then through a maze of corridors.
As they got to the door, Zoey burst into the hallway. "Dave! The crowd is wonderful. So responsive. We're going to watch from the back somewhere after we change." She kissed his cheek and fluttered by.

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