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tagGroup SexLoosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 11-15Chapter 11 — Traveling Again
Dave carefully unwrapped the motorcycle that he'd stored in a large tool crib at Dallas' Love Field — the 1988 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail that had starred in the movie Road Trip along with Dave's wife Scarlett Johansson. He'd tightly wrapped the bike in plastic sheeting as a dust cover after winterizing it, including the addition of a stabilizing additive to the gasoline in the tank and several containers of damp-rid to keep moisture at bay.
After wheeling the bike out of the hangar where it had been stored, he gave the starter a try. To his surprise, the battery had remained charged enough to start the bike after a minor hesitation. The motorcycle roared to life, the sound echoing around behind him in the large open hangar.
Several of the mechanics and linemen came over to him and to marvel at the motorcycle. The ownership of the motorcycle in storage had become widely known by everyone at the aircraft service station. Some of the people made favorable comments to Dave about liking his singing and hoping to see him live soon at a concert.
One asked for a picture. Dave gathered all of them together and got some who didn't want to be in the photo to take a collective picture of all of them standing behind the Harley. As he stood there, he sent the photo by email to each of them.
One of the women in the group, a pretty auburn haired fox and an office worker who'd come out to see what the commotion was, asked, "Need someone to ride with you the rest of your journey?"
Dave teased, "Hop on, although that pencil skirt might be a problem."
She laughed and said, "I really would go with you … but I have a ton of other commitments … and a husband who just wouldn't understand." She sighed in regret. Dave hugged her and kissed her forehead.
Dave rode the bike back to the motel at the outskirts of the airport where he'd stayed last night with Alice. He stopped to put air in the tires. Alice had flown him to Dallas to restart his journey and stayed overnight. She'd left early that morning after they made love to fly back to Sarasota and return to work as the CFO of EneRG.
Dave had gotten more economical about what he needed on his trip. Well he allowed for camping out, he opted to dispense with the cookware and tent. All food was eatable without cooking such as energy bars, and the tarp he carried was large enough to fold over his down sleeping bag and keep him dry. He planned to use aluminum tarp poles to prop up the tarp as a cover, if he needed to tent.
The one thing he had bought, patterning himself after Jim Mellon — the main character in the book Cricket wrote entitled Road Trip — was a travel guitar in a waterproof case. He also had a couple of practice music books his instructor had given him. He'd packed those in waterproof bags.
Dave admitted to himself that at his advanced age he'd become addicted to creature comforts such as a nice bed, an air-conditioned room, and good meals that he didn't have to worry about preparing. He'd take his chances as he traveled regarding room and meal availability, but those were his preferences.
Dave took the time to set up his carefully programmed iPad Mini onto the handle bars of the Harley on a special mount. The device would charge off of the bike's electrical system, and show him micro and macro views of his route.
Dave headed out from the motel after packing and stowing all his gear, again with about twenty bungee cords. He did use the Interstate and some of the freeways to get from Dallas to Fort Worth, and then to head west along some of the U.S. and state routes. He rapidly concluded that Texas was (a) large, (b) spacious, and (c) often desolate. Flying over the state, which he'd done many times, rapidly became his preferred method of traversing.
He headed for Abilene, Texas as an overnight stop. A quick telephone call and he had a room at the Hilton Garden Inn. He poked along the route and was rarely the fastest vehicle on the road. He noted that even some of the local roads had seventy miles per hour speed limits.
Dave chuckled as he drove through the sprawling community as he remembered a story from his younger days called the Abilene Paradox. It was about some family that ended up driving to Abilene even though none of them really wanted to go. They all thought they were doing what the others wanted to do, when in fact Abilene was the farthest from any of their individual's wishes. One moral to the story was about honesty in communications with others.
Dave had a nice dinner at the motel and then spent the evening working on some of his song lyrics, and then practicing his guitar and even trying to work out fitting the music to the words he'd written, often modifying one or the other. He wasn't impressed by his work, but thought the effort was useful as practice. One day he might just hit the right combination of words and music to that he had something he really liked.
He'd gotten several ideas for new songs driving to Abilene, so he made some extensive notes about those. The next day, as he got on the road heading for New Mexico, he'd work at refining the ideas in his mind.
Dave headed out early the next morning aiming for Albuquerque — a five-hundred-mile day. He made his first stop a coffee shop across from a small park in Lubbock, Texas. He walked around the park to get the blood flowing in his body after sitting on the bike part of the morning. He figured he was about a third of the way to Albuquerque at that point.
Dave had a concert to give in Albuquerque on the University of New Mexico campus at the Dreamstyle Arena. Kyle had emailed him that the arena was a sellout crowd. He also said he wasn't sure whether he'd have Shiloh Gentry there to join in or not. Since Dave would have several days before the event, he'd have time to adjust and work things out with the band ahead of time.
Dave groaned as he got off his bike in front of the hotel in Albuquerque. He expected his back to hurt a little. It hurt a lot. He hoped the pool area had a Jacuzzi.
Without unloading the bike, he registered for the room that had been arranged for him. As in a few other cities, the concert entourage had taken over the entire top floor of the hotel, occupying all of their suites. Dave got a few items of luggage from the bike and went up to the room.
To his immense pleasure, Shiloh was sitting in the room with her feet up on the bed. She was wearing a bikini.
"Oh, goody. My lover is here," she hummed as she ran to meet him and kiss him. "I've missed you."
Dave struggled to straighten up, "I'm sore from riding. You don't happen to do massages, do you?"
Shiloh lit up, "I do. I know all the muscle groups and everything. Remember, I was studying to be a physician's assistant before you discovered me. Come and lie down."
Dave hobbled over to the bed and fell face first in one of the pillows. "When did you get here?" She started to pull his clothes from his body as he rolled around to help.
"I flew in from Tulsa this morning. The only flight. I found out from Kyle that you'd likely be here today, and I wanted to be with you."
As they talked, she stripped Dave's clothes away until he was naked. She pushed him down and started feeling along his spinal column, just about digging her fingers into his back around every vertebra. She massaged each area and tested its tenderness.
"You shouldn't ride so far in one day. I can tell there's some swelling back here."
"You're telling me. I did this distance a few times last year without any problem." "Ouch! You're killing me."
"I'm trying to relax all the muscles that you've been holding in tension all day."
Dave looked back at her. She'd become naked. The bikini had been tossed aside. After another painful series of pulses, he asked, "Do they have a Jacuzzi here?"
"In the bathroom. We have the premier suite. It's got everything except hot and cold running maids. I'll handle that part of things for you. There's a fruit tray in the living room. Can I get you something?"
Dave thought and groaned as she worked his shoulder muscles, "White wine over ice. Did you eat?"
"No, I was waiting for you. I learned that a few of your wives track your location with their phones. Cricket let me know that you were on your way this morning, and then when I checked in with her at lunch, you were obviously in downtown Nowhere, Texas, aiming for Albuquerque."
"I assume we're singing together? There anything I should know?"
"We are, and I think we're in good shape. I hope it's all right, but I also made arrangements to stay with you for a week."
"I was going to hang around New Mexico," Dave muttered almost into the pillow. "I want to see Santa Fe and Taos. I'd love your company. After two nights alone, I'm already lonely."
"You won't be with me around. I love you. You can fuck my lights out around the clock, too. Come on. Get up and move around. Before you do that, it's Jacuzzi time. Take some Tylenol, too." She pulled him to his feet and pushed him in the direction of the suite's luxurious bathroom. On the way, he washed down two of the aspirin with some wine.
After filling the tub, Dave lay back in Shiloh's arms as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. He could feel her breasts and rigid nipples against his wet back. She often kissed him and kept running her hands over his body. Bubbles and warm water swirled all around them. Several times she had him sit forward so she could massage his back again.
"I'm feeling much better thanks to you."
"Almost Dr. Gentry at your service."
"Why not continue and get the MD? Go beyond the PA degree." he asked.
"And sing? That's an unlikely combination, given the time to do both. The singing thing is a blast and a surprise to myself. I want to see what this turns into and then maybe take a long sabbatical from the singing and try to finish the MD, residency, and what not. You motivated me to think big about myself. As it is, I'll just squeak out of school with the PA degree."
"Good. I like the idea of doing both careers in parallel though. You can become The Singing Doctor." He chuckled.
She turned him to her and kissed his lips in a very seductive way. She said, "I'd rather be the Singing Slut where you're concerned. I want to be doing sexual things with you every second of the day."
Dave kissed her, "The feeling is mutual."
"Good, then come and let me suck on your periscope. The tip keeps sticking up above the waterline."
The two dried off and made it to the large bed. They were quickly in a sixty-nine, Dave fingering and licking her snatch, as she toyed and sucked on his cock and balls. Soon, her natural moistness returned. The two changed positions.
She carefully lowered her moistness to his mouth, and he launched into action. He drew strength and recovery from the nectar she produced for him … because of him. She brought him to the edge and backed him down several times.
"Let me do all the work," Shiloh told him as she mounted him in a classic cowgirl. Dave nodded and started to toy with her breasts as the velvet warmth wrapped around his cock as Shiloh started to move in a stimulating way.
Shiloh rode her steed as she talked to him of her love, her newly found desire to be a slut for him, and how she was still loosening up for him in every way imaginable. Eventually, her dirty talk and words were too much for the man, and he joined her in a glorious matched-pair of climaxes in which he painted her insides with a gallon of milky man cream.
The two snuggled and kissed on the bed for a long time. Practicality won out when Dave's stomach made an audible complaint about the lack of serious food. Shiloh laughed and rolled out of his arms. "OK, dinner is on the docket. They have a nice dining room downstairs, as well as a cocktail lounge. There's supposed to be a jazz combo there tonight; I asked. The locals come to this place because it's so nice."
They showered, and as they returned to the room to dress, Dave was pleased that Shiloh had brought a suitcase with her of some casual clothes for him that didn't require him to put on the tightly packed clothes he carried on his bike. He'd more or less be wrinkle free.
As Shiloh started to pull her undies up her legs, he stopped her. "No undies tonight, my slutty darling. I want you minimally dressed, and hopefully very revealing. I want you to entertain the locals, as you called them. If you're still loosening up, you could consider this as part of the tasks that lead you in that direction."
Shiloh laughed and pushed the bikini undies back down her leg. "I'll try to get us arrested for indecent exposure; how's that?"
"Sounds about right," he chuckled. "Besides, I might need to do a pussy check several times tonight while we're downstairs. I need to be sure it's still there."
A few minutes later, they took the elevator down to the ground floor and strolled into the restaurant. Shiloh was wearing an emerald jade dress with no back, and four-inch CFM shoes. She matched her eye shadow to the color of the dress, and her lipstick was a flamboyant red that any male would desire around his cock from her.
Dave had played this game before, but not for months. He sat Shiloh where she'd have the maximum opportunity to flash her adoring public. He took the potentially more boring seat looking at the wall, but the wall was mirrored so he could spot those voyeurs at his girlfriend's pussy.
They were promptly greeted by a cute waitress who took their order for drinks and left them menus.
After the waitress left, Shiloh leaned slightly forward at the table and said, "You know, Tulsa girls are pretty casual about how they sit. We don't have all those northern hang-ups about keeping our knees together, and we don't worry too much about things like modesty or exposing body parts." She smirked, "I just thought you should know the type of girl sitting opposite from you for dinner."
Dave grinned, "My kind of girl."
Shiloh said, "So, right now on this Thursday night, there are ten guys at the bar trying to look at my boiling hot snatch that happens to be leaking your jizz. Since it's under the table in the shadows, I'm sure they're each wondering whether I'm really bare-ass naked under this dress or whether their brains are just making up stories about what they're seeing."
At that instant, Shiloh's clutch purse fell off the table onto the floor. Several of the contents spread around the small space next to the table. Dave made to get up to recover the items, but Shiloh said, "Don't you dare move. This is my job."
She slipped out of seat, moved into the cluttered space, and bent over straight-legged to pick up the contents that had spilled from her purse. This was no small feat, given the height of her heels, but she pulled it off. In the process the short skirt of her dress rode up to hips, fully exposing her entire ass and pussy, including her swollen labia from their earlier playing, to anybody looking in her direction.
Dave checked the mirror. About ten young men all around thirty were nearly falling over staring at Shiloh's assets. She slowly collected everything, having to change position several times, thereby aiming her goodies at slightly different parts of the bar. A few other males visually locked onto her sexual features.
Eventually, Shiloh seemed to have collected everything. She made a point of scanning under two nearby empty tables, even squatting with her legs apart to check, and then retook her seat. She also made it clear she was putting her purse where it wouldn't spill again.
She smiled at Dave with a naughty inflection. "THAT should have given everybody a show worth remembering for the rest of their lives."
Dave was laughing, "It did. You captivated the entire bar, even the three women sitting there. I applaud your theatric skills. You pulled that off in a flawless but bawdy performance worth remembering for all of time by every member of your small but eager audience. You should have gotten a standing ovation, but none of the men wanted to stand and display the huge bulges in their pants that you inspired."
Shiloh smiled, "Do ya think?" She laughed.
"I think there are about ten or fifteen men at the bar that would readily do a gangbang with you if you were willing, and nudity and sex wasn't against the law in a public place."
"Oh, how exciting." She beamed, and Dave could tell she was again flashing the bar. Finally, as their drinks arrived, she crossed her legs and bounced her sexy shoe at the end of her toes as they talked.
Shiloh confided in Dave, "You do know that I have never done this before in my life. I'm cruising on pure adrenalin and what my slutty mind can think up. Your attitude and smile make it all worthwhile."
Midway through the meal, the manager of the hotel stopped by the table. Shiloh looked horrified, thinking that she was about to be disciplined for her little act.
"Mr. Prentiss. Miss Gentry. Good evening. I wish to welcome you on behalf of all the management and staff. We're so glad you chose us to stay with during your visit. Our valet noted that you still have many items of luggage on your motorcycle. I am here to ask if you would like us to carefully unpack it and deliver it to your suite?"
Dave nodded, "That would be wonderful. Do you want me to move the bike?"
"Oh, no. It's perfect where it is, just as the valet told you. Many of your fans in town will recognize the bike. To tell you the truth, we appreciate the notoriety of having it out front of the hotel. We are keeping a close guard on it, I might add."
Dave explained, "I was a little tender from having ridden all day. I needed a soak in the Jacuzzi tub in my room. It was perfect, and yes, thank you, I'd love to have my things brought up."
The manager smiled, "Straight away. Enjoy your stay. The others in your party aren't arriving until Friday evening I'm told. We hope you'll all be happy with our accommodations." He bowed slightly and left the table.
Shiloh said after he'd left, "Being a celebrity is heady stuff — very ego gratifying. I find I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm human like everybody else, and that everyone is special in some way. I just happen to have found a niche that's public and highly visible. I remind myself to remain humble and stick to my roots rather than get bitchy with a sense of entitlement."
Dave smiled, "Oh, babe, you and I are so aligned with our value set on this. I know I have all sorts of privileges, but, as they say, I still put my pants on one leg at a time."
Shiloh smiled, "I hope so. I feel remarkably transformed since meeting you and falling in with the Circle, the band, and the rest of your entourage. I went from occasionally thinking about sex to almost being consumed by it. I suddenly hate to have an empty pussy or mouth, I don't mind anal sex — and I had a great aversion to that, and my vocabulary about sexual acts and genitalia has dramatically expanded. Further, I can string all those words together in some of the best dirty talk while fucking that anybody has ever heard. I'm afraid I've become rather addicted to the whole phenomena."
Dave smirked, "Well, welcome to the Circle. We're all hypersexual. Fortunately, I think all of us are functional, but not all the time. We have more nymphomaniacs and satyrs per square mile than the rest of civilization. See, you fit right in."
Shiloh pulled him up, "Come dance with me and let's tell each other sexual stories and fantasies, and then let's go and fulfill a few."
Chapter 12 — New Mexico
Dave pulled a switch on the audience in Albuquerque. Instead of plucking a sweet-young-thing from the audience, the way he'd ended up with Shiloh, he looked out over the crowd near the stage and picked a more mature woman.

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