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tagIncest/TabooLoosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 21-25Chapter 21 — Washington
Elise got a charter flight back to Browning, Montana, from Boise and reconnected with her husband. She'd been the big hit of the After Party, just as she'd hoped. She'd fucked, sucked, balled, twerked, blown, tea-bagged, eaten, been made air tight and DPed, gangbanged, munched, fingered, fisted, and anything else she or anyone else in her presence could think of before everyone ran out of steam. Most of the band and the groupies — male or female — had been with her in a sexual way. They all asked that she make a return visit.
Dave reconnected with Samantha before the end of the night after the Boise concert was over. He made her an offer that she accepted. Sam asked for a few days off work and rode with Dave to Seattle.
Sam laughed a lot on their trip. Dave showed her no mercy in her loosening up process. He coached her along and gave her ideas to expand her thinking and her horizons. Many of her boundaries fell or got relocated to new locations. He had her riding behind him naked for part of the trip from Boise to Seattle. She stopped blushing after a few miles. They fucked frequently, and at night she got the full treatment from him, including The Experience.
The leisurely trip took from Sunday morning to Wednesday afternoon even though it wasn't that far. He had her dress both sexy and slutty, and then as elegant and sophisticated as she could given what he'd had her bring in her small tote bag.
He had her do things out of character for the places they went. She dressed in her slinky and sophisticated dark blue cocktail dress with sexy CFM heels, dark stockings, every possibility for sexy and chic hair and makeup, and they went to a dirty dive bar in La Grande, Oregon. She stood out like a sore thumb, and every construction worker, forester, drunk, derelict, and wino that inhabited the place couldn't take their eyes off her. They were mentally stripping her clothes away and fucking her on one of the tables. She was dangerously close to getting gang raped, but she pulled off having a glass of wine in the establishment with élan and then strolled out. Dave had stood guard.
In Kennewick, Washington, she put on her sluttiest and most visually offensive outfit; it was very revealing and down-market, with her unfettered breasts bulging out of her top and showing through the wafer thin material, her pubic hair on display at the edge of her low-slung cutoffs, and overdone makeup that announced she was pure trailer trash. She looked like a two-bit whore that had scored big with Dave, and she was ready for even more action. She accompanied the sharply-dressed Dave into The Emerald Club, one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in Kennewick. Again, she was totally out of place and even the object of obvious ridicule and enmity. They barely got served, but Dave played it straight.
After those experiences, he asked her what she'd felt and what she'd learned about herself. The lessons about appropriate dress for the occasion were obvious, but he wanted her to know that she could survive and prosper even when she was totally out of character for the environment that she was in. She needed to stay loose and flexible, and roll with the situation. He taught her about attitude as an important aspect of loosening up her thinking.
Pulling into the Seattle area, Dave navigated to the airport. He'd actually flown the Cessna Citation into the airport a year or so earlier. This time, however, he went to the commercial side and pulled up at curbside to drop off Sam. She was already ticketed for the commuter flight back to Boise. Her BFF was going to pick her up at the Boise airport, and would no doubt have her ears singed moments later as Sam told her the erotic and sexual details from when the concert ended to when she got on the plane.
Sam and Dave had a teary goodbye. Dave gave her an open-ended invitation to visit him in the Circle and to continue her loosening up process by participating in all the activities. She'd promised she'd do that before he got back home so that she was fully ready for him when he returned home. She had a list of homework activities from him to continue her quest. She also requested that he tell her how to find a Circle-like group in the Boise area. They parted, and she left for her flight.
Dave checked into the Marriott Waterfront per KC's directions. In the process of getting instructions, he learned that Kyle had hired a new full-time secretary named KC — a contraction for Kimber Clarice. Kyle had sent a photo of her, and she was a knock-out raven-haired beauty, and exactly what Dave would have expected someone like Kyle to hire for that kind of job. KC would be handling all the bookings and travel arrangements for Dave and the rest of the entourage. It was more than a full-time job given their weekly concerts.
Dave discovered he had the Presidential Suite in the hotel — a large four-bedroom affair on the top floor overlooking the waterfront, complete with balcony, faux fireplace, multiple bathrooms, and a huge and well-appointed living room. There was a TV set in the living room almost as large as one complete wall.
Dave changed into running clothes and took a seven-mile jog around the city and bayfront. An hour in the gym finished his rejuvenation process. He went up and used the walk-in shower in the bedroom he chose.
As promised, Dave called Lucy and Naomi, the two young women he'd met near the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Lucy nearly came unglued with her excitement to receive his call, and promised to tell Naomi. He made a dinner date with them and suggested they come to his suite for cocktails and stay as long as they liked. "I've missed your companionship."
Lucy and Naomi arrived at five-thirty and spent a long time with many kisses assuring him they loved him and wanted a place in his lifee. Dave gave them a tour of his suite, and also commented about how two large suitcases with his more conventional clothes and some concert gear had been waiting for him. He wasn't limited to what he usually carried on the motorcycle.
The girls talked a little about their jobs, and then thanked him for Cricket's books and the DVDs of the TV show. They'd both binge watched all episodes in Naomi's bed the previous weekend. She commented that they had some questions and comments. Lucy commented that they'd been naked most of the time and often toyed with each other sexually.
Dave led them onto the outdoor balcony overlooking the harbor, pausing on the way by the suite's bar area to get them each a glass of white wine. They were impressed by the hotel.
Dave mentioned his run around the downtown area, and that excited the two girls. They were both athletic and told him about some of the 'trails' he could follow for a good run and to have some good eye candy.
After their drinks, Dave led them to dinner at the Pink Door. They walked the half-mile from the hotel. Midway through dinner a young woman with multiple tattoos did a trapeze act from the high ceiling in the restaurant. One mistake and she could have ended up in the middle of someone's table. She was impressive and obviously had circus skills. They applauded and cheered her performance with the rest of the restaurant.
Also over dinner, Naomi initiated a discussion about the Circle. "I know you told us about the hypersexuality of the group, but we thought that might be exaggerating until we learned more from the book and videos. Does everyone have sex with everyone else almost every night?"
"Yes. These days it's mostly after dinner, but assignations during the daytime are not uncommon. Those are usually in someone's home or apartment."
She pushed, "So, a woman in that environment might have sex with five or six men over a week?"
"Yes, but maybe more like ten or more if she was so inclined. On any particular evening she might make love — our preferred vocabulary — with three or four men … or women."
"Oh, yes, we got the bisexual flavor of the place, at least for the women. I gather the men aren't inclined that way?"
"We're not, but we don't mind banding together to pleasure some woman that wants to see some male interaction. She's the focus, though."
Lucy picked up the thread, "You were coaching a group in Atlanta. Are there groups like the Circle near here?"
"I'm sure there are. The fan club is thinking of running a clearing house of some kind to help people form their own Circles in other locales. Cricket's second book on 'How To Start a Circle' covers that, too."
"Could you find us some like-minded groups near here? We love the lifestyle and everything the Circle represents. We want 'in' on that life. We have many other commitments and family near here, but we're trying to unwind and see whether we can get to Florida to really join in on things."
"I'll do what I can to help, certainly. I had another request for something like that near Boise, too. You're both always welcome in Sarasota."
After a pause, Dave added, "That reminds me to talk to you about what you're going to find as you hang out with me the rest of this week."
Both girls learned forward with interest.
Dave said, "In Boise, I met a girl not unlike either of you — Samantha or Sam, for short. For the first time in her life, she decided to become a groupie so she hung around after our concert, talked to some of the guys, and got tagged by one of the band members to come to our After Party. She was pretty shy and naïve, but she had planned ahead and had her test results. She also wanted to loosen up her thinking and behavior.
"Now, our After-Concert Parties usually are very sexual. They are not unlike what goes on in the Circle on many evenings, perhaps a little more blatant in various behaviors, however. In a way, the band and their contingent have their own Circle in Nashville, but they bring it on the road with them. Further, they annex some women from the audience to help balance things in terms of gender.
"There is a lot of sharing and swapping of sex partners during the evening. By the time one goes to sleep in the early morning often, most people in the group — man or woman — might have had three, four, six, or even eight sex partners for making love. Various sex games take place, often thought up on the spot. Sam ended with six lovers that first night; she was popular, and I'd expect you to be appealing that way, too. The guys will want to try you out.
"The After-Party atmosphere can get kind of wild. There is always alcohol, occasionally some weed, but no hard drugs. No one gets bombed or stoned out of their mind. Sex is thought of as a fairly casual and fun thing to be doing. A few band members bring their wives, but they're in the thick of things, too. Swapping may take place almost as though it were a game with everyone or a subgroup playing together. Of course, everyone is naked and bouncing around the room or rooms. Some teasing is not unusual.
"Exhibitionism and voyeurism are rampant. Often, everyone will make sure that they were fucked by everyone else of the opposite sex. Sam, for instance, had a lot of fun fucking some of guys in the band in front of a large window in the room where she could look out and see people walking around on the street below. If anybody had looked up, they would have seen her in action. She used the occasion to further loosen up.
"Mind you, most of the lovemaking that takes place is what I'll call public; well, it's in the room or suite with the rest of the entourage from the concert. We're each both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. There are no closed doors. Everyone can usually watch everyone else, and even ask to join in. Everyone that's there gets vetted by a regular as being sexually healthy, too. A good orgy is also a safe orgy.
"That same environment might take place on a more limited basis the night before our concert after rehearsals, usually in the living room and side rooms in my suite. Since we met Sam at the concert, she wasn't there for that. My mother was there in Boise, and she got kind of wild at both the pre-party and the after party.
"The reason I tell you all this is to wake you up to what I'm inviting you to participate in. I don't want there to be surprises that make you reel and say 'He didn't tell us about this!' and then run screaming away into the night. If you don't want what I just described please tell me and well create some other plan so we're all happy."
Dave looked expectantly at Lucy and Naomi. He wanted to hear their take on what he'd just forecasted for them.
Lucy finally punctured the silence, "Your MOTHER participated?"
Dave chuckled. Of all the things he'd said, the one thing that stood out to her was one of his last comments.
He said, "My mother is a full Circle member and by her own admission is one of the biggest sluts in the country, at least when judged by non-Circle criteria. Even though she's in her sixties, she looks more like she's in her forties. She's a cougar and a MILF in every way. Her libido has never slowed down — the opposite, in fact. Right now, she's created a mini-Circle in an RV park in Montana, and in fact is probably riding some guys cock as they make love in one of the RVs.
"My mom and dad dealt with me and my brother as though they were pretty straight and asexual. As it turns out, they fooled us the whole time we were growing up and then as young adults.
"My parents were sexually intimate with another couple. My dad got that woman pregnant. That female baby recently became a Circle member years later — Gail Watson. The man got my mother pregnant with the male that is my brother — or half-brother, as it turns out. They were swingers, too; they had a large circle of friends that they cavorted sexually with for decades and were intimate lovers with even outside of their monthly gatherings.
"My father passed away. My widowed mother visited us in the Circle, discovered out way of life, and then proceeded to become the poster girl for our way of life. Mom confessed all after my father passed away. She loves to fuck and anything else sexual. She remarried an older man that was in the Circle; Roy was my wife's boss at the time. He retired, and they travel the country in a luxury RV and wherever they stop they find other swingers to indulge their sexual predilections with.
"I connected with them near Glacier National Park. When I left, they had about ten other people and were establishing a nice little sex club up in the middle of Nowhere, Montana." Dave stopped. In telling the story, he wanted to see whether he had shocked either of the women.
Lucy asked in a near whisper, "Do you and your mother engage in sex?"
Dave nodded and smiled, "Yes. We love each other very much and we closed the loop completely by making love. I might add that my brother has a similar relationship with her, and her husband totally approves. My mom loves and makes love with all the men in the Circle. Roy has been with all of the women at one time or another."
Naomi said, "I happen to think that's hot. I'd like to meet your mother someday. I hope I'm like her when I'm her age."
Lucy agreed. "Me, too. All that other stuff you mentioned about the After Party, or just the get-togethers with the band, appeals to me. I have the libido and the drive for something like that, I've just never had the opportunity. The few concerts I've been to, I've been too shy to try to hook-up with anybody, least of all a band member or performer. I haven't had the kind of group sex you indicated, but I'm eager to try it."
Naomi said, "We have something to tell you about the two of us. When you met us, we were the best of friends and we'd experimented together once when we'd had too much to drink. We'd often talked about sex and our hook-ups with each other, but we'd never thought about being with each other on a steady basis. Our interplay with each other when we were with you was the first time that we'd ever done anything really sexual with each other … to each other. You inspired us."
Lucy jumped in, "We liked it — A LOT! Since we've been back, we started to get with each other every night to have sex. A week ago, we moved in together. Naomi is going to ditch her apartment. We've determined that we still like guys and want to get laid, AND that we want to live in a Circle-like environment, but loving and sleeping with each other is a wonderful stopgap measure. So, participating with the band or a new Circle group in the Seattle area would be more than welcome."
Naomi nodded enthusiastically.
Lucy added, "That said, we are your devoted sex slaves and lovers forever, and certainly until you have to leave. By the way, when is that?"
Dave nodded, "I have a concert next weekend in Portland."
"We'll be your entertainment until then. Is it okay if we hang out with you? Just tell us to buzz off if we're a pain in the ass, or if we're cramping your style."
Dave shook his head, "Won't happen. I love you two. If you can come down to Portland, you can play down there, too. The guys in the band will love you. Portland is only, what, less than two-hundred miles south? That's just a morning's travel."
"We'll be there. I have a couple of appointments to keep before then that are job related, but I'm yours."
"Me, too," Naomi added.
After their dinner and watching another trapeze performance, the trio walked back to the hotel. The two women asked him about his ten wives. Dave told them about Alice and then the accumulation of women in the family.
In the spacious living room of the suite, the three slowly removed each other's clothes. There were various opportunities to lick and suck on various and newly exposed body parts as their game continued — first breasts, and later cocks and clits.
No one had bothered to shut the blinds or draperies open to the balcony. Naomi suggested that they continue their threesome on some of the porch furniture since it was a beautiful night out. There was a double-wide chaise out there. She opened the door and pulled Dave along by his cock until they got to the chaise.
He observed, "Just so you know, there are about a thousand other windows around us that can see this balcony."
Naomi smiled, "Good." She pushed him back and started to fellate his already rigid cock. He thought her skills in that area had improved since he'd been with her last.
Lucy came and mounted Dave's upper body so he could eat her pussy. It didn't take but two minutes when she shuddered all over and squirted some girl juice into his face.
"Oh, God, I'm so sorry."
Dave chuckled, "Sorry? Look at me I'm drenched. I may never recover. I'm scarred for life. I need psychiatric help."
Lucy looked horrified and then she saw the corners of his mouth trying to resist laughing. She thumped the top of his head. "You liked it, didn't you?"
"Lucy, you taste divine. I'd love to shower in your stuff a hundred times a day. I did not mind in the least, and I'm actually flattered that you feel relaxed enough with the two of us to allow yourself to cum like that. Do it some more."
Lucy changed position again, and let Dave go back to work as she ground down on his face.
He couldn't see her, but he could feel Naomi change positions and then mount his lower body, sliding his cock into her moist and velvet-like body cavity. She started a slow ride, rising and lowering her body on him; allowing the cock to almost exit her body, and then lowering until there was nothing left for her pussy to consume in terms of length. There was a lot of him, too.
Dave also knew that Lucy and Naomi were kissing. He liked that and drew further arousal from their behavior.
Naomi belted out a major orgasm, her moans and brief vocalizations echoing around the exterior of the building complex.
Lucy moved away from his face and urged Naomi to change positions with her.

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