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By EasyCouple Hotwife Lorraine has fun at hubby’s poker game

It was my turn to host the usual Friday night poker game with 5 of my buddies. Three of them are black and 2 are white. We had a nice setup in our basement rec room with a card table and a pool table. The guys would drink too much during the game and sometimes the conversation turned to sex with our wives and girlfriends. I liked to brag about how my wife Lorraine liked to wear sexy lingerie. Lorraine has a great body and I could always tell the guys were fantasying about her in one of her sexy outfits when she walked by. Sometimes Lorraine was home during these games and would watch for a while and sometimes she went out.
Last Friday night Lorraine was there and watching TV in the other room when I was having a run of bad luck. I had a great hand but was $50 short to stay in the game. The guys could see me puzzling over what to do when John had a suggestion. Dave, he said, “you can stay in the hand if you can convince Lorraine to wear something sexy and serve us drinks next Friday night. Maybe that French maid’s outfit you told us about”. Lorraine could hear what was going on and came in to see if we were just kidding or not. I said “Lorraine, honey, there is about $300 in the pot and I have this great hand”. I showed her my full house of 3 jacks and a pair of tens. I said “you can decide if I fold now or stay in the game since you are now part of the bet”. She said that I should stay in.
I smiled thinking about the money on the table. There was still a draw of 2 cards remaining and Lorraine said that she wanted to select the cards that I was to discard. I had to keep my poker face on, but was surprised at what she said as I had a great hand and wasn’t going to discard anything. She reached over and pulled one of the jacks and one ten out of my hand and tossed them into the table. I got a two of clubs and a four of spades in return, completely ruining my Full-house. I now only had a pair of Jacks. We played out the hand and the guys were thrilled that I lost. They all smiled at Lorraine and said ‘we’ll see you next week’ and left.
I said “what did you do that for? We could have had that pot of over $300!” She just smiled and said, “I knew what I was doing” then she turned and went upstairs. I was mad and decided to clean up a little before heading up for bed. When I opened the bedroom door about 10 minutes later, there was Lorraine looking incredible in her French maid’s outfit. I stood there staring for a minute when she said with a coy smile, “Don’t you want me to serve your friends next week?” I got immediate hard-on thinking about that and I suddenly realized why Lorraine played the hand that way.
We had great sex all night and Lorraine had never been hotter in bed. We had great sex all week in anticipation of next Friday night.
Friday night came and Lorraine disappeared upstairs an hour before game time to get ready. I had a hard-on just thinking about the show she was going to give them. The guys showed up right on time and looked around and said “where’s Lorraine?” as soon as they came in. “You know, Dave, a bet’s a bet, don’t try to welch out now”. I said “Lorraine is getting ready and we should start the game.” We took our normal places and played a few hands and then Lorraine came down the stairs. The guys all went silent staring at her.
She looked hotter then I’ve ever seen her. Her blonde hair and make-up were perfect. She was wearing the black and white French maid’s outfit, with black fishnet stockings and black 5-inch “fuck me” heels. She had a gold ankle bracelet on her left ankle. The top of the maid’s outfit was sheer and barely covered her 38D breasts. The maid’s skirt was very short and she had the black and white frilly panties on also. The skirt was so short that you would see the panties if she bent over just a little. Even I stared at her with my jaw open for a few minutes.
To break the silence Lorraine said “can I get you boys anything to drink?” We all gave her our drink orders and she went upstairs to the kitchen to get them. Each time Lorraine went up to get drinks the game would stop as we all watched her go up the stairs. I noticed the guys were drinking more as I think they just wanted to watch her come and go. I noticed that she was also getting snacks and taking away the empty bottles very often. I realized that she was really enjoying herself. She looked a little flushed, like she gets when she gets horny. I started to think that I might be able to win big tonight as they were not concentrating on the game. I noticed that they were each touching Lorraine a little as she served the drinks.
First it was just a hand on her bare back as she leaned over to put a drink down. Then it was a hand on her butt. Lorraine didn’t complain and even winked at me a few times as they patted her ass. I noticed her nipples were hard under the sheer material of her top. The guys were trying to see how far they could go. She was standing beside Fred watching the game when his hand slowly slide up the back of her legs to land between her legs. No one noticed except me and I noticed that Lorraine just spread her legs a little more without any reaction. He slowly rubbed her pussy through her panties for the rest of that hand. The other guys finally noticed but didn’t say anything.
Lorraine started standing beside a different guy each time she returned with a drink. Each time a hand would slide up her legs and give her a quick feel. She finally stood beside me and I copped a quick feel also. Her panties were soaked! Even with Lorraine distracting them, I was still having bad luck. I was out of money again and about to fold when Tom suggested that I could bet Lorraine’s panties to stay in the game. Before I could ask, Lorraine slides them off and tossed them into the center of the table. I lost again and said “well guys, I’m out of money so I guess we’ll have to call it a night, see ya”.
They all said that it was still early and we should keep playing. Even Lorraine said that she didn’t want the game to end. I said that I wanted to keep playing too but I didn’t have any money left when Lorraine said that she had an idea. She said that we could keep playing and she would sit in the lap of the winner of each hand for the following hand. I didn’t say a thing but all the guys agreed of course.
First Tom won and Lorraine sat across his lap. He didn’t play the next hand and started kissing with Lorraine. His hands moved from her shoulders to rubbing her large breasts through the sheer material. That hand was over quickly and Fred won the next hand. He slid his hand under the thin top and pinched her hard nipples as they kissed. John won the next hand but Lorraine was getting real horny by now with all the fondling. She moved John’s hand from her breasts to between her legs. Everyone could see 3 of his fingers disappear into her smooth shaved and very wet pussy. Each guy won a few hands and was able to finger fuck Lorraine to orgasm.
One hand got up to $700 and the guys didn’t think it fair that I got a chance at it when I wasn’t betting anything. Just as I had another great hand, four of a kind. Lorraine said that she had another idea. I should be allowed to stay in the game but my bet would be that she would be the winner’s slut for the night. Again my jaw dropped and the room went silent. James then said that he agreed and then all the other guys spoke up and agreed also. Before the hand started again however, the guys all agreed that the winner would share Lorraine with everyone there, except Dave. Lorraine just said “mmmmmmmmmmm that sounds like fun!”
Like last week she wanted to help me play the hand since she was now part of the bet. She looked at my four of a kind and quickly pulled 2 of them out and discarded. Again she took my excellent and likely winning hand and reduced it to a pair of nine’s. This time I realized what she was doing. She wanted me to lose so she would be gangbanged by my poker buddies. Well needless to say I lost the hand, but Lorraine likes to think of it as she “won”.
The guys quickly agreed that the game was over and it was time to collect their “winnings”. They all circled around her and started to kiss her and feel her all over. They fingered her to another orgasm standing right there. Lorraine dropped to her knees in the circle of guys and undid their pants. They were all rock hard of course and she took turns sucking all of them.
James was the big winner of the night and said that he got her first. He stood her up and just bends her over the poker table face down. That exposed her bare ass and swollen pussy from behind. He just stepped up behind her and pushed his big white cock in. Lorraine squealed with delight as he sank it deep. He fucked her hard and fast as the rest of the guys stood around stroking their hard cocks waiting their turn. Lorraine loved it and came with a loud scream as James shot his load into her willing pussy.
Tom was next and fucked her in the same position. I enjoyed watching as her large tits were pressed against the table giggling through all the money and cards still on the poker table. Tom spanked her ass pink until he shot his load into her willing pussy also. Lorraine loved being used roughly as their sex toy, just bent over and fucked.
Next they moved her to the pool table. They picked her up and sat her on the edge. She instinctively laid back and spread her legs wide. I could see cum running down her legs before Fred stepped in for his turn. He was black and had a huge cock which Lorraine loved. He put her legs over his shoulders as he fucked her and also started calling her names which got her even hotter. Each time he called her a slut, or a whore she would moan and fuck harder. Her moaning was getting louder until John stood beside her head and shoved his big black cock into her month. He shot his load into her willing mouth and she swallowed every drop. They just kept banging her on that pool table all night, filling her pussy, ass and mouth with their hot cum. Lorraine didn’t want to stop for a minute; she just kept on fucking and sucking all night long. They fucked her doggie style and she even did a double penetration. The guys were all spent by 8am the next morning, and Lorraine was sore but still wanting more.
We sat around talking about the future of our poker games watching Lorraine make herself cum again with a large black vibrator. Lorraine suggested that we need to have the poker games more then once a week now. She suggested every few nights would be good. One of the guys manages a strip club and suggested that we move the game to the VIP lounge at his club next week.
Lorraine loved that idea wanted us to arrange games with strangers in the club. The guys all agreed that I didn’t need to bring any money to the future games; I just needed to bring Lorraine and use her to bet. Lorraine said that we should go to Vegas and I should play in the large poker tournaments there. I said I’m not very good and I wouldn’t do well with those professional players. She replied, “I know Honey, that’s the idea!”

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