Lorraine has to ask for it

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By EasyCouple Hotwife Lorraine has to ask for some BBC.

Lorraine heard of a new club where we might have some fun, so we decided to give it a try. Lorraine dressed real slutty, like usual, a real short red mini halter dress, black fence net stockings and red 5 inch strappy heels. Nothing under the dress, of course. I like to lend Lorraine out to other guys and Lorraine likes to give me a good show. The club was dark, with lots of black men and a few white couples. We found a sofa in a dark corner of the club, just to watch the crowd for a while. There were several large flat screen TV’s around the room and over the bar, playing music videos. We had a few drinks and 2 good looking black men came over and introduced themselves as Tony and Sam. Lorraine invited them to sit down and I got up and moved to a chair beside the sofa, they sat on each side of Lorraine. We all chit-chatted for a while when they finally asked Lorraine why we came to the club, they knew why she was there but they wanted her to say it. She smiled and said that she thought it might be a nice place to “have some fun”. Their hands started to caress Lorraine’s legs, and she uncrossed her legs and spread them, giving them a subtle signal. Tony learned in first and gave her a deep, long kiss, when they separated, she turned to Sam and gave him a long kiss too. You could tell Lorraine was having a good time, and getting excited. Again they asked Lorraine why she came to the club, she sighed and said that she heard this was a good club for a horny wife to make some friends. She said, I’ve heard some really wild things about this club, but I don’t see much going on here. The guys said, it does get real wild, but not here in the bar. They pointed to a doorway with a curtain and said, the fun happens back there. They were still stroking her legs, a little higher now and taking turns kissing her. Lorraine took a big gulp of her drink, and a deep breath and asked if we should all move to the backroom. Tony and Sam said, yea, maybe we can but first we have to be sure you really want to go back there. We took some ladies back there before but they didn’t really understand what happened back there, so they backed out just when the fun was getting started. So Lorraine, why do you want to go into the back room with us? Lorraine said, we could have a “party” and have some fun. No, no, no they said, that’s not very clear, try again, why do you want to go into the backroom with us? Lorraine smiled and paused for a moment, trying to figure how to say it. I think we could have some sexy fun back there, she said. Nope, still not clear enough Tony said, come on, what do you want, tell us. She paused again, looked frustrated and excited at the same time and finally said, I want to go back there and fuck the both of you while my husband watches. OK, Sam said, that’s pretty clear, but it can get pretty wild back there. You aren’t going to back out once the fun gets started are you? We’ve had ladies do that to us before. Lorraine took another drink and said, no, I’m ready to go all night, I hope you two can keep up. OK, one more question so we can be sure you are ready to go back there, what if we run into some of our friends back there? Lorraine, was breathing very deeply now, paused and said, I’ll fuck your friends too, all of them, is that clear enough?!?! The guys said, yes, you are ready to go into the back room now. She stood up, took each guy by the hand and said, come on dear, we’re going into the back room. I followed but was stopped at the door by the bouncer. He said I couldn’t go back there. I said, that’s my wife and I want to watch what happens. He just said no, go sit down and you’ll see her in just a few minutes. I didn’t understand what he meant by, “I’ll see her in a few minutes”. I ordered another drink and waited a few minutes when the TVs around the room changed from music videos to something else. It was a white woman in a red dress sitting on a couch between 2 black men. She was alternating kissing both of them, her legs spread wide, over their knees, one guy had his hand right up her dress while the other guy had his hand inside her top, rubbing her tits. She stopped for a minute and noticed I wasn’t there. Wait, where’s my husband? He likes to watch the action. Sam pointed into the camera and said, don’t worry, he’s watching, with everyone else in the bar. Oh wow, she said, that’s hot and moved to her knees in front of them on the couch. She undid their pants and slid them down, 2 huge black cocks popped straight up, she took one in her mouth while stroking the other one. Her head was really bobbing up and down. She sucked one cock for a few minutes and then switched to the other one, always stroking the other. She looked up at them and said, well I said we came back here to fuck, so let’s get fucking, I need your cocks inside me now. She crawled up on Sam’s lap and mounted his big, hard black cock, and Tony stood on the couch and stuck his cock in her eager mouth. She was riding him really hard, enjoying every inch of his big cock. She was moaning as loudly as she could while having that big cock in her mouth. Sam moaned and thrust up as high as he could and shot his load into Lorraine’s sloppy pussy. Tony moved her to her hands and knees on the couch and started fucking her from behind. You could hear their hips slapping together with each thrust. You could see the raw pleasure on Lorraine’s face. Sam turned around and started talking to someone off camera, you could hear them talking about Lorraine. Yea, she’s a black cock slut alright, she said she fuck everyone here. Two new black guys came into the room where Lorraine could see them. Oh good, your friends did show up. One guy sat down and put his big cock right in front of Lorraine’s face, so she opened her mouth and started sucking him right away. Tony moaned and shot his load into Lorraine from behind, you could see some cum running down her legs. The other new guy stepped right up and took over fucking her from behind, Lorraine didn’t miss a stroke. She stopped sucking the guy in front of her and looked around the room, how many of your friends are here. Tony said, just 2 so far slut. Lorraine started sucking the cock in front of her again for a few minutes. When the guy behind her came in her, and guy she was sucking moved to fuck her next. She was still on her hands and knees getting fucked for the fourth time, when she looked right into the camera and said, anyone in the bar want to come back here and fuck me too? I’d love to have some more black cock tonight. I looked around the bar to see several men finish up their drinks and headed to the back room. The bouncer at the curtain fist bumped each of the guys as he let them through. On camera you could see the new guys arrive in the room. Lorraine had moved to lay on her back, with her legs spread wide. She stayed in this position for a while, a guy would get on top and fuck her, while another guy would kneel beside her head, so there was always a hard cock in her mouth. As soon as one guy pumped his load into her sloppy, stretched pussy, another guy would mount her right away. She kept her legs spread wide and up in the air, her 5 inch heels bouncing with each thrust. Guys were coming back out of the curtain zipping up their pants, saying that she is the best slut they have gang banged in a while. They loved her enthusiasm, and never ending energy. After the 6th or 7th new guy came in her she said she could use a break. She sat up on the couch and they gave her a drink. The couch was covered in cum stains. Lorraine’s dress was up around her waist, and the top part of her dress was off, her bare tits covered in cum. She looked around the room and said, well guys, I don’t know who I’ve fuck and who I haven’t, have I fucked everyone here? As some guys came out of the curtain, a few more guys would go in. Tony said no slut, you haven’t fucked everyone yet, and remember our deal, you said you would fuck all our friends. Lorraine said, sure, no problem, I’m good to go again. She smiled and winked into the camera and said, Dave, I hope you are having a good time, I sure am! Ready for round 2 boys? She moved over and leaned over the arm on the couch, putting her ass in the air. One guy sat on the couch so she had a cock to suck, while the other guys lined up behind her. A guy would step up and fuck her from behind, while the others waited in line with the pants down, stroking their cocks, keeping them had until they get their turn. I noticed a few guys fucked her a 2nd time, or sat down and came in her mouth, or on her face. After the bouncer took his turn, he whispered something to Lorraine and she stopped sucking long enough to just say yes please. The bouncer came out into the bar and told me I can now go into the back room and take a turn. I waited in the line and was rock hard when I got to side my dick into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how sloppy and stretched her pussy was. The last guy came in her mouth and she looked back to see who was behind her. Honey!!!! So glad you joined in! I helped her to her feet, pulled her dress down and did it up at the top. Her dress, face, legs and shoes were covered in cum. She said, well, how do I look? I said you look great, like a well fucked whore. Well, that’s the look I was going for tonight. She went to the ladies room to clean up. She got all the cum off her face, legs and shoes, but her dress was still a mess. She asked me how many guys she fucked, I said I didn’t count but I think it was about 12. Hmmm, a new record for me, something to beat next time we come here! As we were leaving a few guys stopped us in the bar to compliment Lorraine on her performance and told me how lucky I was to be married to such a slut. They asked her if she wanted to have some fun and make a few bucks at the same time? They could arrange a party at their place next weekend and pay her for her “services”. Lorraine didn’t hesitate, and said sure, my rate is $50 for a night. They looked at her surprised, saying are you sure? There will be lots of guys there. Lorraine said, I know, that’s my rate, $50 take it or leave it. They took her number and said that they would be in touch. As we walked out to the car, Lorraine said, honey, I think this is the start of a new career for me. I said, well, if you are only charging $50 for a night, you are going to have to work an awful lot. Lorraine, winked at me and said, I know, that’s the plan. Hey, you can be my business manager, you know, whoring me out, arranging gang bangs, making porn movies! I’m going to sooo love this new career!

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