Lost Innocence Ch. 12

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tagIncest/TabooLost Innocence Ch. 12

Hi friends, this is Rimsha, I am here with a new chapter of my story, "Lost Innocence." Those who are new, please read the previous thread for better understanding the context of the story, so without further delay, let's continue from where we had left.
After the game was over and Zain went to his room, we were ready to take a peaceful sleep. "Why are you blushing? Are you still imagining things? Listen, it's over Bushu, now take some rest there's more to come later, I guess." I said while consoling her sarcastically.
"Okay, as you say but his touch has ignited something in me which is making me restless. I don't know how long it sustain? But I have to bear patience. Good night darling." With that she turned her face away and went under blanket to conceal her nubile body which was on display through her see through nighty, as like me she didn't wear undergarments in night.
I also closed my eyes to re-memorise their sensuous act as I was highly aroused after watching their erotic dare. My hands went straight in to my elastic shorts and I started massaging my nether lips to have a bliss of solitude.
It was around midnight, I woke up thirsty because of having an erotic dream, in which I was receiving pleasures from Ronny and Mahesh, their cocks were jammed deep inside my upper and lower holes, as they were roughly fucking me while I was moaning loud enough to wake up the entire neighbourhood.
My breathing was short and my pulse was high as the dream has a deep effect on my body I felt highly aroused and needed some water to quench my thirst and to cool off my body temperature.
I sat up to see Bushra, but to my surprise she was not there, I guess she also felt same and went either for to fetch water or to release her bladder. I casually walk to the window to have some fresh breeze it was then I heard a whisper.
"Please leave me, you will wake her up, now go! or someone might saw us here in this compromising state." It was Bushra, but to whom she was taking, it can only be none other than Zain himself. So that's why she was not there, clever girl, I must say.
I silently walked closer to them to watch what they were doing, it was then, I got a real surprise, Zain was holding her in embrace and she was hugging him tight pressing her perk boobs in to his chest and Zain were caressing her back while kissing her forehead. He was not wearing anything but his shorts.
Being aroused to the core and seeing them in such an erotic state, an audible gasp escaped my mouth which I instantly covered by covering my mouth shut with my both palms. I hide behind the curtain to watch them.
Zain was frequently kissing her while caressing her back and she was feebly resisting his advancement but it was evident that she didn't want to leave his embrace or she could easily push him away.
After a while Zain started lowering the hook of the zipper of her nighty, revealing her delicate flesh and as he unzipped the entire zip her back was now on display. Bushra was slightly moaning her eyes were half closed and she was clearly struggling to suppress her growing moans.
Zain had now push the strap of the nighty down from her shoulder and with a gentle push her entire nighty fell from her torso to pool around her naval. Her perk boobs were bare to be touched and mauled by his lover.
The scene had an immediate effect on me and without my knowledge my hands went inside my pajama to massage my burning pussy which was on fire.
He held her right boob in his palm and started squeezing it hard making her more aroused to shed off her shame and remaining resistance. His left hand went down to give final push to her nighty down to her hips to fell down on its own leaving her naked in all her glory.
As he made her bare she hugged him tight out of shyness it was the first time she was naked before him which subconsciously made her more shy. He gently caressed her inner thighs with his left hand and his right hand was mauling her perk boob which becomes red out of friction.
He turned her to the wall and went behind her to hold her from her waist. As he was facing her back he unfasten his shorts and it fell instantly on floor revealing his monster which was by then fully erect and nestling between her ass cheeks.
The sight of his erect cock was too much for me and out of lust a moan escaped from my mouth but luckily they were so engaged in to each other that they didn't pay any attention towards the intruder. I was gently rubbing my lips and my pajama fell down to pool around my ankles.
His hands went to her front to hold her naval then it slide upward to caught her perky boobs. She was completely lost and now openly moaning without any concern of being caught. Zain turned her again to face her soft melons and his face went straight to her nipples which were hard like eraser and dying for attention.
He started sucking them alternatively and meanwhile his cock which was throbbing over her mound started oozing pre cum which makes his cock slippery. He parted her legs to aim his throbbing dick to her desperate pussy, begging for a fuck.
As the head of his cock aimed at her lower entrance he lifted her up by holding her ass in both of his hands while he was sucking her aching nipples. He was all ready to claim her burning pussy with his pulsating monster.
She anticipated his move and I could see she held his back more tightly and wrapped her legs around his waist to maintain her balance. With a slight push the head of his cock went inside her gaping pussy due to the pre cum and her own arousal it was quite slippery and with a final thrust his entire 12 inches went inside her burning pussy.
Her eyes went wide open from the sudden intrusion and she bit his collar muscle to suppress her scream. Her nails Sig deep in to his flesh and he grunted like a wild bear.
The pain and the intensity triggered him and he started fucking her pussy roughly like a wild horse. The sound of the friction is clearly audible to me and it was having its effect on me as well.
She was clearly enjoying his monster ripping her pussy like never before, with her eyes closed and mouth jammed on his flesh she held him tight to maintain her balance to bear the strong thrust he was giving while fucking her mercilessly.
My hands were moving fast on my labia and I started rubbing my clitoris with my thumb I was heading towards an earth shattering orgasm as it was almost unbearable to hold the lava inside me.
There Zain was fucking Bushra like maniac roughly with an immense pace the sound of their clashing flesh was echoing and would be easily heard by anyone present in the room. His lips were on his boobs alternatively sucking the nectar from her erect nipples, draining all the essence left in her mammary. While his rod was moving like a piston in to her gaping pussy.
I closed my eyes and my legs buckled as a tsunami hit my inner walls and my pussy was flowing like river. I fell down as my legs went numb and an earth shattering orgasm shook my entire body. And an audible gasp escaped my mouth for I don't even care about my discovery and moaned loud enough to caught their attention.
As I opened my eyes Zain was looking at me still fucking Bushra with a same pace and she was staring at me not knowing what to say. It was then Zain groaned loud and his entire body tensed for a moment his rod was jammed deep inside her womb and with his facial expressions, I know he was shooting his cum deep inside her pussy covering her inner walls with his semen.
Bushra also closed her eyes showing extreme pleasure as her pussy was flooded with her juices mixed with Zain cum. After being in a state of bliss he finally took out his rod with a loud pop sound followed by the gush of mixed juices flowing out of her wide open pussy down on her thighs and dripping on floor, making a pool of semen mixed with her own juice.
There was complete silence like it was after a huge tornado. It was Bushra who break the ice and said, "I guess, you will keep this secret and won't make any issue out of it?" Zain was clearly worried but he was staring at me particularly at my bare pussy which was glistening with my own juice.
"Okay, but I have one condition, next time I want you to take me along with you as I also needed some care." I said while grinning at them.
They smiled and said, "Sure, if you are not discomfort able with us and by seeing you in such state we know you love to join us in future. Right sister?" Zain said while grinning at me.
"Yeah! With a tool like that I would love to have some physical experience in future if Bushra don't mind." I said while questioning at her.
"You are my only best friend cum sister, I would love to share everything with you. Just remember to return the favour. Now let's go, we have to attend the college tomorrow and I don't want to be caught sleeping in class." She said while collecting her nighty from the floor.
"By the way, clean the mess you have created there Zain. I don't want anyone to find this pool of fluid to question it's source, We will see you in the morning." With that we left the common room and went inside, finally to have some peaceful sleep.
"Wake up you lazy girls, you are getting late for your college." My mother was shouting from the corridor, this was the third time I heard her calling us. I slowly opened my eyes to see the painted ceiling of my room designed by me and Bushra out of creativity.
To my left it was her sleeping peacefully with a faint smile on her face, damn she is adorable looking like a cute angel sleeping naked besides me. She has boobs to die for and in the broad day light it was revealed to the explicit details. Her areola was light pink and her nipples were semi erect like a short eraser. Her legs were smooth as she was lying on her side.
I called her name to wake her up to get prepared for college. She woke up with great efforts and asked for what time it was by then. I said, "Its 7:30am miss wake up or we will be late for our class."
She immediately sprang up to sit on the edge while searching for her nighty. "Where it is? I left it here last night." She asked while searching for something to cover her modesty.
"It was lying there madam, if you can see now get ready fast, Mummy has already called us thrice for breakfast, you don't want to eat her comments in breakfast for sure." I said while brushing my teeth.
"Yeah! Just give me ten minutes, I will be right back." With that she went inside washroom to get ready for college.
We were waiting for the bus, it was then Bushra asked, "Are you ready to fulfil your promise?"
"Promise? What promise? Oh! The dare I thought you forgot about that. You really want me to do the dare for you?" I asked while looking at her face for some clue.
"Yeah! I am damn serious about that, don't you dare to back out now. I said, I will teach you lesson for what you did yesterday." She said teasingly.
"Okay! Oaky! You have my words, tell me what to do? as I am your slave for three days." I said to show my confidence which was only virtual, as I know, she will make me do things, I don't like at all.
"Will tell you soon, now let's board the bus, as it arrived finally." She said with a devilish grin on her face.
It was our first lecture of the day, when Bushra handed me a note, which says, "From now on you need to follow each and every instructions which I will give to you for three continuous days without any questions. And to begin with, the first thing you will do is to hand over me your panty before the end of the lecture and will remain bottomless till further instructions."
I simply looked at her with disbelief. "You really want me to do that." I asked her confirming what I read is true or not.
"Yup! You only have 15 minutes left to complete your first task." She said with a plain face with no expressions.
"Fine! I will do it if it please you." With that, I thought to take permission for washroom but how could I bring my panty back? After removing it, it will be scandalous, so I thought, I would remove it like I did before when the same task was given by Amit, the previous day.
With that, I slowly pulled up my skirt and held the elastic waistband of my panty and started sliding it down just by lifting up my ass a bit, I pushed it down towards my inner thighs, and in a moment it was lying around my ankles, I slowly step out of it and pick it to give it to Bushra as she demanded.
"It seems, you are quite experienced in doing that." She said while stuffing my panty in her bag.
"Ah! Talent evolve as per need." I said to end further argument.
"If it is so, then there will be much more to evolve then." She said arrogantly. Now I want you to fold up your skirt two inches from waist so that it lie above your knees.
"What! But why? I mean what are you up to, you know it will become more revealing and now as I am bare beneath a slightest mistake and people will get a sneak peak and I will surely become an object of entertainment."
"We will see about it later but now you have to obey my instructions without any questions, so get it done fast. Before I changed my mind to something worse then this."
It was like a torture but words are words hence I folded my elastic twice to pull my skirt above my knees. This is very provocative as it shows my thighs whenever I sat down apart from that while on stairs anybody can easily get a sneak peak at my bare pussy as the skirt was loose and the circumference is too wide to conceal anything from this height.
After doing what was demanded. She kept silent for a while and then, when I started regretting over my suspicious thinking for her. She said, "Your next task is, you have to go to the library and get me a copy of Pygmalion by yourself."
At first, I didn't understand why she demanded this though she can ask something more challenging, but when I reached there I come to know why she asked me to bring Pygmalion from the library. It was kept on the upper shelf and if I have to get it I need to use ladder which means my secret could be easily revealed to anyone standing nearby.
Though I wanted to be here for more important reason and that was to have one to one conversation with Mukesh bhaiya. I was searching for him it was then someone held me from behind and covered my mouth with his palm, before I could understand he dragged me to the back room where the stock has been kept.
As I turned to confront my offender, I found out it was Mukesh bhaiya. He was smiling and still holding my waist.
"I was desperately waiting for you since you left that day. You know someone had seen us and report our act to the school committee. They came to me for enquiry, I told them it was all lie and may be a kind of plot to defame me. They ask me to show the details of the entry register but they haven't found any discrepancy so they left with an apology."
"Thank God! I came here to warn you for the same as I heard about it yesterday, so I was worried if you say something stupid I will be in deep trouble. Okay now let me go my friends are waiting for me."
"Okay, but let me have some fun before you leave, you don't know how much I miss your lovely boobs and soft lips." With that he came forward and started kissing my lips. I let him do so, as I know he will not settled less than this.
As he was kissing me, I felt his hands move to grab my boobs, I know if he touched there, I will loose my inhabitation and will not resist further, so I stop his hands in between and nod in negation to show my discontent.
He move away from me and was about to say something, it was then we heard a tap on his counter someone came to the desk and we both were worried, now we will be exposed for sure. The terror was clearly evident from my face and in a reflex I cling to him for a way out.
He sensed my fear and held my waist and drag me behind the large shelf kept in the corner. In the same moment the intruder comes in for searching him and called out his name. Having no response he went out but left the door open wide. Through which anybody can look inside and if we came out together we could be easily caught.
I was nervous and in that moment almost forgot that I was standing very close to him and his hands were in my naval and while I was busy observing the intruder, he take that opportunity to open up the buttons of my shirt and now his hands were on my bare skin. It was his touch which brings me back to reality but the damage was already done.
His touch has an instant effect on my body and with each passing moment I was loosing my will and submitting before the growing lust. His hands went straight to my bra covered boobs and as he held them in his palm he started squeezing them hard and after a while my bra was pushed up to my neck to free my peeks to be mauled by him.
I felt a hot growing rod on my ass which was nestling between my thighs and with the touch I instantly know he took out his cock and now the history will repeat itself. It was like a same event just in case I am still having my clothes on this time but it will be soon removed from my body making me nude for a quick fuck.
His hands were squeezing my melons while I was gyrating my ass on his now fully erect cock. He instantly remove my already open shirt and later my bra and throw it in the corner, he turned me to face him and instantly went down to suck my aching nipples which were hard like eraser and dying for attention.
As he was sucking my nipples his hands went down to held the zipper of my skirt and instantly he slide it down to make my skirt loose enough to fall on its own. His hands went again to remove my panty but as he searched for it he found nothing but a bare soft flesh of my mound. He looked up and said, "Again, you are not wearing your panty, but this is what I like about you." As he went again to suck my nipple and started caressing my pussy lips.
He pushed my skirt towards the heap of clothes with his leg. He made me lie on the ground and instantly came over me to worship my perky boobs which was on fire because of his intense sucking. He parted my legs wide apart and placed his rod at my lower entrance.
I was completely wet by the time and he started sliding his cock on my wet pussy lips drenching it with my juice to make it slippery before inserting it in my gaping hole. I was all prepared for his invasion and I felt the head of his rod penetrating in my pussy slowly at first but being slippery it went inside swiftly without much resistance.
Within few strokes he was balls deep inside my burning pussy and started fucking me like animal. He was grunting and his thrusts were making my perks jiggling like a water balloons. He was kissing my neck and his monster was tearing my pussy as it keep on growing inside. I was on cloud nine and for a moment forgot about my surrounding and started moaning loudly.
He sensed my state and kept his palm on my mouth to shut my voice as it will grab unwanted attention from outside. He keep fucking me like animal with short and quick thrust mean while sucking my aching nipples alternatively as if it was some cherry.
He was holding my waist and his hot rod was creating a burning sensation inside my pussy I was on a verge of earth shattering orgasm and as he bit my left nipple I shuddered with a rippling orgasm leaving my entire body convulsing in shock after shock. My hands went limp and I felt a moment of bliss. My entire body was on fire as I felt he raised his speed and tightly held my shoulder resting his entire wait upon me his entire body was tensed and his cock was buried deep inside my womb.
His cock was pulsating inside me and I know he was shooting his cum coating my inner walls with his hot and creamy juice. As the moment subdued he relaxed and lifted up to kiss my lips one final time before pulling out his semi erect cock with a loud pop sound.

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