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I’m Andrew 28 and youngest of 3 and I was looking at old photos of my mother’s family. I knew everybody I thought, but there was an extra boy in one photo. I assumed it was neighbor’s child, then my mother’s mother the reason we were viewing the photos. Mentioned her lost son David, he was the oldest and at 12 years old had a massive fight with his father and left home and hadn’t been seen since then. My late grandfather wouldn’t let anyone talk about David and so he was erased from the family. My mother was the second oldest and had never mentioned him nor did her sister the only other sibling. Mu mother was 10 at the time and is now 54 and that makes David 56. I was studying history at university and decided to try and find my lost uncle. I checked online every source I could think of and found nothing; I asked my professor, and he suggested using other spellings of the surname and I got several hits and only one matched David in age. He lived in the next state and only an hour away by road, I didn’t want to get my grandma’s hope up and when to check to see if the man I found was my uncle first. I found a man who reminded me of my late grandfather in looks. So, I approached him and asked him straight out and I got a what’s it to you, response. But I told him my grandma was hoping to find her lost son and my grandpa was deceased. He then softened and said he was, I met his wife and her daughter Kaye 23 (not his). She owned a small shop and the 3 of them ran it together. I asked would it be okay to bring my mother, aunt and grandmother to see him he agreed, and I said I would return with then the next weekend. Getting back home I told my mother I had found her brother when she was alone. Grandma was out with my aunt; grandma had moved in with us after the death of her husband. My mother was totally shocked and told me not to tell her mother yet. Later on, my mother and aunt agreed it was better to wait until later in the week to tell their mother. Not making her wait a whole week, also my sister would be home on the Thursday, and she is a qualified nurse. Just in case the news caused grandma trouble. My father was supportive and had a fishing trip arranged with my uncle, husband of my mother’s sister. My mother thought it better just her; her sister and their mother meet him first. Which was not to overwhelm him with family straight away. Finally, they told my grandma, and she was overcome as expected, but no concerns health wise. The next day the drive to see him only an hour seemed like days to my grandma. We arrived and there were tears all around, after 6 hours we headed home, and plans made for a family get together. Regular visits with my grandma to my uncle followed and overnight stays, I got closer to his adopted daughter Kaye, and we started a relationship. I had finished university and moved to my uncle’s town to work living with my uncle and his family. I’m now married to Kaye and have 1 child and another on the way. I got a transfer back to my hometown and bought the house across the street from my parents, the house next was available but my uncle bought that, they had sold their shop and got another business in our town. With her family now all within a block or two of her my grandma is very happy. I’m very happy as I met my wife, all because I decided to make my grandma happy.

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