Love In Water Pond

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 The story is continues from “ Horny night in lonely house” couple category)
It was dawn.  But I felt lazy to get off from the bed.  Just I was recollecting the incidents of yesterday. I was thrilled to think that I have fucked  Mohini, the women devil. My body temperature started to rise. My finger is roaming on the wound on my lips, where mohini has bite.  Suddenly, my friend has come and asked me to get up, and he has told me that today also he would go to his relative’s house and come back evening, and we may go picnic next day.  He has told me to wander in their fields and forest and have bath in the pond for time pass.
To my bad luck my dream girl Suman was also not there as she was ready to go to college and come back only evening. My friend and Suman have left with motorbike and I was alone in the house with the mother of my friend.  I was sitting in the living room and watching some programmes in TV, my friend’s mother has come there and sat on side chair. We have exchanged the smiles each other. Just I put my look on her, Ohh she is beautiful and  she has similarity with Suman.  She is red and white in colour,  with red lips, rounded face, having abundant assets front and back. She is appears to be below 50.
She was talking to me, asked who are all there in my house.  I told her that we two at house now me and mother and  sister is married.  She asked me whether I liked  Suman, if so she would  send her son to my house for alliance as she could not come since she is widow. I told I liked Suman  and  marry her, she became very happy.  While talking I seen her big boobs and bare white belly from side.  My tool was getting shaken and became hard in the pant within seconds. I put my hand on it with intention not to show my bulging to her, but she has noticed that, and told me with naughty smile I can go around the gardens of nuts and swim in the pond which is centre of the gardens and no one will enter there without their permission she added.
She has left the living room with naughty smile looking at my bulged area. I can see lust in her eyes whether it is my illusion or reality, I don’t know. I was looking her back, Ohh! God what a beauty, her asses were dancing while walking, she has gigantic and rounded ass.  I was thinking how it would be if I fuck her ass, yes I should fuck her pussy and ass at any cost, but how? She would be my mother-in-law shortly.  I got in my mind the sales advertisement “buy one and take one free” I laughed myself if I marry suman I may get her mother free.
I went around the forest seen the different types of trees there wandered there for an hour enjoying the nature, seen the rabbits and mongoose also and different types of birds.  I felt different feelings now as I was fed up with the Bangalore traffic. As I was enjoying the nature one snake was rolling around the bush, I got frightened, and changed my route to the gardens now.  As I was wandering in the areca nut gardens enjoyed the greenery around there and I came near to the water pond. The water pond was surrounded by trees and gives the feelings of loneliness.  The pond was built with red stones and water was very clear even the floor of the pond also visible blurry. The sun was on the head above and hence due to sun rays the water was glittering. I can see the some fishes also playing in the water.
I could not avoid myself to go into the water; despite I did not know swimming. I removed my clothes one by one and standing with my under vest. I wished to go nude into the water, seen here and there and got remembered the words of friend’s mother that no body will come there except their family members. Yes I removed my vest seen my cock and rubbed it and slowly stepping down and went to water.  Ohh. It was very cool even in this hot sun. The water was same level at all the places I drenched up to my waist.  It was a wonderful feeling for me I moved here and there because I did not know swimming.
I have noticed two flagging rocks on the floor of the tank in the middle and I stood on that. Now I came little up, even my cock is in water only.  suddenly I felt some thing is biting my cock, I saw some small 3-4 fishes were coming slowly biting my cock and going away. I stood making no movement, then one big fish about 6-7 inches is slowly coming near to my cock and staring my cock for some time and bite, immediately I felt some horny sensation and my cock started raise, the fish is watching my cock to raise and my cock stood like a pole, and then again the fish has come and bite my cock heavily and same time small fishes were biting my balls, I was frisking my self with joy. The same thing continues for 2-3 minutes that fishes are biting my cock and balls and I was jumping there with joy.
Suddenly I heard a call, raja, raja what r u doing there?  I saw my friend’s mother is standing on the bank of the pond and watching me.
She:  Hey raja, why are u jumping there?
Me:  Ammaaa? (Looking her with puzzled)
She:  Amma alla, atte (Not mom, say mother in law) What are doing there?
Me:    No, Atte Fishhhhhhhh
She:  What fish? Catching fish?
Me:   No, Fishhhhhhh, Fish eatingggg
She:  Fish  eating? what? tell me correctly raja
Me:  ( I still became horny now, I wanted to drag her near to me and I became bold) Atte, fish is eating my saaman(cock)
She: What saaman(cock)? are u nude there?
Me: Yes atte, (again fish bite me, I made jump)
She: Hey can I come there? (Yes I know she is getting horny now)
Me: But anybody comes here????
She: No, no one will come here, don’t worry
Me:  Then ok, how u will come? with dress?
She: Hey malla(fool) when u r nude there how I come with dress?
Yes, she has started to remove her dress one by one; first she pulled off her sari, then unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, now I can see her with bra and petticoat. Then she removed her bra, Ohh. God what a big white boobs! firm one not loose, with brown nipples, I hold my cock with my hand, fishes were around my cock, I made them to go away, now she is removing her petticoat, I am eager to see her pussy, yes she pulled off her petticoat, she wear no panties, yes I seen her pussy with slight hairs around it, tumid one, she is giving me naughty smile and I am looking her with my open mouth!
She started to stepping down to the pond, as if sex goddess is stepping down to the water from heaven. Her thighs? Ohh what a thick and round and the tumid pussy in the middle, I did not know she might be so sexy! Yes she came under the water and coming near to me like a swan. Now she is very near to me and looking me with lust and love.  She has asked me where is fish and where is eating, she wants to see that.  I told her to stand on the flagging rock and I stood on the other. I told her to watch and not do any disturbance in the water.
Again the big fish along with the small ones are coming to my cock and biting my cock and balls, it was clearly visible to her in the clear water she is looking the scene, soon after biting I again jumped. Again I stood without making any movement she was starring my erected cock with opening her big eyes. She told me she want to get bite her pussy by the fish. I told her to stand without making any movement; I can see her pussy clearly in the water. But big fish is coming to my cock only to bite and just I made movement with my hand to push it to her side. But the fish went away.  She asked me why fish is not coming to her pussy. I told her may be it is ‘she fish’ and hence it is coming to my cock to eat, if any ‘male fish’ is there it will come to your pussy,  I laughed. haaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa.  Hey  tunta (naughty) she also laughed hhhhaaaa hhhhaaaaaa.
I told her not to make any movement, I was gazing at her pussy, and my cock is trembling in the water. Now the fishes are coming with group to atte’s pussy. I told her stand calm.  I was seeing her pussy, slowly she spread her pussy lips and I can see and redness inside. the big fish has come and stayed there for a moment and pierced into her pussy, suddenly she shouted hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa  and jumped on me, I caught her not to leave her fall, she was hugging me, and slowly she looked at me and I too hugged her taken my lips near to her lips, she was staring at me, and I planted my lips on her lips and start kissing. We were kissing each other in the middle of the pond. I caught her tongue and start sucking, she too responding it to me playing with my tongue.  While kissing, my hand went to her buts and pressing and her hand came to my cock and hold it.  Now she was breathing heavily and my condition also same.

Then I brought my mouth to her boob and started sucking and another hand pressing another boob and nipple.  When her boob was in my mouth she started to moan hhhhhhhaaaaaa hhhhhaaaaaaaa  rajaaaaaaaaaaa. I was sucking  her boobs one by one and she has became so horny and suddenly she was rubbing her pussy with my cock and making it to go into her pussy hole,  Grabbing her I came down from the flagging rock and stood one the floor and  now our height is adjusted, and I was pushing my cock into her pussy, she is holding my cock and gliding into her pussy, yes slowly my cock was entering into her pussy inch by inch and I was holding her tightly for grip and pushing my cock with little jerk and yes now my cock was in side her.

My two hands went back, and hold her shoulders tightly from back side for grip, and started to give strokes to her pussy from my cock. We were immersed ourselves in water up to our waist.  It was an amazing experience to fuck a women under the water that is too in the midst of the nature. When I give stokes we can hear the sound pacha pacha pacha because of water.  Now no fishes are coming to bite us because they might have frightened due to our fighting between cock and pussy.
She holding my asses tightly and pulling towards her while fucking and also she i was pushing her pussy to my cock while I give jerks.  I was fucking her hard fuck  fuckk fuckkk fuckkkkkk, yes she was screaming loundly hhhaaa hhhhaaa hhhhaaa for my each stroke, and I too sounding from my mouth  hhhaaa hhhhaa hhhhaaaa hhhhaaa for  each of my stroke. Just imagine how it would be if you are  fucking a women in a standing position in the middle of the pond, immersed in water up to waist level and the water pond is is surrounded by greens and the sun was above
Now she was breathing heavily and screaming  hhhhaaaa raaaajjjjjjaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhaaa  rajjjaaaa  estu chennagi hadtiyo nanna aliyane, hadu hadu innu joragi hadu ninna atte tullanna, harid bidu ivattu ninna atte tullanna, ninna tunni ivattu nanna tullanna tindaki bidli( How nicely u r fucking  my son-in-law, fuck fuck, still fuck hard to pussy of your mother-in-law, tear the pussy of your mother-in-law today, let your cock eat my pussy today)Yes I know she has became so horny now and going to explode soon.
Now I changed my griping position, hold her waist with left hand and hold her ass with right hand tightly, raised my speed of fucking to the maximum extent as I was also going to cum soon. She made her  hug tight and screamed hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa and I too moaned loudly hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa, yes I was shooting my semen into her pussy and filled her pussy with my hot semen. We both have cummed in the same time. Still she was hugging me tightly now I am roaming my palm all over her big rounded ass and pressing there and she brought her lips to mine and kissing me deep.
I asked her “atte how u feel?” she told “fantastic! I  never thought we would fuck in this  pond under the water  and this is the everlasting moment for me. You made me float in the air. I never enjoyed like this before,You have plundered my women hood today. Ohh! God. But,son,my next  desire is you and Suman  should fuck here in the same way, and I should see that scene and enjoy, without knowing to Suman”.  I told “yes atte I will fulfill your desire after marrying Suman”. She has put her palm on my cheek and told “now I am going, feed your cock to fishes for some time and come home”
She was smiling and started to make her move, Ohh! I can see now her beauty from backside; she was looking me like a sex angel stepping up from water to earth, dripping water drops from her body. She has wiped herself and dressed up and shown her hand and went away from eyes.  Ohhhhh. I yell to jump, fishes started to bite my cock again. They might have worried about my cock which has became small now, I kept stand without any move, they coming with group and eating my  cock, I was feeling light pain on the top of my cock, but my cock started to raise slowly again.
Now my cock is ready to fuck again, thanks to fishes, they made my cock to raise so soon, I walked into bank, and dressed up, and seen the spot where we fucked each other, and went away.  I came to home and knocked the door, my atte has opened the door, I was staring her with open mouth, She asked me “why”, I nodded my head with smile came inside. She was tying her head with one towel, wearing sari up to knee level and looking in different type, I thought just now she has took hot water bath  as  her face and other visible parts have become red. She told me “raja hot water is ready, you can take bath now, those fishes might have not allowed you to take bath in the pond, hhhaaa hhhaaa” she was giggling.
I too laughed and went to bath room; the bathroom was conventional, spacious. There was fire under the big copper vessel and there was a water tank built on the floor beside. The wall of the tank was 3 feet, and side wall of bathing place is 2 feet. Just I pushed the door of bath room and made myself nude and came to bathing place and getting hot water in the mug and started pouring on my body.   Then Atte came in pushing door and came near me and watching my cock holding with her fingers and asked me  “did not fishes  damage your cock?”, I told “no Atte I kept it intact for you and Suman”
Haaaa hhhaaa with laughing she told  she would bathe me, I told her “not like this Atte, you should be nude first”, “Ok dear” she told, and made herself nude, I was  watching every part of her body, but suddenly my cock raised again and told her “atte I want to eat your ass,common give me your ass” telling this I sat on the small wall, she has turned and give access her buts to me. I had glimpse of her ass, and roaming my hand on her white big and rounded ass. I kissed all over her ass and started licking with my tongue all over there. I licked her ass crack and found her brown asshole, and started to kiss it and lick and bite it and now she was moaning with joy.
“Atte your ass is marvelous, I want to fuck it now” I told her, ” Ok dear, my ass is virgin, I too want my ass to be fucked by you, common apply this oil to your cock and my asshole and then fuck” she told. She has given me small bottle of oil which was there in the shelf.  I took some oil and applied to my cock and some oil to her asshole.   By sitting on the small wall itself I told her to insert her ass to my cock. She has put her legs outside of my legs facing her back to me brought her ass near to my cock, and I hold my cock with my hand found the asshole and placed by cock in the entrance of her asshole, and now she was slowly pushing her ass towards my cock and now the cock was entering slowly in her ass inch by inch.
Though the cock was lubricated with oil, I felt her ass was still tight and she was giving slow jerks with moaning and now my cock was entering her ass, yes she sat on my lap and now my entire cock was in her big ass and I felt the warmness of her ass wall to my cock.  I kissed her back and hold her boobs with my hand and kissing her neck.  Now she has placed her palm on the wall beside by legs and putting pressure on her hands and legs making her ass up and down, Yes now she only fucking her ass to my cock.  I was feeling the softness of her ass on my thighs while she fucking and I can very well see the movement of ass which is going up and down, she was moaning loudly with each of her jerks.
Now I was over thrilled, and brought my one hand around her waist and pressed her pussy and rubbing it, and put my finger in her pussy and another hand was pressing her boobs.  She made her movement fast and I too fucking her pussy with my two fingers, she was breathing heavily but didn’t stop her movement of her ass. I too continued my job of pressing boobs and finger fucking.  This went for  6-7 minutes and I felt the juices were oozing out from her pussy, and my nerves have become tight now, yes now I was going to cumm, she too, she was moaning heavily hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa   hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa I too with loud moan hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  I cummed in her ass and she has also cummed.
She was exhausted  and did not make any movement sitting on my laps, still my cock was in her ass and made my hug tight and told her “Atte I love you, You are great” She told ” I too love you my son, you are tiger in fucking” We laughed and slowly she made her stand  taking out her ass from my cock and I found my semen is coming out from her asshole, I stretched my tongue to asshole and made her asshole just wide and now the semen was dripping into my tongue and collected it  and applied it with my tongue to all over her ass and asshole.  Then she has sat on the small wall I stood up and have given my cock to her to lick, and she licked my cock and made clean with her tongue.  Then we both had a bath pouring water each other and soaping every part of the body of each other and thus we enjoyed every moment.