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"Urgh" I muttered to myself quietly as I flicked through my phone. I was spending my train ride home from work looking at large farmhouses up north. I knew I would never buy one and leave my job or could even afford one. Still the thought of it made this shit day seem a little better.
"Rough day?" Someone next to me said in a voice that was smooth and slick.
I didn't bother to look up. This was not the day to be a random stranger talking to me on the train. "No, I love working two hours over time on a project that I will get no credit for on valentine's days. My year wouldn't be complete without it." I replied hoping my snark would drive the man away.
Inside I knew it wouldn't work. Men saw an attractive twenty-three-year-old woman on a train with blonde hair, green eyes, and a good-looking body. They would lose all common sense. I had dealt with them more times than I wanted to think. Most got snark like him, others a cold shoulder to no avail. The only thing that seemed to work was getting off the train. Although to be fair I had chosen to wear a business suit with a short skirt today, so it was not like I was shying away from attention but that was no excuse.
"It's a shame that you had to work so hard on a day that should be dedicated to love and passion. But that is why I am here to help you find that love you so desperately need."
This got my eyes to snap up from phone. He was shorter than I expected with pale skin and curly blonde locks. He did have the most amazing blue eyes but overall, his boyish looks did not warrant the level of confidence he had shone.
"Oh, so you think I am going to fall in love with you and give myself to you? Because if that is what you're implying, I have two- "
"No, my dear that is not what I mean." He said cutting me off. "Every Valentines I travel amongst the mortals to help true love blossom and flourish. I feel that is just what you need."
Suddenly it dawned on me, this guy was fucking crazy. He literally thought he was cupid or something. "Oh, I am sooo sorry I didn't recognize you Cupid. I think I will find love on my own,"
"Nonsense my dear." He said in that honey voice that was more sickening than sweet now. He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a small vial of perfume. "With just one spritz of this you will see any man, woman, or whatnot that would be a perfect match for you. Now just hold still while I give you a spray."
I was not about to let some crazy man spray me with some random liquid. I started to move and threw my arms up in front of me. "No wait I-" I protested but it was too late. I felt a slight tingle as the spray hit me but nothing more. I only hoped that the liquid wasn't something horrible.
The man looked down at the bottle and got a quizzical look on his face. "Oh, dear me… Seems I got my sprays mixed up or someone changed them up." His eyes flicked back to me and he gaze me a sheepish smile. "Well, you will have a fun Valentine's day guaranteed now." With that a bright light emanated from the man until I could no longer look at him. The light disappeared quickly and with it the man. Leaving me to wonder what he meant.
I started to feel panic at what the man had sprayed at me. It could be a drug or poison. Who knows what that weirdo could have done. My heart started to beat faster, and my head started to feel fuzzy. I had not expected it to work that fast and fear gripped my heart. Luckily, my brain was still functioning to some degree and I realized it was my own fear that was causing these symptoms. After a few deep breaths, my heart slowed, and my head stopped spinning. As the train reached my stop, I truly believed that this was some stupid prank done for a moment of internet fame.
I continued to believe that right under I got out of the station and onto the street that led to my apartment. Turning to head back home I caught a glimpse of a construction worker unloading some material from a truck. My vision blanked out and was replaced by an image of him pinning me against his truck kissing me passionately on my neck. Just as quickly as it had come it was gone and my vision returned to show the man working.
"What the fuck was that." I whispered to myself, my mind lost and confused. My body on the other hand was feeling something very different. Unsure what to do I continued on my way home at a slightly brisker pace. Then it happened. This time my mind showed a man in a business suit bending me over a bench. Once again, my body showed desire for such a thing to happen despite never having these urges before today.
I quickened my pace, but an image was appearing with every man I saw my vision barely restored long enough to know where I was going. Then it started with woman. A young lady in a cute summer dress was passionately kissing me against a street post. I never had feeling towards women sexual or romantic. Now I was fantasizing about them frenching me on a public street. What had that man sprayed me with?
As the next image of a woman flashed into my mind, with her going down on me as I sat on the beach, I started to sprint. I knew people were staring and my clouded vision made me run into many, but I did not care. I needed to get home away from people…to touch myself. Where did that come from. Why was I so turned on by all this while also being so scared? My body wanted any of these countless fantasies to come true to ease its lust. That lust was starting to cloud my mind too now. I was becoming less scared and just horny.
When I finally reached the door to the building, I was breathing heavy but not from my sprint. I also knew my panties were drenched but hopefully I could deal with that once I got inside. I just needed to get to my apartment without seeing anyone else. Otherwise, I doubt I could contain myself from jumping them where they stood and no matter who saw. I dashed across the lobby of my apartment and into an elevator. The ride seemed to take forever but a ding signaled I was at my floor. I made my way down the hallway and scrambled to get my key into the lock. My shaking hands finally got the key in when I heard a door opening behind me.
"Hey Kate." A friendly and familiar voice called out. It was my neighbor Matt. I had lived across from Matt for two years and while our small hallway interactions were pleasant, I had never had any sort of feeling for the man. Now the sound of his voice saying my name sent shivers of pleasure through my entire body.
I slowly turned to face him and got to look at him for a moment before the image came. He was not the worst looking guy in the world and bit scrawny and lanky, but it had a charge. His face was unshaven, and he was not one of the people that could get away with that though and his brown hair was a mess. Add a crinkled black tee shirt and some gym shorts and he was fully disheveled. I had to wonder what he was doing so messy this late in the day, but I had no time.
The image chose then to flash in my mind. It was me pulling him by his shirt into a passionate kiss before pushing him back into his apartment to have him. I was all the convincing I needed. I grabbed his black t-shirt and pulled his lips to mine. He was clearly surprised but offered no resistance as our lips met. My tongue snuck into his mouth and flicked his. As quickly as I started the kiss, I stopped it. I looked at him with lust filled eyes meeting his confused ones and shoved him back through his open doorway.
He stumbled back but kept his balance and I followed him in, closing the door as I did. "Umm Kate not that I didn't like the kiss but what is going on?" He asked still very confused.
"I want you." I replied in my most seductive voice. "Do you have any complaints about that?"
"No, it's just rather…" he started to respond but I didn't need to hear any more. I grabbed him and pushed him to the ground not wanting to wait to find a couch or bed, I needed him now. He fell a bit rough but had no time to think. I was on him kissing him again as my hands clawed for his shirt. He helped me find it and our kiss only broke as it was lifted above his head. It was his turn and his hands made quick work of the buttons on my blouse, tossing it aside. It was soon followed by my bra, leaving us both topless.
He broke the kiss this time his mouth moving to my hard nipples. His tongue started to tease them, and I moaned in pleasure. My back arched as he continued to tease each nipple, moving from one to the other as my hands dropped to his pants. It didn't take long for both of us to remove them to find a very well-endowed rock-hard cock waiting for me. I was glad I had chosen to wear a skirt today. It meant only my drenched panties had to be removed, which took no time at all.
As he continued to use his amazing mouth on me, I positioned myself for the main event. He stopped playing with my nipples to look at me. "Wait shouldn't I warm you up a bit.." Before he could finish the sentence, I drove myself down on his cock taking him fully inside me. "Fuck me you are so wet."
"I have been thinking about fucking you all day." I lied as more pleasure fill me. He did not question it as he tilted his head back lost in his own pleasure. I started to grind and move my hips relishing in the feeling of his cock filling me. Grinding would only get me so far though and I needed more. I lifted myself up and then drove down on his cock again. A moan of pure pleasure that would normally embarrass me escaped my lips. Today I could not give a damn and I started to bounce more on his cock, sounding like a true slut with each bounce.
I wasn't the only one lost in the pleasure as his hips started to thrust in rhythm with my bounces and he let out moans of his own. All this just turned me on more and I increased the pace of my bounces, driving his cock in as deep as I could. Then like a jolt of electricity passing through my body, his cock hit something new. I couldn't even moan as this new type of pleasure overwhelmed me but could only gasp. My hips did not stop moving and I could feel an orgasm barreling on me like a train. I had no time to brace myself as I went over the edge in pure animalistic bliss.
My body froze and my mouth stayed open unable to close. Matt seemed to realize what was happening and looked at me with lust filled eyes of his own. His gaze only made the orgasm that much more intensive and I felt my legs start to shake. After a few moments they stopped but then he used that moment to thrust into me hard and have an orgasm of his own. A new orgasm crashed over me as his cum filled my pussy and once again was shaking at the pure energy of it.
My second orgasm didn't last as long as my first and soon I was coming down hard, my hands the only thing stopping me from collapsing on top of Matt. It took a few moments for us both to recover and I looked at him and smiled. He returned the smile and spoke softly. "So now that you have gotten off… are we done?" I could sense the uncertainty in his voice but was it fueled by regret or hope? There was no uncertainty in my mind though. Whatever that man had sprayed me with was still rushing through my body.
"I am not going to be done with you for a long time Matt." I said smiling. He returned the smile before pulling me down into a passionate kiss. I returned the kiss but a sound from behind me made me break apart to look.
"Hey, Matt, sorry to barge in but I thought I heard Kate unlocking the door but she never came in. I was wondering if-… oh my god." Came the voice from my roommate Jessie as she entered to see me straddling Matt with his cock inside me.
Jessie was looking as adorable as always. She had short black hair with a cute round face and large round eyes. Her black tee's graphics helped highlight her breasts and her shorts showed off amazing legs. I had never been attracted to her before but now I wanted her just as much as I had wanted Matt.
A vision flashed through my mind of her and I could not help myself. I started to grind on Matt hoping to get him going again. The whole time my eyes stayed locked with Jessie's.
"Hey Jess."
"Wow Kate I would have never pegged you for one to fuck a guy with the door open. Are you still going?"
Matt tried to sit up, but the pleasure of my movements kept him right where I wanted him. "It's Valentine's Day so why not have some love. I plan to keep going all night if you want to join."
"I thought you weren't into girls Kate?"
"There is a first time for anything, and I can tell you're enjoying the show."
I could see her ponder it for a moment before a smile appeared. "Sure, you ok with it Matt?"
"Yeah" he gasped out between moans of pleasure. He was starting to get hard again, but I had an idea to make sure he was fully ready to go.
I dismounted him and stood up, which got me a small groan of frustration. I let my skirt fall to the ground and smiled at Jessie. "Why don't you come join me on the couch. I have always wanted to know if girls are better at eating pussy and I think the show will help him get ready again.
Jessie followed leaving Matt to scramble to get a good view of the show that was about to start. "Ready to go again hmm? You are a real freak today aren't you Kate."
I didn't respond but sat on his couch and spread my legs open letting my cum and Matt's start to drip out. Jessie did not need an invitation and kneeled in front of me. She gave me a seductive look and set to work with an eagerness that surprised me.
It was so fast I could not stop myself from moaning the second she gave a flick to my clit. She buried her tongue inside me, with it reaching each point that felt good in moments. I continued to moan and squirm as she ate me out and felt myself getting close for a third time. Then her tongue stopped moving and my eyes sprung open.
The reason for her stopping was easy to spot as Matt was helping her get her own underwear and shorts off. Once they were gone, she repositioned herself and Matt thrust his cock that was still wet from my juices deep inside her. The thrust forced her head deep between my legs and her tongue inside me. She took advantage of this and soon had me squirming and gasping. Matt continued to fuck her forcing her tongue to go deep and shallow, adding a whole new level of an erotica to the whole affair.
My first orgasm from her tongue came quickly and sent jolts and twitches of pleasure through out my body. If she wanted to stop after, Matt was not going to let her. He was truly going hard on her now keeping her head right where I wanted it and leading me to more orgasms. Matt did not cum quickly the second time, clearly spent from our first round and I was able get numerous more orgasms before he finally thrusted hard into her. I watched as his face was overcome with pleasure as he filled Jessie's pussy like mine earlier. I could only imagined that she had cum too after the fucking she had just gotten.
As he pulled out, they both slouched a bit and I fell back into the couch. It took us a few moments to recover and catch our breath. Jessie looked up to me with her face covered in my cum and grinned. "So, what's next?"
"Oh, I have had plenty of ideas in my head today." I replied returning her smile. "This is going to be the best Valentines Days."

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