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Hi. This is Jagat Mehta from Patna. I’m 38yrs old man & work as a professional as IT lawyer here. I m quite good looking man of around 5’11”. Right from my teenage days I have been in dream of having sex with a horny girl.

Now coming to story that happened 5 years back as I said I am IT lawyer here and for some work went to meet a lady assistant commissioner at Income Tax office at Patna. It so happened that when I entered in her room she was having her lunch. Normally in this condition peon not allowed any one to go inside the room but when I reached there, peon was not there and I entered in her room. After wishing her good after noon I sat on chair there. To my good luck, she offered me to share her lunch, I thanked her but she again asked me with smile to join her. I have left no option but to join her. Two or three times our hands touched while taking lunch from her lunch box. We both smiled at those moments seeing each other. I asked her may I ordered something from canteen as there was lunch for one person and we were two people. She said no not this time but if u ready we can have some refreshment in any restaurant in evening. I nodded my head in favor. She was a real beautiful gorgeous lady of 5’6”, and figure of 36, 32, 36. Her age was around 29, Her brown eyes & her attire, everything seemed perfect. Her name was Pratima (name changed).

She was a married lady and her husband was posted out of state. She also told me that he has not come to her place since last three months and as she has information he was in affairs with a office staff there. She never felt as good in life after hearing about her husband affairs. She felt it when she asked him to either he come at patna or she will join him there but he said that he has to go for 15 days training.

All her talk coupled with some 3 months of not having sex really aroused my desire to get her. As she was upset she asked me for my work on another day and reminds me to have refreshment with her in evening. I said ok and asked her to just ring on my mobile when she feels free and ready to out from office.

In evening she rang on my mobile and has invited me in the café. I was happy but little nervous also. I went to café Pratima was already there. We sat down there and ordered for rava mashala dosa and after that a cup of coffee. I asked many thing about her personal life she was depressed but told her whole story and about her not having sex for more than 3 months made her more irritating. She asked me as her eyes looked at me in naughty manner about my life. Ya I replied, though I have wife but she is not cope up with my work and environment as she belonged to a remote village background. I said her that she is in her maike for last 15 days as the exams of children are over. Hearing this that my wife is not in town she asked me “r u free this night”? Yes. I replied. OK Then today we can have dinner together. I agreed & we left restaurant thereafter.

She asked me to come to her house. I accepted her offer. We reached her home. It was located in a posh locality & looked really well decorated. As we went inside house Pratima said me pls wait she will come soon after changing her cloths. She changed and wore a deep green gown in which she look gorgeous. We sat down in living room enjoying & discussing each-others’ previous life. After 15 minutes she asked me for some drinks. I asked her what u like she said as her husband was alcoholic and being an officer he received good kind of wines from clients and professionals. I asked do u like it too. She said yea some time in romantic mood with husband she sipped two pegs. And in absence of her husband and in depression she occasionally drinks it alone in house as she lived alone there, as she has no issue. Then suddenly she went inside and brings a bottle of vodka and two glasses and some dry fruits. I asked her can I help her in serving the pegs. She said no as you are my guest today and that too in my place. It she who will serve every thing she said “I am your saki tonight”. She made two pegs in two glasses and served one to me after cheering on her hospitality we started drink. After two pegs she was going out of control and can say was in control of vodka. She came near me on sofa and told I am very much depressed by the attitude of my husband and slowly she bends her head on my shoulder and was very sad. I put my right hand on her shoulder to console her. Slowly her head came down to my laps and my hand was rubbing on her waist. I was nervous because by my any act she can retaliate but in other mind I was confidant that she will not resist my any move. Slowly her mouth was above my dick and presence of her mouth on my dick hardening my dick slowly. I tried to control it. It was not even under my control.

Slowly it became hard like rod. She felt the sudden movement in my rod. She looked in my eyes and smiled wittily. She told me to made one peg for both of us and rubbed her chicks on my dick. Her palm was on my thighs and squeezing it. I was wearing a pant and as usual not wore underwear there actually in practice I not wear underwear. I made peg and she took it but was in same position lying on my lap. After sipping two sips she handed over the glass to me I sipped from the same glass. Now, She opened the zip of my pant and took out my hard dick it was almost 7 “and then kissed it and smiled seeing in my eyes. Now her hand started massaging my thigh and playing with my dick. I was just waiting for this moment. So I opened my legs wide so that she can have unrestricted access. Pratima knelt down in front of me, removed my belt & opened the button of my pant and pulled out it from my legs. Now she started kissing my legs, ankles, my thighs & started giving me love bites. I started responding to her love bites and hold her head in hands and circled my hand in her hairs. She started rolling her tongue on my naked thighs. My thighs are most sensitive part of my body & her actions were really aroused me. I was really enjoying it & had closed my eyes as soft moans were escaping from my mouth. Then I felt that she had grabbed my dick in her mouth She looked at me for a moment; her eyes were full of excitement. She had seen a cock almost after 3 months so she just stared it admiringly.

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She tried to take, as much as was possible but still wasn’t able to take my full dick into her mouth t is almost 8” now. Now She started rolling her tongue over my cock & started sucking it. It was a long time since She tasted a cock so she soon found herself vigorously sucking my cock. Her one hand was playing with my balls, gently caressing it while the other was massaging my thighs. I was giving soft moans. She let her hand slip from my balls towards my anus & started rubbing it. I spread my legs wide so that She can easily have access to my anus. She continued sucking my cock. My eyes were closed & I was producing sounds like ohhhhh… ahhhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmm… I really enjoyed her masterly treatment on my anus and on my dick .It was really stimulating me. She said my pussy was getting hot Then I stopped her for a moment & said “hey I may come anytime”. My signal really excited her & she started sucking it with more pace. With in few moments my dick splashed, releasing all my cum in her throat & mouth. Some of it choked from mouth & fell on her neck & breast. My dick seemed to release cum like flood gate opened at one time & I thought that it would never stop. She started licking my cum that was on her breast.

Now I picked her up in my arms & moved towards her bed. I made her lye on the bed & removed her gown off. Then I unhooked her red bra. Now her upper portion was completely naked before me. I looked at her milky white and hard nipple boobs & placed my hands on her boobs squeezing them. I pressed my hands on her boobs harder. After pressing her boobs, I proceeded to mouth them. I took her right nipple in my mouth while my hand pinched her left one. My tongue moved over her nipple while my lips sucked it. The warmth of my mouth on her nipple was making her crazy. She was moaning out of pleasure & I was feasting on her boobs like a small boy enjoying his candy. I kept on sucking her boobs for a while. Then I started kissing her. Starting from forehead, then eyes, cheeks, ears lobe, neck, shoulders, belly, navel, thighs, down till her toes. I kissed each & every part of her body. All my kisses were deep wet sort of kisses & my shower of kisses left her whole body drenched with my saliva. She is still in her deep red panty. Then I turned her around & started kissing all over her back. Then I reached towards her butts & gave a small bite on each of them.

Then suddenly I pulling down her panty she jerked her butt in help and I pulled down her panty and bring it to my nose and have deep breath. Her panty smelled very sweet. Then I parted her legs wide. I smiled as I knew what was about to come. She moaned”c’mon raise yourself hunny”. I patted her butt. She raised herself on knees so that her cunt becomes fully available to me. I parted her thighs little bit & then placed my lips on her hairy cunt; I love hairy pussy very much. A feeling of great excitement ran through my body, as my nostril smelled the world’s greatest perfume. I touched her clit. Slowly & slowly I started moving my tongue over her clit licking & at times gently biting it. Her whole body was now trembling with pleasure. The intensity of her moans had also increased. I was scrolling my hands through her butts. I was sucking her cunt deliberately as if I wanted her to enjoy it to maximum. We were completely overtaken by passion. I was eating her cunt, my hands pinching her boobs She was in a state of complete ecstasy.

Then my fingers were entering her cunt. First one, then two & ultimately I inserted three fingers into her cunt. My thumb started messing her clit. She was on peak of arousal. My action made her loose control of herself. My hand to reach to her boobs caressing & fondling them. She couldn’t handle it more and with a loud moan her pussy busted with juices. She was breathing heavily due to which her breast was oscillating up & down. I bought my hand up which was coated with her sweet cum. I was just enjoying the heavenly feeling that I get from her pussy juice. I kissed her lips and sucked it. Then we again taken vodka and after few minutes I put my three fingers all at once into her cunt. Till now her cunt was well lubricated & due to my previous encounters it was not so tight. So I had no problem as I moved my fingers in & out of her cunt. Then I paused for a while and adjusted my dick to her cunt lips and rubbed it there. And after rubbing there for few minutes I suddenly keep the tip of my dick at the entrance of her cunt. I pushed it with full pace into her cunt she cried loudly ohhh nnnnooooo!!! . I could feel the tightness of her pussy. I started stroking my cock into her cunt. Gradually I increased the pace of my strokes & now my dick was sliding in out of her cunt. She exclaimed “Oh God I can’t describe the pleasure it was giving me.” She also started pushing her cunt towards my dick & we both started moving in rhythm. ”Ahhhh… Haaaaaaaa… Ohhhhh… Fuck me fuck me hard my hunny was her words coming out of her unintentionally. Oh your cock is so good. My cunt wants it badly. Push it hard darling tore my cunt apart.” She was just yelling in pleasure. I too was responding by pushing my dick hard into her cunt. We carried on like this till she came heavily. Her pussy busted in orgasm releasing all her juice over my cock. But I was still not done I kept stroking her. She was on verge of collapse but I carried on. Finally, a few moments later my dick busted in her cunt releasing my juices to fill her cunt to the fullest. I collapsed on her with my cock still in her cunt. We both were completely exhausted & were finding it really hard to move so we slept in each-others arms. That night I stayed at her home & we enjoyed whole night experimenting with different positions. After this night we had sex on different occasion and once she get pregnant and wanna to hold the baby she was not afraid of her husband and of society but on my regular persuasions and request she aborted that.

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