Lovely aunt

Hello friends,

My name is Sanjay and I am going to tell you my real experience with my Great Aunt. I am a software engineer and went to USA for further studies. I got admission is Univ. Of San Diego in California. I lived in a hostel near the Univ. As the first term of my studies ended I had to leave my hostel because the accommodation is very costly and my vacations had started. I planned to go back to India. But my uncle who lives in Los Angels called me and said that I must h come their house and live there for at least 15 days. So I went to LA the very next day.

My uncle who lives in LA is also an engineer. He lived there in an apartment with his wife, Dipali – my aunt. She is very cute and 30 years old. She is very sexy as she has big boobs and nice, round shaped ass. She has a good height of 5’5″. As I told you I went to there house the very next day. Now here is what happened.

My uncle is in his office and my sexy aunt is alone in the home. I reached to the door and knocked it. Dipali opened the door and I am stunned to see her because she is looking very beautiful now. Her boobs are very firm and straight as I can see the pink erected nipples from her transparent gown. She smiled at me and said, “hi sanju tum kaise ho. Bahot dinose phone nahi kiya, are pahle andar to aao”. I step in to the flat. I place my bags in the hall and sat on sofa there. Then she began to ask me about my college and studies. She ask me ” Sanju tune yahanpar koi dost banaye kya ” I said yes I have friends in college they are good. She asked “Koi gori ladki se dosti ki kya, yahanpar USA me apne India jaisa mahol nahi bahot free mahol hey. Kisi ladki se dosti karo aur jo chahe masti karo, bolo koi dost hai kya.” I said, “nahi dipali aunty mai is bareme detail se nahi janta isliye” She said “Koi baat nahi sab pata chal jayega tuze dhire dhire.” Then she said that I could take a wash, as my uncle would come in an hour from work. I went to the guestroom and got into bathroom and started the shower. I didn’t know that there was no lock system for doors from inside. I was fully naked taking a shower suddenly my aunt came in the bathroom and saw me. She said “Sorry sanju I only came to gave you a towel and didn’t know you are naked in here” Then she turned and went outside but I can’t forget her sexy expression when she saw me naked and saw my big cock.

In the evening my uncle came and we had dinner together. My uncle and I talked during dinner and aunt dipali served food. My uncle talked to me about my school. At the end of dinner my uncle said ” Sanju tera 15 din bad ka ticket nikala hai India ka; tuze chalega na phir tu idhar goom ke poora LA dekh sakta hai aur mai 5-6 dinokeliye NEW YORK ja raha hu to phir Dipali bhi idhar akeli nahi rahegi.” I said that will be OK to me.

Very next day my uncle left for New York early in the morning. When I woke up I saw my aunt is that transparent gown again and she smiled and said good morning to me. My cock started moving as she turned around to make tea for me. She asked me to turn on some music on the CD player. It was very sexy music. I took my tea and went in the room for bath. I took off all my clothes and got into the bathtub. After ten minutes I noticed some movement in the bathroom and I opened my eyes. I was shocked after seeing the scene in front of me; my aunt Dipali stood before me in only her bra and panty. I was stunned to see her and closed my eyes and said ” Aunty yr tum kya kar rahi ho!” then she said in very sexy tone ” sanju sharmao mat mai tumhe kuch sikhana chahti hu samze ab apni akhe kholo aur meri taraf dekho” then I opened my eyes and looked at my aunt, she then began to unhook her bra and removed it slowly and also she removed her panties. I was astonished to see her boobs and cunt. My cock was hard now. It’s rose up to six inches. My aunt said “Tune kabhi kisi ladki ko nanga dekha hai” I say” nahi”. She laughed and said “Ab dekh mai tume nangi ladki ke kartoot dekhati hoon”.

She got into the bath tub and jumped over me and said ” Sanju mat sharma mai tumhe sex ke bareme sab samzati hoon, sabhi ladkonko ekdin ye sab kisi aurat se sikhna padta hai.” Then she began to kiss me; she kissed me deep in my mouth and then moved down slowly licking my whole body by her tongue. As she reached to my cock she took it in her mouth all the way and began to suck it. I was having great pleasure with that. She made it hard rock and began to jerk my cock in her mouth and I could not control and my cum filled her mouth and face. I said her” sorry aunt mai tumhare chehre pe ye nahi karna chahta tha” She said” Magar mai yr mere muh mehi chahti thi tu pareshaan mat ho aur meri taraf dhyan de” then she ate my cum hungrily. She said ” Sanju jab tu shadi karega to pahle apne bibi ke muh me apna lund dena aur usse isi tarah chuswana”. Then she just lay in the tub beside me. Then she pulled me over her; she is healthy and bigger than I am so she could pull me over. She said to me ” Mujhe mere naam se pukar aur ab mera pura badan chus” I started with a deep kiss in her mouth and began to lick on her face then I slowly moved down towards her neck to reach her boobs, they were very big and I had always dreamt of doing that. I started to suck her nipple and pumped them with another hand I did it for more than twenty minutes she is moaned like a bitch “uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Then I came down from her stomach to her wet cunt. Wow what a beautiful and hairy cunt that was. I began to lick her pussy; she said ” sanju apni do ungliya meri gaand me dalna” i did that; my one hand’s fingers were in her ass as I licked her pussy. After a few mins she came and I ate her. I loved her juices. She was now screaming ” Sanju mere chut me apana lavda daal.” I got an idea and said ” Pahle mere lavde ko wapas apne muh me lekar bada bana” she agreed and took my cock once again in her mouth and started sucking it I felt like she was eating my cock whole I stopped her and laid her down and said ” Dipali , muze zara ise andar dalne mai madad kar” She said ” Mere haath me de mai ise nishane pe bithati hoo” then she placed my cock on her pussy door and said ” Ab ise andar ghusana dhirese nahi to phislega ” I pushed it in her pussy and began to move like shaft. I speeded up my movement fast and dipali began to scream like ” Jorse Uuuuuhhhhhh jorse dalna sanju apni aunty nahi ek randi ki tarah mera chusa nikalna ” I speeded up and after 7-8 minutes I came in her pussy and her pussy filled with my cum. I pulled out my cock lay down beside her she came over me and said ” Sanju tera pehli baar tha isliye jaldi ho gaya magar tuze apna stamina badhana padega kyonki 7-8 mintonke zatkonse auratonka kuch nahi hota unki sex power bahot hoti hai magar tu sikh jayega; ab phirse shuru karenge mai tumhe ab alag tarike sikhaungi aaj khali aur ek lesson karenge” Then she moved down and grabbed my cock in her hand and began to jerk it and took it into her mouth and sucked it hard as she sucked it I again become horny and after few minutes my cock got ready to fire hard she then took it out of her mouth and took it into her hand began to jerk my prick and turned round and grabbed an oil bottle beside the bath tub and rubbed that oil on my hard cock. She rubbed it all on my cock slowly, now my cock looked like a green rocket then she said ” Ab tuze isko meri gaand me dalna hai isliye isko ye oil lagaya hai ab tu uth mai position banati hoon” Then I moved from my position and she lay down and turned, now she was half in the tub and half on the floor of bath room and her big beautiful ass was in front of me. She said “Sanju woh thodasa oil mere gaand ke uper laga aur kam chalu kar” Then I placed some oil on her asshole and aimed my hard cock on her asshole and thurst it inside that hole. At the second attempt it got in and I slowly began movement. I started to jerk in her ass she began to scream I speed up she said ” you cowboy muze chus meri gaand zorse maar aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahhhh” She is screaming in pain but I didn’t think that now I am jerking like a jet engine. After 15 minutes I came in her ass. Her ass filled with my cum then I took out my cock of her ass. We were tired so we lay down taking bath in tub for one hour.

After that she said ” Ab tuze samaz me aya hoga ladkiyonko kya chahiye ab raatme tuze aur tarike sikhaungi tere uncle ke ane tak tu bahot kuch sikhkar pura ladka ban jayega.”

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